Desperate Leaders
Continue To Fail

Jim Kirwan

Desperation leads to chaos. When the leadership of any nation becomes so desperate, that they must rely on stealth to keep their positions - then the people of that nation need to fear for their lives.
Cheney-Rumsfeld-Bush are playing Russian-roulette with the lives of Americans, and with the lives of millions of faceless people that may perish because of their 'leaders' political desperation.
Given the new information, just released by the National Security Archives, it is now clear that 'by the end of 2006, the number of US troops remaining in Iraq were to have been no-more-than 5,000.' What does this say about the planning; the failure of those plans; and the remote 'possibilities' for a "victory" in Iraq- given what has happened to their so-called strategies over the last nearly five years? Bush has pleaded with the congress to' just give my plans a chance to work.' Yesterday he upped the ante: Now he says 'think or say whatever you want-just give me the money' to keep the troops there, Here's what was supposed to happen according to the deranged plans of the Commander-in-Chief (1).
Over the course of the "debates" in the House of Representatives: those opposing censorship have said repeatedly that "Iraq needs to step up or the US will leave." Meanwhile when confronted by Bush with this 'new plan' and a surge of US troops: The current 'leader' in Iraq told Bush that his troops only wanted weapons, not more troops! Cheney-Bush flatly refused his requests, because that would have sunk their chances to continue with the rape and plunder of Iraq. The implication was that: had we done what Iraq asked, then Iraq could have handled their own affairs, and with the US gone - Iraq could have stabilized their own country. None of this made it into the American media, especially not the numbers contained in the theft and corruption of the contracts that Cheney's Halliburton racked up by way of over-billing, graft and corruption, along with a pattern of just the failure to perform-after being paid for services not rendered (2)
Instead what has happened in Iraq is a virtual mirror of what took place under Rummy in Vietnam: 'The Vietnamese military must step up and save their country.' It didn't work then and it won't work in Iraq. Blaming the Iraqi's for the ruination and segregation of their own country has got to be some kind of record for cynical and arrogant denial by any colonial military power: especially in contemporary times. Except perhaps for Israel, who also practices this idea of blaming those whom they are slaughtering for the mess that their victims find themselves in today, in Palestine and Lebanon.
The United States of America smashed Iraq and has literally crushed the life out of that country ­ while forcing millions to flee with no hope whatever, of ever returning. Their former homeland has become just the ashes and rubble that separates the violence into sectors where American troops continue to roam: The house-to-house searches are only a pretence ­ a show of force left over from colonial times that continue to kill America men and women, while doing nothing at all to affect a real conclusion to this illegal and unjustified pre-emptive war for control of the oil in that country-in addition to the failed attempt to gain an American foothold in the very heart of the Middle-East.
How much is enough? Will this blatant thievery and murder never end? Cheney-Rumsfeld-Bush are all determined to stick it out because they have too much ridding on the outcome. That's why Rummy is still running the WAR from a consultant's office in the Pentagon. That's why Cheney is blocking investigations into Halliburton and the other 'private contractors' that operate like bandits under their secret no-bid contracts-in Iraq. The money that's at stake belongs to the US taxpayer's-where the hell are the down and dirty, no-holds- barred investigations that will jail these criminals, revoke the contracts, and fire those responsible?
No one speaks of consequences: We're lucky if they even acknowledge that something might be amiss within this devil's-own- brew of what most refer to as the leadership in Washington. Congress has been AWOL now for nearly the entire term of the self- proclaimed 'Decider.' AWOL ­ in this case meaning cowardice in the face of the enemy that is the Bush administration, and all their lackeys, in each and every one of their illegal endeavors in which they are insisting is 'THE US government in a time of war.' But "WAR" was never declared by Congress, instead congress gave a blank check and a License-to-Kill to Bush then ran away-will this cowardly act never be corrected either? If so When!
Here we are, with one day left before the big NON-BINDING vote in the House of Representatives (the Senate is still mesmerized by the portent of what the fallout might create) ­ Americans now in their graves would be humiliated, if they could but witness what has become of their country that not so long ago was a semi-free Republic! We must pick up that torch that Bush & His Bandits tried to throw away and cast some light on what really happened-not just to the political scene in America, but to the laws of this country, that between John Ashcroft and Roberto Gonzalez have become a tyranny all to themselves.
Most of all we cannot let this last desperate roll-of-the-dice, being perpetrated by occupants of this administration; become the final death rattle for this nation's once proud efforts-to try and build on civilization-instead of merely crushing it!
1) Top Secret Polo Step - National Security Archives
2) Top Twenty Iraq Oversight Outrages Uncovered by the DPC



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