So Much Criminality -
So Little Time!

Jim Kirwan

It appears that the Decider has been confined inside Cheney's 'secure-location' for far too long: probably being subjected to endless re-runs of 'Nixonian-truths,' without also being shown the outcomes for those hollow days of tyranny and rage. George needs to get a grip and sober-up: because the days of "fishing- expeditions," of "witch-hunts" and "show-trials:" all of which were hallmarks of the McCarthy-Nixon years, are long since gone. Of course, this 'fits' with the creation of national terror, national-security and paranoia that was designed for this nation, long before 911 so conveniently gave the Bandits the excuse to build on the inside-job they carried out on 911.
Having been completely freed from congressional oversight, even before he 'assumed' the office of the presidency: the Decider has come to believe his own propaganda. He has never known anything at all about professional duty or responsibility. Unlike past 'leaders' his only experience of things 'military' stems from those days after he went AWOL, during the Vietnam War. How ironic that an AWOL lieutenant from the Texas Air-National-Guard now routinely sends out thousands upon thousands of Americans, directly into harm's way and chastises any and all that oppose his dictatorial decrees.
In his delusional state the Decider (and the compliant congress) have totally misconstrued "the facts" that are still operating on the ground in Iraq & Afghanistan. First of all neither country invited the United States to liberate them. Bush decided that for himself, despite opposition from the global population, from the Atlantic Alliance, from the UN and from NATO. Once the wars began to collapse from within, upon the aggressors who had become the new occupiers of both counties-the US called for 'elections.' Then with puppets in charge in both Afghanistan and Iraq: contracts for their resources were put in place to be rubber-stamped without the approval of the people of the countries involved.
The result was intensified resistance from every quarter within both former nation-states.
This was translated by the media here, as a condition of "a refusal by the "Freed Peoples" to stand-up for themselves or their countries, against outlaws that sought only to destabilize their own nations." Media has consistently lied about the number of Iraqi's killed by this "benevolent dictatorship that we imposed upon them." The number of Iraqi dead has now passed one million-but this 'gift' to those occupied people is never mentioned when the future of either country is being discussed. The US and its apologists have consistently treated this fierce resistance, to their demands, as barbarity and criminal acts committed by elements that prefer destabilization to the modern democracy that we have 'given them' ­ and such 'gifts' just keep on giving back to those who sent them-in direct proportion to the death and destruction in which these 'gifts' were initially wrapped.
In Iraq we brought death and destruction on a scale that Saddam could never have attained: while in Afghanistan we have restored the Poppy fields to over 90% of full production: while we now have the signed agreements for the oil pipelines that we went to war to get. Why is none of this mentioned by the pencil-pushers that act as though they alone are the true warriors bringing stability and democracy to a troubled region? The Arab Middle-East has tremendous resources, and rather than negotiate for those resources we have chosen to use military force in pre-emptive strikes to murder and steal our way to the subjugation of those resources along with the extermination of all resistance to these heinous acts of barbarity and piracy-and now we want to blame the people we have attacked for the conditions of their newly created poverty and virtual slavery to those massive multi-national corporations that will own their countries once we've finished with them.
That is why these 'wars' can never be won militarily, we shall be defeated, the only question remaining is how high a cost we will be willing to pay to "Stay the Decider's Course"? That's why the farce that Pelosi just pulled off, in her sellout of the powers of congressional oversight, to that traitorous office that the Decider holds, is such a horrific crime. (2)
When the position of Commander-in-Chief was constitutionally created: the colonies envisioned no standing armies, and they could not have foreseen the day when someone without any experience at all, in life, in work, or in the military, come have ever reached the highest office in the land. In fact that was why the constitutionalists spent so much time elaborating on the particulars of Impeachment-as a way to remedy whatever the founders could not have foreseen. The theft of a presidential election in such a public way, aided and abetted by a complicit Supreme Court, and a completely subservient congress has to have been one of the most blatant public crimes against this nation that has ever occurred.
Yet 'the people' didn't even blink!
Now comes the first major set of blunders, under a "new" congress that in theory could investigate, not just the firings of the eight US Attorneys, but the War, Katrina, and of course those still smoldering flames of 911.
Look at the 'Deciders' response to any legitimate questions: he is literally fuming that anyone would suggest that there might have been anything wrong with what his favorite-little-fascist did in this sordid affair: just to cover for himself, for Rove and for the Decider himself. All these actions, Bush refers to as 'the actions of loyal and honest government officials.' There are no honest government officials within the top three tiers of this government, so who is the Decider talking about ­ because his entire administration is criminal in nature if not in absolute facts alone. This will change as the truth comes out.
From Wayne Madsen "March 22, 2007 -- It is time for Congressional investigators to drive to Olney, Maryland with subpoenas in hand. The last time the Bush White House could not find e-mails was last year when it could not find 250 e-mails from 2003 on the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson and Vice President Dick Cheney's smearing of her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Now the White House is missing 18 days of email traffic concerning the sacking of 8 U.S. Attorneys for political purposes. It is all reminiscent of Rose Mary Woods' 18- minute gap in recordings of Richard Nixon's Oval Office during the Watergate scandal.
Last year, WMR was contacted by an anonymous source who claimed to have intimate knowledge of how the "EOP" (Executive Office of the President) archived older e-mail and other documents. The source said that it is EOP policy to send archival documents to an underground Federal Support Center at 5321 Riggs Road, in Olney, Maryland for safekeeping. WMR passed this "tip" on to those who have "back channel" communications with Patrick Fitzgerald's office with an emphasis that the anonymous source appeared to have a very good working knowledge of White House document handling and archival procedures. The anonymous source suggested that Fitzgerald and a team of FBI agents show up unannounced at the Olney facility and simply seize the e-mails in question. Shortly thereafter, most of the "missing" 2003 smoking gun e-mails involving Cheney's offices were found.
With the Watergate-like 18-day "gap" in White House emails being discovered -- emails between mid-November and the first week of December concerning the firing of US Attorneys have not been turned over to Congressional investigators -- it may be time for those investigators to make a short road trip to Olney, subpoenas for the missing e-mails in hand." There is more damning information on the firing of the US Attorneys here: (1)
What is really going on here is a game in which the titles of the players have been used, to conceal rather than reveal the true purposes behind the scenes of this global grab by brute force disguised as the defense of Liberty and democracy around the world. Bush might as well just defect to Paraguay and leave Cheney, to do in public, what he's been doing all along in SECRET ­which is to run what's left of this government.(3)
We only have a very small amount of time left to untangle this nightmare, but if we were to move quickly enough there might still be time to at least blow away the shadow-government that has held us in terror for these last six years ­ provided anyone cares enough to try!
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2) Congress Can't Find What They Won't Look for
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