New Paint May
Block Mind Control

By Ted Twietmeyer

In the past, I've written about mind control issues and RF frequencies. Basically there are two types - mind control systems employing ordinary RF frequencies, and those employing scalar waves. Both types have different characteristics. However, scalar waves are very difficult to block. For both types, the most effective shielding is simply distance.
It has been well known for decades, that the human head resonates at a certain UHF frequency and a harmonic of it found in the microwave band. Oddly enough - the microwave harmonic frequency found at about 1.2GHz is disturbingly close to digital cell frequencies. A coincidence of course
Many readers have written me in the past about articles I wrote which were posted on Rense, asking for help to shield themselves from RF harassment.
Shielding is used for everything from tuners in televisions and radios to television, radio and audio cables and millions of other uses. Shielding works in two directions with radio frequencies ­ it keeps signals in and unwanted signals out. Imagine you were to remove the shielding inside a cell phone (which is simply an automatic two-way radio.) If you did this, the moment you pick it up to use it the radio circuits would be de-tuned from the capacitance from your hand and the phone would no longer function. A cell phone's internal shielding prevents your body from affecting the circuitry, and from radio and television signals in the environment around you phone from getting into the phone. With audio cables, the shielding prevents AC hum from being coupled into your sound system from AC power cords and cables.
Stealth technology dates back to the days of German U-Boats. These submarines used a rubberized conductive paint to absorb allied radar signals while surfaced, making them invisible to allied Navy radar. Since that time, more sophisticated paint compounds have been developed which are easier to apply to aircraft, vessels and vehicles. However, these compounds these have been classified and unavailable to the public. Until now
A company called EM-SEC Technologies has a new coating called UniShield [1] that will block radio signals. This compound is mainly intended for cell phones, wireless and other devices (which may also include some listening devices.) It is intended to prevent hackers from tapping into wireless data but clearly may have other uses. Paint can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayed on and dries in about 30 minutes. At about $5.00 per square foot this paint isn't cheap - but then effective security never is. The manufacturer states that the cost drops with the area covered. With ugly colors of gray or "buff," one might want to paint over it afterwards. This might be a good thing to do first if you will be repainting a room.
Before you whip out your credit card to get this pricey paint there are several considerations. First, know that cordless or cell phones, wireless devices or pagers will no longer communicate outside that painted room unless a window has a straight line-of- sight to a nearby cell tower. The paint has been tested for about three years at an un-named defense installation. For cordless phones, they may never work at all again in that room. These phones depend on the signal traveling through floors and walls.
The difficulty comes with mind control signals, and whether this paint will stop it. Mind control equipment is highly classified and they don't publish data sheets for their equipment on the internet. Some research appears to show that separated layers of metal sheeting can stop scalar waves. Therefore, this paint would not be applicable to that technology. Since some mind control signals can originate from satellites, be prepared to also shield your ceiling(s) and floor as well. For carpeted floors, you may have to take up the carpeting and paint the under-layment flooring with one or two coats then have the carpet re-installed (stretched and put back on the cleats by a professional.) Hardwood floors are even more difficult. If one were to prioritize which rooms to shield first, the bedroom would probably be at the top of the list, followed by the living room (or whatever the room is in which you spend all your time awake in.)
If someone knows they are under RF attack, then either layered metal shielding (described later) or shielding paint may be worth a try. A corner reflector structure using readily available, 4 ft. x 8ft. foil-backed foam insulation sheets from a building or home improvement supply store might be a good start until a more permanent shielding system can be installed. However, this only works for an attack coming from one direction. But the beauty of it is that not only can it shield you from most RF frequencies, but it sends an attacker's RF beam back to them. Then they can enjoy it, too. After all it's better to give than to receive, right?
Note that the above reflector scheme may not be effective for scalar wave technology.
The walls and ceiling of an MRI magnet room (where patients are scanned) are shielded from all outside RF interference. Installers use 4ft. x 8ft. panels consisting of an inside layer of aluminum sheeting, a layer of 5/8" thick particle board and then an outside layer of aluminum sheeting. It may be possible to make a scalar shield with a sandwich of two or more layers of aluminum or sheet metal, with each layer separated by a non-metallic layer (such as plywood, particle board or foam) may be effective in stopping or reducing the intensity of scalar waves.
When shielding a room don't forget doors and windows! You may need metal or layered metal for these.
You can probably hear the tone (high frequency) right now if the room you're in is relatively quiet. On the website there is a section dedicated to the High Frequency Tone Project. This is a high frequency sound heard almost everywhere on the planet which is similar to the horizontal frequency of a television set. This frequency apparently originates from either cell towers or overhead satellites. Its long term effect on the health (and sanity) of the population is not known, but people all over the world are hearing it. Some of their testimonies are available on the above website. There is some evidence that certain frequencies cause both benign and malignant infections. Infections and diseases are connected to RF resonance theory which was demonstrated in the 1930s.
Our family lost a close relative to a cancerous growth 4 years ago, which originated on the side of his head - exactly where his cell phone antenna was. The cancer quickly spread to stage 4 in only a few months. I've never considered owning a cell phone. Is it merely a coincidence, considering this cancer does not run in the family? However, he laughed at me when I warned him about the cancer risk only a few months before he was diagnosed. His laughing stopped on the very day he received the fatal diagnosis.
The legal microwave leakage limit for a microwave oven door seal is 1 milliwatt as measured at the door seal. Yet cell phones can legally emit 200 milliwatts, and ealier cell phones had power levels of up to 4,000 milliwatts.
Does it make sense to put any of this energy into your scull, up close and personal?
The serious question about RF and scalar attacks on people remains ­ what happens in the long term to these victims? Does this high frequency tone found everywhere prove we are ALL victims of mind control?
Ted Twietmeyer



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