Pentagon Caught Red-Handed
Trying To Frame Iran

From Dick Fojut

Iran Does NOT Manufacture 81mm Mortar Shells
Markings On Shell Shown To Media Are In English!
By Kurt Nimmo
Excerpts only...
Pentagon carelessness fabricating bogus "evidence" against Iran is really quite stupendous... the 81mm mortar shell offered up to the complaisant corporate media as "evidence" Iran is supplying weaponry to the Shi'a of Iraq is an obvious ruse, as the date on the proffered shell does not follow the Muslim calendar and other markings are in English when it only makes sense they would appear in Persian script.
...Iran does not manufacture 81mm mortar shells. According to a report offered by the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, connected to the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the neocon Brookings Institute, the smallest mortar produced by Iran is the 107mm M-30.
As Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told the Associated Press, the "United States has a long history in fabricating evidence," an undisputed fact more than underscored by the lead-up to the Iraq invasion when the neocons claimed Iraqi weather balloon trailers doubled as biological weapon labs and clumsily recycled a student's homework as evidence Saddam was dabbling in weapons of mass destruction.
Iran does not manufacture 81mm mortars - but Pakistan does!
From Tom Heneghan 
Excerpts only...
WASHINGTON, DC (Cloak News) -- Zapata Engineering, an offshoot of Zapata Oil with offices in North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv, have now been linked to the hiring of private Mossad contractors aka alleged Israeli Engineers in Iraq. Of course, that is not the real story.
It can now be reported that Zapata Engineering has hired these Israeli Mossad-types into Iraq for the purposes of alleged counter-insurgency.
However, the alleged Israeli engineers have now been fingered for sniping at U.S. Soldiers and the murder of two female American Marines who had their throats slit and then placed in garbage dumps.
These female Marines had been investigating the origins of the I.E.D. (Improvised Explosives Devices). And of course it gets worse. It can now be reported that the origin of the I.E.D.'s, come not from Iran, but come from Zapata Engineering of North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv.
And now of course, it really gets worse. The projectile's discovered by American Special Forces have depleted uranium tips which connects directly to the Israeli company Rafael, which of course is owned by Zapata Engineering of North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv.
Excerpts only...
The (UK) Independent on Sunday can also reveal that the bombs and the firing devices used to kill the soldiers, as well as two private security guards, were initially created by the UK security services as part of a counter-terrorism strategy at the height of the troubles in the early 1990s.
It seems as if, according to an ex-agent, back in the early '90's the IRA were working on infra-red detonation for their bombs. Hearing this, members of the shadowy army undercover outfit, the Force Research Unit, and officers from MI5 decided, amazingly, that "if they were intimate with the technology, then they could develop counter-measures, thereby staying one step ahead of the IRA". They promptly gave the IRA the technology they needed - and they promptly shared it with Farc guerrillas in Colombia, the Basque separatists, ETA and Palestinian groups - and thus to Iraq.
Scant Evidence Found Of Any Iran-Iraq Arms Link
U.S. warnings of advanced weaponry crossing the border are overstated, critics say. January 23, 2007
Continuing comments about FALSE FLAG terror in Iraq, from Dick Fojut...
As suspected, some (or many) of the (mostly) REMOTELY DETONATED "car bombs" - and torture murders of civilian Sunni and Shia Iraqis, may NOT all have been carried out by retaliating religious Shias and Sunnis, but instead may have been FALSE FLAG TERROR by Pentagon paid killer squads intended to incite a murderous Civil War that will keep the Iraqi people perpetually divided.
Robert Young Pelton, (URL for his Licensed To Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror book at bottom), was himself a former Pentagon hired gun civilian "security contractor" in Iraq and Afghanistan. On radio interviews - and just days back on PBS' TV Lehrer Hour, Pelton revealed that our (Cheney/Rumsfeld run) Pentagon has been highly paying over 70,000 hired gun, non-Iraqi civilian "security contractors." Pelton said that these Pentagon directed "Licensed to Kill" hired guns are without oversight or control by our regular military in Iraq. Pelton said some of the "civilian" contractors drive through Iraqi cit Wayne Madsen, a former Government agent, now an independent investigator, reports that additional hired IRAQI "contractor" gunmen (thugs?) increases the Pentagon paid "contractor army" to over 150,000, matching - or exceeding the total of our uniformed American Army Soldiers and Marines in Iraq! It appears that Cheney's Pentagon controls an ACTUAL occupying force of over 300,000.
From Walter J. Burien
150,000 paid mercenaries currently structured not to be accountable to anyone except their top level US handlers, and not the American people or the rest of the world. Why commit vial crimes when you can pay an outsider to do it for you?
211WQDDDDD Sophisticated IED "roadside" bombs and mortar shells killing & maiming American soldiers, have NOT have been made in Iran! But ARE made in the U.K., Pakistan, the U.S. - and by U.S. company "Zapata Engineering" in Israel! (Read Web articles further below)
Our major "news" media continue pretending "amnesia" - but many millions of Americans now realize the Cheney/Bush cabal, intentionally DECEIVED Congress and most Americans (& media) into allowing them to launch their devastating "shock and awe" bombardment and invasion of Iraq in 2003. Except for the "amnesiacs" in the media, most Americans are now aware it was and is a war that never needed happen! Iraq was already disarmed and Cheney/Bush KNEW it!
Even though they (and the complicit media) chose to ignore and withhold from the public, the verified findings of the Ritter and Blix led UN Weapons Inspection Teams in Iraq, the Cheney/Bush deceivers KNEW Iraq no longer possessed ANY "unconventional" weapons! They also KNEW that Iraq, its infrastructure still massively demolished since First Gulf War bombing, its military equipment rusting, army demoralized and economy wrecked by over 12 years of genocidal American/British/UN embargoes, was absolutely NO THREAT to any other nation - certainly not an "imminent" threat! KNOWING Iraq was weak, Bush's Likudnik/NeoCon mis-advisors assured themselves their 2003 invasion/occupation would be a "cake walk.
But their demonization of Iraq was partially harmed when Bush was forced to publicly admit Iraq was innocent of any role in 9/11. Yet Bush and they continued to LIE, claiming that Iraq, with its "hidden stocks" of WMD, was an IMMINENT threat (especially to Israel) that MUST be disarmed immediately! And they are still LYING today!
Cheney/Bush spokesmen still refuse to admit that "accidental collateral damage" from our massive firepower has killed over 655,000 Iraqi civilians. They are also suspected of UNDERCOUNTING the tens of thousands of dedicated but equally deceived American troops that have died or been maimed in their unjustified invasion and occupation of an innocent Iraq.
BEFORE swallowing the latest Cheney/Bush "justifications" to urgently NUCLEAR BOMB Iran (as with Iraq, once again, the major Cheney/Bush excuse is to "PROTECT THE STATE OF ISRAEL" from some imagined FUTURE Iranian nuclear threat), all thinking Americans should first read the website reports posted here and by other conscientious people throughout the world... Learn the difference between trillion dollar backed propaganda and the truth. Our futures depend on it!



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