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Release Date: February 20, 2007
Certified Hypnotherapist In The San Francisco Area Requested
Posted: February 19, 2007

HBCC UFO Research Note: I am looking for a Certified Hypnotherapist in the San Francisco, California area who might be interested in doing a regression over a major UFO/Missing Time event. This experience is one amazing case, matter of fact it involved an entire family who I have been writing and speaking to for a while now. I just interviewed the mother today over the strange event that took place one evening. Again I would like to make note that this case is a major event and one of the people involved is willing to under go a regression to see what happened in a period of hours when no one in the family can recall.

The police were also involved in the case. I would also like to add, if I could find someone who might be willing to regress the one lady for no charge. This would be greatly appreciated.

These folks are all very credible and are only looking for answers to what they cannot remember.

You can contact me, Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research through my website.

Thank you so much.

Take care

Brian Vike


Hemlock River Near Amasa, Michigan Oval UFO Sighting
Date: 1970
Time: Dawn

Mr. Vike, I thought I would email you about the Ice Circle on the Hemlock River, because it is of particular interest to me. I grew up within a mile of this location, and my family owns a farm close by. This land has been in our family for over 100 years. I heard about the ice circle when I visited home at Christmas. My father, who still lives near this site, told me about it. My husband and I drove over to the site, but of course the circle was no longer there. Nevertheless, I thought I would tell you about two other interesting events that occurred right along the Hemlock River within a mile of this location. When I was a teenager, (I was born in 1953) I was visiting my grandmother at our farm one morning and she told me about strange flying objects she had seen early that morning. My grandmother was from Finland, and spoke limited English - she did not read English magazines, etc., and had never heard of something called a "UFO". Yet what she described to me was a classic UFO sighting. She even tried to draw the shapes of the objects she had seen. Interestingly, they were following the path of the river.

The second strange event was several years later. I was driving home with my brother and his family. We had driven straight through from Ohio, through lower Michigan, over the bridge, and were finally within a mile of home - right along the Hemlock. It was about 2 a.m., and we were eager to finally be home. Suddenly - in one instant - everything around us was as bright as day - but with an orange tint - the light lasted for about 2 seconds. All we could do was look at each other and say, "did what I think just happened happen?" Our only conclusion was that maybe a meteorite had hit somewhere.

Neither of these accounts really are that remarkable - but except for that fact that taken all together, and all within a mile of the same spot, (our humble little river - barely a few feet deep) I thought you might be interested. Sincerely.

Additional Information Below:

Brian, I wish I still had the drawing my grandmother made, but this would have happened in about 1970, and I didn't think to save it. To the best of my memory, she drew a sort of a crude oval, and the thing that she found strange, was the speed at which it moved, then turned sharply- and she mentioned lights that changed colors. She saw this object at dawn - that's about all I recall her saying. As I said, English was not her first language, and this was something she had a hard time describing, as it was beyond anything she was familiar with. She said that it had come from the south, and gone north - along the river.

The witness is referring to a report she read on the website for: Lights & Ice Circle Hemlock River - Near Amasa, Michigan -
Thank you to the witness for relating the information.


Kaiserslaughtern, Germany Beam Of Light Moving Quickly And Low Over The Ground
Date: Summer 1971
Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Western France
Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Seen as beam of light.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was in the Army stationed in Kaiserslaughtern, Germany. This incident took place over a week end while several G.I. buddies and I decided to take a week end camping trip. We were not allowed to drive into France, but we did anyway. I was a riding in one of the vehicles, so I can not give you directions, landmarks or precise location. I only remember we were somewhere in the western part of France.

I won't elaborate too much so I can keep this as short as possible.

So we got to our location. We saw a place that looked like it might be a good place to set up camp. We could see a flat area on top of a hilly area and decided to hike up and camp there. We didn't want to spend a lot of time searching for the right place. We just wanted to get there cause it was getting dark. We were out of town and quite a ways from any populated area. These were back roads in French grape vineyards.

There were 6 of us as I remember. We all were in our sleeping bags just staring up at the sky. I remember it was very dark out. No reflection of city lights in horizon unlike what you might see almost anywhere in the united states these days. The night was very calm and quiet. An otherwise beautiful summer night for camping.

