Is Turkey Going To Be
Israel's Worst Enemy?

By Jack Manuelian

Recently an outspoken Armenian journalist was gunned down dead in Istanbul,  Turkey, by a young Turkish nationalist. Before his assassination, Hrant  Dink, the journalist, had declared in an interview: "If Turkey chooses a  darker path, then I don't even want to think about the future, but one thing I know is that things will change, for better or worse. How do I know? I  don't see the change, I'm living the change." Some weeks after this talk three bullets were fired to Dink's head signaling the opening of the dark  path before Turkey.
The present atmosphere in Turkey is similar to the one before World War One  during which the first genocide of the century occurred, perpetrated by the  Muslim Turks against the Christian Armenians. Between 1908 and WWI there was  an atmosphere of elation and of change in Turkey, the Sultan with his  extremist Shar'ia Islamic Law was over, there was a revolution in Turkey  that presumably brought brotherhood and equality to all. 
In the same way there are reforms being enacted in Turkey presently and an air of euphoria  as her membership in EU is being debated. However, the dark path Turkey will  choose under the dictatorship of an emerging dark 'Hitler-like' Turkish  leader will keep Turkey away from EU, toward a reborn pan-turanism and  oriental imperialism and despotism. Turkey, once more, will commit a  genocide, this time against the three millions plus remaining eastern  Armenians. They were able to get away with the first genocide and ended by  possessing the historical Armenian lands of western Armenia and made them  part of modern Turkey, therefore they think they can easily get away with a  second genocide and possess the rest of the Armenian lands in the eastern  side of Mt. Ararat and made them part of their new despotic planned empire.
The Turks, in reality, consider the Republic of Armenia as their main enemy  and an obstacle in their path. Presently they have blockaded that tiny  Republic from both sides, as their Islamic 'terrorist' Law requires, in  order to weaken and terrorize it. Finishing it off from the map of the world  will come next if a World War III erupts in the Middle East, specially now  that US is getting ready to attack Iran.
The odds numerically are against the Armenians, there are more than 70  million Turks in Turkey, 8 millions Azeri Turks in Azerbaijan with some 32  million Azeri Turks in northern Iran. The most dangerous part is the handful  of nuclear bombs in the possession of the Turks, given to them by the state  of Israel as a condition of the existing military alliance between them. The  barbaric cowardly Turks will not hesitate to use those tactical nuclear  bombs against a defenseless enemy.
While other Muslims, like the Arabs and Iranians, consider the Armenians to  be under the protection of their prophet Muhammad and His teachings, in the  other hand the Turks, who in reality are enemies of Allah in His role of  Creator of all heavens and earth, to not extent Muhammad's protection upon  the Armenians. The Turks consider the Armenians to be 'Gavours' or infidels whom they have to slaughter, kill and eliminate from the earth unless they  convert from Jesus to Muhammad and from Christianity to Islam. The Turks  will deny this, but they are not trustworthy.
Who really is in control of Turkey presently? Despite all the appearances a  nationalist and an ultra-nationalist secret organization, with many Islamic  elements, is in control. This secret organization is known as the Grey  Wolves. They are an army within the regular Turkish army and they are in  reality in charge of the regular army. NATO, during the cold war between the  Soviet Union and the West, organized and created the Grey Wolves army, they  were supposed to be a guerrilla terrorist army who were to keep the fight  against the Soviet forces, a guerrilla war of sort, in case the Soviets  invaded Turkey and defeated its regular army. 
After the collapse of the  Soviet Union NATO asked Turkey to dismantle its Grey Wolves organization,  but Turkey was unable to dismantle it since by then the Grey Wolves (like  the Janissaries of the Ottoman empire) had become too strong and turned to  be the real players of the Turkey's affairs from behind the scenes. As the  so-called Young Turks organized and carried the Armenian Genocide during  WWI, the 'Grey Wolves' with its Islamic elements will organize and carry the upcoming second genocide of the remaining Armenians in the eastern side.  Turkey is waiting for its 'Hitler'. He can come to power anytime now (after Iran is destroyed by USA). The three-bullets fired at journalist Hrant  Dink's head is one omen.
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