The Next President
From Dick Eastman

Here is something to think long and hard about.
The next president is going to deprive a criminal network of hundreds of billionaire mass-murderer war-profiteers of hundreds of billions of dollars and these fat cats are not going to like it...these are fat cats who own Congress, fat cats who own the media, fat cats who head international organized crime, fat cats who control the CIA, Mossad, MI6 as their private organizations; fat cats who have, in addition, armies of their own, secret agents of their own, and their own special forces; fat cats who control the monetary system and who are the creditors holding the IOUs of the federal government and are owed the debt of every household, state, country and municipal government in this country; fat cats who are masters of unspeakable power; fat cats used to having their way and being immune to law or any moral authority -- remember these fat cats coldly conducted the Sept. 11, 2001 false-flag attack to get the wars they wanted and the police-state power they wanted. 
The next president knows that both he and the men he picks to join his administration will be marked men. Never forget that if multi-billionaire fat cats want someone dead they can, without much pain at all,  pay thousands of people a million or two million dollars each, one to kill that person - and the rest to make sure that everyone, including family and friends and police force and journalists, forgets all about it. Many of the world's billionaires kill people for their own sexual gratification, or to settle their own petty scores -- and they think nothing of it, because their wealth makes above law, answerable to no one, and safe from any possible revenge. 
Remember to -- and if you didn't know it I'm telling you now -- the global elites control weather using weaponized weather modification to create droughts or heat waves, floods or crop killing frosts for their own economic or geo-political gain. They control biological weapons -- the anthrax attack that shut down Congress after 9/11 was just a sample of what they can do. The are capable of crippling modern economies with information warfare. And they have the ability to put the United States into bankruptcy at any time simply by presenting notes payable on demand. 
And the next president will take office with not one tenth of one percent of the population knowing what he will be up against or what extraordinary measures he will have even the remotest chance of fulfilling the hopes and expectations of the people who elected him.
However, the next president, in order to free the American people from the corruption and slavery imposed by these self-appointed masters of the world, will have to speedily use the power to issue executive orders to counter evil even more vigorously and effectively than the puppet presidents have used them to create evil. He must disarm his mortal enemy immediately. (which will be hard, because the mortal enemy will know he is coming.)  He will nationalize, he will federalize, he will use the Patriot Act he will kick ass...and he will most certainly be called a dictator and a Hitler.
The next president will shut down the monopoly media for the sake of  national security, declaring it an agency of hostile foreign powers and pronouncing it in violation of anti-trust and a conspiracy to monopolize and therefore crush political expression in this country for anti-social purposes. He will break up the media and require local ownership of TV and radio stations in every town. and he will do so amid cries that he is violating free speech -- as if the billionaires haven't been heard enough, as if it isn't the people's turn to be heard for once. 
Going far beyond Kennedy or Lincoln this president will federalize the 'Federal' Reserve and erase all of the US debt owed to the federal reserve (a sizable portion of the total US debt). And he will issue new treasury money on which the country does not have to pay interest.
To meet the financial power of the global money power this president will use the power of government to nullify debt owed to criminal persons and financial institutions. He will instruct the justice department -- after replacing most of its personnel -- to bring charges against the perpetrators of the high-finance looting of the people of the united states. Bribery charges and conspiracy charges will be brought against those who were once the most powerful people in the country. The Council on Foreign Relations and the American members of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg group will be brought up on charges.
And this president will call on the people of the world to support his effort to destroy world enslavement by international crime.
And there will be a showdown. And this president will discover that the military as an instrument under the control of the president no longer exists -- that it has been so completely sabotaged by previous administrations (Clinton and Bush) that it is no longer reliable -- that planes will crash themselves, that computer systems will fail or target the president's own forces.
The next president will be called a dictator and an anti-Semite.
The next president will re-regulate derivatives and foreign trade -- and will manage to do so even though the Jewish staffers who write the laws that Congress approves and who work for the money power in New York will refuse to craft the legislation.
This president will meet and overcome a resistance and sabotage by the entire bureaucracy. He will fill positions on the recommendations of people he doesn't know and can't trust -- and to find the honest and untainted men he needs he will have to draw from places far from Washington DC, far from the East Coast and far from California and Florida -- and these men will necessarily be green and unsophisticated and will be ridiculed by the ever hostile former-ruling class.
And the billionaires will hire agitators and they will apply economic and political pressure to have this president impeached -- they will call him a dictator -- and the billionaires will sabotage the economy so that people can't get food or fuel or pay their bills -- and the US will not be able to meet its foreign debt obligations and the billionaires will organize the nations of the world to cut off the United States and starve them until the President is overthrown -- this President will know how Chavez feels, how Saddam felt.
One women on one of the progressive lists I post to (until recently) said: "I don't care who the next president is as long as she is a woman and is experienced."
Well, I have news for that woman and for all women and men. The next president is not going to be Hillary Clinton. It is not going to be Omamba Bamba or whatever his name is. It will not be some Libertarian who thinks that because he has read Milton Friedman on perfect competition that he understands the world of government-owning racist slave-seeking anarcho-capitalists. It will not be some programmed Green who thinks that the biggest problem we face is Greenland becoming green again with all that warmth and carbon dioxide. It will not be that timid shadow-populist Ron Paul with absolutely not a dollar behind him and a GOP party 100 percent against him. It won't be phony bait-and-switch anti-war candidate Dennis Kucinich. It will not be the cardboard grinning buffoon of any of the existing third-parties funded and promoted by the plutocracy to divide the people's vote. It will not be some so-called progressive whose every idea was put their by the Zionist Jew Trotsky who preached 'from each according to his ability' but was in reality a hoodwinking Jewish-supremacist Zionist seeking to enslave the world to his delusional kind.
The next president is going to be a man greater than George Washington or Jefferson or Lincoln -- greater because of what he will undertake, because of who and what he will fight and defeat, and because of all the good in the world he will make possible.
That is he will if you believe that such a man is possible, that only such a man will meet the need we face, that only such a man must be supported.
You see you have to create a place in your minds for this next president to fill. You have to make a place for such a man in your conception of the United States and of the future. You have to think in terms of what such a president would need to survive in office -- what kind of backing from the people -- what sacrifices and battles would have to be fought by the people for such a president to be able to carry out the reforms, the law enforcement and the leading of a nation out of a hell that the devils ruling that hell will make a thousand times more hellish in their efforts to keep it captive.
You want this president? Then let me ask you -- what must a girl do to marry a tall handsome doctor? rely on luck? Isn't there something a nation must do to get the right kind of president? Don't you have to eat, drink and sleep the right kind of man -- know what you are looking for, know what will fit the bill, allow for what it will take. 
What has to happen in this country before we can get a president like that? Because let me tell you -- if the masses aren't ready to huddle protectively around such a president, to hold him up, to fight for him -- then you aren't going to get him, or if you do, he won't last 10 days.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

Dear Mr. Eastman:
Thank you for the article posted on I have thought long and hard about this very subject myself, and I'm wondering if you, as I have, ever considered that possessing such sound thinking makes you better qualified for the job than pretty much anyone you meet. But, perhaps also like me, you also find yourself thinking thoughts like, "I couldn't pull it off, no way!", or, "Even if I did, it probably won't last, it's too late!" I'm just guessing, mind you, based on the similarity of our thinking, for I have considered every single point you've made in your column, and to prove it, I'll add a couple more for you.
