OKC 'Third Suspect' Gary Land -
Fed Provocateurs Identified?

By Walter Burien
Exclusive to

Jeff -
The picture is of the "Third OKC suspect" Gary Land. He was picked up at the same time as McVeigh but released the next day and all mention of him quickly disappeared from the press.
Brian Quig an independent reporter from Tempe, Arizona had this picture up on his web site shortly after the bombing. Brian was diligently working on gathering information on Land to show a cover-up by the Feds. Brian Quig was pushing very hard on the Gary Land issue when he was run down by a car in Phoenix and killed. His web site  subsequently went down. A Google search for "Brian Quig" will still pull up much of Mr. Quig's work centered on exposing government corruption.
I saved this picture from his site before it was lost. I also sent it to my email list a year ago with a note to save it per the OKC bombing. The picture shows Land being hustled out the back door of the Sheriff's office, in hand cuffs (covered with jacket) by several FBI agents.
The scoop Brian Quig was working on was that: Gary Land was a known FBI informant from Phoenix. I, and several militia contacts from Phoenix who were Arizona Sheriffs confirmed back in 1995 that Gary Land after being busted by the police with drugs was made an offer to work under-cover to infiltrate several militia groups in Phoenix around the time of the OKC bombing. Gary Land was asked to leave the militia meetings in Phoenix being that he was a know FBI provocateur. Later he was seen several times hanging out and traveling with McVeigh in Kingman, AZ and elsewhere. 
Quig made several trips to Kingman researching Gary Land. Brian Quig investigating Land to establish the solid links that showed the FBI knew and participated in every step of the OKC bombing could have been the primary reason Quig was killed. The police report said Quig was killed (run down) in Phoenix by a car at 1 AM in the morning and listed the event as an accident. I strongly believe that Brian Quig was pushed in front of a car.
This picture and my comments above are given to as an EXCLUSIVE with the original picture of Gary Land being courtesy of Brian Quig, a relentless searcher for the truth.
Truly yours,
Walter J. Burien, Jr.  
The third suspect Gary Land is wearing the black T-Shirt



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