Time To Remove
The Parasitic War-Loving
Zionist Bankster Brain

By Dick Eastman

Healthy animals do not normally subject themselves to explosions and fire, to the draining of their means of living, to the sending of their offspring on rampages of killing and annihilation of their own species, and their own possible deaths. In order to have war, those humans who make war have to be thinking that the enemy is an inferior species, but not only that, they must also believe that those they send out to kill the enemy are an inferior species also. We know that war does nothing for a nation but put it into debt, warp its culture, psychologically destroy the humanity of the participants, kill its own, and breed in the minds of the losers the seeds of future antagonisms which once again someone will exploit to conduct another war. No one would inflict this curse upon his own people, his own community, his own nation. To have wars like we see now, the social organism must be controlled by an alien brain. And it is.

Why is this not seen? Why is this knowledge not applied? Why does this analysis slip through our fingers like water? Why does war ooze through rock-solid reasons for peace like motor oil through a new sweater?

I have found -- and put into a thousand posts and forwardings -- the FACT that most nations of the world today, including our own, are controlled by the agents of the Zionist Jew Bankers -- Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Henry Kissinger are such agents --  and that these bankers are racist Jewish supremacists who actually view the gentile as inferior beings to be exploited without conscience. 

But it is not just the bankers -- there is a sector of Jewish culture based on Talmud, based on cultural practices of separatism and of conspiracy to further the interests of Jews through injustice to gentiles. This gives the rationale, the justification, the excuse for the injustices of these men and women.  It is this ideology, this tradition kept alive in a separatist and extremely racist group that has made the horrible wars and economic depressions thinkable, acceptable and profitable -- profitable because the racist hatred for and the de-humanization of  all other peoples by  the Jewish Zionists and the hired tools who serve them  -- and it is the rare Jew who is totally free of the influence of Zionism -- this ideology/faith enables them -- or let us say dis-ables them -- so that they do not count the human cost of war to weigh against their money profit derived from war -- but more than this, because they are racist and feel it their right to control the world and rid the world of the competing religions and cultures of the gentiles, they actually count the casualties -- such as the ongoing death tolls in Iraq -- as gain on their ledgers.

I know from my own research the role of Bernard Baruch in starting World War One for Zionist bankers and for Zionism -- to profit from war industries, to pit Christian against Christian in a war of extermination  in the trenches of Europe  and Christian against Muslim in the Muslim lands -- then owned by Turkey -- in order to capture and control (under British proxy) Palestine and in order to own the vast wealth of middle eastern oil, and to obtain the usury from war financing.

I reached this conclusion on my own -- only recently have I discovered that our greatest historian, Charles Beard, and one of our greatest sociologists, Harry Elmer Barnes,  reached the same conclusions about why World War One was really fought and who actually set it in motion. For example, it was thought that the war that began in August 1914 would end after a few months, after the money ran out, but it did not -- the profiteering bankers kept it going because they wanted it. World War One -- which forever deformed Western civilization and killed millions -- was a crime of Zionism. And I have also learned about how publishing  and the institutions of higher learning and all channels of information to the public have been controlled by rich Zionist Jews to conceal the truth about why this war was fought.

And the same can be said for the Great Depression and for World War Two and the Cold War. Baruch played key roles in each of these manipulated tragedies...monumental, unspeakably horrible enormous disasters made by and made for Zionists -- made by this racist ideology that today enslaves us all.

War does not exist unless society is organized for war -- and the Zionist Jew bankers -- their agents are called neo-cons in some circles and New Democrats in others -- and in a thousand other false-faces it is the same racist cultural insanity of the Zionist Jews. 

In ages past, they lent money to kings for war and they always ended up the ONLY winners -- except for their puppet stooges who make the wars for them. Incidentally, the Harrimans profited from the Civil War -- which was actually fought to destroy Jeffersonian-Calhoun government -- slavery was not really the issue at all -- it was a war of Jewish racist (elitist) capitalism against the Jeffersonian ideal of a nation of middle class farmers and artisans and small-businesses -- the conflict was from the beginning -- it was an extension of the Revolutionary War itself. 

