It's The Talmudic Jews, Stupid!


Judy Andreas
I too have never seen the Talmud, as I wrote in my piece "Growing Up Jewdy".
When I first heard about the Babylonian Talmud (through the Net) I asked many Jewish people about the racist Talmudic parts and nobody I know had seen them. I did speak to one man who, though not Jewish, told me that he had.  He felt that the Jews with whom I had spoken, were lying.  How sad.
Granted, maybe I have spoken to the wrong people. After all, my Jewish friends are Secular Jews and are either intermarried or their children are. (Obviously, they cannot believe that there is something wrong with marrying out of the religion). I did speak to one Orthodox woman who also wasn't familiar with those parts of the Talmud.
A non Jewish writer, who has written books about the Bible,  told me that the Talmud is a voluminous work and you can make it say anything you want.
As has been stated, I found it disturbing how Mr. Maynard quickly dismissed the work of Greg Szyzmanski (sp) and moved him to Spirit Lake (when he lives in Boulder Co) I have listened to Greg's show to hear Leo Zagami, CT Wilcox and John Daniels.  Those gentlemen have convinced me that you cannot stop at the "visible" culprit. Michael Tsarion has also drawn some interesting threads connecting the inner core of the Vatican to the Zionist Jews. (or, as Barry Chamish would say, and I agree, Sabbotean Jews) Sadly, Mr. Maynard's essay, though he often states that he is not doing such,  winds up as an indictment of ALL Jewish people.
I have been an "outspoken" woman who was born of Jewish parents. Rest assured that in doing so, one loses family and friends and is subject to late night harassing phonecalls. I understand, from Mr. Zagami, that the punishment is not only being meted out by Jewish Zionists.
There are many Jews who are not happy with the leaders. Jewish people are NOT a monolithic structure who sit around "winking and nodding" and planning world takeover.
I suspect that there are a lot of people who are comfortable with "It's the Jews Stupid" but I am not one of them. People will say "Oh....all you guys stick together". In my case, that is pure bunk.  I have no allegiance to anything but THE TRUTH.
J. Andreas
From M. Levy
A Short Response to: "It's the Talmudic Jews Stupid"... written by one Curtis Maynard, whoever that might be.
Mr. Maynard quickly morphs his "Talmudic" title to "It's the Jews stupid," and repeats this throughout rant, as if they are one and the same. [I must have been raised on 'Orthodox Lite' as I don't recollect ever having read or studied the Talmud.] So I can only suppose Maynard has made himself something of a Hebrew scholar and knows better...Jews, Talmud, what the hey.
And while he says, "Of course all Jews aren't engaged in this nefarious plan, but unfortunately most of them will come to the aid of those who are," as if citing several concocted [read: made up] examples of an entire group of people makes his point. That sort of reminds of the person saying, 'I hope this doesn't insult you,' then they go ahead and insult you...thinking the former faux-disclaimer gives license for the latter. 
Which brings me to this... "You know (or should know) as well as we do, that TALMUDIC Jews are a universe apart from the average Jew. has diligently documented the evils of Talmudic Jews and Judaism; always has -- always will. But you want to indict an entire people with a broad brush which simply does not apply to them all -- it is an injustice to do such. It is the same as someone painting all Southerners as Klansmen and bigots. "
Of course the above was written by you, Jeff. (We appreciate Mr. Levy's response but he is incorrect here. The quote was written by my webmaster, James Neff. - JR) But isn't that ~precisely~ what Maynard is doing? And if you now still don't see otherwise, then what is he doing here? (Mr. Maynard is 'here' because he has opinions shared by many and the publishing of his essays encourages healthy debate and discussion. As with all material on the site, his views do not necessarily reflect my own. - JR)
I'm all for free speech, unimpeachably true, you know, considering the varied article titles sent you by me-- including those critical of Israel & virulently against the strain of Zionism & their doppelganger brethren, the Neo-Cons--so why not here just call Maynard's piece for what it is and be done with it? It will take the sting out of any would-be debate as there will be no confusion regarding it. 
