Pelosi Claims Rumsfeld Still
Works In Pentagon With Staff

From Tom Buyea

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi argued today that she should have an Air Force plane to fly her to her home in California each weekend.
She said she should get the plane because former Speaker Hastert got one and that she needed one as a security precaution because she was second in line to be President.
However, when the Republicans argued against her request, Pelosi responded:
"Donald Rumsfeld still has an office in the Pentagon that he is working out of...and has six staff members working for him."
In what capacity is Rumsfeld still at the Pentagon? Is Gates just a front man for Rumsfeld like Bush, Jr is a front man for Cheney and Bush senior ?
T Lee Buyea - Fla News Service
Wait a sec here guys ... the headline reads:
"Pelosi Claims Rumsfeld Still Works In Pentagon With Staff"
But something's a tad wrong with this headline. Methinks that the headline news piece here is that Pelosi wants a military aircraft or Air Force Two with which to ferry her around. Pelosi, in other words, gets better than the First Lady, who often flies to see her mother in Texas with a G 5, not Air Force Two. A G 5 is the Gulfstream model 5, which uses far less fuel. Is not this something which Pelosi and her hoards of "The Planet is Burning, the Planet is Burning."?
Folks, me thinks Pelosi is becoming the worlds biggest pain in the butt roast. She seems to think she's God's answer to ... uh ... everything. Well, she's NOT the answer to everything.
I hold that title. And don't any of yous ferget it, needer!
Jim Mortellaro,
AKA, Morty of



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