Harry Schultz Says
'It's All Over!' - Is He Right?

By Joel Skousen
World Affairs Brief
Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World

Harry Schultz, the iconic financial guru who has been tracking the US loss of liberty for almost half a century, warned his readers in January that, like lambs to the slaughter, "Its all over!" He even addressed readers as "Dear Lambs." This week I'll add my analysis to the controversy. Just how far gone are we, and is there any hope?
The International Harry Schultz Life Strategies Letter [ ] of January 21, 2007 begins with the now famous conspiracy quotation from David Rockefeller at the secret Bilderburger conference in Baden-Baden Germany in 1991: "We are grateful to the Washington Post, NY Times, Time magazine & other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings & respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated & prepared to march towards a world govt. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite & world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
Then Harry continues with [my comments in brackets], "Frankly, dear, dear readers of mine, I fear we've lost the game. The insiders have won. They now control all the levers of power, financial & political. Many good men in public office are prohibited by the system from reforming it. [The PTB uses a variety of methods to discourage dissent: most have their jobs or advancement threatened if they persist in speaking out.] Commercial, media & political power is concentrated in just a few elite hands. I've (& others) warned (loudly) for decades in HSL what was happening & what would occur if nothing was done. People were lulled into lethargy via careful massive brain conditioning [some of this is innate--most people don't have the courage or will to fight], became content to watch TV 7 hours a day, accepted the misdeeds of politicians, the raging moral degradation of society, the creation of media/corp monopolies, the ruin of money worldwide--begun (via careful plan) by Washington/NY insiders.
"People blamed inflation for their 50% loss of buying power in last 35 years, not realizing the definition of inflation is an increase in the quantity of money/credit by banks/govt, equally. They cleverly removed gold as currency backing to give them monetary control. There is now no legal restraint on govt. Govt distorts economic data [especially the CPI and the PPI inflation indices] & everyone knows it, but the kept-press is kept silent & thus nobody marches in the street about their life being sacrificed on the altar of globalization--offshoring jobs--the lie called 'free trade,' which in fact means the opposite, like all govt legislation titles. [Actually, the globalist version of "free trade" is more akin to the old corporate mercantilism--with favors carved out by the government for large insider corporations only. The little guy is never allowed to bypass the regulations.] Eg, Patriot Act is unpatriotic if [you] still believe the US Constitution has merit & is a lighthouse for other nations. The minority who understand all the above are mostly afraid to make waves--which is also part of the grand scheme, to intimidate or buy-off critics. ... Today, with the devilish North American Union being cemented into the US & Canada's future, the sabotage of freedom, both individual & collective, is being completed. [That said, the PTB know all too well that if they don't touch the most obvious symbols of liberty (freedom of worship, movement, and speech) until the very end, people will still THINK THEY ARE FREE, even when the game is already fixed. When the final freedoms are shut down, it will already be too late.]
"Will individual/personal freedom & former civil rights come back some day? Maybe. Perhaps the extremity will lead to its destruction. But, if so, we have to get through a worse period before we get there, if we do. And to get through it requires a lot of effort, especially if [you] live in the US in its present mode; many are leaving the US until it is 'safe' to return. [For most, this is shortsighted and unwise. HS lives in Europe and will suffer the shut down of freedoms there in the next world war, just like here. At least in the US, we have a large potential resistance movement and plenty of room to maneuver or hide (if you don't live on the East coast).] Washington has become an imperial govt with the public regarded as peasants, & the laws have been changed to match. Everything is a crime if civil servants wish to use existing laws. Changing presidents doesn't change new laws. Washington is Rome. Caesars come & go, each inheriting & demanding greater powers than his predecessor. (US Pres. Executive Powers now total 12K, upsetting the system's balance of power).
"PS: One of my inner circle advised me against running this article, showing so little hope. But my duty is to my subs. If [you] want sugar coating, see big media. [That was my response in past years to a subscriber who was longing for some "good news." It isn't good news we need, but a clear picture of our "awful situation."] There are no strategies useable/available to win against Big Brother govt at this late stage of lightning-fast deterioration of democracy/liberty/privacy, when the casino is rigged against [you]. ... In the past 4 mos that erosion velocity has increased by 80%. [I would say that rate of erosion velocity has been going on ever since conservatives got suckered into electing the current globalist script reader, Gwb.] While there is no current hope for reform/change or replacing the controlling elite, what little hope there is to simply 'survive'--physical, financial, [and] mental. [I would add the spiritual dimension as well.]"
I'm in complete agreement with Schultz on the core issues. I would only add that we are still a ways off from the PTB springing the entire globalist trap. That won't come until war comes, and we will never fully recover from the effects of this next big world war.
There is still work to be done in the few remaining years we have before the Russians and Chinese launch their pre-emptive strike on American military targets. The Russians need about five more years and the Chinese probably need ten. So, we may have more time, though you shouldn't delay preparations based on that hope.
