Missing - Where Is Svali?
By Ed Koni

Svali, a former mind control programmer and trainer for the Illuminati, appears to be missing or in hiding. Who is Svali and is her story of a pervasive conspiracy true? (story: http://
Back in the early 1990's, I was working in a large church in the greater San Diego, CA area, doing counselling with a pastor there. We had recently started working with abuse victims helping them to deal with the many problems they faced.
We were both new to this field, but were excited about the opportunity God had opened for us to help some of the many hurting people in the congregation.
It was a Wesleyan church, and we had the "silent blessing" of the head pastor to work with these people, as long as it was kept out of the limelight and no trouble came out of it. He didn't want the main body to be aware that we were working with people who had demonic problems and certainly there was not to be any talk of Satanic Ritual Abuse! No, that wouldn't go over well and might scare away half of the congregation.
Soon after word slowly got out that we were working to help people with "spiritual problems", we were contacted by another Wesleyan pastor from a nearby small, Wesleyan church. I will never forget what he asked me. He said, "I have a young couple at our church that I feel God has His hand upon them and wants to use them in ministry at our church. The woman though, has a few spiritual issues and I would like you guys to help her out." I responded, "Sure, let's all get together and pray about this and see how the Lord leads us."
We scheduled an appointment the following week. As soon as we met, I could see a real nervousness in the young woman. Her name was Svali. (Actually that is her alias she now goes by and I don't want to reveal her real name for the sake of her safety and privacy.)
We sat down and began to pray and all of a sudden Svali starts rapping her hand very strongly on the table. She looked at us and said "What! Nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong!" She was extremely agitated inside and the demons were also. I could see she was in a strong state of denial and wanted to keep a lid on things. The demons didn't want us to meet and especially to pray together and they were pushing Svali the best they could to leave! Little did I know what was in store for us over the next several months, but surely this was a strong indicator of someone with much inner turmoil.
For the next 4-5 months I met with Svali and her husband on numerous occasions. I had never seen or heard of anyone like her before. She had so much pain inside, so many demons, so much programming and her denial system was incredibly strong.
Unfortunately, I didn't know a whole lot about the Illuminati and how they torture, abuse and program people at that time. I did the best I could to help Svali and in spite of my ignorance, lack of knowledge, and spiritual immaturity, God helped us mightily. We were able to make good headway with Svali and the Lord Jesus helped her break much of the denial system that was in place. This was only because Svali genuinely had a love for the Lord Jesus and for the truth. She desperately wanted to get free. Free from what, I didn't even know at that time as God didn't reveal much of her involvement in the cult at that time. Many alters did come out and get saved, and the Lord Jesus did cast out many demons for Svali. She was making progress but there was an incredible amount of things to deal with at that time.
Suddenly one day Svali turned on me, or so I thought at the time. An alter personality who had been a protector of some sort came out and started accusing me of many things. I was aghast and very hurt as I had always tried my best to help her. I had always given Svali priority because her situation seemed so dire. She had two small children to take care of, worked full time as a nurse in the emergency room of a major San Diego hospital, and was trying to deal with all of what God was bringing out into the light.
I thought she was going to snap from all the pressure she was facing and in a way she did. She did a compete 360 on me and was very combative. I was very confused. She soon left town in a hurry and moved to Texas and I heard nothing from her or her husband any more.
Years later, I found some of Svali's articles on and as I read them I was amazed to see all she had been through! Many of the things that happened in our ministry time together now made sense. It was her Illuminati programming that had made her denial system so strong. The alters we encountered in her were so very hurt and very controlled. I knew whomever had been involved in her abuse had to be very sophisticated and the spiritual attack we faced when working with Svali was always very strong. Someone out there didn't want what was inside of her to be revealed and they certainly didn't want her to be free.
I soon was able to track down Svali through her articles and was able to call her and talk in person with her. I was so relieved to see she was not only still walking with the Lord but she was working very diligently on her healing and also was being very vocal about her past involvement in the Illuminati.
I cautioned her about that. She knew the risks involved though, more than I did, and she insisted on writing and speaking out about the activities of the cult. She was very brave, very outspoken, and as far as I can tell, very truthful in what she stated. Nothing I ever read went against what I knew to be true about her.
I kept in touch with her by email and tried to encourage her and support her in whatever way I could. I consider Svali a true sister in the Lord. One who truly loved the Lord Jesus and was ready to die for Him. I know though she was motivated by her hatred for the evil things the cult did to people, especially the children. I think also she felt very guilty for what she had done in the past while in the cult even though she knew God had forgiven her. She had a true hatred of what they do, as God also does, but that hatred may now have cost her her very life.
I know the cult did constantly harass her and warn her about speaking out and that she was abducted, abused and strongly admonished to keep quiet. I was alerted last year by someone who knew Svali that she was no longer answering any emails sent to her and that no one knew where she was. I have searched for her myself and tried to contact her but no one has seen or heard of where Svali is. I tried emailing Svali, to no avail.
Also, her web site has been stripped of all her articles and just meaningless links remain. The owner of the web site is someone in Kingstown, VC?? All her artwork, poems and articles are gone. I doubt Svali would take all that down, but who knows.
I hope and pray she is okay. She was very brave to speak out as she did, but she knew the risk involved. Yes, she had two children, a boy and a girl, and they would be about high school age now. I have no idea where they are.
I am hoping and praying that this dear sister is okay and that she hasn't been kidnapped or killed. Please pray for her safety and if anyone knows of her whereabouts, please let me know.
Ed Koni is the pseudonym of a San Diego man who can be reached at:
You can read Svali's amazing writings about the inner workings of the Illuminati and other articles on abuse issues at the following locations:



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