2 More UFO Sightings And
Strange Eyewitness Behavior

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research

Mineral Wells, Texas Witness
Observes Craft But Others
Passive Over Sighting
Date: Around 1974 - 1975
Time: Daylight sighting.
HBCC UFO Research Note: This is getting rather interesting to hear about witnesses reactions to some UFO sightings. In the below report the witness is referring to the Fort Stockton, Texas A Huge Boomerang Shaped UFO at:

I just got finished reading your story for the fourth time. I was in shock. It brought back a flood of memories for me. I remember, in the 70's around 74 or 75, when I was a small child, about 4 or 5 years old, seeing something very similar. We lived in Mineral Wells, Texas. My Dad worked at the air force base near there. I believe it was called Fort Wolters. It was closed down and my dad was relocated. Anyway, I was at my grandparents and they lived right outside the city limits. Most of my time was spent playing in the West Texas sun.

One day was different though. There was this "thing" very similar to what you described. And it just was there. I was sitting in the shade of the pomegranate bush and I remember seeing it. At one point, I ran inside to tell my grandpa. At my insistence, he came out looked and basically said "What about it?" And went back in. We went into town later and there was another one hovering over near the gas plant there. That one he seemed more concerned about. I kept asking him what that was and I was told not to worry about. When we got to the store, I wanted to stay in the truck but he told me no, I had to come in with him. I asked a few people in the store if there saw it and they said that they did. That's it, no excitement, no nothing. I couldn't believe it. They just "disappeared". I went inside to go to the bathroom or something and it was just gone. It stayed there for hours. When I asked my grandparents about it at dinner time, I saw them kind of look at each other and told me that I had a big imagination. But it "was" there. I know what I saw.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.
St. Louis, Missouri --
Possible Same Boomerang Craft
And Again Passive Witnesses
Date: Summer of 1981 - 1983
Time: Daylight sighting.
Also HBCC UFO Research did telephone the gentleman at his home in St. Louis, Missouri today, (April 28, 2007) and we spoke at length about what he remembered and saw. While I sat on the phone he used a cell phone to call his son straight away, saying that I, Brian Vike from HBCC UFO Research, was on the telephone right now and asked his son would it be ok for me to call. I was given the man's son's phone number and called immediately. We had a really nice chat and received more detail about what was witnessed, which I will type up soon. I also sent the son to my website so he could have a look at the photos/graphics over the Fort Stockton UFO, he believes it appeared to be the same shaped craft, at least from what he does remember.
Hello Brian,
I just read the report about the 1974 Texas sighting, and the witnesses' astonishment at people's behavior. I have lived in St. Louis, Mo. all my life, and always within a mile from my current location, which I have been at since 1972.
My report has little value, as I cannot remember the exact year or month, having gone through a virtual 'hell' in my personal life since then, with a nervous fatigue situation that almost took me out, but that was not related to the sighting or even concurrent with it, as my problems did not arise until the late 1990s.
I only saw the retreat of the ship. It was probably between 1981 and 1983, in the Summer on a Sunday afternoon, around 2:00 p.m. My son saw the ship, along with his playmate little girl from up the street and my wife.
The ship was noiseless and very low over our subdivision street. Perhaps 200 feet altitude, and at first seen by my son, it was 'hovering' directly over the street.
My son's drawings of it and description fit the 'sport' category that I have since heard about, a real classic.
It was a warm day, my son, his friend and my wife were all outside, with my son playing on his bicycle and my wife working in the herb garden. I was inside, watching a documentary of interest on the TV. My son came rushing in the house, yelling for me to come out and see a UFO right over the street, and to hurry, and that 'mom' said for me to come out right away. Unfortunately, I assumed they were either trying to trick me or were entertaining some kind of misidentification or whatever, so I told him, "okay' I'll be out as soon as the commercial comes on!" He went back out, came back in after a few minutes, almost hysterical, begging me to come out as the ship was starting to move. I finally gave in and went out on the porch and looked to where my son pointed and saying that it was almost gone now.
The only thing I personally saw was a "brilliant" white light moving off. Perhaps a quarter mile away, very low and about 200 feet and towards the northwest at a gradually increasing speed.
I was amazed at the sight, so bright, even during a sunny Summer afternoon. I immediately walked over to my wife and asked if she had seen the ship, she said yes but she was afraid of it and tried to keep her head down. The playmate also confirmed seeing it and was very scared.
My son and I bantered about it the rest of the afternoon, and I had him draw me some pictures of it. By 4:00 p.m. my wife was fixing dinner when I approached her with my son's drawing, and got the shock of my life. She had no recollection of the incident whatsoever ! I saw the little girl on Monday outside with my son again, and asked her about it and her memories of it were intact.
Later the next day and week, I casually mentioned it to some of my neighbors, all of whom I had seen outside doing yard work that day and no one saw anything, despite the obvious appearance of the craft at low altitude, etc etc. No One! There also wasn't any media mention. I know how the reporter (eyewitness) from Texas feels ! Very odd, indeed.
To this day, my son and I still bring it up on occasion and he can still render a drawing of it. He cannot get the image out of his memory, nor I the vision of the brilliant light retreating. When my wife went blank and the neighbors all were blank, I decided to not mention it anymore, at least to anyone but my son. I didn't and don't need extra crazy points! I don't really understand, and my education did not involve psychology or any other knowledge that would help me explain other folks behaviors, including my wife's.
As a layman, the only thing I can think is that it is so scary and so outré that people go into instant denial or something. But children do not as they have not been completely stigmatized. If you would wish to talk to my son about it, I think he possibly may offer his memories of the event. But he has never 'broadcast' it around to others at all, sensing my uneasiness about pursuing it with others, with the exception of one family friend, (deceased) who believed him. Having known him since he was a child and knowing that he was not a 'storyteller' per se. (he is now 34 years old.)
My thanks to the Father for taking time to write up this report and for sending it in. I also would like to thank him and his son for taking the time to explain the UFO event on the telephone with me today. It was a wonderful conversation.
Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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