Don't remember what time it was, but it was late, maybe 11:00 p.m. All of a sudden we all could see the same thing. This very bright light, like a beam came from as far as a person could see in one horizon and passed right overhead and disappeared into the opposite horizon all in about 3 seconds. Not a sound. Some might have looked like a comet or shooting star. Hard to describe visually, but the light was parallel to the ground and seemed low enough that a person could almost have been able to throw a rock up and hit it if he were to time it right. It seemed like a very tubular, round dense light that was contained within itself, because as bright as it was, it didn't light up any surroundings. There was no burn out effect or tail like might have been seen in a comet or shooting star either. It just kept going. If we hadn't been staring up at the sky we may not have even seen it.

We could not distinguish any shape or anything that could give the indication of a solid object within the light itself. Probably cause it was traveling so fast. I have never reported this to any one. All I know is that 6 of us saw the same thing and it gave us a good story to talk about for years to come. I still tell people of it.

Was it a UFO ? I don't know, but it certainly was something I still don't have an explanation for. I've never seen anything like that again and never had any relapse of space or time or ill health after affects like some people seem to encounter after the fact. This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


Orange And Yellow Fireball U.S. Side Of The Canadian Boarder


Date: August 1972


I had just graduated from high school, and a buddy and I decided to drive across country and sight see. We were skirting the Canadian boarder on the U.S. side, headed east to west. It was August of 1972.

We were in Montana, and approaching foothills on a winding, two lane country road - traveling at about 40 miles an hour. The sky was clear blue, and the time was late afternoon, just about the point when the light starts to change. The road was tree lined on both sides. I was in the passenger seat with my feet up on the dash and my window open. A huge fireball rose up from the tree line on the right, directly in front of the car hood. The fireball was orange and yellow, regular fire color, but was also displayed green flame and sparks in the front and bottom of the object (?). It disappeared behind the tree line on the left - directly in front of our view, in a perfect arc. If you were to crumple up a sheet of notebook paper, dip it in gas and swing it on a string, you'd get the general idea. The thing was about 200 to 500 feet over our heads - about the size of a VW Bug.

It was "popping" and showering sparks - but had very little if any tail. If you ground something on a grinding stone that had pits in it, that's how it sailed through the sky... sort of intermittent pops, showering flame and sparks. Needless to say, we freaked.My friend ditched the car. It was odd because from the sight of it, one might have imagined it roaring like a freight train, but it made no sound what so ever. Nor did anything else... not a cricket - totally and utterly silent. It left us both speechless. It sort of tumbled and lolled, over the road. As for speed, I really can't say. It seemed VERY slow, but when something that shocking happens, time seems to slow anyway. However, I'd venture a guess that the thing took about 5 seconds to pass over us.

From it's direction, we assumed that it would crash somewhere behind the trees, and not very far away. But like I said, there was no noise of the crash we both anticipated. We sat for a while deciding whenther to leave the car and attempt to find it. We decided not to leave the car, because there wasn't much shoulder and nothing around us for miles. Hll, I don't think we had even seen another car for hours, both before and after the sighting. We chalked it up to "weird stuff happens" and I didn't think about it again for over 25 years. We talked about it for the rest of out trip, and agree on the essential details. About 5 or 6 years ago, being new to the net, began to look at pictures of bolides and meteors. I also read of an account of a rare meteor that skipped into and then out of our atmosphere at that time period and was spotted in Montana and Colorado. But nothing I've seen looks anything like what we saw that summer, and that was headed south to north, while out fireball was headed from north to south.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


Brighton, Michigan Strange Boomerang Shaped Multicolored Vehicles


Date: 1977 (no time given)


I saw my first odd vehicle in the night sky over Brighton, Michigan, a small suburb of Detroit. A close friend of mine and his family, and all their neighbors had seen strange boomerang shaped multicolored vehicles pass over Island Lake one evening and my friend had taped it with his 8 mm camera. I was on the school newspaper so I smelled story and investigated it thoroughly, since I lived on Island Lake myself the story wrote itself. I knew the witnesses and interviewed everyone. The next day I was contacted by a reporter for the Brighton newspaper who wanted to know what I had found out. I shared everything, and they printed a full page story, and basically it was my story, they used my sources exclusively.