The next president will have to possess immense guile coupled with a pure heart and good will for the everyman, so that he can be elected on a platform of popular reforms that aren't quite radical enough on their face to get the candidate killed before he even gets to the nominating convention. He therefore has to also be open enough with his wording and thinking that people with an IQ above 95 or so will get the idea that some fairly drastic changes are needed, so that when the real changes start, most people aren't too surprised.
See, a small element of stealth is needed, to give the new president time to gather a core team of loyalists. As you indicate, loyalty will be hard to get, but not impossible. The new prez will need every single loyalist he can get to help him with the first phases, which I am a little harsher about than you. First, all military will be brought home, period. Borders will be sealed, ports sealed. Carrier groups and subs will patrol our shores. All perpetrators of NWO neocon doctrine will be arrested. This would include most CEO's and Bank Presidents, most bureaucrats and apparatchiks, most federal agents, all members of the Trilateral Commision, the CFR, Bilderberg, etc. They would be tried, convicted, and summarily executed. Special squads of loyalist assassins would have to be dispatched to get as many of the foreign members as possible. Sad, but true. A worldly solution is never pretty.
To get the people on board right up front, one of the first things the new prez will have to do is declare a "Jubilee Year", and by executive order he would forgive all debts, give land to the landless, free all non-violent inmates, end the war on drugs, confirm the constitution and the existence of the Militia (all citizens 16 to 65), and then the rest of the economic reforms you mentioned. Corporate "personhood" would be declared absurd, and most corporations would be broken up. Rules to protect domestic production and the workforce would be enacted. Taxes on wages and primary residences would be declared unconstitutional. A realistic energy policy would be implemented, wherein we would focus on domestic production by any means as a stopgap while simultaneously focusing all effort on an energy "Manhattan Project" to develop the next generation energy infrastructure. Transportation would refocus on railroads. It is absurd that we have no meaningful passenger service. If the Japanese can have 300 mile an hour mag-levs, then we should have super-sonic tubes. The evil plot by big oil would end, and there would be special punishments (public ones!) for some of these bastards, including Cheney and Rice! 
Yes, the new prez will have to hunker down, all right. With the land reforms I mentioned the people might be able to augment food production enough to get us through the worst, but there is certainly room for doubts. Most people I know don't know which end of the shovel to pick up
So, between us, I think we have the perfect illustration of why it's too damn late, and why the needed backlash won't be allowed to happen. If the people go so far as to revolt, it will be beaten down with brute thuggery by the NWO crowd. Chaos is going to ensue one way or the other, for an economic collapse is in the wings. They want chaos, and they're going to get it. We're at the point now where if we do anything to create chaos, we'll only be playing into their hands. This is the end game. They'll get their world dictator, who will appear to help us all out of the chaos, and the end will be worse than now. It will take help from farther out, from God Himself, to fix this mess.
Chuck Morrison
From: Barking Deer
Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2007 1:01 AM
so true dick ... we need the right president ... but, i'm thinking the change has more of a chance coming from the bottom ... and if it starts at the bottom then it will be more secure and affective ... presidents can be knocked off way too easily ... ask yourself who could you run for county sheriff where you live who would resist the nwo, the nau, the conglomerate of globalist federal police agencies, zionizm, immigration, cia drug trafficking, who would make it his business to form up local militias and and advocate impeachment of the whole white house gang ??? sheriffs are elected, not appointed ... they are the ones who really hold the power at the grass roots level ... we need sheriffs who will take down the military flag and put the courtrooms back into the hands of the jury under the jury foreman ... we need people who are not automatic lackies for the globalists in dc and the state capitals and who aren't striking for the federal swat team ... we need local authorities who understand that the usa is being sold out to the globalist new world order and that if we don't resist these people in another fifty years the most enlightened democracy the world has ever seen will be only a memory in the minds of a few senior citizens ... the globalist takeover through the federal government can not succede without the support of the local autorities and it will not succede if local authorities resist it ... we need sheriffs who will dosavow torture and refuse to assist in the federal arrest of any local citizens charged under patriot act tyranny and who will in fact place such federal operatives under arrest if they try to grab locals and haul them off to secret detention centers without real arrest warrants or habeus corpus safeguards ... rather than have special order 40 laws adhered to every county sheriff's office should be rounding up illegal aliens and jailing them for deportation ... 
Nobody could argue against that if we really are in fear of terrorist infiltration ... anyone who isn't scared to find it out can see that the whole 9-11 atrocity was an inside job perpetrated on the public for globalist purposes of war and agression, a new pearl harbor all right, straight off zebigneiw brzezinski's grand chessboard and predictably covered up, like the jfk murder, by the specially appointed commission ... i'll bet cops and firemen in new york city would hear the candidate out ... they know what really happened but are ordered to keep quiet ... how wrong it all has become ... part of that globalist schedule is the formation of a us-nwo army out of foreign recruits from all over the world and probably the impressment and slaughter of american citizens in foreign wars and quite possibly a manufactured economic depression of biblical proportions under the dollar with an invaision from some foreign power as the grande coup de gras ... it would be a huge step foreward to have county sheriffs and city mayors and police chiefs who had the integrity to call the 9-11 debacle for the false flag fiasco that it was ... enough with the elitism ... give us officers who understand that secrecy in government is the facilitator of corruption ... let's find decent people for these local offices who understand that their job is to preserve the bill of rights and law and order under constitutional government ... if we do not save our libertarian documentation, our national borders, our language, our money, our manufacturing base, our schools and our social constructs we are lost as a culture and as a nation ... too many people have fought and died for this territory and for the principles upon which our country is founded ... surely we are not going to stand by quietly and watch while the likes of gw bush and dick cheney loot and sell us out to the globalist dictatorship ..
Here is a follow-up letter from Barking Deer (just receeived):
thanks dick
I appreciate your acknowledgement ... I think there is plenty of this kind of sentiment out there ... my father once told me that if you want to clean things up you start with yourself and then work your way up through the city and county levels ... The corruption is working it's way down ... We are supposed to have a natural selection process at work in the democratic process where candidates are found and promoted on account of their motivations ... Instead we have a ruling class that owns the media and as a result gives us an idiot prince who is there as a bloodline representative of the central banksters and the rest of the warmongers ... Shills like Kerry and Gore, Dole and Kemp are just there to take up space ... Gore might easily have helped contest the first election and Kerry the second ... But they are all bloodline relatives, conducting the public relations show we call politics, while really intelligent people like Ralph Nader are not even allowed on the stage ... I know he seems kind of slow but the fact that they won't let him debate makes me think he's maybe real ... It's more of the Bushs in Florida and then the Tafts in Ohio ... All relatives of the imposter president ... Electronic votong machines really put the icing on the cake ...
Dear Dick, nice to hear from. I am again travelling around through the world. I am now in Phnopm Penh in Cambodia, and the same story is also true here. A small group of well to do people rule the country and the rest of the population is dependant of the crumbs that fall off the table of the elite.
In our countries many crumbs fall down, here the crumbs are often only a few and when something changes, for example in Iraq, you see that masspeople bear the brunt of the war. Hardly one member of the elite has died in Iraq but a few thousand Western invaders and many more thousands of Iraqi masspeople.
And I still repeat my basic thesis, in all political activities masspeople should direct their arrows at the eltie, not at the fellow masspeople, though these maybe very unpleasant. 
By the way I mostly use my gmail account:  
I sometimes receive your messages and I am glad you are still active. Continue the struggle!
Friendly greetings. Joost van Steenis
Dear Dick,
Sometimes it takes a criminal to deal with criminals. To quote a wise man " When Freedom is Outlawed, Only Outlaws are Free". Question: Do we actually need a President, Commander In Thief, The Great Decider or whatever. Is this a country or a corporation?
