The Root Cause
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By Ted Lang

It should be clear that symptomatic relief is preferable both in terms of the immediacy of results along with the simplicity of approach. This is especially true of medical problems. But what opinion can one have of a physician who provides drugs and medication merely to alleviate the bothersome symptoms and suffering of a patient rather than frankly and honestly confronting both the problem and informing the sufferer? What can be said of such a doctor who fails to address the root cause of a patient's suffering? What else can such a physician be called but a "quack"? 
Applying false cures, especially when dealing with life-threatening problems, and by the employment of a panacean approach, constitutes non-action and dangerously wastes time. This exacerbates the problem to such an extent that the outcome can prove fatal or irreversible. Applying false cures to a real problem by merely "band-aiding" it can indeed bring on a terminal condition. Clearly, the solution to any problem calls for an approach that addresses its root cause and not merely its symptoms.
Our nation is now at a critical juncture. The millionaire "nattering nabobs" of "talk radio" broadcast blather, and the lollygagging talking heads of faux TV news and commentary, are distracting US once again with the same unending inconsequential blame game bilge which translates to meaningless political labels. They are serving US up their usual heavy dosages of distraction and non-information. And even some major websites on the Internet are jumping in on the disinformation bandwagon of the mainstream "American" media system, a system designed to dumb US down in the same manner that our government school systems dumb down our children, converting US all to armies of good socialist citizen soldiers.
Partisan politics is again on the horizon, raising its ugly and false head to serve once again as a false target to distract Americans from focusing on the fact that our Bill of Rights is being paper-chased out of existence and pulverized by the real enemies of freedom: American government, its politics, and its enablers in our un-American press. Our press doesn't serve as a government "watchdog;" it serves only to distract US from the facts thereby forcing upon US new social mores defined as "political correctness," and imparting upon our society's collective behavior that which is too absurd to control via the terror of the badge and the gun. It has created, in this once-greatest nation of freedom, a citizenry characterized by a self-hatred on the part of every man, woman and child. We are being propagandized to hate ourselves for our wealth and freedoms, and then told to blame some far away, impoverished nation that poses absolutely no threat to US, and never has, and to believe that it is their fault that we have lost our nation's greatest assets.
Fraud, falsehoods, lies, terror, secrecy and espionage against a nation's citizens by its own government are the unmistakable attributes of a totalitarian regime. Such regimes must supplant truth and fact with their opposites and prop up its legitimacy with the propaganda loyally provided by a treasonous media aggressively supported by its nattering nabobs of blather. We have been made to accept the unacceptable. We have been taught to reject that which was formerly so readily rejected.
Where in the Declaration of Independence, or the Articles of Confederation, or the Constitution of the United States, or in its Bill of Rights, or even in the American Code of Military Justice, is it acceptable to torture prisoners? Where in any of these Founding and regulatory parameters is it legal to kidnap both foreign citizens and even those of our own nation, and then to hold them captive without stating the charges against them? When are these actions supported by laws dependent upon the justice articulated as our first priority as established in the Constitution in its Preamble?
Is it "American" to write "hate crimes" laws in violation of the First Amendment to silence those our government wishes to silence?
Is it "American" to write "lobby laws" to silence critics of our government's newly-acquired paranoia thereby justifying authoritarian and totalitarian solutions?
Is it "American" or "Mirandan" not to allow a prisoner to make at least one phone call, or to consult a lawyer, or to ask for a statement of charges, or to inquire as to probable cause, or to even ask for a speedy trial by peers relating to the charges government has brought against one?
Is it "American" to allow "free speech" zones within concertina razor wire-confined areas patrolled by "police" with machine-guns?
Is it "American" to allow one individual to "decide" for 300 million Americans to "sacrifice" US and our children into one war after another without bothering to consult Congress or the American people?
Is it "American" to attack other nations that have not attacked US?
Is it beyond any modicum of doubt that such a government would also easily plan and carry out a manufactured terrorist event and kill its own people in order to posture itself for such total control over its citizens?
Our government is not our government ­ it now serves as our "legitimate" slave masters, reserving for itself the right to steal our children, our land, our wealth and our means of livelihood. It has stolen from US all the things that once made our nation a great people, governed by a system that was of, by and for those people. It has postured itself, without our approval, to relieve US of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.
There is now no branch of American government that represents or defends the will of the people. The last opinion poll conducted showed that the president's approval rating is only at 26 percent. And that percentage of the people's approval rating is higher than that of Congress. Our government isn't even sanctioned by a simple majority! Political labels are a distraction. Democrats have won a landslide mandate to bring about the much-needed changes to save our nation, but are already showing signs of doing absolutely nothing to save what pathetically little is left of our Founding. 
Democrats initiate and then stand firmly behind legislation proposed to silence criticism of American government via "lobbying" and "hate crimes" laws, the latter contrived to protect the un-American cabal that lobbies and finances Congress, while at the same time, passing "resolutions" against our dictator's warmongering that neither constitutes law nor serves as any legal deterrent. These "laws" protect the tiny minority that is government, as well as the tiny minority that rules over that tiny minority.
As American government summarily dismisses the United States Constitution, seeking to unravel it for its own interests and for those who financially support and handsomely reward it, doing so via federal statutes and dictatorial fiats as opposed to Amendments to the Constitution as prescribed by that rule of law of our land, it has made itself an entity outside the Constitution's protections and sanctions.  America is now ruled by a dictator, supported by two other branches of government united singularly under that one and same illegitimate dictator. The United States is a nuclear-armed rogue nation with no discernible citizen-approved mandate of legitimacy, nor a legislative body answerable to either its own citizens or those of the entire world-at-large.
© THEODORE E. LANG 1/18/07 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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