My friend, Mike, who had filmed the objects was contacted by channel 7 news in Detroit. They "confiscated" his film promising to "have it developed," and air it on the show. I was so angry at my friend for surrendering that tape but he felt pressured by local authorities and the News Media themselves. My friend had used a tape that was already in his camera when the objects passed over. He had recorded about three minutes of a family picnic already. Channel 7 news unveiled the contents of the film with Mike in the studio live. Surprise, surprise the entire film was blank, even the first 3 minutes of the family and friends having a picnic did not come out. They embarrassed and humiliated my friend and he never recovered the public shame of it all.

A month or so later my friend Mike and I were at another friends house. It was night time. I looked out the window of his house and observed what I thought was a car approaching the house. He lived on a road that had a large hill you descended to pass the house. I assumed the car was at the top of the hill. A few moments later I noticed the "car" was getting closer but not descended the hill. It looked like an automobile flying through the air. We ran outside with Mike's 8mm camera and filmed the object as it passed over the house only several hundred feet above us. It was clearly sting ray shaped, with two bright lights as closely set together as auto headlights in front. At first I assumed it was an odd looking aircraft, but it made absolutely no sound. As it passed over, and moved away, underbelly of the fuselage had a belt of multicolored lights that spanned the entire fuselage. The lights were red, green, yellow, white, and blue and their flashing pattern made it appear as though the belt was rotating around the entire fuselage, however, there was no way to verify this without seeing the upper fuselage. We filmed it also. I still have that tape in my possession, however, the quality of the film is so deteriorated that you can now barely even see the object when you watch it. A week or two later I was "skywatching" alone at a campground near Island Lake. I say what looked like a car headlights in the sky again, so I watched it. It approached slowly and as fit flew overhead what I saw was so incredible it brought me to my knees. It looked like a flying city, rectangular in shape.

Have you ever looked at a city below as you fly over it in an airplane ? The lights of the traffic, the lights of the dwellings and signs all blending in together. That is what I was looking at. There were lights darting about in perfect line with each other. It was just spectacular. This object made a sound too, like a mighty wind passing through a funnel. Several weeks later I was in a friend's house and heard the same sound. I rushed them all outside and we all (some 8 people) witnessed this same object passing overhead. They were all as amazed as I was. I became known as the man who could "show you a UFO."

I had a strange ball of three lights that rotated follow me to work not long after that and hover above the restaurant where I worked for about an hour. Everyone in the place came out to look at it in astonishment.

To this day I can sense when UFO's are in the area and I can show people many odd things in the sky.

Just so you all know, the experience led me into studying aircraft. I became an aircraft mechanic and have been in that occupation for 20 years. I still have yet to encounter any craft on earth that could explain the strange things that occurred during the winter of 1977.

A man came to investigate these sightings not long after this, he turned out to be a famous Ufologist later in life (J. Allen Heineck ... something like that don't know the spelling). He told me that he didn't see how the thins we had seen could possibly have been of this world. He also stated emphatically that under no circumstances do you surrender a film of something strange in the sky to anyone, especially news media. Not without making a copy. Thought you'd enjoy this account.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


Corvina, California Object Hovers Over The Home
Date: July 7, 2000
Time: 9:30 p.m.

The following was reported to me by my brother (extended family - he and his wife are my "brother and sister". Friday, July 7, 2000, around 9:30 p.m., my brother, who lives in Covina, California,was taking out the trash. As he walked back towards the house, he noticed something moving towards the house. Within seconds, an object hovered over his house. He said it was larger than a helicopter, had no visible propellers, etc., was gray, had some blue lights. No wind nor sound came from the object. A beam of white light suddenly shone on him. He was frightened ! He called his wife but she did not hear him so he ran into the house to get her. By the time they both came outside, the object appeared to be miles high. All that was visible was a bright blue oval shape cloudy image. It remained there for a long time then disappeared. My brother reported this to me, this morning. His wife conformed that it was a bright oval shape against the dark sky and that it remained there for a long while. She said that my brother was shaking when he came in to get her.

