The Chain of Command is Busted!
Jim Kirwan

The Vice-President is on an American aircraft carrier off Japan, and the Decider has a scheduled trip that will take him out-of-the-country. He,ll probably be aboard Air Force One, but that plane is only used to collect money"as an extension of his political machine"it is doubtful that he could ever even pretend to operate the world's most sophisticated flying-combat-operations-center that Air Force One was designed to be. So what's the problem?
The problem dates back to Ronnie's days in the Oval office, and to a plan that was hatched by conspirators who feared Mr. Reagan might screw up, if the nation were attacked. So they changed the org. chart regarding who would ultimately be responsible, for the national response and defense of the United States"in the event of hostilities. All of this would have come out had the 911 commission done even one-fifth of its job, in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11. 2001.
Here's what was discovered by some back in March of 2004. "Finally the smoke is clearing from the skies over the events of 9-11. Several things are becoming clear. First the Bushites did indeed make plans that altered the Clinton administrations approach to terrorism. One of them was to strip commanders in the field, within the USA, of any authority to act. All that authority was placed directly upon the Secretary of Defense. The head of that department is Donald S. Rumsfeld.
It should be remembered here that Rummy spent the duration of the attacks on 9-11 in his office at the Pentagon: without even trying to communicate with his department"never mind the fact, that all of this blood that spilled after the first tower, was by law, his responsibility. Is this one of the reasons that Rice is reluctant to testify under oath? Because when this gets out that the Bushites violated their own twisted revisions of national defense procedures, and then dropped the ball completely: then there may well be a demand for heads to roll! Below in the following four paragraphs, is what the records show:
This document requires that the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, be personally responsible for issuing intercept orders. Commanders in the field are stripped of all authority to act. This amazing order came from S.A. Fry (Vice Admiral, US Navy and Director, Joint Staff) so it appears that responsibility for the US armed forces "Failure to Respond" rests directly with Fry for issuing this instruction, as well as with Rumsfeld for failing to execute his responsibility to issue orders in a timely fashion.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction CJCSI 3610.01A (dated 1 June 2001) was issued to provide "guidance to the Deputy Director for Operations (DDO), National Military Command Center (NMCC), and operational commanders in the event of an aircraft piracy (hijacking) or request for destruction of derelict airborne objects." This new instruction superseded CJCSI 3610.01 of 31 July 1997.
This CJCSI states, "In the event of a hijacking, the NMCC will be notified by the most expeditious means by the FAA. The NMCC will, with the exception of immediate responses as authorized by referenced, forward requests for DOD assistance to the Secretary of Defense for approval."
Reference D refers to Department of Defense Directive 3025.15 (Feb. 18, 1997) which allows for commanders in the field to provide assistance to save lives in an emergency situation -- BUT any requests involving "potentially lethal support" (including "combat and tactical vehicles, vessels or aircraft; or ammunition") must still be approved by the Secretary of Defense. So again, the ability to respond to a hijacking in any meaningful fashion is stripped from the commanders in the field and given directly to Rummy!
Another discovery that these documents clarifies, is that this administration did not give a damn about what happened, as it was happening, which could explain part of their hostility to having anyone apologize for those attacks on that day.(1)
Given the above"in light of current events now unfolding from London to the Korean peninsula (the Pacific fleet is on a heightened alert status), coupled with the impending attacks upon Iran and possibly Syria: Someone "big needs to locate the Secretary of War and track his every move"before and during whatever is about to happen"because according to the documents above it will be Robert M. Gates who shall be responsible for protecting America, not the President or the VP, nor will it be Chertoff and HOMELAND Security. As a matter of interest, either the president or the vice president is supposed to remain in the country at all times"especially during moments of high international tensions"so why are they both going to be abroad at the same time NOW? (2)
When 911 happened, the public was caught off guard and we were basically blind-sided by something that was unfamiliar to most Americans; at least when it comes to the US Chain of Command. Now with six long years to think about all this deception layered in so many lies"this time we ought to ask the right questions IMMEDIATELY, should there be any vile attacks within this country AGAIN.
The Decider, is nothing of the kind; and the same holds true for his supposed role as Commander-in-Chief, thanks to the rearrangement of responsibilities in that chain which has effectively broken the clear path that once led directly to the president of the United States of America. This clearly illustrates the differences between America-incorporated of which Bush is the titular CEO; and what was the case under the now defunct US Constitution.
The Outlaws fooled us once and congress covered it up"this should never happen again, and it won,t if we demand answers from the corrupted media and the government, that is really no longer our own.
1) From the Smoke & Flames the TRUTH is Rising!
2) A Moment of Truth has Arrived
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