Or is it in this case a matter of politically correct incorrectness, not only giving the bigot his platform but making a home for him here?
Yeah, you'll show Wikipedia alright...even if you have to make their point for them.  (Wikipedia is often nothing more than a vile, despicable platform often co-opted by zionists who use it with impunity to censor, smear, slander, libel and defame their 'targets.' Every time someone attempts to post an honest piece about the Jeff Rense Program, zionists immediately delete it and replace it with their own mind control/manipulation defaming material.  It is suggested they have software which alerts their command and control people whenever we or anyone attempts to post a neutral, unbiased entry about the program or this site. - JR)
-Michael Levy
michael korn said...
i'm a jewish convert to christianity. you probably dont trust me, but i agree with everything you have written. i hope what you report that goebbels said is true: that the obvious desperation of jewish groups is a sign of their imminent demise.
here are my writings:
12:18 PM said...
past that URL into the address bar for a video connection as a reference to the "911 connection."
3:37 PM Steve said...
Absolutely brilliant
5:55 PM Danny Steinberg said...
Nicely done. A friend and I have put together a parody of a neoconservative think tank. You might find it amusing.
6:05 PM macskuli said...
This is an amazing article. I learned quite a few facts from it, such as who published that billboard that claimed that LA now is in Mexico. But why do they do it for Chrissake? I mean, why do they have to be disloyal to the very country that accepted them and even cherished them? Why? Anybody has an answer?
11:47 AM macskuli said...
I don't know if this other commentator here, Danny Steinberg is serious or joking in his blog, "Onward, Christian Soldiers". On the website he promotes here as a neocon parody, at you will find, among other things, a "Rachel Corrie Urinal" with Rachel Corrie's picture on the bottom. I'd say, I can hardly imagine a more heartless, sinister, disgusting idea than that. I am absolutely stunned. His blog basically exemplifies just about EVERYTHING that PC Apostate writes about and that is despicable in Jews. I'd say, to the hell with the stupid devils!
12:08 PM Social Democracy Now said...
Excellent essay which pretty much reflects my own conclusions about this vexed subject, which now seems to me about the most important subject of all. (I'm a rarity these days - a 'Jew conscious' leftwinger.)
One small criticism: since this essay was well written, it was a bit jarring to see some names misspelt. I think good writers even spell the names of their enemies correctly. So it's William KRISTOL and I also think it's Podhoretz not Podheretz.
5:57 PM Anonymous said...
Well you view my blog at:
I plan to write, time permitting, a "realistic" history of the Jews.
Your essay deals mainly with recent events.
The fable of Moses, the foundling who would not be pharaoh and of his followers needs to be told.
1:44 PM Anonymous said...
Nice job! I didn't see a link to Hope you've been there and heard the interviews. The ones with Bollyn, Bjerknes, Rafiq, and Pidcock are first rate. Peace
7:21 PM Anonymous said...
My life has just taken a turn for the worst, I've just finished reading through The Traditions of the Jews by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger (1654-1704) edited by John Peter Stehlin having obtained a reprinted copy after it was first published in 1700.
Are you ready, if you're not, I'd suggest you sit down and put your seat belt on firmly securing it, we're doomed and if anything can be said of Judaism, it is that it has taught the world the fundamental prerequisites of how racism should be conducted as a science. There, now that wasn't so bad was it, like getting injected with an innoculation, only this innoculation will be painful indeed.
Remember that professor some years back who after researching the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls came to the conclusion after several years of study, "If I was a Jew I would convert to Christianity." He wasn't kidding and after reading Eisenmenger's book my suggestion would be to go one step further, build yourself a spaceship and leave earth.
Hey, nothing against Jews personally, but you folks really have some serious pathologies to medicate and damn quick.
4:43 AM sparrowdancer said...