This afternoon, I contacted my son in law, who told me that my daughter had seen a bright white object in the sky on the same evening (in Monrovia, CA, around the same time). My daughter confirmed this and said the large, bright light did not move and that it emitted a beam. She and her friend had joked that it was a UFO. (Neither believes in UFOs - My son in law and I do).

My grandson heard my conversation and he said that his friend Andy (who lives in ElMonte, CA) had seen a light in the sky of Friday, the same time, but that he had been told it was a missile exploding. I had him contact Andy, who said his grandma (a very religious person and non UFO believer) had seen it. I spoke with her and she confirmed seeing a large white light, surrounded by a bluish cloud/mist on the same night at the same time. She said at first she thought it might be a religious experience but then noted that this light remained there and then there was a large white flash. She said it was reported on TV that something had gone wrong with a missile and it had been exploded.

All of the above was related to me at different times by different individuals who had not been in contact with each other. I can testify to the honestly of the individuals who saw the object/light. None believed in UFOs (but are now thinking that there are visitors out there). My brother is convinced the object that hovered over his house was a UFO and he is frightened.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


50 Miles North Laredo, Texas Over Rio Grande River Cylindrical Object With Skids
Date: September 3, 2006
Time: 10:15 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Large, cylindrical/with skids underneath.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was patrolling slowly along the dirt road that parallels the river, as I was on Border patrol with the Texas Minutemen. I was driving slowly along the road, which was quite muddy, as we had just had a lot of rain. I was stopping often, and observing the country and brush with my binoculars, as I was looking for illegal aliens. I had started patrolling around 7:00 a.m. that morning, going northward at an average speed of maybe 15 mph, as the road was rough, and I stopped periodically to glass large vistas. At about 10:15 a.m. I was pulled over, with my engine shut off, and was observing a large panorama from a small hill I was on top of, as the road made its way along the Rio Grande River, about a mile or two off to my left. Weather was fair, with broken, large white cumulus clouds. My attention was drawn to a flash of sunlight from up in the sky to the northwest of my position. I observed an object in the sky at an elevation of approximately 1/2 mile above the ground.

It was hard to tell with my naked eye what it was, so I threw my 10X50 binoculars up on it and was shocked by what I saw! The object was huge! It was about 10-12 miles away, but was still huge in the glasses. The closest thing I can compare it to would be a giant propane tank, like you would see in a propane supply yard. You know, the main tank for filling everything. It appeared to have some kind of structure underneath it, much like the supports under a giant propane tank. What was amazing, was that the object was just sitting there, absolutely motionless, with clouds rolling right past it, and on either side of it. It was hovering absolutely motionless in the sky. I watched it for about 5 minutes or so, and finally remembered that I had my camcorder with me, and tried shooting the object, but clouds had enveloped it by the time I got it ready to roll. By the time the clouds cleared in the area again, the object had disappeared. This object was much to large to have been a blimp, of which I have seen many. The object had some kind of writing, or a symbol on its nose, that looked black. Object appeared to be metallic. Object had to be at least 100 feet long, or longer.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.


Strange Encounter

This account isn't a recent occurrence, it happened several years ago. And it didn't happen to me, but to my brother. My older brother, who's about as down to earth and sober minded as any person I've ever known.

One warm and moonlit summer's eve, the shores of the great Atlantic hosted a handful of teenage boys as they strolled together, intent on enjoying a weekend of fun, sun, camping and salt water fishing.

As they meandered along the shoreline, talking & laughing among themselves, all observed a group of very bright lights on the eastern horizon. Someone even pointed them out and made mention of the "fishing boat" in the distance, perhaps a shrimping trawler scooping up a final, twilight haul. This was nothing unusual for the area and the boys continued walking, the lights remaining stationery and slowly moving behind them as they continued northward.

A good while later, someone in the group called everyone's attention to the fact that one of the lights had separated from the others and was charging westward and in toward the beach at an incredible rate of speed.

