NM Impeachment Resolution
Passed 5-1 - Floor Vote Next

By Leland Lehrman

In what may be a national first, a State-initiated impeachment resolution against the President and Vice-President of the United States has reached the floor of a State Senate. Drawing support from hundreds of supremely dedicated citizens willing to wait hours on both weekends and weekdays for the opportunity to speak, the five Democrats present on the New Mexico Senate Judiciary Committee, voted in favor without doubt or hesitation. No audience member spoke against.
Former Congresswoman Liz Holtzman's expert witness testimony appeared via videotape and was enormously influential due to her standing as a member of the Judiciary Committee that begain impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon.
Senator Rod Adair, the sole Republican willing to answer the charges made a best effort to deny them, but was ultimately unconvincing. Predictably citing the now suspect war powers of the Executive Branch and claiming that the United States is the guardian of the free world against fascism and totalitarianism, Senator Adair used the propaganda term Islamofascists to vilify America's opponents in the Middle East and justify the ongoing wars. No Democrat attempted to refute Senator Adair's position, but the hour was late and their vote said it all.
The resolution now goes to the Senate floor where the vote is expected to be close. Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, who controls the floor schedule, voted solidly without comment for the Resolution in Judiciary and recently stated to the press that he expects the measure to pass in a party line vote. However, Democratic Senators John Arthur Smith and Shannon Robinson have declared their hesitance to vote for the measure and Senator Tim Jennings and Phil Griego remain uncommitted. There is some question as to whether or not the vote must pass with a majority of the Senate (22 yes votes) or a majority of those present. Authorities on the Rules of the New Mexico Legislature are working on the question but believe that a majority of those present will suffice.



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