Kirkland, WA - Blazing
Sphere Of Energy

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research

Date: May, 1984
Time: Early a.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Sphere.
Full Description of event/sighting: Blazing Sphere Of Energy - my experience.
In 1984, about May, I had a very bizarre night-time experience that involved a blazing, extremely bright white ball of light that made hissing, electrical sounds. At this time I was living alone in a ground level apartment in a 5-plex unit. I abruptly woke up sometime in the early AM. As I sat up in my bed I could see an unusually bright light glowing through my bedroom window. My first thought was that the apartment building was on fire! I shot out of bed and tried the light switches, but the electricity in my unit was off. I checked the electrical panel in my bedroom closet and everything was 'on' but still there was no power. After quickly jumping into some pants, I raced outside expecting to see the other residents of the building outside, equally as alarmed as I was.
Nobody else was outside, and I couldn't see any indication of a fire in our building. But in the neighbor's yard there was a ball of intensely bright, white light right next to the outer wall of the house. About 5 to 6 feet in diameter, it made loud crackling noises. I had to peer over the fence to see it, and was amazed that the house wasn't on fire because of what was apparently a severe electrical malfunction of some kind. The brightness of this white ball of light was enough to light up the entire backyard of the neighbor's house and shine light over to my residence. I stood barefooted, mesmerized by this incredibly bright ball of light, trying to make some kind of sense out of it.
At some point, I inexplicably seem to have lost interest in this matter and went back to my apartment and went back to sleep. The next morning, I woke up and immediately went outside to check for fire damage. There was none! The electrical power was back on and the strange events of the previous night had no demonstrable effect - other than in my memory. I walked around the parking lot of our building and looked down to the blackberry and weed infested edge of the lot. Weirdly, I mentally pictured a rusted out wreck of an old car that was abandoned in this area. But this was crazy, there wasn't any such thing in evidence. But I couldn't shake off the impression that a car had somehow ended up in this corner of the property.
A little time after this experience, the weeping willow tree on the neighbor's lot near the blazing, crackling white ball of light began to die. A few months later it was cut down.
Additional Information:
There were dogs and cats in this neighborhood but, as I recall, all was silent during this event except for the hissing-crackling noise of the ball of light. I was really transfixed by this bright light and it pretty much had my attention riveted to it.<br><br>
No aircraft, at least none that I noticed.
This was a very spooky experience and I felt shaken by it -- still do, actually -- particularly because of the weird impression that an abandoned old car was parked in the weeds in the corner of our lot. Just as I'm writing this I have the feeling that I walked (barefooted!) down to this area (see attached diagram) to approach this car. My recollection is that it was rounded in shape, hence the vague image of a 1940ish automobile, and had a door missing.
Boy, I'm now recalling someone trying to convince me to come down to the 'car'. I protested because of the blackberries and the fact that I didn't have shoes on! There was a sort of tug-o-war of willpower taking place.
More Information:
Hi Brian, As I was trying to fall asleep the other night I started to have some mental images and emotions sort of bubble up spontaneously about the 1984 Kirkland incident. In the past, I have tried to remember if there was more to this experience than just the hissing ball of light, but always drew a blank. It
was like I hit a brick wall and couldn't go any further.
At this point I'm pretty sure that I did walk barefoot down into the weedy corner of the lot. (For what its worth, I was 30 years old at the time.) I can remember the physical discomfort and emotions. What I mentally assigned as an old, rounded car after the experience was probably something a little bit different. See my attached sketch. Of course there is always the question about the accuracy of recalled experiences. Please understand that I am not making any hard & fast claims about the factual nature of this memory.
For me what stands out to reinforce my own belief that what I have recalled actually happened are the peculiar details and the strong emotions. I remember looking out to the lake and the skyline wishing that I could just check out . . . bye bye, I'm out of here, at least mentally and emotionally. Also the detail about the two shorties waving their arms in an almost robotic manner came to me before I even fully pictured their appearance. If you look carefully at my sketch, you can see in light lines the arm movement, which came to me first when making this drawing.
Anyway, what follows is some additional material about the '84 Kirkland blazing ball of light report. You can use it and this intro if you want. I wrote in the present tense because it was just tumbling out of my mind. I had to stop when the elevator effect was happening. If anything additional comes up I'll let you know.
PS: I'm beginning to think that this '84 incident might tie in to another weird experience I had back in '78. In this earlier case I ended up in the side yard sometime in the early a.m. just wearing my underpants! Talk about embarrassing. By now you must surely think I'm completely a nut case!
Additional '84 Kirkland blazing ball of light experience:
I recall standing on the edge of the paved parking lot looking west. In the distance I can see the surface of Lake Washington reflecting the moonlight and see the silhouettes of the skyscrapers of the Seattle skyline. But much closer to me (about 10m away) nestled into the weeds and blackberry vines I can also make out the shape of a small round-topped structure. I really don't want to look at the object in the corner of the yard and am trying hard to fix my gaze on the view out to the lake.
This attempt to ignore the obvious (like the elephant in the living room) isn't holding up, and I have to turn my head towards what's in the weeds. I notice that two squat figures are standing outside of a bell-shaped structure. My first impression is that the 'people' are chubby children because they are only a little over a meter tall. I have the strong impression that they want me to come down to them. It's like they are pulling on me somehow. I don't feel threatened or particularly afraid, but am mostly concerned about venturing barefooted into the blackberries.
Very carefully I'm climbing down into the weed-infested area of the lot and am now standing near the two shorties. I feel tall and slender in comparison to them. In the dim light their skin appears dark, almost black with a blue tint(?). Their eyes are all black and rather large, but not huge in comparison to their head, which has a rather square shape. The nose is flat and broad and the large mouth is defined by thick lips. (See attached sketch.) For some reason they give me the feeling of a cheerful, 'hi-ho, away we go' type of personality. They are ******* dwarves!
Now the problem is that they want me to get inside of their bell- shaped device. They are gesturing energetically with their arms, swinging them towards the tiny doorway into the bell (craft, I figured by now) like trying to shoo me in. It is really weird, almost comical how their movements are totally synchronized. I'm telling them, no! It's too small for me! I keep telling them I won't fit. I don't fit, I don't fit, I don't fit. It's no use, I'm inside now. I feel like crying.
We must be descending because I have the sickening feeling of being in an elevator going down too fast. There is also an optical impression of going through a dark, somewhat curvy tube with the walls glistening with electrical sparks. I think I might have feinted at this point.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.



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