Shoulder-Fired Missiles
Brought Down Five
US Choppers? 

By Carl Worden

In case you haven't noticed, the Iraqi Resistance has taken a chapter out of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and turned it 180 degrees against the author.
The past week records at least four American choppers downed by "ground fire", and in one case it was admitted that a chopper was downed by a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile.  Wanna bet they were all shot down by missiles? I'm betting they were, and this tactic is exactly the same tactic as our CIA used to drive the Soviets out ofAfghanistan. We gave the Afghan Resistance Stinger Missiles, and the Russians started falling out of the sky in droves, causing multiple casualties with each strike.
If you are basically a guerilla fighting group, once you get the aircraft out of your hair you have much better odds forcing your foe to fight you on your own terms, house-to-house. Somebody is supplying the Iraqi Resistance with modern and sophisticated, top-of-the-line SAMs, and it can't be that difficult to find out who it is. Naturally, Bush will try to blame the Iranians, but my money says it is either China or North Korea, the latter being the most likely culprit.
If this trend continues as I strongly suspect it will, our troops will lose their close air support, which leaves only the option of air strikes by fixed-wing aircraft. Jet fighters can deliver smart-bombs from a safe distance, once a specific target is located and relayed to it by ground forces, but attack helicopters have the advantage of immediately identifying the enemy and attacking in concert with ground troops.
This is the main reason our casualties have been relatively low compared to the enemy, because helicopters can wipe out large sections of resistance as the battle rages. But if the choppers are being drawn in and knocked out regularly, our ground troops will suffer the consequences because they will be forced to do all the work of clearing the areas occupied by the Resistance, and that translates into higher American casualties.



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