Mexican Authorities Up Beach
Warnings To Code Red

By Cliff Mickelson

Crystal clear skies and soft tropical breezes belied the increasing concern of Mexican authorities as a unrelenting surge of high waves and dangerous riptides continued to assail the west coast States of this North American Republic.

In Alcapulco; high waves breeched sea walls, flowing down seaside streets and alleyways. In Puerto Vallarta, small boats were smashed, beached, or broken against stone breakwaters. In Mazatlan, Sinaloa, massive waves reaching more than 3 meters have been pounding the resort town nonstop since April 9. The Secretary of public security, Ernesto Cebreros Murillo, issued an alert to all owners and captains of small boats plying the waters of Sinaloa. "We are asking all captains with home harbors in the State of Sinaloa to abstain from putting out to sea," he said.

Despite a record number of tourists frequenting the area, Central Mexican beach waters remain off limits to all but sightseers and sun worshipers who are cautioned to stay above the high water mark

Manuel,Garcia Rivera, a spokesman for the Mazatlan Search and Rescue indicated that the most dangerous sections of beach in the tourist areas are those that cover the Golden zone. In particular, he cited the beach that runs from the popular nightclub, Valentinos, north to the section of town known as Cerritos.

Farther south, beaches at Islas Peidras were closed until further notice as red flags and security patrols proliferated in areas usually frequented only by surfers and scuba divers.

The highly unusual ocean conditions are being blamed on an equally unusual storm off the coast of South America that spun itself out over those waters last week. The after effects of the storm are currently being felt from El Salvador, all the way to the Coast of Alta California. The National Weather Service declined to predict when conditions may return to normal.



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