DE reply to the above:
Three good points, emf.
I think we need to change how presidents are selected -- remember the founding fathers put into the original constitution that electors (smart people chosen by the people) would be picked and they would get together and choose the best man for the job -- this was unsatisfactory to the rich who wanted to control government, to control the contracts and borrowing and taxing of government -- and so the party system was developed to circumvent the system of the Founding Fathers.
And in 1913 we changed the way we pick US Senators -- the Senators from a state used to be picked by that state's state legislatures -- i.e., chosen by people who know how legislatures operate, people familiar with the needs of a state (and not the needs of a corporation or the needs a lobbyist represents) -- and so we went from the likes of John C Calhoun to the likes of Sen. Hillary Clinton.
How much less of a hold would the plutocracy have over our government if President and Senators were picked this way.
But to get these changes we will need to somehow get the right men and women into those offices under the present corrupt system -- a very difficult proposition.
Dick Eastman
Dear Dick,
> In your opinion, when is the latest time that this 'man' should make himself known?
But upon reflection -- I do not believe in the great man waiting behind the curtain to make himself known -- every man is great because of the group (culture, family, friends, intellectual community, people who believe in him, communicating network, and relationships of trust behind him) -- the question then is -- when is the latest time that the people should make a path for this "leader." One reader, Jen Schlackman,  summed it up this way: ""The Next President" - such a person exists but in this particular reality it doesn't appear that the public is ready and aware enough to create the space for him or her to manifest." Sounds a little metaphysical maybe  but I think it is a very good  statement of the situation.
I will vote for Ron Paul -- unless he proves to be a bait-and-switch like Kucinich or so limp that it won't matter -- but then again  perhaps Ron Paul can be this "real President"  if we have the eyes to see him as such and to support him as such and to create him evolve him  reinforce him  protect him to be such -- and I guess pray for him to be such 
In friendship, 
In my intelligent wishing moments it is David Duke with me as his VP choice -- or more realistically Duke and Alex Jones -- but as soon as you mention a candidate you lose everyone from the greater concept of the function we need to fill -- I know the situation better than the hearts of the people I read about.
John Kennedy issued an executive order to have printed 'United States Notes' a debt free money & the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank had him murdered for it. The same sort of thing happened to Lincoln. They tried at least 3 times to murder Andy Jackson. I'm talking about the Talmud thumping banksters, you know the rest.
can you buy these puppets on Amazon?
Congratulations to your article, which I have just red at Jeff Rense's website. Rarely we find a view, expressing the problem and the possible solution so clearly.
Unfortunately, I fear that your hope in the people will not be satisfied. It was in a book about bluffing on the poker table, where I learned the expression D.A.I. ­ don't assume intelligence.
Since I could discover basically how our world is functioning, I tried to talk with hundreds of people about the most severe problems, e.g. the so-called Flexible Currency System, the biggest fraud in human history. Beside of a few people, who already knew about it, there was no reaction at all. I don't need to add all the many other lies in which the re-educated (for not saying: manipulated) masses believe in.
Nevertheless, it is nice to dream; to dream of solutions, of a better world, of fairness and freedom.
Please, don't stop writing!
Thank you for this encouraging letter with the realistic appraisal of aspects of the situation.
The criminal plutocracy knows that all that is needed is leadership that is in communication with the people. That is the problem. I certainly "D.A.I." -- but I do believe that if people were faced with the man with a command of the facts and a chance to speak and debate in fair forums (I recommend chess clocks and sound proof cubicals -- if one  were to debate Dershowitz, for example)
Yes, as you say, it's nice to dream of solutions -- remember the dream of flight, the dream of the steam engine, the dream of television -- it always starts as a dream (conception, germ of a realization.)
Feel free to join my yahoogroup and teach us something monetary systems.
With warm regard -- and shared hope
Dick Eastman
From Dick Eastman:
Hillary Clinton's positions on war, zionism globalization identical to Bush -- yet candidate Kucinich has announced he will back her candidacy if she wins the primaries
Thus we see that Kucinich places "party loyalty" and "Hillary Loyalty" over ... over what?
If the "party" winning and "Hillary" winning means so much to Kucinich that he is willing to suddenly shut up about his moral positions for the rest of the campaign after Hillary is nominated -- then what do we really have here? How can you, noodlehead reader, be soooooo stupid as to believe the Kucinich candidacy is anything but a political trick to keep anti-war, anti- globalization, anti-Israeli-domination-of-foreign-policy campaign contributions and activist efforts from going to raising a third- party candidate who really and truly is anti-war, anti-globalism and anti-Israel Lobby domination?
Did you get that, speedy?
I don't expect that anyone is going to answer me -- no one can -- but you all sure as hell can ignore me -- as always -- proving that you are as crooked and dangerous and as far gone as Kucinich himself.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washinton
From: David Rubinson <<>>
To: ann gautier <<>>
Subject: Re: dennis will support hillary
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 07:25:53 -0800
Egg fucking ZACTLY !
They all work for the same people.
And as far as Kucinich-
WHAT "moral positions ?"
You remember his betrayal from last time- and my rather uncivilized remarks to him in the lobby of that hotel in Boston.He took drained millions of dollars from real progressives, blunted any real anti war or progressive movement in the Demo party, and then totally rolled over and danced for Kerry and the DLC.
Fuck him.
What is Eastman;s email address ?
From: "ann gautier" <anngautier1>
To: <<>>; <<>>
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 7:44 AM
Subject: Re: dennis will support hillary
oh i remember his betrayal. no way i'd lift a finger to help his candidacy.
i was glad to see that ron paul has come out. a friend that ran for
congress in vt has a plan to take over congress. i'll find it and send it
to you. you interested in running for congress, the pay's pretty good even
without the graft. i like the perks. the way i understand it, serve for 2
years, then go on about your business and retire with full pay.
my friend lora who i met in boston is coming here in the early spring. she
left chicago and has been traveling around the west the last couple of
years. she and i plan to spend a couple of weeks a month in dc trying to do
dick e's email: <>
From Dick Eastman:
Hillary Clinton announces.
Yes, it is  true --  with her best-informed critic Barbara Olsen murdered in the crash of Flight 77 Hillary Clinton proceeds to her predestined greatness. What luck she has -- I remember how the day before  she and President Bill Clinton went to testify before the special prosecutor over various financial crimes (remember whitewater?) that -- oh, mysterious hand of fate -- that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered and the Jew media  instantly started the famous O J Stimson media extravaganza that completely removed whitewater from front pages and the airwaves -- the prosecuter soon afterwards quit to be replaced by baffoon Ken Starr. Check your 1994 world almanac to verify the timing of these two events. (Did I ever tell you how I know OJ is innocent?)
Hillary is lucky and the Jews love her, AIPIC loves her -- and come to think of it in fact I -- and others like me are probably some of  her best contribution generators among the Jewish fat cats.  
If only Vince Foster were alive to see this.
I think the movie "the Thing" very well describes the changed forms (but not the essence) of plutocracy candidates were are continuously confronted with. Your article is some of the best stuff I have read since they kicked John Kamanski off (one of my fav writers). I would love to help, (or be the man you describe--it is everything I believe in and more.
I share your anger and frustration as I also tilt at the windmills of my fellow American's amoral ignorance and shameful attitude of worldly entitlement. I suppose the reality is, to reach the majority of the USA! USA! USA! population probably does require a verbal bitch-slap, if anything will reach them at all.
I think ultimately your point is correct. If it is truth that a covert world management team is manipulating this reality for their agenda, it serves our interest to know this fact.
