By Jim Kirwan

It is just blatant.

"They just stuck it in our faces and dared us to do something about it. And we did nothing. Revolutions have been started over much less. There is little more the 911 Truth Movement can do. I don't know what its going to take. Martial law and people being gunned down at checkpoints? Will that do it?"

All you need to do is look at what is NOT being reported on the corrupted media. If you didn't KNOW already that there are two wars being fought and LOST at this moment, you would never get any of that from major media. Instead every news story appears in sync, nightly on all the major networks, without fail, which clearly spells: COVER-UP! Often days pass with no news whatever (on 'the box') from the one place that all americans have more than a casual interest in - and often this is confined to a single sentence about how many GI's died, and then it's on to where the celebrity corpse will be buried.

Scandals and investigations abound, there are even a number of Impeachment articles circulating - but no mention is ever made of these efforts. Katrina has still not been investigated, but the treatment of the returning injured from the wars has become a scandal - but what about the hundreds of thousands that were deserted, robbed, or trans-shipped to as far away as Alaska - while the privatized "reconstruction of New Orleans" proceeds without so much as a whimper of scandal or investigation? So once again, Doug, We've BEEN HAD. Over and over and over again.

"Everything" goes first of all -  to the stolen election of 2000 - because that created an illegal officer at the head of this government. The other factor that MUST BE DEALT WITH, is 911, and all of what happened BEFORE, ON, and AFTER that day - because without this event none of what is about to happen to us all could ever have been put in place.

Yet - true to form - the public has FAILED to maintain any real focus for any remotely practical length of time: due largely to the piling on of major catastrophes that continue to "happen" by the hour. . . We have been such an easy bunch of sheep to herd - such a bunch of GUTLESS wonders that are more concerned with whatever consequences we might face for speaking out - than we are for the CRIMES we are complicit in, by remaining SILENT on these pivotal and treasonous acts by the thugs that run this country.

When the next wave of created storms or the attacks upon still more nations begins to happen - Will there be any change in the level of "involvement" of the people - HELL NO! because we have already given our consent to everything that is being done in our names, not just once or twice, but literally thousands of times. Not only have we condoned the deaths of all those Americans that died in these illegal wars - but to the now over three-quarters of a million Iraqi's and Afghani's that we have murdered in that process: and that's just the on-the-record numbers of the dead - this doesn't count the maimed, the homeless, or the displaced - never-mind the fact that we've annihilated the records of the 'Cradle of Civilization' along with pressing and funding the continuing 48 years of WAR that is intended to exterminate the Palestinian people and their very existence from this world - the physical costs of which American taxpayers have funded all along.

Now Israel is DEMANDING that the US taxpayers also pay for the entire costs of the destruction of Lebanon as well (70 Billion MORE) - in that military failure that Israel pressed for over thirty days while the entire world just watched and waited on without complaint.

Who today dares to call themselves "human" much less 'Americans' in light the overwhelming evidence to the contrary? We are nothing but the world's most egregious cowards who have run from the real enemies of this nation - in a time of "the War-From-Within" that this nation has waged upon each and every one of US.

History, if there is to be a "time-after," shall condemn us all - as the greatest of criminal cowards to have ever darkened the pages of any history, EVER written.


How Quickly We Forget

Douglas Shaw

Jim Kirwan

I just don't know what can be done. Any who have the power to effect real change are already either in on the deal or living in fear for themselves and their families due to blackmail. The Bushes, Cheneys and Clintons are literally some of the biggest criminals of all. All of the "big names" in politics since the end of World War 2 (and before) have literally been a part of the most pervasive organized crime ring in history. I grow despondent. If I thought somewhere in Central America or Venezuela or Argentina or Europe or ANYWHERE one might think of would be safe, I'd go there. Nowhere is safe. And its just going to get worse. I admire you, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Amy Goodman, Michael Ruppert, Judith Moriarity and the whole ilk that continue to try to persuade. I'll even keep on blabbing my own mouth to friends and on the internet but I do believe it is rather futile.



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