By Douglas Herman

"Did they throw away the locked doors from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire? Did they throw away the gas can used at the Happyland Social Club Fire?" -Bill Manning, Fire Engineering Magazine editor

I rarely watch those detective shows, you know the ones, those forensic cop shows like CSI--where a maggoty corpse is dug up by crime scene investigators ("exhumed" in CSI lingo) and the crime lab technicians back at police headquarters solve the crime in an hour or so.

Hollywood spends a lot of time solving fictional crimes involving single murders while ignoring mass killings involving several thousand actual Americans. They perform a disservice while dumbing down TV viewers (if that is possible) about crimes that go unsolved.

My buddy Bill, former Philly detective and a truly brilliant mind, feels I do professional policemen a disservice by portraying the 911 event, as an "Inside Job." Indeed I even refer to 911 as The Greatest Unsolved Crime of The Century.

But then I ask Bill how many top cops and forensic specialist ever got to set foot on the smoldering WTC site? Yes, hundreds of cops spent many heroic hours, sacrificing their health to clear the mountain of rubble but FEMA volunteers examined much of the rubble itself. Imagine police supervisors saying to detectives like Bill: ignore that murder weapon, ignore that smoking gun you found with the fingerprints, ignore that other weapon found fifty feet from the bullet-ridden corpse and ignore those half dozen ejected cartridge cases and concentrate on suicide instead.

Months after 911, senior editor Manning penned a column: "$elling Out the Investigation." and said that unless there was a "full-throttle, fully resourced investigation.the World Trade Center fire and collapse will amount to paper- and computer-generated hypotheticals."

Which is indeed what happened with the Kean Commission. The smoking guns were tossed into the trash, the fingerprints ignored. Eyewitness testimony dismissed. Those steel beams riddled with holes? Recycled at a tidy profit. Those strange, unexplainable molten pools many witnesses saw in the basement of the WTC weeks later (but conveniently not by any government experts)? Predictably dismissed by the powers-that-be.

Detective Bill remarked sarcastically: "You have got to be stumped on why there is no outcry from the NYPD that is watching, in your view, the quashing of the investigation that would lead to the actual doers. All those dumb NY City homicide detectives are so gullible that they can't even determine who killed all their colleagues, and worse yet, the dumb-ass NYFD's fire marshals can't detect the bomb blasts from many different bombs, conveniently located on each of the floors that collapsed, and are going along with the official verdict on the cause?"

A lot of professional police officers share Bill's ire at my opinion. And yet how many top forensic experts from NYPD got full access to the WTC, from day one? How many of New York's finest got access to the pile of rubble except as heroic volunteers attempting a rescue? That is as Rescuers Not Investigators? How many structural engineers NOT connected to the government tit got to study the steel core? How many metallurgists NOT connected to government-funded think tanks (like MIT) got to inspect those melted beams?

Answer: None. What we got instead was hypotheticals.

About the WTC crime site, Bill stated: "You call yourself an investigator and criticize us who don't see things your way, and I'll say it again, no photo you've shown us proves a damn thing to any one other than those who have already made up their minds about 911. And I've tried, I even asked Grant, a professional photographer who used to take all my pictures when I was a private investigator, and he sees what I see, nothing that proves anything you're saying it proves. I'll say this again, no investigator on this planet ever saw a crime scene like those that occurred on 911 (True), they are unique in many ways, so there are no experts to quote (True), and only those on the scene know what happened (True), or have a firm grasp about what happened. (True again)."

And yet of the first responders on the scene, those firefighters and policemen who escaped narrowly from the collapsing WTC buildings, Bill dismisses their testimony of the effects of bombs, the sounds of explosions and seeing the suspicious flashes of light many floors below the collapsing structure.

CSI NY. Why is it so hard to see---the crime spree at the WTC?

To his credit, however, Bill, unlike most Kean Commission apologists, admits the suspicious anomalies of 911.

"We agree there was a conspiracy on 911,.The FBI, CIA, NYPD, etc., all have things to hide, and you are correct to be suspicious of their after the fact activity, but separate it from the giant airplane filled with passengers striking the WTC, because the dots do not connect."

But the dots do connect, Bill, at least to this amateur crime scene investigator. We Truthers realize 911 was the Key that opened the Pandora's Box. The demons that escaped--the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the trillion dollar police state, the belated, half-ass investigation, the irrevocable waste of men, money and materials pursuing a fake war on terror, the enormous and obscene profits by well-connected cronies, the corrupt election system, all should indicate to any good crime scene investigator that 911 was an inside job, the result of a perfect master plan with a few flaws.

The evidence is as mountainous as the WTC debris pile.

The NORAD disappearance was as indicative of guilt as a security guard who disappears while a relative commits a mass murder. The sudden purchase of the WTC complex and massive insurance policy by Silverstein are as conclusive as semen inside a rape victim. The inexplicable collapse (not to mention arson) of WTC-7 was as indicative of guilt as a husband caught shooting his wife in broad daylight at the Superbowl, witnessed by sixty thousand football fans while TV cameras flashed the crime to millions worldwide. Which they did.

Only in America, where millions are addicted to fake TV crime shows, would so many millions be fooled by a masterful work of fakery.


Footnote. The masterful film, Enemy of The State, about the rise of fascism in America, featured an excellent portrayal by Jon Voight as a rogue officer of the National Security Agency. Amazingly, Voight's character resembled the recently-deposed, Donald Rumsfeld. The birthdate of Voight's nefarious character in the film? .9-11-40. Coincidence? Maybe. By the way, the film was created in 1998.

Amateur crime scene instigator (CSI), and iconoclast, Douglas Herman wrote The Guns of Dallas, about the ultimate "cold case." He writes for STR on a wide range of topics and lives in the tropics.



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