Ron Paul - America's Last Chance
By Ted Lang
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I met Congressman Ron Paul at a speaking engagement presented by the Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington, New York, in December 2003. FEE is a libertarian think tank, and as Dr. Paul's best credentials are those identifying him as a true libertarian, meaning a "classical liberal" of the anti-Federalist genre of libertarians that helped found this country, true liberals such as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams, his qualifications to lead US out of the slimy quagmire we now find ourselves in represents a blast of fresh air. Thanks to our corrupt system of government and its politics, he is just the kind of leader that can put America back on track.
At that engagement, several members of the small audience of only about 200 to 250, queried Dr. Paul as to his intentions regarding the 2004 presidential race. In fact, members of the audience that addressed Dr. Paul on that issue did more than merely inquire. They begged him to run! As a Republican all my life, I realized Bush was a traitor and a double-crosser even back then. Bush's actions in conniving with Mexico and Canada to create a North American Union thereby serving to erase American sovereignty and the protections we have via our Constitution, do indeed reflect Bush's contempt for that "godammed piece of paper," his contempt for his oath of office, his contempt for the American people, and his contempt for our national sovereignty.
When still a Republican, I naively hoped that Bush would clean up the mess created by Clinton, the latter actually collaborating with Bush I by setting in motion the means to flush America down the toilet to make way for the New World Order. I celebrated his "election" in hopes that he was sincere in putting America back on track. I am now convinced that the international bankers fixed BOTH elections. I am convinced that the same bankers were behind 9/11, and engineered that act to permit the complete execution of the unjust and unnecessary invasion and destruction of Iraq. And undoubtedly, Bush received his "marching orders" through Dick Cheney. Their plan is to use nuclear weapons against Iran to promote the international terror that the rogue terrorist government of Israel is so dependent upon to further its imperial incursions in the Middle East to control all its oil. This will enable Israel as the "Merchant of Menace."
Clearly, Dr. Paul's "announcement" was, therefore, regarded by me with great caution. And there are several reasons for this, let alone the primary one, that left me doubtful as to the veracity of this much-needed glimmer of hope. I had neither heard nor read any statement directly attributable to his intention to run for president from Dr. Paul himself. And considering his reluctance in 2003, a time when we really needed a better choice than between two Skull and Bones satanic cultists, it seemed to me that Congressman Paul would have presented a very viable alternative. But Dr. Paul wasn't interested then, so why now?
If one really needs that question answered, it is clear that such an individual is hopelessly out of touch with reality. And if one believes there is actually a chance for Dr. Paul to win the White House, I've got the answer: fahgeettaboutit! But nevertheless, a Ron Paul candidacy is indeed the very last hope America has. It isAmerica's last hope in that by its very nature alone it offers something entirely new in the old world of Machiavellian connivance and back room-back door big money Zionist-controlled politics. Those who would deny big money Zionist politics, abetted and supported by the big mainstream Zionist media, and rich and influential Zionist Hollywood, are those that are fooled by every election campaign in America designed to give voters the false hope of influencing and participating in our government.
Our government runs on money, and big money at that. Alex Jones' ran a George Carlin "comedy" video segment that originated on YouTubeentitled, "Owners of this Country." As usual, Carlin tells it like it is: "I'm talking about the real owners [of America] now, the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians ­ they are irrelevant! The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't! You have no choice!" 
Now compare Carlin's totally correct assessment with that of one of America's truly great industrialists and humanitarians, a man who needed no "union pressure" to pay his workers higher wages than obtainable by the best unionized shops anywhere. This philanthropist and leading industrialist was hated by Marxists, socialists, and communists, and therefore, the Zionists as well. In his Zionist-451 banned book written in 1921, The International Jew, Henry Ford wrote: "As always election campaigns are staged as entertainment, a diversion for the people; they are permitted to think and act as if they are really making their own government, but it is always the [Zionists] that win. And if after having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to [Zionist] control, then you speedily hear of 'scandals' and 'investigations' and 'impeachments' for the removal of the disobedient." This explains why there will be no Bush impeachment or any corrective action on the part of the Democratic Congress against Bush. He serves the Zionist Agenda!
Carlin again: "You have no choice! You have owners! They own you! They own everything! They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations, they've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses and city halls, they got the judges in their back pockets, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear. They've got you by the balls!"
Sound familiar? How long have I been preaching to this choir as concerns the Zionist media? How long have others on this website and Alex Jones' been telling you this? And although Carlin doesn't specifically hit on the "who" of big business, thereby opening himself up to attack by right-wing broadcast babblers and fascists who will smear him as a "lefty," or a "liberal," or even a "commie," isn't it really clear as to whom he is really attacking? Not sure?
Here's more from George: "They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying, lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want! They want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I'll tell you what they don't want. They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking." Again adding to this observation, albeit preceding Carlin's remarks by 86 years, Ford offers: "Usually a man with a 'past' proves the most obedient instrument, but even a good man can often be tangled up in campaign practices that compromise him. It has been commonly known the [Zionist] manipulation of American of American election campaigns have been skillfully handled, that no matter which candidate was elected, there was ready made a sufficient amount of evidence to discredit him in case his [Zionist] masters needed to discredit him. To arrange this is part of the thoroughness of Zionist control. And, of course, the American people have been sufficiently trained to roar against the public official immediately [when] the first [Zionist] hound emits its warning bay."
