Proof Positive - Government
ISN'T There To Help You.

Ted Twietmeyer

Government only helps itself to as much as possible at your expense. And you are supposed to be happy and joyful at the pieces it leaves behind - the proverbial "scraps from the master's table."
The recent tornado in Alabama says it all. It sends the clear message that Uncle doesn't give a damn if you live or die. Period.
Look at how the Decider proudly stands amongst the wreckage and carnage - a scene reminiscent of September 2001:
Bush: "Help the folks down here." [1]
Sure thing - we'll all happily go do there to do your work for you...
Now there's an "Oh well, so what!" attitude if there ever was one. Why did he even bother to go down to Alabama? To gloat? See weather modification technology at work?
Sure the area has been declared a "disaster area." What does that really mean? Does anyone realize that disaster areas can also wear shoes? So what that nine people died?
The Decider then rambles: "You can never heal a heart, but you can provide comfort knowing that the federal government will provide help for those whose houses were destroyed or automobiles were destroyed."
Sure thing pal. What about the PEOPLE who were destroyed? How many BILLIONS of hearts has this ruthless, self-proclaimed "war president/decider" hurt and killed since stealing the executive office?
America was told by Federal Emergency Management Agency Director David Paulison, that Bush's visit was indicative of "the new FEMA." If the cold-hearted attitude that the Decider has is indicative of the "the new FEMA" policy - then everyone, everywhere had best pray that no "natural disasters" (or nasty weather modification experiments) come to their area.
So what's all about? What is going on here? Why are AMERICANS told to go help the folks down there? Simple - because the more the public does, the less the government has to do. This is all very interesting, considering the government's plans to have everyone involuntarily do two years of community service. Perhaps that's what voluntarily ingesting depleted uranium is about?
It is the ultimate in hypocrisy when the government itself sets a terrible example by the actions of their own emergency management agency. What really we see here is a socialist model at work - the conning of the American people to do the job the government SHOULD be doing. So what, that WE are paying for it to boot? We're all stupid, deaf and dumb right? Perhaps many really are.
This needs to stop. It is an NOT AMERICAN tradition to be heartless. It is however, a fascist principle. Certainly the people of Alabama need help. The homes and businesses of many generations of AMERICANS were destroyed. I categorically state that these good people of Alabama are not just folks, but ARE AMERICANS. And the government should be doing their part to help them. The good people of NYC were promised billions for the damage in 2001. They never received but a small percentage of it.
Imagine the unreal pain of having to attend a funeral of a high school age child. When you leave to return home, you realize the cemetery looks far better than the pile of lumber you once called home...
We have to stop this heartless crap. It must end.
If not, we cease to be Americans. Period.
Ted Twietmeyer
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