I'm not addressing only your physical preparations to survive war or the demise of liberty. It's even more important to prepare your children and friends mentally for what's coming. In the remaining "good" years we have, basking in the illusions of peace and prosperity, our primary outreach has to be to the good people we know who need to understand the degree in which liberty is already lost when we only possess the appearance of a democratic process. When elections, the courts, and the media are effectively rigged as well, there is no real way to change things within the law. Don't worry about trying to influence those who don't have a clue. Search out those that suspect that something is wrong. If, in today's analysis rich internet environment, a friend can't sense anything wrong, you are dealing with someone who doesn't want to see. You'll only antagonize them by trying to open their eyes. Work with people who are teachable and interested in truth and you'll be less frustrated in this process. We must do our part in building a remnant that will not be snookered into drifting into the NWO when it finally takes on the force of evil law.
Too many people within the truth movement have this fatalistic attitude that what's coming is not worth living through. The fact is, most will live through it whether they like it or not. They might wish they WERE dead, but THEY WON'T BE DEAD and they will have to cope. So, it is better to prepare to cope and have some skills to cope with than simply wait for the coming war and loss of national sovereignty. One of those skills is to be able to handle the tremendous stress that will inevitable accompany the breakdown of the social order.
DEVELOPING TOUGHNESS: Coping is tough if you haven't conditioned your family to handle hard times. That doesn't mean necessarily continually preaching to them about the threat of the NWO. Giving them the rational for preparing is important, but, it doesn't do a lot of good to keep pressing adult children who are resistant to our version what is going on in the world. Time will teach them the consequences of blindness. But what you can do is encourage them to do common sense things that toughen people up mentally: hard cardiovascular exercise, not overeating, and eating really healthy organic food, for starters. Remember, this doesn't include "low calorie" foods with phony fats and imitation sweeteners, which are deadly. It is also important for families to toughen up mentally by doing lots of substantive reading of good biographies or history, learning languages (like Spanish), and book-learning new professional or manual skills.
By far, the greatest thing you can do for your children is expect them to discipline bad attitudes and lazy work habits. Putting pressure on ourselves to overcome weaknesses and bad attitudes is one of the greatest of the toughening exercises--and it yields great results long-term.
Some children are innately soft, and need toughening, even if totally obedient and nice. Soft children don't like pushing themselves in anything and have become accustomed to being asked nicely about any request--which is fine for a peaceful world. But sadly, the world they face in the future won't ask nicely, and they need to know how to be tough enough to stand up to real threats and hardship someday.
That's why the Marines and other military services do a lot of screaming and yelling in training--to get recruits accustomed to not freezing up under intense stress. While I'm NOT recommending you yell and scream at your children just for practice, it is appropriate to show strong verbal disapproval when confronting real tantrums and rebellion. Moreover, you can place them in such things as competitive sports (bad as they are sometimes) because they at least will be forced to move fast and react fast under pressure. Some will say, "I'm just not a sports person." I accept that. But even so, we sometimes have to learn to handle ourselves in situations we don't feel comfortable with or even like. Dealing with playing basketball when they don't like it is NOTHING compared to dealing with a kidnapping, shooting, or rape someday. Learning to ride a horse at a gallop, mountain biking over rough terrain, and long distance running are also good in building strength and character. Don't shield your children from tough growing-up experiences. They will thank you for it someday.
EARLY WARNING ON TRIGGER EVENTS: Let's talk about how to see possible danger zones coming in the future. In the last issue of the WAB in 2006 (The Big Picture--see "Latest Brief" archives), I covered my suggestions for preparations in general. Now, I would like to add something different. I would like my readers to start looking for possible trigger events to a larger war. World War III will most assuredly have one or more triggering conflicts to seemingly "justify" the larger attack on the US military. All wars have trigger events (usually purposefully provoked).
Keeping in mind, our globalist Western leaders are actively setting the stage for various trigger events. Some, like Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq have as their major purpose the antagonization of opposing forces in the world. Other potential future trigger events are Iran, North Korea, and Taiwan. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is also an ever-present potential trigger event--especially because Israel has the potential of taking the conflict nuclear and engendering nuclear retaliation.
At this stage, we do know the US is planning an attack on Iran. I feel strongly it will be this year and that Israel will initiate the attack so the US will have an excuse to rush in--despite the Bush administration's repeated denials of any such plan of attack. The US can then excuse its involvement under the cover of "we had to come to Israel's aid."
The attack on Iran will most likely be a furtherance of the "antagonize the world" strategy. But it could be a direct trigger to World War Three. Russia is warning the US NOT to attack (though they did that with Iraq and then let Iraq fall). So, how much is bluff and how much is real? I think it's a bluff on the Russian's part, but we can't ever be totally sure when dealing with some many evil empires.