Ford concludes: "Amazing as is the technique of the [Zionist] political process, the readiness with which the American people can be counted on to do their part in forwarding the game is still more amazing." "Still more amazing"? And this having been written in 1921? No wonder the Zionists have smeared the greatest American industrialist in the history of this nation. No wonder they have smeared one of this country's greatest humanitarians. He rendered their union agitation, used so successfully to bring down the Christian and anti-Zionist monarchy of Tsar Nicholas II, and made it virtually useless here in America. Union strikes and Communist-Bolshevik labor "unrest" brought down the Tsar of Russia, a monarchy that came to the aid of Abraham Lincoln to protect America from the Zionist bankers. The Zionists never forget, and they never forgive!
Proof of Zionist power in American politics abounds. Allegations have been made tying together the assassinations of Lincoln, McKinley, and JFK, as well as the attempted assassination of Andy Jackson, because of their resistance to the Zionist bankers, their agenda, and their network. Why would Dr. Ron Paul want to get in the middle of all this, and especially why now? Of course, looking through the tiny window of American politics, only a narrow and limited view of the current political landscape of America is visible. So what is so different today, and what will be different in 2008 changing the political climate for the great Congressman in the 2008 campaign? The Internet is squeezing the Zionist news network, and the landslide Democratic congressional election victory is squeezing both AIPAC and the Democrats.
In the very restricted and limited sense of no-sense American politics, Bush [or Kerry} was the Zionists' choice because of their undying allegiance to Zionist Israel. And we know for a fact that BOTH political parties, as well as BOTH sides of the aisle in BOTH chambers of Congress are controlled by the most powerful lobby in the world. This was irrevocably proven when the House of Representatives voted 407 to 9 resolving Israel's "right" to annex a large portion of Palestinian territory in 2004, and condoning the illegal attack and mass murder of Christians in Lebanon by a vote of 410 to 8 in 2006. It is the upper echelons of the Zionist Network, through their powerful lobby, AIPAC, that controls all politics and therefore all actions of government in America.
Therefore, in spite of Congressman Ron Paul being on the roster of the Republican Party, in reality, the GOP doesn't recognize him as one of their own. It matters not that the voters overwhelmingly continue to elect him, and that he receives, in all probability, more financial support from voters not only outside his own district, but from Americans outside of his home state of Texas as well. Yet, the GOP, in redistricting maneuvers and other methods of political slight-of-hand, continues to marginalize him, ostracize him, and the members of Congress totally ignore him. His greatest weapons are truth, honesty, love of country, and his allegiance to the United States Constitution, that "godammed piece of paper" Bush and obviously the Congress so hate, loathe and despise. Think of the words of Carlin!
It is my assessment, that Paul, just as was the case with the Greatest American, General and President George Washington, doesn't really want to serve. Yet the reluctant Washington remains our greatest American president for both the sacrifices he made for this country in war, and the dedicated service and moral leadership he provided as president. Digressing for a moment, my number one runner-up would undoubtedly be John Fitzgerald Kennedy, considering how he attempted to stand up to our deadly, corrupt system. His sexual life would be his only moral liability. But the risk of physical harm should be carefully weighed by Dr. Paul, considering the proclivity to violence displayed by our shadow government.
Dr. Paul's interview, also recorded on Alex Jones', quoted the Congressman in terms of his observation regarding the recent landslide elections. The elections' unfavorable to the GOP outcome, along with the worse-than-horrible GOP choices for president identifiable as madman warmongers and fascists, assures that the GOP will lose the next presidential election. Consider the "firecracker fascist," Rudy "Kazootie" Giuliani ­ he saved New York City from guns and firecrackers. And then we have "Madman" McCain, another shiny jackboot and mass-murdering wannabe. 
With three quarters of our population and our fighting military against the war in Iraq, and 87 percent of those polled by MSNBC wanting Bush impeached, the White House Moron will indeed engineer a "Gulf of Tonkin" incident to launch an attack on Iran, right on schedule with the Zionist Agenda Bush is required to follow. And as both Ford and Carlin pointed out, it is unimportant as to whether the Democrats or the Republicans win. In this country, as in all wars, there is always just one winner: the Zionist House of Rothschild-Rockefeller.
Dr. Ron Paul is out of the loop of our narrow and extremely corrupt bought-and-paid for political system. He cannot win, as was already pointed out on this website by others. But he is easily capable of a very, very big win as regards his responding to and representing the will of the majority of the American people. His campaign function will be that of rallying the people and informing them. We are all in the Zionist banking and corporate sandbox, including Dr. Paul. We need to think OUTSIDE the box ­ we need to think and rally outside THEIR sandbox. America is more than ready for a populist movement.  America is more than ready for a grassroots overthrow of the Democrat-Republican political machine entrenched in Washington, a machine controlled totally by AIPAC as well as a myriad of powerful, influential Zionist organizations of "the Network."
No American has been elected to the White House in about 30 years, a figure George Carlin offers as well. It's not only time to take America back, but to throw the bums out, investigate them, and then hang 'em high, when, not if, they are found guilty! Just as he is marginalized by the GOP and the entire Congress, we should help isolate him even further and ignore our corrupt, criminal government and support him financially and also in terms of our time and talent. We can all work together to organize a grass roots movement throughout this country to get the truth out and to expose our morally bankrupt, criminal and corrupt politicians who have sold US out!
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Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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