Israel's Grand Design: Leaders Crave Area from Egypt to Iraq <> Republican Paul Findley Dares to Speak Out -- Again! <> 911 Stranger Than Fiction Part I and II, 4 of 5 (September 11 Israel Mossad) <> John Pilger reviews this act of creeping genocide. Subject: [TruePatriotsUnite] Israel is still illegally occupying Palestine and abusing Palestinians - including Bethlehem. <>John Pilger: "Palestine is Still the Issue" Part 1 Israeli soldiers enforcing the illegal occupation of Palestinian land can cause ... For the Israeli state, they serve a practical purpose; they occupy and ... - 26k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Reasons to Oppose US Aid to Israel Israel Is Illegally Occupying Palestinian Land ... 15] Many Palestinian refugees still hold the land deed and even the key to their homes. ... - 38k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <> Further, for more than thirty years Israel has been an occupying Power, illegally occupying Palestinian and Arab territories. Its policies and practices, ... - 5k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <!OpenDocument>"The Israeli 'Disengagement' Plan: Gaza Still Occupied" - Report ... Since Israel will continue to occupy the Gaza Strip, Israel will still be ... 1.3 million non-Jews while illegally confiscating as much Palestinian land in ...!OpenDocument - 52k - <!OpenDocument+israel+still+illegally+occupying+palestine&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=4>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&!OpenDocument>Similar pages <>AxisofLogic/ Pacific Countries/Islands The illegal Israeli occupation of Arab lands, the daily murder of ... illegally occupying Arab lands in Egypt, Syria and the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza. ... - 55k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages [PDF] <>Israeli-Palestinian Impartiality Review BBC Governance Unit Room ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - <>View as HTML about who is illegally occupying whose land in Israel-Palestine? ... question how Israel can claim to be a democracy and yet still pursue such a ... - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>"Open Letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Israel's ... Israel is also still illegally occupying territory belonging to Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. Israel has been illegally holding Lebanese ... - 16k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Palestine: It's HELL - Gush Shalom - Israeli Peace Bloc This is an illegal occupying army and government. The Israeli military is ... The Israeli military still holds Bethlehem under curfew, despite Sharon ... - 32k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Israeli Confiscation and Settlement on Palestinian Land Source: This number is from an article, "Israeli Settlements 'Still Expanding' ... To perpetuate this situation, which is a priori illegal, Israel has ... - 18k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Woman The truth is, in addition to physically and illegally occupying Palestinian land, Israel is ideologically and immorally occupying the American media and is ... - 66k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>International law and the Arab-Israeli conflict - Wikipedia, the ... The construction by Israel, the occupying power, of a wall in the Occupied Territories departing from the armistice line of 1949 is illegal under relevant ... - 95k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>NewsWatch | Notes | Israel and the Palestinians: Key terms Under international law, Israel is still the occupying power in Gaza, ... The exact borders of Israel and a future Palestinian state are subject to ... - 56k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Israel rejects Palestinian truce offer - Israel has no right to the land it has been occupying since its establishment and the land in which they illegally occupy. The single Israeli soldier which ... - 95k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Case Study of Pro-Israel Bias: Children's BBC Website Guide To The ... Promises of withdrawal were lies and till today Israel still occupies the ... There is no mention that Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank and Gaza. ... - 43k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Palestinian Authority Near Civil War - Jimmy Carter Still Blames ... This is a people who cannot govern themselves yet Jimmy Carter preaches that peace with Palestine through Israeli appeasement is still possible. ... - 50k - Dec 24, 2006 - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>International Middle East Media Center - Several Palestinian ... Unites States official statements always tend to ignore the fact that Israel still illegally occupying the West Bank and regard Palestinian resistance ... - 27k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel Whereas, Palestinian refugees have still not been allowed to return to ... Whereas, Israel engaged in a 34 day illegal aggression against the state and ... - 30k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>The Al-Aqsa Intifada The consequence of Israel's 34-year military ... In addition, the Israeli Jews who choose to live in these settlements are illegally occupying Palestinian land. Furthermore, the construction of these ... - 32k - <>Cached - <,GGLJ:2006-45,GGLJ:en&>Similar pages <>The Israeli "Disengagement" Plan: Gaza Still Occupied Since Israel will continue to occupy the Gaza Strip, Israel will still ... of illegal colonists and stretch many miles into Occupied Palestinian Territory. ... asd