The "abolitionist cause" was only started as a propaganda weapon of the capitalists who were actually the slave traders (largely a Zionist Jewish enterprise - do the research) who supplied the South with slaves to motivate the idealistic people of the United States to conquer and subjugate (the "reconstruction" period -- just like in Iraq) the South. This 'abolitionist' tool was critical to defeat an ideological enemy -- Jefferson-Calhoun founding fathers -- and to make war profits and exploit and hold down the defeated -- putting illiterate former slaves in state houses controlled by carpetbaggers to tell them how to vote, etc -- (no I am not in favor of slavery -- but slavery was brought to the South in the first place by the British who are in fact the Zionist Jew merchant bankers  of the City of London. They, behind the scenes, profited from the slave trade and the slave system in the Colonial days -- the South inherited this system when the Republic was formed. At first, they hoped to eliminate it and industrialize, but the Northern capitalists would not allow it and the bank of the united states (owned by Rothschilds and other merchant bankers) would not allow it -- and so it goes

Consider that the world wars continued as they did because the belligerents got into so much debt that to keep the war going -- to prevent making immediate peace -- was the incentive -- that the loser would have to pay for it all. Paul Wolfowitz -- who graduated from planning the 9-11 attack and the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan to heading the IMF -- said as much...that Iraq would pay for this war -- remember???? It's the same old catastrophic money game of death, genocide, destruction - and the profits of 'rebuilding' - played yet again.

To end this war, the American people and the world  must see Zionism for what it is -- and root it out from places of power -- that means not only root it out of government, but to take away the wealth of Zionism and limit its fortunes . AIPAC cannot be permitted to continue to own Congress and both major parties -- and any third-party they may need to 'rise up' to divide and conquer enlightened opposition.

Society is an organism...with the Zionist merchant bankers controlling the brain -- adapted for war -- adapted for master-slave (debt-slavery, tax-slavery, wage-slavery, capital monopoly, land monopoly) relationships between the Zionist elite and the sub-human beasts of burden. Such an organism is functioning perfectly from the standpoint of the Zionist 'brain' -- we are not going to see any elimination of disastrous war and genocide or economic catastrophes or the degradation of our humanity and community. The Zionist brain feels no pain, only gain, from the evils that are killing us.   

If we merely leave the organism to continue running along, it will never correct this condition which is normal functioning...the natural process...and continual rewarding production for the Zionist bankers. In a way, perhaps, this is the necessary order of things -- the witless guy always serves the smart guy and if the smart guy has no respect or consideration for the witless guy, so much the worse for the witless guy. That is where we are right now ... and where we have been for centuries.  

To save this country, to end war, to make life worth living again for the common man a new brain center must develop. Witless has to wise up and throw off the ZIonist banker brain which is not really a brain at all but a parasite. The true brain of this country is dormant, and sickly, and forgotten. It is the Jeffersonian view of the Constitution, of honest Representative government, Limited government, serving all the interests in the Republic. 

We cannot restore such a just and democratic brain over us unless we make ourselves reach for it -- to do what we have to do when it ought to be done whether it is comfortable or not whether it involves great sacrifice or not. Nothing like equality can exist without reorganizing everything along Jeffersonian lines -- as the best of the founding fathers intended and as the Zionist Jew bankers have never permitted to become realized. The only remedy for the suffering of mankind is to eradicate the financial geopolitical parasite of Zionism and displace the merchant bankers from their wealth and power in the world -- and all of the crime families that have supported them -- a redistribution -- not under communism -- but under the model of return of stolen property and restitution for crimes committed (from World War One to the false-flag attacks in Washington and Arlington in 2001, and the war crimes committed against innocent Iraq and Afganistan -- and tomorrow Iran.

If you can't learn -- from this letter, for example -- what is happening then you cannot begin the process of metamorphoses of this war-beast organism serving Jewish racism and turn it into a humanity organism serving EVERYONE (including Zionism-brainwashed Christians and enlightened Jews.) 

It can be done if we -- the awakend victims of ALL races and faiths see -- despite cradle-to-grave Zionist brainwashing -- what is true, and do what we can and ought to do leaving fear and wishful thinking behind.

Dick Eastman

Yakima, Washington



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