Russia Has Penetrated
Highest Level US Secret Traffic

The Voice of the White House

WASHINGTON, DC -- The GRU and other Russian-based organs have completely penetrated the highest-level American codes (including satellite transmissions) and have been reading our military (DIA and Pentagon) and civilian (read CIA/USIA [and other]) messages being sent from Iraq, Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Italy.
From this, I was told, and shown copies of intercepts, that Bush and Israel are fomenting a new war in the Gulf area by either creating an "incident" (casus belli) or instigating one.
There are US intelligence units (small) now operating under cover in Iran and while the Iranians don't know the details, the Russians do. If, as reported, Bush is going to off Iranians in Iraq, the U.S. units in Iran will be offed as a quid pro quo. And videos of the executions made for U.S. domestic consumption.
Both Russia and China have supplied Iran (and from them the Iraqi Resistance people) with shaped charge small shoulder-held rockets that will blow up the biggest tank and, as happened several days ago, the biggest armored military helicopters?
The suggestion that Bush and Israel would attack Iran for his prestige and their safety might interdict the vital oil China must have and so the Chinese, too, have fully entered the game.
They don't keep the Russians courant.
The latter have also got agents planted with Israeli military and intelligence organs in Israel and these supply Moscow with a heavy stream of information concerning the Mideast political and military situation and most especially, projects that might be of interest to Russia and, through them, Iran. Any gen coming from the U.S. to Israel ends up in Moscow almost simultaneously! Do much for the delusion that secrets are secrets.
Anyway, the Mideast pot is coming to a boil and this parallels the situation in Washington where Bush is facing growing, and entirely predictable, rebellion from the newly-empowered Democrats.
Remember the proverb about the house built on sand? The winds came and beat upon that house and it fell and great was the fall thereof? Nice simile and so true! "



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