I love it! What impresses me most is that you can imagine such a development. If the shadow government is as organized as you suggest, no such president has a chance of being nominated in the first place. For my part, I don't even try to visualize the reformation of Our Way Of Life. There was a time to do that and it passed with Watergate and the Church Committee in the days when people thought they had stopped the war in Viet Nam. Nothing has changed that hasn't become worse insofar as fundamentals are concerned. The next president will try valiantly to believe the standard rhetoric, the optimism of leadership, while blithely compromising every principle within reach in the name of expediency and security. Pessimism is never justified in the long run, but it is sometimes warranted and necessary in the short term. In my view, an honest faith in the future can survive a time of disintegration and chaos, a truly revolutionary time in which our familiar institutions collapse of their own dead weight and people die by the millions. Why pretend a human holocaust can be avoided? We are creatures of nature when all is said and done and it is natural that an overgrown and dysfunctional system should be destroyed so that a viable and sustainable human system can emerge. It is in this sense that these are "the end times", the end of hypocrisy and false hope.
Joseph Danison
Hi. It's not that you're being ignored it's that most people don't get it. No one will be President who is not a neo-con, Zionist, one world government, traitor to the human race fascist pig. That includes third party candidates.
From: Daniel Fey
To: Dick Eastman
From: Daniel Fey
To: Dick Eastman
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 4:30 PM
Subject: Or We End The Game Now
... Even in grammar school I said that the government was owned by the rich and they would never use nuclear weapons because they killed the wealthy. I also said that the weapon of choice of the elite is starvation because it only kills the poor. Having said that and reiterating that I used to be a lifelong Republican, I will now outline what I see happening before the end of 2007 if we do nothing.
Since the government in Washington is run by Wall Street solely for their benefit, we must look at the economy from their perspective. They see the Federal Reserve Bank as a wonderful creation. It transfers wealth from the working poor to the super rich. Read the Fiction of Government Debt on this blog to understand how the taxpayers subsidize the wealthy 759 billion dollars a year through this system. And the rich love out of control unaudited federal government spending. In the early 1980s the Grace Commission said we could save 100 billion dollars a year if we audited federal spending as any business would. Today we could easily save 200 billion dollars a year but the Congress and Senate have not yet bothered to implement auditing of government contracts. That is because they know that Wall Street is stealing more than 120 billion dollars a year from unchecked spending . The politicians of both parties know that the government was designed to benefit their benefactors and not to help you. That most of the 43,000,000 people on Social Security will within 18 months have absolutely no means of supporting themselves or even buying food is of no concern to either Wall Street or to their employees in Washington. When the Federal Reserve Board said on Nov. 10th, 2006 that they would no longer tell us what the M3 Money Supply was, we have all known that they were really announcing the death of the dollar. At that time I calculated the dollar could not last until December of 2009. We can now see from the political moves of the elite that the dollar will collapse before the end of 2007 at about the same time that they launch World War III by attacking America. Please remember that government debts are fictions so we do not need depressions and hyperinflation to cancel them. The coming Depression and Inflation which will be far worse than 1929-1939 need not be.
... to begin on American soil with a "terrorist event" which will likely be a dirty bomb that will kill thousands outright and radiates tens of thousands who will die from radiation poisoning and induced cancers. It will not be a pretty sight. A goodly portion of an entire city will be destroyed. The city that has been chosen for sacrifice will not be my home of Silicon Valley as it is too valuable. It will be a city with many Blacks and Hispanics to encourage them to participate in the "war on Terror." The "terrorist event" will be organized as a Joint Operating Agreement between the Mossad and rogue elements of America's intelligence services as was the case for the controlled demolitions of the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9-11-2001. As I have said before, a few minutes spent at <> will convince you that the WTC was brought down by controlled demolitions. 9-1 1 was an inside job as will be the nuking of an American city if the 911 Truth Movement does not succeed. 
There are several reason why the elite wants World War III to start this year and not in 2009. Primarily it is economics. Your pensions and your savings have already been stolen. The dollar only buys things because people overseas are willing to accept absolutely worthless green paper as if it were gold. Central banks are getting rid of dollars. When the dollar is no longer accepted as if it were gold, prices will go up tenfold and then go even higher. Pensions and savings will be lost and wages will be cut more than 50%. Foreigners have already accepted trillions of worthless dollars and these paper dollars are claims against your savings and your pensions. That is why the next war has to start this year. 2008 is an election year. Wall Street does not want an honest man or woman to run for President when the unemployment rate is 25% and 43,000,000 people on social security have had their pensions and savings cancelled through hyperinflation. That means war this year and not next. That also means that World War III will make the elections of 2008 irrelevant which is what it was designed to do.
And there is also a very good reason why the elite must have the war start on American soil. Their obvious immediate target is Iran. We will soon have 20,000 sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf. But the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese, our NATO partners and the Pentagon know this is a bluff. The Iranians have Russian, Chinese and NATO anti-ship missiles that can sink our entire Persian Gulf fleet in minutes. If you doubt this fact, please google "Sunburn Missile." the recent movement of 500 soldiers with their Patriot missiles changes nothing. The Patriots will not be in Iraq. They are being sent to make the Gulf State oil sheiks feel safe. The Pentagon has said that our troop surge will be limited to 9,000 soldiers. If we launch an attack against Iran, our troops in Iraq will be cut off from the ir supply lines. The Persian Gulf would be shut down. It is well known that this would send oil to $300 a barrel and gasoline to $10.00 a gallon. It would also destroy the dollar, cause a Great Depression, raise unemployment to 25% and send the dollar into hyperinflation with pensions being cut 90% and wages 50%. It would also cut off all sea supplies from reaching our troops in Iraq. And the two roads from the south used to supply Iraq will be cut by the Iraqi resistance and by the Iranian military. Without supplies our troops will be lucky if they can retreat to Kuwait.
Anyone who has thought this through knows we never really had the option of using conventional weapons to attack Iran. The only option we ever had was to go nuclear in a big way on day one. The first target would have to be a blanket nuclear attack on the Iranian coastal defenses to take out all of those anti-ship missiles. The American public would only support such an atrocity if they believed they were attacked first. That is easy to do if you launch the attack yourself first and you control the press. How many articles have you seen in the New York Times describing in detail why World Trade Center Tower 7 must have been taken down by explosives from inside the building? The media must be regarded as un-indicted co-conspirators to the treasonous murder of more 3,000 people on 9-11-2001. And they must more importantly must be regarded as co-conspirators to World War III which would kill billions of people if we do not all make the 911 Truth Movement succeed and stop the war before it begins.
Another good reason for the elite to start World War III on American soil with a dirty radiological bomb is to terrorize the gullible into the complete cancellation of the Bill of Rights. Americans have never really understood that they were the most feared enemy of Wall Street since World War I. Freedom and self-determination are the enemies of all tyrants and corrupt oligarchs. Free men and women could organize and demand the right to audi t federal government contracts. They could demand criminal charges be brought against those who blow up buildings with their fellow Americans inside. The elite must remove the last vestiges of democracy before the dollar collapses completely or they will lose power forever. Domestic chaos by the end of 2007 will be worse than after hurricane Katrina if they are allowed to nuke an American city. The elites believe frightened people will demand a police state to protect them. And the citizens will be told to blame their new poverty on the "terrorists" and the war that "they" started. Of course the government will begin to round up "terrorists" in waves. The first wave will be the Muslims. The second and third waves will include all people of intelligence and good character who are out spoken critics of the system that is dedicated to destroying life as we knew it. The elites have made lists of all the educated and out-spoken people in America. Those people at the top of the lists will be sent to the camps before the end of 2008. The rest will join them after the sham elections of 2008 are over.