To Macskuli - "Blurring of the borders" is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. In the essay, the author stated "they are ethnic Jews and that they quickly became Capitalists, despite having lived in a communist country for the majority of their lives." Then then quickly began establishing all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto in the United States. We were not established as a "democracy," which is mob rule. We were a Constitutional Republic. We have slowly been turned into a communist nation. Communism is at the heart of the NWO's agenda.
5:18 AM Anonymous said...
Totally politically incorrect and ... absolutely wonderful. Many tirades on the Internet are heavier on rhetoric than on facts, and this one was a rare exception. As a History Ph.D. there was little if anything I could find fault with.
I particularly welcomed the sharp analysis of the differences between the Bush administration and the Nazis. Whatever is happening now in the US, it has absolutely nothing to do with National Socialism. (And differences in attitudes towards the Jews is only ONE area in which there are major differences.)
5:24 AM Anonymous said...
You should learn the difference between Zionism, judism and Imperialism. Bush is a puppet pwhose strings are pulled by kissinger, an agent of the Rothschilds. Isreal is a funding machine for the military protection of teh oil. Rockefeller and his new world order freaks are not Jews, but they control the dollar and they control the world. Wake up, forget about ablaming the Jews and change the Federal Reserve System and get rid of carbon as an energy source. We might have a chance for survival, cause right now we are on avery scary highway to Armegedon!
5:39 AM Anonymous said...
I've read part of your writing, and I also read Mr.Steel's e's.
I got about 4 paragraphs past the part where you state "jews are a small minority", and I say don't believe it. Almost every writer today paraphrases that quote. The jews numbers are larger than you think.
I estimate between 15 to 18 percent of the white/semitic population. Just the sheer numbers needed to man all the current top jobs speaks to that issue.
Also you look not past your present nose to see the historical context jews have been playing over the last several thousand years. Besides super hidden discrimination usually behind closed doors, the jews have been busy killing off jew and non-jew alike whom feel predisposed to elevate mankind in total. One grand example in the present history is Huey Long, look him up.
As a final passing shot, just remember that every inventor of the A,H and Neutron bomb was / is jewish, Coincidence I think not!
6:42 AM Anonymous said...
Interesting if rather one sided view of the World.
7:02 AM Anonymous said...
Great essay and so true. Here some facts how Jews exploited the break-up of communist East Germany after 1990 to blackmail new investors. When an investor from West Germany wanted to buy a run down house or property in East Germany to rebuild it, they would get a call from the local Jewish community. They were told, the house you want to buy could possible be from a former Jewish owner who fled or died in the holocaust, so we will protest against you purchasing it. We can hold you up for ages while you go thru the legal process to prove us wrong, or you can pay us 10% of the property value and we will leave you alone. Guess what most building investors did? They paid because they knew in Germany Jew get away with anything by using the Holocaust excuse. This way the Jewish communities received millions in illegal funds and became filthy. It was pure blackmail using the Germans "bad conscience". But again, the (controlled) media does not dare to report the truth about these mafia methods.
7:52 AM Anonymous said...
I concur with the poster who said Jews comprise more than the typically quoted 2% of the population. I believe they lobby the census bureau so they won't be counted as a group and can therefore announce their small percentage as proof that there is no way they could really control anything.
Believe me, these people have all the angles covered. They had them covered before you and I were born.
9:36 AM Chris Womak said...
They don't have ALL The angles covered - full exposure and the willingness of the majority to act will end their little parade.
11:11 AM Greg said...
I feel it is important to say that when Christ is giving the Revelation to John, in verses 2:9 & 3:9, he favors the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia because they teach about "those who say they are Jews, but do lie and are of the synagogue of Satan."
1:09 PM Anonymous said...
I'm putting this one under my save file. The Talmudic Jews must have thought they died and went to shit-head, red-neck heaven when they set up shop in America. They put the Touch in Untouchables.
1:28 PM archiloque said...
just an aside about some spelling...yolks are what eggs have...yokes are what we goys are under! excellent blog and horrorfying accusations...I wonder how this will all play out...a real holocaust not limited to 1.5m but many more? frightening times....hooray for the internet!
