The Inquisition Is Back!
Jim Kirwan

If ever there was a reason for the Separation of Powers, in the Constitution: Then "The Decider" is the perfect living analogy of the need for checks and balances just to keep this Dictator under control. George W Bush has never been anything more than an errant teen-ager that is still not house-broken. The proof of this lies in his continued demands for evermore money, ever-more troops to "complete" his aggressive fantasies in Iraq, in particular, but in the rest of the world as well.
The United States has a standing army of two and a half million people, on 737 military bases around the world. Yet this was not enough for 'The Decider.' The money for the continuing Afghanistan and Iraqi criminal actions comes from 'special add-on's and from extra funds' that he constantly solicits from the congress, and that are granted against the wishes of 70 % of the population. This, just to continue his wars, in violation of most of the worlds rules and conventions that directly contradict everything that's been happening, in the just completed four years of total chaos and collapse.
If these Bush-wars are so important to the very survival of the USA - then why not take the men & women needed, along with their equipment, from our standing armies (1)? Why continue to finance these utterly failed adventures with more debt financing, and more strong-arming of the public and the congress - when there is no need? The answer is simple: The Decider is following the orders that he gets, not from 'god,' but from those who profit directly from the downsizing and destruction of this nations wealth and resources, to enhance their efforts to complete the NEW World Order's leveling of the global population. This they believe will ultimately finalize their control over what remains of resistance everywhere else on the planet. Or such was and is there intention.
A further point that the world seems to have missed is that in the same length of time that Bush & His Bandits have been wasting lives and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan: Other American armies, back in the early 1940's helped to drive the Nazi's out of North Africa, and then invaded Europe and drove the remnants of that Nazi-war-machine back into Germany where the Germans ultimately had to sign an unconditional surrender. Simultaneously in the War in the Pacific, we went from rebuilding the fleet to driving the Japanese all the way back to their homeland, and after unnecessarily using atomic weapons, the Japanese also surrendered-unconditionally.
Yet in the same length of time that the above events from the WWII record we completed: And using tactical nuclear weapons daily now, including DU tipped 'everything;' plus sanctions and virtually every standing form of barbarity-except perhaps burning people at the stake-the Bushwhacker's have only succeeded in losing ground; losing respect and allies; losing our status in the diplomatic world and in the community of nations-not to mention that we've gone from being the international leader in human rights, that once stood for expanding human potential: to becoming the most hated rogue nation on the planet: with the possible exception of Israel!
All of this Cheney-Bush has managed to accomplish, in even more time than it took us to conclude the Second World War. And-if you can believe it-Bush continues to make further demands for more money and more troops each and every week! What will it take to reign in this extremely-evil-seed, brought to us by, the cadaver that is all that remains of the Nazi-Bush Dynasty who once had such marvelous plans for the rest of the world: beginning with Prescott Bush and his son 'Poppy' who then gave us his son - Petulant George the First!
These Bush-wars; having been initiated by a string of lies: Were and are a crude attempt to reinvigorate the failed concept that created the Crusades of ancient history. Each of those 'Crusades' failed: and yet 'the West' seems to still not have learned from that experience. Today Cheney-Bush-Rove & Gonzalez - in partnership with Israel - are attempting to also recreate the Inquisition: to re-establish torture, slavery, Genocide, and Lawlessness-just to steal from the world, all that, which they shall never succeed in controlling!
Take for instance the recent "confession" by a meaningless version of George W. Bush, from one on the other side of the Bushwhacker's war-upon-the-world. This character was tortured for a couple of years in Gitmo, and has now confessed to every crime imaginable including masterminding 911. And the media jumped on it (by innuendo) as the ultimate proof that there was NO involvement by this government - because this beaten and mentally deficient prisoner is now the living proof that 'Al Qaeda did it -CASE CLOSED! Such crap simply defies all credibility, and confirms that the USA has fully begun to embrace the tactics of Savoranala, at the height of the Spanish Inquisition! (2)
Think about it-all that's missing are the funeral-pyres upon which heretics were publicly and frequently burned at the stake, as a sign of terror to all who might oppose THE INQUISITION. What's next, will the true terrorists that are running these wars-of-aggression in our name-finally begin to adopt the tactics of Dracula back when he was fighting the Turks and the Romans at the same time? His weapon of choice then was also a weapon-of-terror. He chose to impale his victims and line the roads into his empire, with the ghastly and rotting remains of those disfigured corpses. These displays were heightened by fences made of pikes, with the heads of his enemies still rotting upon them. When we get back to this degraded behavior - then the world will know the true depth of evil that too many of us have allowed to grow in the 21st Century. In the meanwhile, it could certainly be said:
Welcome to the Return of the Inquisition, with all the thievery, all the murder and all the LIES which that practice made so famous-so very long ago! "When will we ever begin to learn?"
1) 737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire
2) The Behavior of Crowds



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