None of the above has to happen. If we were to make a major breakthrough in the 911 Truth Movement, we could avoid the "terrorist event" of 2007. I have suggested on this blog in How You And I Will Stop WW III that we organize a play that will be a verbatim reading of eyewitness accounts to the destruction of the WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7 by controlled demolitions. This could work very well as it could bring forth famous critics of the war against Iraq to explain to the American people that 911 was an inside job. This is what David Ray Griffin says we need. We already have all the proof anyone could ever demand.
I also have heard that Loose Change The Final CUt will be released to theaters within two months. The original editions were made by young people with no experience on a limited budget and insufficient research. Loose Change Final CUt had a $20,000,000 budget and more importantly has benefited from profess ional 911 research. I have decided to put all of my efforts behind making phone and email trees to ensure that everyone in America is asked to see Loose Change in a theater. It has been suggested that we take this energy and confront every politician in America. We will demand criminal indictments. We can recall Senators. I for one am willing to recall every Senator who does not act within 90 days.
We do not need to destroy an American city, launch World War III, kill hundreds of millions of people so Wall Street can avoid economic and political reform at home. 
The Powers That Be can no longer be allowed to run the government, the press, the universities, the schools, the banks and the Foundations. They see Life as a Game. But it is a Game that costs us our lives, our pensions, our wages, our homes, our country and all of our freedoms. If we do not act soon, we will perish. Life could soon be so intolerable that you will laugh at death threats as I have. The modern version of the Game which started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the start of WW I in 1914 will be over very, very soon. The dollar is toast. And Iraq has been lost. The Zionists and Wall Street had a lot of fun while The Game lasted. The Game can no longer be played. There are too many nations like Iraq and Iran who do not want to play. The Game makes life intolerable for all but the elite. The Game will end either with the death of humanity or the rebirth of a new Golden Age. There is no middle ground.
Daniel Fey
50,00,000 people suddenly demanding the truth -- demanding the end of falsehood -- demanding the removal of evil that cannot stand when exposed to the light of day -- bringing the climax where people simply can no longer support the dark thing any more.
I do not believe they can stand if the American people wake up -- unless they bring in foreign power that they also control -- our ruling elite are very cozy with the criminal Triad princelings who rule China -- but I think that perhaps our movement could become a worldwide movement -- I wish some of the articles that I have been forwarding over the last few years could be translated into the main languages of the planet --  certainly the Muslims will listen.
You talk about the finite number of chess moves -- but it the other side, not us, that has the cray computers, the think tank strategists and mathematical modlers, the polling and information collecting. To win we have to come up with something totally out of the box that they have not anticipated.
This is not impossible.
sign me up Ill run im not afraid at all...Names Darren E Chapman...born in 1962 in Port Angeles Washington....ready waiting and willing to serve(and Ill work for free...peace out...Darren
The world is full of haves and have nots-the bankers buy their despots and armies-the jews who don't 'rock" the boat are like the rest of the americans. , you might know of a local native who has fought the establishment a Mr. Dennis Lee. He has inventions to heal the world (alternative energy) and has been thwarted at every step of the way. He doesn't blame the jews-it is the government control of the dmasses thru the false belief in god and control the masses. I ask you-is Rockefeller, Du Pont, Carneige,Mellon and Morgan jews-no they were cunning thieving industrialists who carried out the concentration of wealth in a few hands, all under control of the Bank of England (controlled by Rothschilds). Yes, Rothschilds were jews, but they used the "middle class jews: as pawns to get their jerusulum for the control of oil. As long as the conflict existed between arabs and jews an army will be needed to control the oil! Its all about the oil and out dependece on foreign mideast oil.
Thanks for your article outlining the job for the next President to achieve to reestablish America, the land of the free. I have long known the Jews have overthrown America and funded their NWO with Federal Reserve theft from the earnings of working US citizens. When discussing the wide range of topics controlled by these gangsters, people just roll their eyes in disbelief. Most US citizens are totally ignorant about the foreign control of all aspects of American life, the vast sums of money stolen from the tax receipts and used to purchase control of vital industries, State legislatures, economic strategy, Wall Street, newsmedia, Congress, Judicial and Executive branches of our Government and on. We have been relegated to ANT HILL serfdom without the ownership potential of our own homes, autos and all other assets. License fees, fines, property taxes, local bond issues are just part of the payments to maintain the phony ownership. It is my firm belief that Americans will be required to overthrow the government with force for all avenues to remove the tyranny we live under today has been blocked with gulag threats, terror suspect and hearsay evidence tortured from a known friend. This has happened in my lifetime. Ezybud
What makes you think we will have an election in 2008? The law is in place for Bush to declare martial law and suspend all elections, all we need is a national emergency with proper timing to declare our nation dead and buried once and for all.
I think you correctly identify the challenges to ending the entrenched power structure, but I have no idea why you assume the next leader will do anything other than play ball.
That or die. Really fighting the power and winning is not an option. You can't GET in power unless you play ball. It's a clever structure.
There is always the possibility of collapse, leading to a civil war of some form. This scenario is at least as grim as yours, probably more so. It is just as possible Bush is the last President and our first dictator. Truth is there is not a single "leader" on the horizon capable of getting us out of this crisis.
Sign me up, Ill run, I'm not afraid at all...Names Darren E Chapman...born in 1962 in Port Angeles Washington....ready waiting and willing to serve (and Ill work for free) ...peace...Darren
Great article. I've had those same thoughts for a long time but could never have put them into words like you did. Of course, what you are saying and you probably know it, is that we are doomed. The man doesn't exist. The man cannot exist. That man (or woman) was pretty much outlawed some time ago. That person would be taken care of before he took his first step. The powers that are would see him coming and he would be eliminated pronto.
It would make a cool movie though.
Rich in OKlahoma
From: bob bernstein
To: <>
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 5:31 AM
Subject: The Next President
Haven't read such outright bullshit in years; keep up the good work.
PS I find it interesting the one name you can't seem to get a handle on (Omamba Bamba) just happens to be African American, but I'm sure you didn't mean to be racist....... must be my mistaken interpretation of your words.........right????
reply to Bob (above):
No I have seen where racism leads with Zionism (Talmudic Jewish supremacism), i.e., to world wars and devestating financial scandals etc. - I would never be a racist. Omamba Bamba is half white. If it was Farrakahn -- beautifully black --were running  I would be for him. 
What were the laughing Israelis really laughing about? What were Perle, Wolfowitz and Kissinger planning in the Defense Policy Board in the months leading up to Sept. 11, 2001 -- and why was Powell in India in March of that year asking the Indians to cooperate in a war against Afganistan  that Powell told the Indians would be taking place in October (2001).
Have you ever felt "hatred" for a German? for an Arab? 
I love everybody -- just want the Jews to stop using false-flag mass murder to get Americans to kill Muslims for them -- i forgive all, if they will just cut the racist genocide and super-grand larceny by their tribal leaders the merchant bankers and media magnates in London and New York.
You want to put down the righteously-angry-guy-defending-his-oppressed-people-from-another-holocaust pose and talk the sociology and economics of what is going on in this world I will be happy to talk with you, otherwise
have a nice day,
Kucinich ...Any one who is a member of the 2 headed ZionistIsraeli Buttlick Party( the only party that exists) has ALREADY been mind controlled, blackmailed, threatened into complicity LOOOOONG before they made it
i stopped being a kucinich supporter the instant i heard him hand over his supporters to kerry at the dem conv in boston '04. i had spent almost a year of my life traveling over the country working on his campaign. i had already decided that i wouldn't support anyone who wasn't going to bring out nine eleven.