"My God!" my brother remembered someone saying, "whoever's driving that thing is about to run it straight aground!"

They all stood still and stared in disbelief as this foolhardy captain was obviously about to crash his boat straight into the ocean floor while traveling at a tremendous rate of speed.

But only yards offshore, much too close in for a sea~going vessel to navigate without striking bottom, and without the speed of the craft diminishing at all, the object made an unbelievable 90 degree turn and continued racing along the shoreline in the direction the boys had been walking.

As the light sped along the shoreline, the water, the beach, the sand dunes and everything it passed was being lighted up as if night was turning to day. And even though the group of lights was now located quite a distance behind the boys, this particular light had traveled to shore and towards them so rapidly that it was parallel to their own position in only seconds.

When the light was precisely opposite of where they all stood staring and attempting to shield their eyes from the glaring, painful intensity being produced, the object abruptly halted without first slowing down. And, try as they may, all the boys could observe was blinding white light surrounding them, none of them being able to stare directly at the object.

Moments passed and no one moved or spoke. My brother recalled that there were no noises or sounds whatsoever, only the low, steady rhythm of seawater lapping the sand. The object continued to remain motionless and the intensity of the light did not lessen.

Then, to the astonishment of all present, the light began moving upwards, slowly and steadily rising until it was well into the air above them. There was a momentary pause, and then it blurred upwards and was gone. Seconds later, the lights remaining on the horizon shot into the heavens and were also gone.

My bother commented to me that this occurrence dramatically affected the mood and complexion of the party for the rest of their weekend, altering their conversation and their ability to concentrate on the relaxing activities they had planned. One of the boys reacted badly, being very upset about the event and would become extremely agitated and hostile each time someone would speak of it. Later on, he refused to speak about or acknowledge it at all.

What was it my brother and his friends saw and encountered many years ago while walking a lonely, deserted stretch of south Atlantic coastline? That, my dear friend, is something I'd like to know as well.

And I hope you enjoyed the retelling of this account.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


N.E. Georgia Triangle Sighting

Speaking of triangles. About 10 years ago, I saw a triangular shaped something in the night sky. I would say that except for the rapid acceleration, what I saw was the same as what those people saw in Illinois and was in the TV program last week. I went outside to smoke a cigarette about 10:00 PM one night and walked away from the house, maybe 25 feet and got where there were no windows casting light out on me. I figured that when I was out smoking, I may as well be looking at the sky' I have always done that from my first memories on. I always looked at the sky as if I was looking for something, well I was, but it is as if I knew I would see something. Anyway, I heard a very faint hum, very faint and almost undetectable. It is almost as if I listened for it, I could not hear it, but if I just listened and all, then it was there. This was late November or early December and it was already chilly and it wasn't bugs. I looked up at the sky and saw a large triangular shaped object occulting the stars and I could faintly make out the shape of a darker body against a not so dark sky. There was no moon, out, and I can't remember if there was a rising or an already set moon, but the sky was a lighter color and I could see the dark shape against it.

It, too, was one of those things that if I looked too hard at it, I would not see it and I had to just look and it was there. I couldn't focus too much on any part of it. It moved very, very slowly from the west to the east with maybe a slight north cant, i.e. from west, southwest to east, northeast. I would say the craft was 200 feet on a side and was maybe 500 feet from me and because it was out over a valley, it was following the valley actually, it was about 30 degrees up from the horizon and my vantage point. It was probably 100 feet higher than me and 300 feet above the valley floor. I live in N.E. Georgia and it is just hill and valley, nothing major. After the craft passed and was going off in the distance, maybe a 1000 feet, I saw 4 lights shaped in a diamond pattern, a square actually, but sitting on a point. They were white and I had the feeling they were in a cowling of some sort because I couldn't see them until the craft was significantly by my position. It continued on uninterrupted at the same speed until I couldn't see it anymore because of trees and the horizon. I had no feel at all for thickness.

My first thought was a stealth craft of some sort, but I couldn't figure out how it could fly so slow. The next was a object called a UFO or whatever - ours or theirs, and then after reading about a government program where they fly stealth blimps and UFO shaped blimps around, I think that is what I saw. I believe it was a triangular shaped blimp that probably cast no radar shadow, or a very tiny one that may be rejected by most radar units. The lights were probably so that no fast moving traffic would fly up on it from behind.

