No More Rules
Jim Kirwan

The Decision-maker has decided 'there are no more rules' when it comes to what he can do-regardless of the constitution, the congress or the people-but that definition has never had a place in American government. Because when there are no rules of law; there is no nation, only another deluded and demented class of Outlaws at the helm of yet another failed country!

"I fully understand that they {the Congress} could try to stop me from doing it. But I've made my decision. And we're going forward." President George W. Bush, (in an interview broadcast on CBS 60 Minutes, Jan. 14, 2007)

Four years of military and diplomatic failure and mindless slaughter without any gains at all! Now this nation is in free-fall. Four years ago Bush attacked Iraq massively-a nation that had not attacked us. Then when he took Baghdad, the world actually watched while Iraq's government and intelligence records went up in smoke, along with everything except the Ministry of Oil. Then the Decider had to face the fact that he had no idea who he was fighting, still he decided that he must "Stay the Course!" Now he's ignoring the full blown civil war (300 dead just this morning), and demanding that Iraq take responsibility for maintaining civil order; for the reconstruction of all that was destroyed, and for doing everything that the coalition-of-the-willing could not and has not done ­ despite all the firepower and taxpayer money expended. To date this is costing us $8.4 billion a month, and that's just in money!

Yet through it all 'the Decider' has continued to "Stay the Course"! This man couldn't lead sheep, much less a nation of aroused and angry citizens. In his State of the Union the Decider pleaded for yet another chance-and the Senate responded with a non-binding measure that said his response to the elections and the current course of his war was "not in the nation's best interests." The time for lame gestures by congress is over-if this congress does not act with force and commitment, then they'll be added to the list of those that must be fired. Cheney-Bush may think these things are just some corporate decisions to be made, but that's not true! These are decisions that bleed and die and that will continue to kill and maim long after the criminal-idiots that made them, have vanished. That's why it was criminal to allow the media to have covered-up the truth of who these people really are that run this government.

When public demonstrations begin to happen during the workweek, and not just on the weekends, then the world will know that Bush & the Bandit's days are numbered-for real! This will be the next step in protest, and congress would be wise to clearly declare which side of this war-against us-they are on.

The Decider's Tarnished House is fond of denouncing dissenters for failing "to Support the Troops." Yet the records tell a very different story. It was the Decider who continually ordered cuts in military benefits, cuts in military housing, cuts in combat pay; and it was he who failed to provide body armor, and it was he that slashed medical-treatment after the life-crippling wounds were incurred. His most recent slash, cut all but three locations, for medical treatment nationwide, for the most seriously wounded retuning from the Wars. These charges constitute a whole range of basically traitor-like-actions, against the troops - in a time of war. These are the same troops he uses for campaign photo-ops and who he claims to value so highly. The public needs to know who is failing to "Support the Troops," and that it is Bush that keeps their deaths a secret from the public that he says they are defending-the person in question-is none other than George W. Bush and his collaborators in his War-upon-the-World!


The Decider has a quietly privatized army of 100,000 mercenaries that he's using to expand the wars and to augment US troop strength inside Iraq, and elsewhere. These mercenaries were formed under Cheney's secretive direction, and they have grown to become the equivalent of a Praetorian Guard for the Outlaws. These are guns for hire, at a huge cost increase over ordinary GI's, and they exist beyond congressional or public oversight: yet Cheney and his mercenary armies are paid with taxpayer dollars. "Blackwater" a book by, Jeremy Scahill, describes one organization composed of ex-special forces from many nations.


"They really are the frontline in what the Bush administration views as a necessary revolution in military affairs. In fact they represent the life's work of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.


Amy Goodman: What do you mean - 'the life's work'?


JC: Well Dick Cheney, when he was Defense Secretary under George HW Bush during the Gulf War - one of the things he did before leaving office was to create an unprecedented lucrative market for the firm he would go on to head - Halliburton. He commissioned Halliburton to do a study on 'how to privatize the military bureaucracy.' That effectively created the groundwork for the absolute war-profiteer bonanza, that we've seen unfold in the aftermath of 911... . after he left office when the first Bush was president, Cheney went on to work at the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute; which really led the push for the privatization of government- not just the military:"(1)


Scahill's book probably contains more than he alludes to in his interview and this means that we may soon face even more falsified evidence inside Iraq, concerning the "the Iranian Resistance" and those who will be killed to create the Middle-Eastern version of what happened in Cambodia and Laos in the Vietnam War. The Decider's shoot-to-kill order on Iranians inside Iraq, coupled with the expose on Blackwater's unsupervised adventures, may give the US government a Middle-Eastern excuse like the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in Vietnam-to justify a similar bombing of Iran-by either the US or Israel.

In the State of the Union - The Decider mentioned our energy problems. But if Cheney had been forced to testify about what happened in those Energy Policy meetings that were secretly held almost immediately upon their joint-ascension to power, in 2001: Then we would not have these energy problems. There are real secrets and motivations for everything we continue to do in the Middle-East that are buried in those policies. Congress must unlock Cheney's secret meetings, the outcomes of which directly affected every American citizen: meetings that were held in the public's White House! The records of the participants have been sealed by special arrangement with the Secret Service, so that no hint of whoever attended those meetings ever becomes public. The records are not the property of the White House or the Secret Service ­ they are the property of the people who pay all American political salaries. True we don't pay these traitors the big-bucks ­ but without us they wouldn't be where they are, and they couldn't get those bribes that amount to millions: So give us back our records and let us decide what to do with Cheney and the illegally written Energy Policies that he and his shadow-government crafted. A Special Prosecutor must be appointed and a grand-jury convened ­ pending Impeachment proceedings against the Vice-President of the United States.


Since the failure of this nation to ever seriously question the events of 911, we have gone from bad to worse with every passing month. There is no way for this administration to explain away their lies and their every-shifting justifications that turned into nothing more than an unbroken chain of cul-de-sac's along an unlit path that was never envisioned by anyone in power. We attacked without a plan and when "victory" was denied, time after time, it finally became clear that we never had an exit strategy either. Now-the decider has chosen to ignore any and all other considerations beyond his own self-appointed and arrogantly misguided fiats. Incidentally 'the Decider' is not immortal, he's a "subject employee" and he can be fired by the people, for cause!


The Speaker of the House has said that 'Impeachment is not on the table.' That may be her political preference-but that is not her call to make, and it never was. The Congress of the United States has all the powers needed to 'do the right and legal things; in the case of The People of the United States of America vs. George W. Bush ­ It's all in the letter that was sent to every member of congress that was signed by 21,000 constitutional scholars, which is discussed here: (2).


By any measure there must be impeachments. Cheney-Bush has committed hundreds if not thousands of crimes for the sole purpose of enriching their sponsors and their agendas. The actions of George W. Bush go well above and beyond any and all the laws of this Republic. A "president" who has no respect for the constitution for the laws, and especially not for the people-is not a president in this country­he's just a tyrant and a traitor to the people of this land. If Bush or Cheney disagree with this rendering they can try to disprove it before the Senate at their trials ­ which is far more than they ever allowed to any of those they have tortured and who they currently and illegally have imprisoned!

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