Truckers Boycott Border States
"Circle-the-Wagons Blockade Against Anarchy"

By Frosty Wooldridge

S T O P   the Bush-Kennedy Plan to Give Trucker-Jobs to Mexican Drivers 
All 48 CONUS state legislature capital-buildings circled & shut down
National Capital U-Circled; Bumper-to-Bumper, Three-Wide
Monday ­ Tuesday - Wednesday
APRIL 23, 24, 25- 2007
The CB-radios are rumbling already- we have a 'war' on our hands.
Do you agree with the Bush-Kennedy Plan to "outsource" your job to a Mexican national driver ? Do you remember how the Congress stood up when the farmers circled the Capital with John Deere tractors, and tied-up the city big-time ?
President Bush and his ally, Sen. Teddy Kennedy have already set in motion a process to displace American truckers out of their jobs within 45 days- with their insidious Mexican trucker pilot program. Bush signed a Bill that allows thousands of substandard 18-wheeler long haul rigs from Mexico onto America's Interstate and local highway system. Mexican drivers, who can't read, speak or understand English- receive full access to America's highways.
What are we thinking ?
Bush, Kennedy and friends place all American motorists at risk- Mexican drivers with average 6th grade educations gained in a Third World country, gross incompetence and habitually drunk Mexican drivers- as well as their un-inspected, unsafe trucks and trailers. Not only will American truckers lose their jobs, but American motorists become collateral damage in accidents guaranteed to occur-closing highways and tying up traffic in the process.
The Bush-Kennedy action mandates a new beginning- where American truckers' jobs vanish with a new version of the familiar song, "Mexican drivers do the jobs that American truckers won't do- for slave-wages."
This "takeover" will happen in gradual stages. Talk About Depressing.
First, the independent haulers will see their loads undercut by Mexican drivers. Later, Mexican drivers will chip away at produce- and contract- haulers.
Given just a little time- Wal-Mart and CostCo (Swift) and Home Depot will hire Mexican drivers at half the wages of American truckers- with no fringe-benefits.
Mexican truckers, ever looking for black market loads of people, drugs and products, will create new smuggling routes across the USA. How will the 3,000 DHS-ICE officers and our loyal state police in the lower-48 handle that additional workload ?
Given enough time, the Bush-Kennedy duo will see to it that American trucking follows the auto industry, construction, drywall, painting, landscape and fast food industry- into the toilet.
Trucker Boycott and Blockade; 21-23 April 2007
Therefore, truckers from four border states- Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California- and beyond, may smell the bacon and choose to participate in a trucker boycott; April 23, 24, 25, 2007. Those truckers that want to stop this latest insult to America's working class by this president and Congress may elect to shut their rigs down for the entire three days.
Lack of Appreciation MUST Be Properly Rewarded
It is high-time to show Bush and his sorry friends in Congress that truckers are the lifeblood of our nation- and can paralyze this country in a New York minute- if our sorry-assed leaders continue on this national suicide mission of killing jobs for American truckers. Additionally, truckers may surround all 48 state capitals with their rigs nestled nose-to-tail- park 'em, and walk away !
Mr. Bush and Mr. Kennedy, if you and your allies in Congress decide to spit on American truckers, we'll see who can spit into the next pasture!
Who is Frosty- How and why does he know?
As a starving school-teacher, I trucked for 21 summers and three solid years for United Van Lines, Consolidated and Single Source. My certificate is still valid today. I know the saving grace that truckers represent- and the ultimate power of good truckers who work together for the common good.
We deliver everything that Americans need on a daily basis: food, gasoline, lumber, cars, water- EVERYTHING !
Mr. Bush, Senator Kennedy, and the sponsors of the flakey Bill (Reps. Gutierrez & Flake) in the House- you won't be able to wipe your butt without us delivering the Charmin!
As Wanda Piety at <> said, "When Bush & Kennedy invite the Mexican truckers into the USA, the U.S. citizen-taxpayer truckers will lose their futures, and it will seal the tragic fate of this country as we lose our sovereignty, Constitution and ultimately our governing body, liberties and freedoms. Anarchy and lawlessness is suicide."
"Truck Out" talking-points and Action-Steps:
1. Bush-Kennedy have already taken action to implement the plan, in less than 45 days, to allow anarchy- tens of thousands (17,000 or more to start) of Mexican trucks and truckers into our country with no checks and balances in place. There are not nearly enough qualified U.S. DOT inspectors, even if we wanted to inspect the Mexican trucks and drivers.
Rigs will be allowed to cross the border with no weight regulations, no load restrictions (as their loads will not be under the same security scrutiny that our truckers' loads have to comply to, which opens the door to more drugs, terrorist, weapons and human smuggling), some with no liability or collision insurance in place, some truckers with no driver-licenses and some with criminal driving records, no background checks, bald-tires and trucks that are not regulated to adhere to our strict safety regulations.
2. Once again the illegal aliens will be given special treatment by our government, above that of our legal American citizens and legal immigrants, which allows them to break laws in our country that our truckers cannot get away with- or our licenses would be pulled, our trucks impounded, and potentially criminally charged.
3.  These foreign-national truckers have low-overhead (few expenses) and thus can haul for far less per load than our own truckers- and will take our jobs. This is not a threat, or something that may happen- it has been in the planning stages for several years now. American truckers WILL lose our jobs. In that process, American families (children in particular) will suffer. The greedy employers who hire the illegal aliens will increase their profits. What a deal !