Anyway, my triangle sighting. Oh, btw, there have been triangular sightings at dusk and during the daylight out in that area as well as at night, so there are the real things being seen out there. That is, they were seen in enough light so that the witnesses knew they were not blimps and they moved fast and seemed to materialize. I don't live there or own that property anymore :(, but I feel it is a mystical place. I was drawn to it and felt at peace on it. It is very near where the Cherokee called the center of the earth and about 15 miles from the Guide stones. So anyway, flying triangles are us and them.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


Three Huge Triangular Crafts


Date: March 2000
Time: 9:40 p.m.


Around the first or second week of March 2000, I was driving my girlfriend home from work. It was a crystal clear night out and around 9:40 PM we were nearing her house. The funny thing about this incident is that while on the way home we were joking about possibly seeing a UFO. We were not trying to be serious or anything, just joking around. Then about a mile from her home it happened. I spotted these 3 individual, triangular shaped craft coming up over the him to our right. At first I thought these "aircraft" were either helicopters or possibly military cargo planes such as a C-130. But as they got closer I quickly ruled that out. The size of these crafts were absolutely enormous. I mean like 2 1/2 to 3 times the length of a football field.

They were triangular in shape with 3 red lights on the vertices of the triangle. The lights did not blink at all. Another strange thing about this is that they were moving incredibly slow, maybe only 25 - 30 mph and there was no sound coming from the craft. I estimated that the possible altitude of the craft was around 1000, no more than 2500 feet. Once the craft began to get closer, I had the "bright" idea to flash the lights of my truck to see what they would do. Immediately they began to gain altitude and speed. Two of the craft headed in an east north eastern direction while one craft broke with the formation and turned back into the direction it came from (southwest). Naturally my girlfriend and myself were pretty freaked out about the whole incident. But we never heard anything from anyone else about it I was very reluctant to go and start telling a story and having people think that I was crazy. Needless to say, I saw this article on your web site and figured that it wouldn't hurt to put it on here. I hope you guys use this information to some kind of end.

I thought it would be best if I let you know a little about myself and the area were in.

1. - I am a former US Marine who is currently attending college.

2. - The area where we saw the crafts is located in Lincoln Co, Ky, on HWY. 1781 at about the three mile marker. This is the small community called Broughtontown. (Approx. 20 miles south of Stanford and 15 miles north of Somerset).

Thank you to the witness for the report.


Las Vegas, Nevada Unusual Lights In The Room

I had as a child (maybe from 7 years old to my early 20's) many dreams that were UFO oriented. I had at least a hundred dreams that were very precise. I saw other people in my dreams with distinctive features. We all always would be climbing a high type of mountain. It never seemed to be much of a struggle

getting to the top of the mountain but the anticipation of seeing the saucers was great. When they came they always put on a demonstration in flying. They would fly in (40 of them) such zig zags that I could never even imagine something like that. I was there. We would gather in one other place, it seemed to be at a beach. The same people would often be there. The last time that this happened was when they chased us. I remember hiding in some bushes, they hovered over me. I was very scared. I woke up after that and never had the dream again.

I had 15 years of that. A year after that 15 year experience I had a dream that I remember to this day. I am 47 now and a successful business man with a family. It has been many years but as I recall, I was standing by myself, it was dark and gloomy. There was a flood of water and explosions. All the people were screaming and panicking. All of a sudden there was this man next to me who put this wall around us both. We were safe. Next we flew into the air and started touring the ruins. I saw our hair blowing in the wind and the feeling of flying was with me. I kept looking down at earth with all the fire and floods. I think it was sometime in the future. It was a horrible sight to see. I hope it was just a bad dream but for some reason, I don't think so.

What I'm really writing for is another experience I had along with my wife. It happened when I was 28. I was on my Honeymoon in of all places Las Vegas. The first night we were there we were awoken at 3 am in the morning. We both woke up at the same time to 1000s of fire lights shooting throughout the room. We

were both paralyzed and couldn't move. We felt a strong presence in the room all the time the fire lights streaming through the room. This went on for 15 minutes. My wife was crying so loud mainly because we couldn't move. I will never forget it. If you know or anybody knows what this was.