2:46 PM Suetonius said...
Definition of who is a jew might need a nearer explanation, as 92 % of jews does not have any ethnic relation to Palestina.
Their origin is the historic Kahzar state between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and yet earlier, inner Asia. Neither are the majority of the rest of jews from Palestina. Most of them are expelled jews from Spain and only a small fraction of them have an ethnic relation to Palestina. The jews of today have therefore no legitimate claim to Palestina and the state of Israel is based on one of the biggest conspiracies of history.
David Icke have an excellent article covering this topic: WHAT IS THIS CARNAGE REALLY ALL ABOUT ... ?
2:50 PM Anonymous said...
Nicely written, I think the point you brought up about the mexican billboard is a perfect piece of evidence for your case.
There are a few things, I don't really agree with, but this thing is good to the point I want to leave a comment, which is fairly rare.
Besides that, few things Iqd like to mention:
Bush vs. went on about this a bit too much. Bush likes Jews, Hitler doesn't would have been sufficent. You also neglected to mention that the Rothchilds funded Hitler into power. The reason why Bush is compared to being a nazi is because Bush is "fasicst" and since most people have an idea of what being "fascist" is but can't define it beyond being "like the media image of a nazi" the nazi quotage occurs. It's a linguistic mistake, but I don't think it's as big a deal as the focus warrented.
Second, the biggest personality issues I've ever had with jews are
a:a willingless to screw other people over to help themselves
b: a general brainwasheyness that makes them unable to consider any viewpoint besides what their media has conditioned them into.
You went into a large ammount of detail on a, but b is neglected and I think that's one of the huge reasons for why the population at large is a problem.
Anyways, despite all of that this is very well written and I finally have something to refer to my friends who ask me about the subjcet. Hope this comment helps!
8:30 PM Anonymous said...
Want some shocks? Hit engines like Yahoo or Google or MSN and type in "The Earliest Hate Criminals."
11:12 PM Anonymous said...
I've been reading all the writings here and so far most of you folks have a solid handle on who and what the jew is. I do want to correct a few minor misconceptions.
a. The white pseudo-jews call themselves Ash-ke-nazi, and make a sudden appearance around 7 or 8 hundred years ago, being first noticed by inhabitants of the Caspian Sea basin. These beings spread rapidly westward into central Europe and finally cross over in the late 1800 to the Americas. The Ashkenazi generally do not intermarry with native humans. If it happens the union almost always results in "no children". Their women are in fact their power base and control the males of their species. Where ever they go, they displace the native rich "old money" and become the "nu-vo-rich" or new rich.
The state of Israel is a creation of Balford (a crypto-jew) who was prime minister of England in the last century and Rothchild who is a jew. The Balford doctrine was acknowledged by the UN in 1947 just shortly after the Roswell incident.
It is the Ashkenazi that brought us the concept of the corperation. And it has been pointed out that the last 4 letters of their tribal name nazi is indentical to the German political machine that came into being during the middle of the last century.
b. Bush and Cheney are both jewish and the reason why Mexico is allowed to cross into our country without restrictions is because most of the population is of the Marrano i.e. Spanish crypto-jews.
Most people are not aware of this fact. It is believed that subjugation of our country is under way by these beings.
3:49 AM Anonymous said...
Greg S lives in Colorado (not important but just evidence of another distortion)
You have not done your homework, because in your head, "it's the Jews stupid"
Why did the Pope pick Kissinger to be his Papal Advisor? Does this make sense?
You will obviously appeal to all those who do not want to look behind the curtain. What a sad state of affairs.
5:06 AM Anonymous said...
Anonymous to Commentator:
Bush and Cheney are Jewish? Give me a freakin' break. Was Prescott Bush Jewish too?
According to your statistics, 97% of the world is Jewish. Perhaps the Muslims are Jewish too and that is why the Jewish controllers are letting them into the country. We know that the Christians are Jewish. The only ones who aren't Jewish are the Ashkanazi Jews.
