New Bird Flu Cases
Found In Kuwait 


KUWAIT (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti National Joint Committee on Combating Bird Flu announced Monday that new bird flu cases were found in Al-Sulaibiyah and Wafrah areas after examining samples from about 466 birds.
Spokesman of the committee Dr. Ahmad Al-Shatti told the press that about 50 bird flu cases were discovered among birds lately, saying that two more cases were added due to samples taken from dead chickens during the recent discovery.
The health official denied the discovery of any human bird flu cases, revealing that samples taken from 200 people involved in the poultry industry came out negative for the disease.
Some 45 units from Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources (PAAFR), stated the official, have covered 90 percent of Wafrah, Abdali, Sulaibiyah, Kabd, and Al-Ahmadi areas, spraying farms and stables with disinfectants.
He revealed that most discovered cases were found in house farms and not in poultry factories which as a matter of course stick to high levels of health regulations.
Al-Shatti pointed out that not every bird's death could be attributed to H5N1, saying that laboratory tests would determine this fact. (end) kt.



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