Additional Information:

I stayed at a hotel that currently is right next door to the Ballys casino. It was a long time ago. It might of been called the Imperial palace. This was in the early 80's. I recently went back with my second wife. She took care of all the reservations and don't you know when I looked out my 12th floor window I was facing the very place and room I stayed in 20 years earlier. I took a walk one day by myself and stood right in front of the room. It was an errie feeling. The room was bottom floor right by a huge outdoor pool. I have once seen a ghost and twice seen a UFO but that experience in Vegas was by far the scariest. We couldn't move for 15 minutes. We had a force pushing against our chest.

The UFO sighting happened in the mid 70's. Both sightings took place within 6 months of each other. The first sighting (keep in mind that all my not of the norm experiences were always witnessed with another person present) was in North Carolina at 1 am. We were coming home from a Florida trip. It was right

around Easter. We pulled into a large gas station. It was not a populated area. Route 95 at that time was a 2 lane highway. One lane each way. We were in farm fields. There were no houses, just telephone poles and fields. When we pulled into the gas station a cop car came over immediately and asked me if I had seen a UFO. He said that for the last few nights they had been around. I really didn't take him to seriously. We got on our way. I was listening to a tape (the group yes) , I will never forget that. We passed by a really bad bus accident. It seemed like a very odd type of accident. There were very few cars on the road and yet 2 cars collided with a greyhound bus. People were hurt. The police moved us past the accident. As we continued down this lonely road passing very few cars we saw what looked like a helicopter. It was in the far distance but could see the lights with no obstacles blocking the view. As it got closer we realized it had no jets and no propellers. It seemed to be following us down the highway once it got closer. I remember feeling a similar sensation with my last dream of UFO's. I was frightened.

So was my passenger friend. We pulled over, it was dark and no other cars on the road. This ship passed right over us and hovered for about 30 seconds. We didn't know what to do except stand there outside the van. We didn't lose any time or anything like that. It was maybe 50 yds above us. It had a white light and a red light flashing. It looked like nothing I've ever seen before. No noise.Then it moved down the road putting on a beam of light flashing it on and off. We stayed there until it was out of visual sight. Four months after I saw this I was traveling on the southern state parkway on long island (that is where I have lived my whole life) getting off the Hicksville road exit. I got off and saw maybe 20 cars pulled over and pointing to the sky. It was summer and around 7 PM. It was still light out. It was the same exact craft. It flew from Jones beach south shore across the island and headed toward Connecticut. That's my story. Take care.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


Long Island, New York - More Than Just A Dream


My Life Changed In 1946


I took an telephone interview with a wonderful lady on the evening of March 24, 2001.

She has quite a story to tell, and I am glad she took the time to call and relate her story to me. The report goes back many years, when she was only 5 years old living a happy life with her parents in 1946. On one particular day I woke up from a bad dream, being only 5 years old I was very scared as my dream seemed so real. Later when I thought about what had happened, I could remember this barn. (which plays a roll in this story) I also recollect from my dream a disc shaped object descending for the sky, this object cast below a fog, or steam as it approached the ground until the craft landed. Of course I was shocked and overwhelmed, not to say frightened from what I could remember from my dreams, and being only little I didn't know where these thoughts came from. In 1946 there was not much talk about UFOs as we all would find out later in life. There certainly was no talk of strange flying crafts around our home what so ever.

From the point of the object landing, I could not remember any more about this event I dreamt about. As the years rolled along and me being in my teens, I still carried these hauntings thoughts around with me everywhere I went. "Was it a dream"? "Maybe it was just that, a dream", so I thought.

In the 1970s these thoughts and images still remained with me, over powering me when ever my eyes closed for a nights sleep. To have these same memories keeping popping up day after day I started to wonder why, and to ask questions. I would hear of others who were going through a similar situation as I have been, which led me to look into the UFO Phenomenon with great interest, I was looking for some answers to what was happening to me. It wasn't ill the 1990s that my life would take a whole different, not to say the nightmares I have to this day. I sometimes wake up suddenly in a panic remembering bits and pieces of the past experience's.

