Kucinich Supports War,
Zionism And Globalization

From Dick Eastman

Hillary Clinton's positions on war, zionism, and globalization are identical to those of G W Bush -- yet candidate Kucinich has announced he will back her candidacy if she wins the primaries.
Thus, we see that Kucinich places "party loyalty" and "Hillary Loyalty" over ... over what? 
If the "party" winning and "Hillary" winning means so much to Kucinich that he is willing to suddenly shut up about his moral positions for the rest of the campaign after Hillary is nominated -- then what do we really have here?   
How can you, noodlehead reader,  be soooooo stupid as to believe the Kucinich candidacy is anything but a political trick to keep anti-war, anti-globalization, anti-Israeli-domination-of-foreign-policy campaign contributions and activist efforts from going to raising a third-party candidate who really and truly is anti-war, anti-globalism and anti-Israel-Lobby-domination?
I don't expect that anyone is going to answer me -- no one can -- but you all sure as hell can ignore me -- as always -- proving that you are as crooked and far gone and dangerous (in your own passive way) as Kucinich himself. 
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washinton
Will some pro-Kucinich person please explain this to me?



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