Dear Dick, just read your article about that bow tie wearing Zionist Kucinich. I for one totally agree with you, there is only one hope for us, Rep. Paul, and that is so far away to be almost impossible. This country is sucking it last few breaths as a republic. Soon the nation state of America will be no more, then at least the fools that have laught at people like you an I will realize just how big of fools they have been. Good luck Dick. Larry
The fattest cats are Jewish merchant bankers and media moguls -- no doubt about it. And the fattest non-Jewish cats work for the Jewish fat cats. 
reading your diatribe makes me want to align myself with kucinich and clinton.
Dick, Very good!!  What we will need is an evolution in consciousness to achieve this objective. It will not be one man, it will be a collective understanding. This change will not be accomplished in the traditional way. People must feel the truth and understand without doubt that our history has been written by the masters of this world.
In Defence Of Kucinich And Paul As Candidates
By Ken Adachi -Editor
Dear Jeff,
I'm writing this note in response to the unjustified and heavy-handed criticisms I saw leveled at Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and Ron Paul (R-Texas) on from Dick Eastman in two different articles. Both articles were posted on January 19, 2007. One piece was titled Kucinich Supports War, Zionism And Globalization( ) and the second piece was called The Next President ( I was originally only going to write to you about theKucinich Supports War rant, but when I read The Next President, I was beside myself with indignation.
I spent a bit of time on the Internet looking at other items that Dick Eastman had posted and I see that he's posted various articles on 9-11 and is involved with chat forums that cover the NWO agenda. That's fine, however, when he dismisses two of the finest examples of congressional PATRIOTS who STILL exist in an otherwise traitor-laden congress, then it's time to set the record straight
Let's start with Kucinich Supports War, Zionism And Globalization . I don't know where Dick got the info that Kucinich said he would support Hillary if she got the Democratic nomination for president, but let's assume for the moment that Kucinich said exactly what Eastman claims he said.
So what?
Does that REALLY mean that the man who ran as the only TRUE anti-war candidate in 2004 and again in 2008, is now pro-war because he said he would support the Democratic Party's nominee if that should be Hillary Clinton? Does Dick Eastman now simply ignore the fact that Kucinich had spoken out against the invasion of Iraq from the very beginning, has opposed every fascist/globalist maneuver that Bush and his compliant congressional traitors have installed, and has called for the pullout of our troops from Iraq as platform planks in TWO presidential elections?
Why does Eastman makes so much of this? I have to assume that Kucinich was pigeon-holed by a reporter who put a HYPOTHETICAL question to him about supporting the Party's candidate if that happened to be Hillary.
Kucinich is a lifelong member of the Democratic party who is running for President in the Democratic Primaries. He was elected as mayor of Cleveland and later to the House of Representatives as aDemocrat. It doesn't surprise me that he would tell a reporter that he's going to support the Party's nominee in the general election. That doesn't mean that the entire mantle of treasonous, socialist, and globalist baggage that rightfully belongs to Hillary Clinton is now transferred over to Dennis Kucinich by virtue of such a statement.
Question: Is this the same Dick Eastman who just TEN days earlier on Jan. 9, 2007, posted another article at titled Kucinich Plan For Iraq Withdrawal And Restoring Our Republic(<>, in which he begins the article with these words:
"Jeff - The Kucinich plan is litmus. The Democrat Congress must adopt Kucinich plan NOW. It must EAT "Kucinich Spinach NOW" or "Leave the Table in 08" -- Pelosi backs and implements it now...or resigns."
Holy Mackerel, barely more than a week ago, the Kucinich (pullout) Plan was considered by an easily excited Dick Eastman to be the LITMUS altar before which all Democrats should kneel, but now, the same author is cast as a NWO flunky on the Rockefeller payroll! Is it just me? Or does Dick tend to react emotionally- in the moment? .
Mayor of Cleveland
Anyone who takes the time to read the history of Cleveland while Kucinich was mayor (1978-79) will discover that Kucinich proved himself to be a man of his word and an equally scrappy populist who took on the Big Boys of Cleveland-and won. Corporate interests who controlled the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company (CEI) wanted to acquire the city-owned electric plant called Muny Light. Kucinich ran on a campaign promise to retain ownership of the plant, despite the fact that his own city council and the six banks holding the city's 14 million in loans (racked up by the previous administration) conspired against him to try to force the sale of the plant. Rather than knuckle under -which is what most politicians would have done-Kucinich held his ground and got a special election ballot referendum on February 27, 1979 to keep the plant and pay off the loans with a 1/2% tax increase. At the time, Kucinich was vilified and lampooned to no end by the media as "Dennis the Menace" or as a Hitleresque cartoon character, but the wheel came full circle when in May of 1996, The Cleveland Magazine (formerly a critic) said:
"There is little debate over the value of Muny Light today. Now Cleveland Public Power, it is a proven asset to the city that between 1985 and 1995 saved its customers $195,148,520 over what they would have paid CEI."
Wikipedia ( ) adds that:
Kucinich's move also preserved hundreds of union jobs. In 1998, city council granted Kucinich amnesty, stating that he had "the courage and foresight to refuse to sell the city's municipal electric system."
Patriot Act
In October of 2001, 98 US senators and 357 House members committed TREASON by voting for the US Patriot Act, as they directly violated their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but two of the 66 House members who voted AGAINST the Traitor's Act included the names of Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul.
We have been sprayed with poison-laden, population culling chemtrails for NINE CONTINUOUS YEARS. There was only ONE member of the entire United States Legislative Branch who had publicly addressed this unprecedented act of treason and sponsored a bill (HR2977) to stop it (along with space-based weaponry). That congressman is Dennis Kucinich.
Kucinich on the Issues
Wikipedia listed Kucinich's 2004 Presidential platform as follows:
1. Immediate withdrawal from the <>
WTO and <>NAFTA.
2. Moving U.S. troops out of Iraq and replacing them with <>UN peacekeepers.
3. Ending the <>war on drugs.
4. Abolishing the <>death penalty.
5. Preventing the <>privatization of <>social security.
6. Ratifying the <>ABM Treaty and the <>Kyoto Protocol.
7. Introducing reforms to bring about <>instant-runoff voting.
8. Creating a single-payer system of <>universal health care.
9. Creating a cabinet-level "<>Department of Peace"
10. Legalizing <>same-sex marriage.
11. Repealing the <>USA PATRIOT Act.
12. Full <>social security benefits at age 65.
13. Environmental renewal and clean energy.
and the 2008 Presidential platform as:
1. Creating a single-payer system of universal health care that provides full coverage for all Americans.
2. The Immediate Withdrawal of All U.S. Forces from Iraq and replacing them with an international security force.
3. Guaranteed Quality Education for All, including Free Pre-K and College for All who want it.
4. Immediate withdrawal from the WTO ( World Trade Organization )and NAFTA ( North America Free Trade Agreement).
5. Repealing the USA PATRIOT Act.
6. Fostering a World of International Cooperation.
7. Abolishing the Death Penalty.
8. Environmental renewal and clean energy.
9. Preventing the privatization of social security.
10. Providing Full social security benefits at age 65.
11. Creating a cabinet-level "Department of Peace"
12. Ratifying the ABM Treaty and the Kyoto Protocol.
13. Introducing reforms to bring about instant-runoff voting.
14. Protecting a Woman's Right-to-Choose while decreasing the number of abortions performed in the U.S.
15. Ending the war on drugs.
16. Legalizing same-sex marriage.
17. Creating a balance Between Workers and Corporations.
18. Restoring Rural Communities and Family Farms.
With the single exception of legalizing same-sex marriage, I see nothing in these platforms that I couldn't fully endorse. These are the positions taken by a TRUE American patriot whose FIRST loyalty is to the US Constitution and to the preservation of American sovereignty, the Bill of Rights, economic independence, and putting an end to the decimation of our military and our country's reputation abroad.