8:26 AM Tauzpuxm said...
Your knowledge is incomplete in the blog you are attempting to teach from. The source for this is not the Talmudic "Jews", but the Talmud is being used to create a hate base among "Jews" in order to seperate them out against the goy whether Christian or Muslim and keep them afraid of others. In this way control is implemented over some very good people and turn them into haters.
The Talmud though is of the Babylonian Mystery Religion, the mystics who turned Judeans to the mystics of the Nimrod religions. The Kabballah is of this mind warping set meant to confuse and take people away from God. The real intitiators behind this are an Ashkenazi sect who follows Shabbatai Zvi in his cult of evil is good. They are your infamous Rothschilds and Rockefellers warring in various sects and who are at war with Judeans to this day.
The current slaughter of Judeans who are the brother tribe of the Angle Saxons (Joseph) and while they do not believe in Jesus as the Way they are of the lineage as most Americans, they of Judea and we of Israel Samaria. The Judeans are being slaughtered by European money given to Palestinians, the same European cartel which is in control of the Olmert regime in trying to get this minority sect in charge of all of Judea along with the West Bank.
Indications are this sect was behind what became Hitler's final solution, because the Judeans are as much competitors to the establishing of a religion in a new Temple as Sunni and Shia are at war with themselves.
This Zvi sec which honestly is the intiates trying to bring in the false messiah are using Judeans and have so many others referring to all Jews as Jews. It is a most horrid thing as I personally have been threatened a number of times by these now Talmudic brainwashed people, being called goy, told I should be killed etc..
The Talmudic Jews being put in place by the government of Israel which gets it's order from Europe for education, religion and an Israeli state future are the tool designed to destroy the Judeans from a majority into a minority. That is why Russian Jews were sent into remove American Jews out of Gush Katif in molesting Judean girls and beating on Judeans. The more this sect makes a seige on Judeans, the more the Judeans huddle together thinking the world is against them. The problem though is coming from within and much deeper than the Talmud. This sect is after the Judeans who follow the Torah and Tanakh (the old testament) and mean to wipe them out.
That is what is going on in Judea at this stage as kill zones are being set up to murder both Philistine and Judean alike so this sect will be left in control.
This is a very complicated and a depth of subject you have only touched the surface of and that is part of the problem in this sect puts out information and a blogger like yourself picks it up and plays into their plan. Your blog herds Judeans deeper into the abyss by leaving the impression like in 1930 it was everyone against the Jews.
This will not stop until it is sorted out in wars as the Bible predicts, but the problem is not Judeans nor convert Jews with allegeance to the Israeli state. The problem is the same elite system which has Catholics using Vaticanus oracle hill, Christian Identity quoting the Talmud texts in hate and Muslims spewing the same ancient rites. This mystery religion which the Zvi sect is led by has infected the entire world even into the communist religion.
It is easy to blame the Talmudic Jews stupid as that is the intention to make them the fall guys just like America in the process is always blamed for all the Middle East problems we are played into cleaning up. The difficult part is not to label this sect as Jews, because they aren't Jews. They are different people, a different religion and when the smoke clears they will seize power blameless, because the world will be blaming everyone else.
I sincerely hope this helps as the Judeans are in trouble and need rescue from this as much as their brothers in the 10 northern tribes in exile need God's rescue from what is being planned.
10:30 PM Anonymous said...
What you've written is a tremendous amount of blah blah blah!
All that historical monsense is exactly that, nonsense. who gives a damn. If it's true, Jews had better get a helluva lot busier condemning these so called non-Jews.
FACT: Jews monopolize the media.
FACT: Jews influence this government
FACT: Jews dominate debate, discussion and negatively influence academia.
FACT: Jews have infiltrated the judicial process in most western nations
FACT: Even the so called righteous Jews you speak of, the so called "real Jews" ain't saying shit about the above - that makes them COMPLICIT. Comprende?



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