Iran Revolution Ends
The 'Holocult'
Dr. Sahib M. Bleher writes that the Iran conference on the
Holocaust cuts the Achilles heel of the
current Anglo-Zionist world order

By Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher

IThe Iranians may not even be aware of it, but their hosting of the recent Holocaust conference may prove to be the most important milestone in their history since the Islamic Revolution under Khomeini. Western politicians and media certainly grasped the significance of the event, with Germany's premier Merkel standing shoulder to shoulder with prime minister Olmert of the "only-democracy-in-the-middle-east-that-is-not-a-democracy" - the apartheid state of Israel - and with BBC television news presenting the bizarre spectacle of discussing, rather than reporting on, an alleged anti-Semitic conference whilst the images in the background showed traditionally clad Orthodox Jews happily in attendance.
When the Islam-hating Western media attacked the prophet Muhammad under the pretence of freedom of speech, Iran retaliated by testing the limits of those freedoms with its own holocaust cartoon competition. In doing so they stumbled across the most jealously guarded dogma of secular Western society, the Holocult.
Whereas questioning and reviling religious beliefs is almost a cornerstone underpinning the mindset of those societies, even genuine historical research into the subject of a subsection of the 60 million who died in the second world war is prohibited and most certainly leads to being ostracised in public: The suffering of the Jews may not be questioned since "if it were to be proven that "The Holocaust" has, in fact, been stage-managed for political reasons in order to promote Israeli interests, then the State of Israel and the United States as public players, and the global Zionist organizations as private lobbying entities would have to accept their share of responsibility for the damage, suffering and hardship they have wrought upon the Middle East and the world and, accordingly, they should be held accountable."
The latter is a quote from communiqué no. 16 of Argentina's growing opposition movement MSRA or Argentine Second Republic Movement, who intend to host a Holocaust conference of their own in order to examine how the Holocaust has been used propagandistically for political ends following the end of World War II.
Rather than a one-off event, the Tehran conference is the beginning of the unravelling of the special status that Israel and Zionist Jews enjoy in the world justified by their special suffering at the hands of the Germans. The issue is not whether Jews suffered during World War II but that this suffering has been exploited since, in what Finkelstein called the "Holocaust Industry".
For the last half century, only Jews and retired politicians, the latter in their memoirs, were permitted to voice criticism of Israel and the Zionist lobby. Meanwhile, with some historical distance, many more people are demanding to have a say in the matter, although others, like the Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom Foundation, feel the need to curry favour by stating "True Muslims must never deny the Holocaust" and in the words of Ibrahim Ramey, the Director of their Human and Civil Rights Division: "The evidence of this crime, and the horrible magnitude of this killing, is irrefutable. From sources as varied as Nazi war records, film documentation, and most importantly, the testimony of survivors and witnesses, we know that the mass murder of European Jews was, indeed, the single greatest crime of genocide in the twentieth century." - whereas the communiqué from Argentina questions why, if World War II cost more than 60 million lives in Europe and Asia, mankind's attention is almost solely focused on the suffering of 10% of those victims and millions have been added since then "including almost 2 million Iraqis killed by the Bush Family and their Associates since the First Gulf War in 1991 to date".
Recognising that the label of unique suffering can no longer be worn unchallenged, researchers who questioned certain aspects of the official holocaust story were convicted in political show trials as a warning to others: in France Robert Faurisson or Roger Garaudy, the latter for his substantive book The Founding Myths of Modern Israel, in Austria David Irving, in Australia Fredrick Toeben, in Germany Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel. But with Iran state-sponsoring a conference on the subject and inviting eminent Rabbis to attend, all this effort has come to naught. The topic will not go away and awkward questions are going to be asked.
As a gentile European I may not ask these questions without penalty, but Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman, chief Rabbi of the Orthodox anti-Zionist Jewish Community in Vienna, Austria, did not prostrate before the God of Zion and did not hesitate to attend the Tehran conference decried by the Muslim American Society as immoral and motivated by racial hatred. In his address to the conference he stated that the founder of the Zionism, Theodor Herzl, already spoke in his first diaries of a number of six million Jews who were allegedly threatened in Europe and that, according to Herzl, the so-called Jewish state would only have a chance if there was a disaster for these six million European Jews, as well as that the Bolshevists and the British government already used the six million figure in their war propaganda against Germany during the first world war. He further talked about the collaboration between the Nazis and the Zionists, and added that he was sure that the last word about the real or actual number of the victims had not yet been spoken, mentioning that in 1990 the number originally specified of four million victims of Auschwitz had been reduced to approximately 900,000 to 1.1 million whilst the six million figure remained unchallenged.
Now to be consistent, Austrian prosecutors would have to charge the Vienna Chief Rabbi with Holocaust denial, but such a trial would further dent the credibility of the laws protecting the official version of events as well as that of the Shoah story itself, repeatedly embellished by Hollywood productions. It is, therefore, highly unlikely, that the Rabbi will be dragged before a court to answer on charges of anti-Semitism.
Meanwhile there are two strands to the unofficial debate about the holocaust: on the one hand historians demand that this episode of history must not be barred from proper scientific scrutiny in order to separate myth from reality. Guiseppe Furioso, for example, asks why there is no documentary evidence of the gassings nor any mention of it in Churchill's memoirs or by any other political figures of the time.
The other, and more potent, strand is the questioning of the Pax Americana or victor's justice established with the Nuremberg Trials and the propagandistic exploitation of Jewish suffering for imperial ends. Just as president Ahmedinejad of Iran convincingly argues that if the Germans tried to exterminate the Jews then they should be responsible for resettling them in their own country rather than making the Palestinians pay the price, others, like the Argentineans, point out that powers like Israel who stole Palestinian land and the United States of America who stole Native Indian land have no moral authority to play world policemen in the name of the International Community.
The tide is changing and the Argentinean press release points to the fact that its effect is not lost on the pro-Zionist camp: "Interestingly", it says, "the Zionist pro-Israeli mainstream media implicitly admits that any such investigation poses a grave danger to Zionism.
Amidst all the insults and threats from such newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, in their 13-Dec-06 issue however, they ran an article called Holocaust denial can be dangerous" which concludes by saying that, "...attacking the legitimacy of the Holocaust allows... (attacking) the legitimacy o Israel, which was created by the United Nations as a result of the Holocaust. If the first act didn't happen, then the second act wasn't necessary."
In a way this let the cat out of the bag. Israel's days are numbered if the last great "religious" taboo of not discussing the true facts and dimensions of the holocaust is broken, and with the dollar in accelerating decline and US marines taking a beating in Iraq, Iran - threatened with a pre-emptive strike by the United States for alleged nuclear weapons of mass destruction - seems to have successfully managed to cut the Achilles heel of the current Anglo-Zionist world order.
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