Compare these REAL and SUBSTANTIVE issues addressed by Kucinich to the platforms of other candidates running for President in 2008. Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, for example, a two term member of the Senate, threw his hat in the ring today and vowed to run on a platform of fighting "to renew the nation's cultural values and pledged to focus on rebuilding families (AP )" . Wow, now there's a man with cojones..
It's going to be interesting to see what Senator Barack Obama, the latest version of the CFR's 'Jimmy Carter' Presidential Model, will post on his web site for a platform. With the money of George Soros backing him, I don't see any limitations that he could possibly encounter in getting out the word about the Many Wonders that lay ahead for America if he were to be voted in (of course, the Illuminati's Golden Team for 2008 will be the Clinton/Obama ticket-but shussh...., we can''t really talk about that yet. ). .
Ron Paul
In The Next President article, Mr Eastman reduced Ron Paul to
"that timid shadow-populist Ron Paul with absolutely not a dollar behind him and a GOP party 100 percent against him."
Timid? Hardly, but I'll address that absurdity in a moment.
It's not hard to see why the 1988 Libertarian candidate for President is given little support by GOP regulars in Bush's home state of Texas. Who do you think has their hands on the wheels of power in Texas? Anti-government, anti-corporate, anti-globalist, anti-draft, anti-CAFTA, anti-UN, anti-FDA, anti-income tax, anti-Federal Reserve, pro-gold standard, pro-industrial hemp, pro-Constitution  "mavericks" like Ron Paul?  
I won't take the time here as I did with Dennis Kucinich to list the majority of Ron Paul's pro-Constitution positions, but you can find them listed at Wikipedia ( ). Anyone with Ron Paul's track record for standing up for the Constitution and the Rule of Law deserves our highest respect, gratitude, and admiration.          
While Ron Paul may get little or no political/financial support from the GOP, Dick Eastman misses the most obvious point of all: Ron Paul has spent SEVENTEEN years in the House as the congressional representative of 14 th District of Texas because the people in his dictrict KEEP RE-ELECTING him to office. Why do you suppose they would do that when the fat cats of the GOP- who practically control every square inch of Texas, with all of their power and money- can't push him out of office? Do you think it's because he CARES about people and their welfare and his constituents know it? Do you think this may be the reason why he also became a medical doctor?
Politicians who are truly "timid" do not take a pro Constitution stand on the issues in these coersive times. It's the exceptional man (or woman) who can resist the undertow of the 'go along, to get along' politics which most politicians succumb to. It takes real guts and more than a little cunning to try to defend America against the onslaught of the New World Order-and still remain alive (as we all know what happened to Paul Wellstone and many, many others).
In The Next President, Dick Eastman pines for a Superman dictator to fix all of the ills that the Illuminati has imposed on the American Dream in the past 100 years of insidious gradualism by covert agents of the Rothchild/Rockefeller variety. That may sound appealing to the anxious and naive, but it is extremely DANGEROUS to entertain such a fantasy because that's PRECISELY how Hitler became dictator of Germany in 1935 (
We already HAVE the best Constitution on the planet written by men who knew well the folly of placing your trust in the hands of a Superman. We have three branches of government which- when functioning as stipulated by the Constitution- will balance each other and prevent the rise of tyranny and the subjugation of American citizens.
Currently, our government is top heavy with FIFTH COLUMISTS who are violating their oaths to UPHOLD the Constitution by passing "laws" -such as Patriot Acts 1 & 2 - which are GROSS VIOLATIONS of numerous Articles of the Constitution and relinquishing "powers"' to the Decider which they have no Constitutional AUTHORITY to do.
We must REMOVE these traitors by recall, by voting them out of office, and SUPPORTING the mere HANDFUL of bona-fide PATRIOTS--like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul- who are currently trying their best to stem the tide of the One World agenda and hold on to this republic.
Cynicism and defeatism are NOT options to be entertained. We are in the eleventh hour of losing this nation. .
Sincerely, Ken Adachi .
© Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved.
Reply from Dick Eastman - 
Kucinich's  already-promised willingness to support a pro-war candidate who wins the primaries -- given on the day he announced -- signals to the party bosses that Kucinich will deliver the anti-war Dems whether the party goes pro-war or not - and in so doing the war immediately becomes an irrelevant issue, worth zero time or money or thought to them.  Kucinich is an issue candidate and he has promised he will not back his troops out of the party if his issue is ignored.  Party bosses whose concern is winning, patronage and the interest groups - especially AIPAC - which essentially gives them their jobs -- will have no reason to waste time on idealists whose ideals can't translate into using their feet.  
Remember how the blacks as an interest group are ignored in the Democratic Party  because they can be taken for granted. Kucinich has thrown away the only leverage the anti-war movement had with the Democrats. The bosses know 1) that the  Republicans are not going to run an anti-war candidate: 2) that Kucinich and Ron Paul are going to keep a third-party anti-war candidate from emerging;  and 3) that the big donors of the party are pro-war Zionist Jews who don't seem to mind all those Iraqi - and maybe soon Iranian - deaths as long as Israel becomes 'safer' and war borrowing becomes heavier and defense corporations keep getting fat contracts.
Kucinich himself has answered my accusation on Rense -- but read his statment and see if *anywhere* he retracts his promise to support whatever candidate the primaries choose regardless of position. Here it is:
"No one in Congress has spoken out more consistently against this war than I have and any suggestion to the contrary is a lie. I am running to win the nomination, and therefore I am expecting all the other candidates to support me, even if they have supported, or continue to support the war. If people who are really for peace unite behind my candidacy then I will win. Finally, the path to peace must be above the type of manipulation, smears and polarities. We must call upon ourselves to do better. --Dennis"
I should mention that I am being flooded with letters from Democrats who supported Dennis Kucinich in 2004 yet who agree with my appraisal of his position. Here are some examples:
"He took, drained millions of dollars from real progressives, blunted any real anti war or progressive movement in the Demo party, and then totally rolled over and danced for Kerry and the DLC. Fuck him."
"I campaigned for him in NH. Here's an article I wrote about the goings-on at the Democratic Platform Convention in the summer of 04, where his failure to act with courage and leverage the anti-war vote was prominently on display. Throughout the primary he did well. He gained the respect of progressives everywhere by imploring us to "vote our hopes, not our fears." But when the centrist juggernaut of John Kerry seemed unstoppable he relaxed his antiwar pressure so as not to divide the party. If ever there was a time to do the opposite, to insist for inclusion and to stand on principle, even at risk of breaking rank and splitting the party, it was during that summer of 2004, when it became abundantly clear that progressives were in the tent in name only. But he did nothing of the sort. He evidenced much hand-wringing and tears, but rather than play hardball with Kerry, he acquiesced to assure his continued seat at the table. In the end, in Boston, he stood side by side with John Kerry and on top of a very prowar democratic platform. Not only was this a colossal strategic mistake--his failure to effectively bring his antiwar sentiment into the platform and to the Kerry camp--it was a colossal failure of his leadership. He risked nothing on our behalf, and we got nothing in return. He 's a goddamn footsoldier for the DNC, nothing more. "
"i stopped being a kucinich supporter the instant i heard him hand over his supporters to kerry at the dem conv in boston '04. i had spent almost a year of my life traveling over the country working on his campaign. i had already decided that i wouldn't support anyone who wasn't going to bring out nine eleven."
