Logo Shown In Armstrong
Moon Structure Film?

From Ted Twietmeyer

We noted this and isolated it earlier and thank Ted also raising the issue. If someone went to all the trouble to create this hoax, why would they be so sloppy as to leave a logo showing...when one digital snip would remove it? -ed
At 2:24 into the video Jeff- look at the upper left corner of your screen you'll see what appears to be part of a company logo on a stage wall, just above the set! It's in large, crisp white letters on a black background. I had to look at it three times to believe it. The first time I saw it, it just caught my eye briefly.
It also appears you can see the top of the set this was filmed on. The other question is - why is the quality so bad? God - this is worse than cell phone video! My mother has 52 year old Kodacolor 8mm movies of me - and they still look really, really good.
I tried to post my remarks on the youtube website - but found out that although it SAID it posted it, it never appeared. And what's strange is that there are no other comments there either...
What will be interesting is to see if anyone else notices this too... Perhaps you could post the video as a kind of test?
Below is a video capture of the frame. Perhaps this is a video of a video monitor, and this is the logo on the frame around the CRT:
Logo Identified?
From Ted Twietmeyer
Jeff - This email just came in from a reader about the logo. If true, it might shed some light on the video's origins. I've been thinking about that scene and the top of the image. It's curved, just like a CRT. Even the top of the walls are curved, too.
Dear Ted
Concerning your article:
I recognize this Logo.  It is from a Greek television station called
ERT1 or ET1 (Greek Television 1). Maybe this film was taked from this station.
Armstrong Moon Video Update - Is This An Experiment?
From Ted Twietmeyer
There is a longer version of the video on YouTube.
In looking at it closely, there are two big errors in it which proves this a hoax, or a re-enactment. This one too, is always out of focus like the first one. Perhaps that's to prevent anyone from seeing mistakes in the details. Here is a short analysis of the video.
1. At 5:19 into this video, an "astronaut" is shown from the back. His "life support pack" is a long, sharp cornered box-like object without any fittings, tubing, pipes or controls. Real environmental Apollo backpacks were relatively short compared to this, wider, covered in wrinkly white insulating blanket and quite complex. Real environmental back packs didn't extend almost down to their knees as this one does.
2. Astronaut appears to be pawing away at the ground with some type of sample tool. If he was a REAL astronaut, he would know the tool is to pick up SAMPLES and not use it like a rake. When you are as far from the Lander as they depict (apparently several hundred feet) and on limited oxygen you don't waste time pawing at the ground.
3. At 4:40, a Lunar Lander is visible through a framed window ! Most of the video is one long cut, but there is an abrupt scene change near the end at 4:40. The Lunar Lander looks like a scale model on a stage.
4. At the very end, we see some men at control panels very briefly. This is known in theater as "the selling" which makes it convincing. In drama or film, when someone is punching someone else they never, ever make contact. But it is up to the person being "struck" to sell the idea they were hit by their reaction. The "sell" used in this video is a bit more cleverly concealed, using the fake lander and about 2 quick seconds of footage in a control room.
Is this supposed to be a re-enactment of something that actually happened? or is it just a hoax? The very strange thing about the original video I posted is that numerous readers wrote me who could not post comments to it as I could not. Could this video be a covert a psyc. test of the populace to see how they react to proof of alien life? Even though comments didn't post - it certainly doesn't guarantee no one has ever received or read them.
If you were doing psyc. research, you would want all new video viewers to see the video first WITHOUT being able to see anyone else's comments. And this is exactly what happens. But at the new youtube posting given above, people are able to make comments and all have called it hoax. Some viewers comments show that they may know where the footage was taken as well. Numerous rense readers have already written me, telling me that ET1 is a Greek television station. Ted Twietmeyer??



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