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By Ted Lang

The Declaration of Independence didn't merely proclaim the independence of our thirteen colonies from England and her King ­ nor did it merely proclaim America's freedom in terms of dissolving the "political bands" to that monarchy. The DOI redefined "divine right" identifying it with each and every man, woman and child, and opposing its former exclusivity for ruling bloodlines allowing them governance over "Men." 
And this redefinition was not limited to just the American colonies, but was to be "self-evident" all over God's Creation. Clearly, it attempts to articulate the Creator's intention defined as providing all people on a singular, individual basis the enjoyment of life, liberty and property. The last-mentioned "inalienable right" had to be modified considering the continued legal prevalence of slavery in the colonies. It was necessitated to ensure colonial unity against the most powerful nation on Earth.
This masterpiece of third person vernacular articulates that " Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." After pointing out that the function of government everywhere is to secure those aforementioned God-given "inalienable rights," it offers: "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."
This DOI is a masterpiece precisely because of this, its great second paragraph as framed in the third person, thereby legitimizing its universal application with both its impartiality and its dependent references to God. It is unquestionably America's greatest document, far surpassing the United States Constitution, which some nattering nabob broadcast babblers would have you believe just the reverse is true. And speaking of that four letter word, specifically the term "just," consider its use in the DOI as the adjective modifying the political term "powers." The DOI offers that government is to derive its "just powers" based upon justice, and not might. It emphasizes that the government's powers are legitimized by the consent of the people it governs. The Constitution's first charge identifying a people-created government offers that our government serves to "establish justice."
So just where is this justice both of our Founding documents speak so highly of, and hold as so critical and also in such high esteem? The root cause of all the injustices, all our concerns about the Safety and Happiness of our nation, its people, its future, IS our own present Form of Government! It serves US NOT!!! It serves itself, and a tiny minority with its rich and powerful lobby that is in reality the agent of a foreign nation. Is such a "faction" sanctioned by the DOI, the Constitution, or even in Madison's "Federalist Paper No. 10"? 
G. Bush was right! The Constitution is indeed "just a goddamned piece of paper!" And if former NSA [Not-Say] Commissar and four-star idiot Michael Hayden insists that "probable cause" is not in the Fourth Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and smiling "monkey boy" Alberto [VO5] Gonzales wishes to insist that habeas corpus is not covered in the BODY [Article I, Section 9, paragraph 2] of the United States Constitution, that's more than all right with me! It confirms my suspicion that both graduated summa cum bumma from Elmer Fudd University! And Bush and Congress probably attended as well, but Bush went AWOL and didn't graduate!
The functions of our current Form of Government can be reduced to these: American government commits fraud and lies to its people; it also kills its own people [Waco, Oklahoma City, the Pentagon, WTC towers] hiding behind phony "acts of terrorism" and also by lying our military into unnecessary and unjust wars against nations that haven't attacked US, never planned to attack US, and without any capability of attacking US.
American government embezzles from US our wealth in the form of taxes, giving tax-exempt status to the agents of a foreign government, as well as direct funding to that government and its military for wars of aggression against other nations and people. Our Form of Government has "legitimized" the theft of our private property via "property taxes" and the rulings of nine black-cloaked gangsters identified as the "Supreme Courtesans," who have set "legal" precedent that all private property now belongs to subdivisions of the American state.
Our Form of Government has attempted to enfeeble the Constitution of the United States, not by amendment as prescribed by law, but by statutes and fiats issued by our unelected "Decider." The Iraq "war," phony as to cause, but very real in terms of the deaths, dismemberments, and mental anguish suffered by members of our loyal military, are used by the likes of Bush, Cheney, Hayden and the "monkey boy," relying upon the phony war in terms of it being a "just cause" due to it constituting a case of rebellion, invasion, or a need defined by "the public safety."
It is time for America to make a decision! Consider that 74 percent of Americans do not support "The Decider's" war and invasion policies in Iraq. And astonishingly, an opinion poll taken by our own active military about a year ago came in with almost that exact [72% - Zogby] same number! Our military rank and file in the trenches wants out! And this week, high-level members of our leadership tested and proven retired military have advised our Chief Executive Moron and "Decider" that the war is lost, and that flushing yet another 21,500 of our fine military down the crapper to boost "The Decider's" ego and to provide cover for the Zionist Agenda's next required war and invasion of Iran is once again not in our interests. Again, it serves only the military and wealth interests of Israel.
And when considering the opinion polls and "The Decider's" low popularity and job ratings, remember that the ratings for "The Enablers", namely the United States Congress of Criminals, is EVEN LOWER! Consider this against the backdrop of the recent congressional elections, where the American people turned over both houses of Congress to the Democratic Party, signaling that a change is desperately needed. What are the Democrats doing with all the time and opportunity the American people have given them to make things right?!
Blather! Babble! Resolutions! Do-nothing press releases, re-releases, and non-releases. And with a Zionist media in control and dedicated to the success of Israel in eventually controlling all Middle Eastern oil, and serving as well to lead US all to more government-enforced slavery under the New World Order, objective journalism is nowhere to be found in providing the facts and truths the majority of American people so desperately needed to bring pressure on their so-called "representatives in American government. The root cause of our problems is our own Form of Government, and its new found objective in serving only the Zionists and their agenda.
And what have Congress and its new Democrat Party done with the mandate it was just [there's that word again!] given? They have collaborated to silence US ALL. Their Senate has passed S. 1, when all they needed to do was to suspend the tax-exempt status of AIPAC, force them to register for what they really are, agents of a foreign government, and seriously restrict their activities for all the criminal espionage they conduct against US. Instead, our "representatives" buried Section 220 in their lobbying bill to silence "We the People" at the grass roots level.
Our Form of Government is the problem. We need to start over. We need a people's constitutional convention to rewrite our Constitution which has now proven to be a miserable failure. Relying on politics-as-usual and expecting different results from the 2008 presidential elections will be yet another failure and another pipe dream. Politics-as-usual no longer works!  
 © THEODORE E. LANG 1/21/07 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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