'One-More-Time' THIS TIME,
Is One Too Many!

Jim Kirwan

"Perhaps we just do not know. It is possible to envision a scenario where Iran chooses to not retaliate or where the US action is not as harrowing as propaganda makes it out to be. We do not know what deals are being made." From a reader
Wishful thinking - will not make it so. Making "Deals" is what got us into this - and it is what will flow directly from all the multiple masks still being tried-on-for-size: This is WAR, WAR & LOTS MORE WAR! That much is crystal clear. Cheney-Bush has drained our supply of troops - that part of this was never bottomless. Now Cheney wants to go back to that old and disproven strategy of air power, which when it goes against a sophisticated Air-Defense System, now backed by the Russians, (because there are Russians inside that plant that they're planning to bomb) ­ we will fail: Not to mention that the entire region has specific interests at stake in NOT allowing this attack to go forward, under any circumstances: but especially not on the bogus lies that Cheney wants to use to create Iraq III, inside Iran.
CHENEY needs to be IMPEACHED - immediately!
This time, there won't be "the usual," this time there will be CONSEQUENCES, not afterward, not from the all too compliant politicians everywhere who have failed a thousand times before ­ NO! This time because it is Iran, there will be immediate retaliations all over the region: against us, against the Brits, but especially against the cowardly Israeli's (that only fight against unarmed civilians and kids), and everyone else that indirectly wants to use the oil. The Gulf is so full of ships and submarines now that they need undersea traffic lights just to keep them all from running into each other, not to mention all that intimidating hardware that we're trying to use on the surface - to scare the Iranians ­ this is a pageant of farce, on a canvas made of oil.
Iran conducted war games not once but three times to warn us off, to show us what we would face if we attack them now. Did we listen - Hell no! The War Department simply flipped over into denial and proceeded with their plans, as if nothing in this world was capable of standing up to US Military might - which is pure farce - especially now! We're way beyond broke, our vaunted military is nothing but an advanced form of the Dirty-Dozen with thugs and criminals, and want-to-be immigrants mixed in (about 40%) with the disadvantaged that had to join to find a way to pay for daily life. Then there's Blackwater and their commercialized murder, plunderers for hire, for triple what a GI gets. They can quit anytime: not to mention that they can commit any crime and face no punishment at all-the world knows this all too well!
"What other country maintains over 700 military bases worldwide? This alone costs us around a trillion dollars a year, most of it borrowed, including paying operations and maintenance, buying new and overpriced weapons systems, ramping up for more preemptive war, etc. We are already paying close to 400 Billion Dollars a Year (maybe more) for interest alone on the national debt. What could we do with 400 Billion Dollars if we weren't paying interest on money borrowed for wars that cannot possibly be paid off by this or even the next ten generations unless peace breaks out today and lasts forever?
Politicians care about nothing beyond the next election. None of the profiteers care about anything beyond the bottom line this quarter. The profiteers, because they fund the political campaigns, own the politicians who give the profiteers the money borrowed from China in the form of excessive profits for materiel and services, sometimes under-delivered and under-performed, while taxpayers are expected to pay off the debt floated to pay those excessive profits and fund those military-commercial fraudulent contracts, and those multi-level secret subcontracts. It's a house of cards. Wait for the first stiff breeze."
Moreover, what is being attempted here with this one last attempt to seal the fate of the people, and guarantee the continuance of this criminal enterprise that has stolen all our names, and who are trying to rig the global board game one-more time, so none of them can be thrown to the wolves. This has to be thwarted, because there is no up-side to this scheme to take-over yet another Middle- Eastern nation that has the misfortune to be sitting on something that the Cabal really wants to own!
Does anyone really think anyone else gives a damn about whether or not we have our asses handed to us this time - %&@* NO! That's clear because many of those former by-standing nations will see this misguided new adventure as their chance to jump in; once we begin to fail - Again! Another difference this time is that it will not take weeks to determine what's happening there, because Iran has promised an instant and all-out response immediately: as soon as planes cross their borders.
Iran is not the backward nation that Japan was when we sent in the Great White Fleet. The Iranians have already had enough of US Imperialism to last them for many Centuries to come - so they have promised us all: that they will utterly destroy Israel, Qatar, Kuwait, the Green Zone, and whatever else we have sent into the Gulf, to interdict the flow of oil.
There is a huge difference now between what we did to Iraq and what we shall be 'able' to
do to Iran very soon. Cheney is playing with Nitro-glycerin, which is far more unstable
than mere dynamite: he's a half-baked moron that has contributed minus zero to life and civilization: but he's been very instrumental in creating WAR Incorporated. This will bury him and the "crazies" for all time; unfortunately a great number of other people will also be buried with them!
This is not Iraq - this is IRAN, with real associations, with industry and a way of life, with a whole lot of other nations that do not buy the bullshit that Cheney keeps trying to spread over anyone that will listen to him. We've become the rabid pit-bull of international relations, the junk-yard dog that dumps on all diplomatic efforts anywhere that seek to contain our blood-lust for the property of others. It was only a matter of time until that BACKLASH reared it's vicious head and began to tear us to pieces for what we've done to millions of "others," just since the Decider began to carve up the world according to the dictates of his banker- friends, and the global-corporate interests in combination with the insanity of the born-again-Nazi's that have been masquerading as Jews.
For every action there will always be an equal and opposite reaction: that is the true nature of consequences. Humanity's pathetic attempts to mimic this law of nature, have fallen far short of the true mark, and because justice is not the purpose behind our court systems, but only the legalized theft of whatever the moneyed-interests want to buy - most people have forgotten that this law of nature cannot be denied forever - and April 6th looks more and more like the beginning of "payback"!
American and Amarrikans have for too long stood idly by on the sidelines of what they've chosen to see as global chess games, lily- white and clean, while the world's "other people" perish! This time things will be different: because if we pop the top off Pandora's Box and try to do the macho thing one more time, we shall all begin to see what the open mouth of Hell really looks like, from the inside this time, instead of from the safety of our pretend nation: Because we shall finally begin to become part of the collateral damage for our own actions. . .
This is so overdue - and at the same time so beyond the pale that finally Cheney-Bush will
finally have it both ways: Because this is the ultimate threat against the civilized world, and at the same time it's a meaningless gesture that can only trigger chaos - not just in the region but around the planet.
This is not unlike the scientific splitting of the atom in 1945 - except that instead of this being a matter of science, this is about disturbing the political and economic equilibrium of the entire world: 'One-More-Time' THIS TIME is one time too many! The completely focused megalomaniacs in this world now-by allowing their puppets to push this envelope to the breaking point are going to get something that no one can predict or protect against: and all because we missed so
many opportunities to remove the traitors from their offices, before they could commit this additional TREASON against anyone that cares about being able to live out their lives. . .
There are eleven days to wait until anyone can know for sure-time enough to demand that the media stop this half-baked plan for yet another attack!
The Controlled Demolition of the American Republic



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