Top Ten Tonkin Scenarios
A List of Likely False Flag Scenarios That
Would Best Instigate A Shooting War With Iran

By Douglas Herman
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Lately we have heard "rumors of war" regarding Iran. With not one but two aircraft carrier battle groups converging in the Persian Gulf, an "accidental" incident or provocation appears not only likely but probable. No less an authority than former US Navy Secretary James Webb warned about that scenario.  

"When I was Secretary of the Navy and until very recently, we never operated carrier - aircraft carriers inside the Persian Gulf because, number one, the turning radius is pretty close, and number two, the chance of accidentally bumping into something that would start a diplomatic situation was pretty high."

The chance of accidentally bumping into something that would start a diplomatic situation was pretty high THEN? I can only imagine that is the whole purpose now. So how exactly will the incident or provocation enfold? Here are ten possible False flag scenarios and their predictable results.  

1. A repainted F-14 jet, flying Iranian insignia, launches an Excocet missile, without provocation, at a US frigate or destroyer, striking the ship in the Persian Gulf, before flying away. Result: A smoldering sinking ship for American TV consumption. Many dead and dying US sailors and a retaliatory war.

2. A repainted, reflagged Iranian speedboat launches a highspeed torpedo at a US frigate or destroyer without provocation, striking but not sinking the ship, before speeding away. Result: Sinking, smoldering ship for American TV consumption. Many dead US sailors and a retaliatory war.

3. A repainted fighter jet, belonging to Israel but disguised as Iranian, attacks a Houston-bound oil tanker in the gulf. The jet is clearly photographed before flying away after launching missiles. Result: Fiery supertanker, massive oil slick, dead crewmen--for American TV consumption---and a retaliatory air strike on Iran that leads to a retaliatory war.

4. A repainted submarine launches a torpedo attack on a US aircraft carrier and then submerges and escapes. Result: Damaged carrier, for American TV consumption, several US casualties--and a retaliatory sinking of Iranian submarines followed by a retaliatory war.

5. Squadron of repainted Iranian gunboats launch Sunburn missiles on a US carrier from fifty miles distance on foggy, moonless night and slink away. Result: sinking carrier for American TV consumption, massive US casualties--and predictable retaliatory war.

6. A alleged Iranian missile destroys a passenger jet carrying prominent US citizens and liberal officials in a peace mission to Iran. Result: worldwide anger--and retaliatory air strike leading to a retaliatory war.

7. An alleged special forces platoon (Nazis used this to great effect) wearing Iranian uniforms launches sneak attack on unsuspecting US patrol inside Iraq, before escaping back into Iran. Result: numerous US casualties and a retaliatory air strike on Iran resulting in a retaliatory war.

8. An ACTUAL Iranian warship lost in the Persian Gulf accidentally collides with an actual US warship on a foggy, moonless night. Results: bruised egos, bumped heads and threats leading to counter-threats and, finally, a retaliatory war.

9. "Artists" dressed as Iranian nationals living inside America, (as a "sleeper cell" straight out of 24) launch a terrorist attack on a defunct nuclear power plant in the US. Result: nationwide panic, slight fallout, overwhelming anger--and a retaliatory war.

10. Terrorists posing as disgruntled, unemployed Iranian actors attack the Oscar Awards ceremony and disrupt a packed auditorium and a live, nationwide TV audience. Result: Worldwide anger, especially among Hollywood liberals, leading to condemnation of Iran, numerous movie script ideas--and a retaliatory war.

Oops, the last scenario was purely satire---but imagine if it HAD happened? Especially if some spectacular explosions and casualties had occurred. A whole slew of propaganda movies with Bruce Willis would have followed probably.

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, 40 Years Later




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