And my favorite, a short one:
"can you buy these puppets on Amazon?"
When Kucinich came out with his plan I threw out the challenge --  If the Democrats really can support this plan - if Kucinich wins in 2008 and tries to implement when he takes office in 2009 - then let the party prove it by pushing the plan in Congress NOW in January of 2007. 
But when I saw that the plan made not a stir on the Hill -- not a peep of mention by Nancy Pelosi or any other major Democrat -- I wrote the following:
"I said the Kucinich Plan -- Kucinich spinach -- was very good and that the thing to do was push the plan now -- and if the Democratic Party and Democratic Leadership in Congress would then show us that they are capable of getting behind it now now now now now NOW -- then we would know that we could trust backing the Democrat brand for an anti-war candidate -- but  just as I knew would happen -- this good idea has been ignored, brushed off, chilled, put on extinction by all of those who represent and operate the Democratic party these days. They want their political power and pork and Hillary is promising the most and has the fat cats behind her -- so to hell with the good of the country as long as we high in the party hold those positions of power where you never feel the pain etc. So Kucinich is nothing but a bait-and-switch scammer playing his trick to keep people from leaving the party, to keep them from finding and helping launch a non-bi-partisan non-plutocracy-owned alternative. 
And you who admire Ron Paul -- hasn't he written some great anti-war and populist articles!!! -- are victims of the same trap. Kucinich can't win the Republican Party nomination -- all of the Republiicans who would have supported him -- the Pat Buchanan types -- have left the GOP -- his candidacy is as "token" as that of  Kucinich among the Democrats.
You may love Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul -- given the nightmare of  alternatives -- and so you feel it your duty to ignore what I am telling you -- and what I am telling you is that Kucinich and Paul are dead ends -- the Democrats are proving by their not picking up the Kucinich plan that they aren't really serious about him -- that they would never support his candidacy -- that he is just there to keep people from using their activist labors and their money to build a third-party candidate to stop Hillary Clinton -- whom Kucinich has already said he will support when she wins the nomination.
And Ron Paul, I am truly sorry to tell you,  is the same. He has written great essays -- but what is that? Is he a speaker, an effective orator? Is he known by the masses? Is the Repubican party going to help him along -- when he says he is in favor of removing the trillion-dollar lollipop from their sociopathic infantile monster-that-devoured-the-middle-class mouths?
Absolutely no chance.
Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich -- neither can win their respective party's nomination -- yet by trying they will squeeze support from the might-have-been third party candidate who could have won -- from the candidate we should be busy helping to raise up right now.
This is no accident.
The war-profiteering police-state-loving plutocracy will give us, as always, two candidates, a Democrat and a Republican -- and the third parties will -- as organizations with paid administrators following an old routine (and some of the operatives of some of the parties clandestinely working as sabatours for the plutocracy) -- each put up a candidate -- so that opposition to the bi- partisan "two" will be so divided that voters will see the hoplessness and not want to "waste a vote" and will end up voting for the "lesser of two pro-plutocracy evils" always happens.
Most people will not bother voting.
The fielding of a new third party to vie with all the other third parties will fail. The running of the same array of third parties each hoping that everyone will miraculously see that they are the one and only logical choice will also fail. Many well-intentioned and otherwise well-infomed people are calling for a "super third party" that everyone can join to solve the problem -- except that every third party thinks of itself as that super third party -- and so we are stuck with all of the third-parties considering themselves the super third party and running against each other and ending up with the same result we always have.
It is a trap that is inherent in the party system. The party system was devised by plutocracy to ensure the unbroken rule of plutocracy.  So, so far, we "the people" have been pretty slow in coming up with ways of foiling the plutocracy's two-party-system hoodwink.  
Incidentally, there is a way out of this trap.
A good candidate must be chosen outside of the party system. Chosen how?
I proposed some months ago that Nader, Moyers, Seymore Hersh, Cindy Sheehan, Howard Phillips and Patrick Buchanan get together and see if they could agree on one name -- then that one name would be run in the party that would give him (or her) the most freedom (the fewest strings) for an anti-war anti-globalization administration that is not owned -- as Jimmy Carter tells us -- by  the Israel lobby or any of the corporate string-pullers. (I've made a similar suggestion in the last three presidential elections -- the late Harry Browne was in place of Sheehan back then -- and Harry actually wrote that he was interested it the Libertarian party would consent to the idea.)
The solution is to have tried and trusted leaders, veterans of the bigger and more attractive third parties -- people who have actually run for president and who have a national reputation for integrity -- to join a few journalists who also have reputations of being independent of the plutocracy and also of have boldly exposed the excesses (crimes) of the plutocracy and/or analyzed its failings -- to have this group of leaders get together and choose candidates for president and vice president -- thus picking anti-plutocracy candidates with broad spectrum appeal who are not yet tied to any party -- and doing so BEFORE the parties pick their candidates.
I propose that former presidential candidates Ralph Nader (representing greens, consumerists, independents, non-Zionist progressives, anti-globalists) , Patrick Buchanan (representing anti-globalists, populists, "paleo" conservatives); Howard Phillips (constitutionalists, tax-payers, small government, Jewish background); join with journalists Bill Moyers (a Democrat of high principle who has given some of the most telling analysis of the US power elite and the problems with the republic) and Seymour Hersh (journalist who from Viet Nam to Abu Ghraib has reported the truth the ruling minority has not wanted made known -- who has shown great courage against the plutocracy -- yet who is Jewish and would not tolerate any anti-Jewish choice (but would defy the Israel-Lobby simply by being independent-minded and moral and courageous as he has always been) -- and, completing the group, Cindy Sheehan (a woman whose opposition to the wars stems from the most basic roots of love and compasion -- a mothers love for her own son -- a woman who cuts through the politics to get to the heart of the matter, the wrongness of a war that has nothing to do with protecting the people of the United States).
Will these people participate in this? Not ordinarily. But these are extraodinary times.
Could such a group come up with someone? We won't know unless we try. And if they can't, then what hope do we have anyway? We must be willing to try something new -- the plutocracy has every other move we could possibly make anticipated and covered to defeat us.
The Unity Recommendation is not only a good idea -- it is the only idea that has a chance of working. Don't debate it. Don't fiddle with it. 
Get behind it. Push it. 
But if in the end Nader, Buchanan, Moyers, etc. end up also two-faced and pick  a pro-war candidate --  then it will be time to quit that idea, too -- like Kucinich should declare that he will desert the Dems if they go pro-war with Hillary. At that point, I would quit messing around and seek out  David Duke as a last desperate hope -- and drafting Alex Jones as his running mate -- draft them to lead a populist revolution from the bottom up, not a party, but a candidacy to save our very skins -- where the people vote paper ballots and every candidate has poll watchers following the whole process with an angry populace up in arms to see that it is done right.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
By the way -- I did not pick the title of the article that appears over my essay on the Kucinich candidacy -- the title I sent to Jeff was too long. It was: "Hillary Clinton's positions on war, zionism globalization identical to Bush -- yet candidate Kucinich has announced he will back her candidacy if she wins the primaries" -- I never actually said he is pro-war -- although, just among us, I occasionally look at him and wonder if he cares even one damn iota.
Dick Eastman



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