So, while I'm 90 percent sure that Iran is NOT a direct trigger event for WWIII, I am suggesting that my subscribers treat it seriously enough to at least review all your preparations, check your equipment, and brief your children on what they should do to get home in a big crisis. Even my adult children need occasional briefings. They tend to rely too much on their father to warn them. I want to try to instill in them a higher sensitivity to see the world and its potential threats for themselves.
One very important thing you need to brief your family on is what do when something big happens and you are all separated. You need to establish two other meeting places where they can be found in case they can't make it home--such as a friend's house, a school, or church. These places should be accessible by foot from where they spend most of their time during the day.
They should be trained to always carry with them some bright colored post-it notes and a pen so that they can leave a note near the main front door of the secondary meeting place in case they have to leave it. The note should explain where they have gone and in the company of whom. These notes should be stuck high up on a glass entrance door, if possible on the inside of the door where the wind won't blow it away and with the message visible from the outside. They will have to write on the sticky side for this to work. If possible, they should have a cell phone to help communicate in an emergency.
These are the kinds of training that you can start with. The more options you have, the more you have to think through the contingencies. If you have a shelter planned in your home or some secure location, you have to develop transportation plans to get there after you've gathered your family. You even have to develop contingencies for leaving someone behind should you not be able to get together. These are tough issues and you don't want to have to be figuring them out in the middle of a crisis. Do your planning whenever you see one of these potential trigger events arise. That's what I'm trying to encourage.
Lastly, remember that you will eventually have to deal with the increased skepticism of non-believing family members when you prepare for many years and nothing ever happens. First, things are happening. The world is moving closer to this horrible war, not further away. So, just because the "big one" hasn't happened doesn't mean everyone can relax completely. Actually, the better prepared you are, the more you can relax about it until it comes. But the bottom line is this: As long as Russia and China are continuing to build huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, I am going to assume they intend to use them someday. It doesn't matter how long it takes. I am determined to be on my guard and watching.
I intend to warn my subscribers via email if I can. That is one of the reasons why I would hope you would continue to subscribe even though you might think you know my general views on how this is all coming down. Nevertheless, no one is infallible and you shouldn't rely on my view alone. That's why I try to explain to you how I see things. I'm trying to help each of you gain the skills to see for yourselves and prepare as best you can.
So, when George Bush tells Bob Woodward in his book, Plan of Attack, "We will export death and violence to the four corners of the Earth in defense of our great nation," you can believe him--at least the part about exporting death and violence. It will be done NOT in defense of our once great nation, however, but in the name of building an evil New World Order
When comrade Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security announces a two-year delay in implementing the "Real ID Act," you can believe him, but also understand that this is no victory. The globalists are merely reacting to the growing rebellion among states at this unfunded mandate and putting off the confrontation until they can undermine the states who are up in arms. Sadly, hardly any of the state governments are up in arms about the loss of privacy that comes with a national ID card (or imposed national standards) but are only concerned about the cost of funding such a system. The feds will easily be able to defuse the money issue and then the "Real ID" will once again go forward.
Most things the government says, you should NOT believe: You should not believe it when they tell you our missile defense system will defend America. It is only there for show and perhaps as a provocation for Russia. It is not designed with a warhead nor deployed in sufficient numbers to affect a Russian/Chinese pre-emptive strike at all, though the Russians worry that it is. Besides, Presidential Decision Directive PDD-60 is still in effect, telling our missile forces to NOT launch on warning, but absorb a nuclear first strike. Do the Russian's believe it? I doubt it. But its true purpose is to induce Russia to make the first launch a big one, so our leaders can have an excuse for losing the first part of the war.
Do not believe the Bush administration when they assure America that Russia and China are our ally in the phony war on terror. Do not believe the administration or Russia when they assure you that Russia is disarming. Do not believe the administration when they assure you they have disbanded secret CIA prisons. In fact, these prisons are still in existence and are still in use. Even in the US, the Bush administration has many new nuclear war bunkers as well as excess prison capacity (built off-budget for some future purpose, they won't say what). These prison's purpose is NOT to round up illegal aliens. They have other dissidents in mind for that.
When the government assures us that habeas corpus is still guaranteed for American citizens, don't believe them. When people someday disappear into America's secret Gulag, there will be no habeas corpus law to make the government show cause or even declare if they have someone. The continued improper use of "national security" to cover for secret court hearings (like the high profile "hearing" of supposed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed at Guantanamo), not to mention illegal surveillance and imprisonment without charge that is growing, not diminishing. Even the media is complicit. There should be howls of protest, but no. This week the reporter who blew the whistle about the secret FBI wiretapping rooms he saw installed in a new AT&T building said that not only did the government pressure him to be silent, but that his employer (LA Times) did as well. What does that tell you about the complicity of the media? Others have subsequent said that every major telephone central has one of these. Nobody asks for a warrant and nobody shows a warrant to go inside and listen in on conversations. The supposed FISA control over this process is only for show.
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