Still in the 1970s I went on a trip with a friend as we were touring through New Mexico. We had gone to N.M. to go to my Brother's graduation from the College of Santa Fe, and we also did some tourist stuff while we were there. Prior to us going to Roswell, I had no knowledge of an alleged UFO crash there. As my friend and I traveled around the area, we stopped and took pictures of our trip to New Mexico.

I searched for the photos to reminisce and when I noticed that spec it floored I had never noticed it prior. I have no idea in the world what it is, but friends have suggested that it might be a UFO. I discussed this with my friend that took the photo after many years and he and I both recalled how quiet it was out there in the desert with no one else around and we both thought that if we had heard or seen a plane above which we may have noticed at the time, but we did not. Interesting though, I may have forgotten to tell you Brian, that where we were having this picture taken was a sot in the desert inside a huge fenced area with government signs saying "No Trespassing". The gate was open...not a soul around so we drove in and started driving around the desert inside the gated area. We never saw anyone so we thought it had been deserted, but near where I am standing is a dilapidated old barn which was so reminiscent to the barn in the repetitive dreams I had from 5 year of age and up into my teens years... and also when eventually I saw one of the books on Roswell incident I noticed that one of the photos looked like part of the area we had seen. So is all this coincidental...or meant to happen to me for some reason which I do not know.

As the years move along, with these images in my head and not making any sense out of them whatsoever, it was then in 1990 or 1991 when my life would change forever. I had moved from my apartment back in with my parents at their home on Long Island. It was the Fall Or Spring as Dad still had the screens on all the doors getting ready to keep the bugs out, or hadn't taken them off before winter set in. My parents had left for the weekend, so I was on my own. It was at dusk as I remember it getting dark, approx. time was 6:45 to 7:00 PM. It was looking like an ugly night was coming as I stood at the door as the rain started to fall and you could hear loud claps of thunder. Something seemed to come over me, where my eyes were drawn to look across the street at the street light. I couldn't move, as this light was memorizing to me. As I watched a green light (soft in color, almost a minty green) rose from out of the street lamp and floated slowly across the road towards me, I was so frightened, but I couldn't move an inch as this ball of green kept getting closer and closer, until it stopped only feet away.

It wasn't a solid but more in a gaseous state. I focused on the light, and this is where it gets very strange indeed. Two eyes appeared from out of this floating mass of green, but now not in a frightening fashion. It was almost like these eyes were telling me not to fear what I was witnessing. My first thought was, is this the eye of God, or an alien presence thinking back to my dreams of the craft landing in 1946.

These eyes were trying to tell me something, or as I said to you Brian, it was like it was uploading information into my mind, tons of information in which I am only getting bits and pieces of to this day. But I was shown mass destruction to our world in several ways. It seemed to me it was showing me what there was to come.After all this started on that rainy night, I couldn't remember anything from that point on, when I finally recognized my surroundings once again, it was early morning. I had lost 13 hours in which I cannot recall to this date. What did happen in the missing time ?

I felt something major had happened in my life, especially in the hours that went missing. I wanted, and needed to know, so I made an appointment with a doctor to have him place me under hypnosis to find some answers. After many visits with him, he definitely tells me what I went through on that night did happen.

Comment: I asked this lady if she knew if any her family members may have gone through similar experiences. She didn't know, but did admit that her parents were not believers in the subject matter of UFOs. I made a point that it is possible that this person was chosen for some other purpose later in life. (She mentioned that when a major event is about to happen, she will know a head of time). Was this lady a contactee as these dreams turned to a real experience ? Was this person told of things to come, on a disastrous scale ? And why was this lady chosen to carry the information which is still locked up within her mind, with only fragments coming to the surface. Maybe time will tell, but in the mean time, she lives day to day with a huge amount of knowledge locked up tightly waiting to be released.

She tells me she wakes up still from time to time so frightened and in a sweat, her husband tells the same.

Thank you to the witness for the report.


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