4. This is a complete breakdown of the current trucking laws and regulations that govern our teamster truckers, independent trucking organizations, and mom-and-pop trucking families. This will work to destroy the truckers' livelihoods and futures- as for many, this is all they have ever done.
5. We cannot allow this to happen, not even to test it.  This is the USA. NAFTA is a failed international policy that has backfired on the U.S., as warned, and is driving our country into total ruin. We do NOT need to pay-off the Kennedy-Bush debts.
6. We invite our truckers to participate in a national "Truck Out" Boycott, on the 23-25 of April, to coincide with the <> rally planned in Washington DC, the "Put Their Feet to the Fire" Press Conference Rally- intended to help the Congress and the Executive Branch understand and appreciate that the U.S. citizen-taxpayers have had enough of the multicultural 'sanctuary' crap.
7. WHAT WILL THE "TRUCK-OUT" ACCOMPLISH ? The point is to shut down all trucking and surround every legislative capital building in every state (and in D C) with a bumper-to-bumper "train" of trucks. We need local truckers to take-over the planning for their state capital.
The "Day Without Immigrants" fiasco last year was a cake-walk compared to this campaign. Imagine a "Day without U.S. citizen-truckers." Now there's a bid deal.
In addition, there will be a convoy of trucks, cars and motorcycles in every major city- to protest the corrupt plans our government has to destroy our trucking industry, and our nation.
This will, in turn, shut down all industry dependent on the truckers, as most of these industries employee illegal aliens. The guilty greedy employers will feel the heat as the "silent majority" gets vocal, and starts to report the criminals-as well as hammer the elected and appointed officials, to enforce the existing laws and rules.
This will show our government that "we-the-people" do have power- are willing exercise that POWER, and will no longer tolerate the refusal of the elected and appointed "big guys" to do the will of the  legal American citizens and LEGAL immigrants in this country.
Yankees Si, Banditos NO !
The time has come to encourage the invaders to go home. We can accomplish that best by demanding that local law & justice authorities prosecute the criminals who employ, harbor, aid and abet the illegal aliens.
We are demanding there be NO amnesty for illegal aliens- criminals who broke our laws to cross our borders illegally, and committed felony crimes when they intentionally evaded our required border inspection stations (documents, food, physical health, immunizations, criminal background verification, etc).
Conventional wisdom is wrong; each illegal alien already has strike one.
We are demanding an end to the socialist/fascist corruption in our government by our errant elected officials who refuse to uphold our laws, our Constitution, their oaths of office, and stand up FOR the people who voted them into office. We are their bosses- it's time for them to stop ignoring us, blatantly breaking our laws, and twisting the truth to suit their own nefarious agendas.
8. Please plan now to join the "Truck Out." It won't take much to convince the Congress that we are serious- and we hold ALL the cards.
E-mail <> for more information. A phone number is set up and posted on the new web sites <>   and <><>
There are three sections to the web site:
1. The "Truck Out" Boycott and Capitals Immobilization.
2. The Legal Fund for class action law suits against the government, the states, cities and our elected officials.
3. Campaign donations for Tom Tancredo for President, which will be directed to his donation web site, TEAM TANCREDO.
We have a talented and savvy press manager, Ed Lozzi. You can look up his web site at <> . He is completely on board and is now setting up a press release media blitz for us through his wire service- reaching 14,000 news rooms, magazines, talk shows, radio shows, journalists, etc.
This is a time-critical process. Ed Lozzi asks for the press releases to be ready for transmission by April 1 st.  In so doing, we have the full benefits of the release-timed perfectly for the coincidental "Truck-Out" and "FAIRUS Rally" in our Nation's Capital- 23-25 April.
We also have an inter-national short wave radio broadcaster- who already does worldwide broadcasts- ready to do a series of "spots" for us, as often as we need it done, to reach the truckers and anyone else out there who wants to join this fight.
We are counting on the truckers to bring the national talk-show hosts into the mix. We want and need their powerful help.
We are already putting together PSA's for radio and television. We just need help to open the "front-doors"- the way to get inside to get them aired in prime-time. We have Directors lined up; the scripts are being written right now, and A- and B-list talent willing to participate is already beating down our door to help.
Fellow Americans- truckers, teamsters, independent haulers, and mom-and-pop outfits- it's time to stop Bush and the U.S. Congress as they try to pull the fifth wheel out from under the CITIZEN TAXPAYER TRUCKERS in our nation. 
Since Bush & Kennedy represent and favor Mexicans over Americans, and the House and Senate are likewise confused- it's time to show them how to sing "Give Me Forty Acres and I'll Turn This Rig Around."  
Please help us; Send this message to every trucker, every trucker chat room, message board, CB operator, short wave and Ham Operator in America . Start now to be ready to use these three days (23-25 Apr 2007) to make a statement with your 18-wheeler- or the chances are you won't have an 18-wheeler to drive by the time President Bush, Teddy Kennedy, and their friends destroy American Trucker Jobs!



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