One Thousand, Four-Hundred
And Sixty Days That
Will Live In Infamy

Jim Kirwan

This is the length of time that the Deciders & his mercenaries have been devastating Iraq, one Iraqi at a time, with the tacit approval of too many Americans, for far too long. The Decider, speaking to the nation today noted that if we were to pull out, 'that would be disastrous for the security of this nation.' He's been making noises like that for a long time now: Bush should have thought about all that "before" he decided to have his tantrums that led to the invasion of Iraq-now it's too late!
Over 10 million people told him that, the UN told him that, the Atlantic Alliance told him that and NATO told him that ­ but did he listen? Hell NO, he was George W. Bush, the Dictator in waiting.
Now he calls himself the Decider, and he tells us that he's changed. But his 'new' policies still look exactly like the old policy: "Stay-the-Course," but with additions in both manpower and billions more, to keep the grim reaper's weapons moving at top speed-cutting down people like a knife goes through butter. What's changed? Why George has changed, he's the Decider now! Cheney hasn't changed except to get even more belligerent from his nasty- hole inside his own secret government that's wallpapered in paranoia and Secret-Contracts-Unending. Rice hasn't forgotten how to wave to the cameras: But she's still incapable of making anything that looks like an actual deal take place. Rummy's still hiding out in the Pentagon, but he's been replaced by a former head of the CIA ­ so we'll probably never know what his job is really all about, either now or later.
What's happening with the war? That's really not going well at all. In fact if you'd slept through three-quarters of all that time, and you were just tuning in to THE WAR, you'd think that it just began-minus of course about a million Iraqis that will never see the sun again, along with very large numbers of American casualties that have returned in pieces, along with 3200 plus Americans that are in the same place as the Iraqis they killed. There is one very large unknown, that comes from the numbers of private contractors (about 100,000 on the ground now), but there are no numbers available, except maybe to Cheney because he got them their contracts, as to how many exactly of these mercenaries are also dead or maimed: they have insurance so they won't be going to that hell-hole that Walter Reed apparently has now become. (1)
Then there's the money: something like 2.3 trillion of our hard- earned money has apparently 'disappeared' in the fog of war, according to the War Department. That was enough money to have made New Orleans whole again, and we might have actually been able to provide some jobs and food to the poor with that much of an influx: but we're not smart enough to be told about this 'little problem' by our oh-so-qualified leaders: those same idiots that not only got us into this mess, but who are now insisting that we must continue to stay the course and "just give War (another) chance!"
History proves that "when you're in a hole-the best solution is to just stop digging"!
Congress for their part in this criminal affair has taken the will of the electorate and told us that we basically don't know what we're doing either. Pelosi has "decided" for the congressional representatives that are supposed to listen to us, not her-that Impeachment is still 'off the table." So now the pundits are saying that the ONLY thing that congress can do is to control the purse strings and just cut off the funding for the war. But that doesn't resonate in congress, "it's just too risky." "Might give the public the idea that they don't support the troops-and since we're coming up on yet another election -no politician wants to be seen bucking the president of the USA, when we're in a war.
The solution is obvious: STOP the WAR! Hold the hearings, use the constitutional power of Impeachment and bring "consequences" back into the political equations that we have to live by-and let's just get on with it ­ NOW!
The facts are these: We have already lost the damned war. Our military alone could never have won this one anyhow-because this can only be settled by diplomacy-and by real politics that recognize the true facts on the ground, which we should remember from Vietnam- cannot be done with weaponry alone. The longer we stay there, implementing one tiny new point every six months ­ is not only time and money misspent but it means the needless additional loss of human lives that will run into the hundreds of thousands: and all because our pretend dictator can't face reality?
Besides all that: the people we put in charge of this disaster never had any plans whatsoever-for what they did to Iraq. If there had been anything remotely like a plan then we would not have completely blown the occupation. Nor would we have taken a darkly political situation and turned that into a howling mass of terror, chaos and murder. We delighted in using force-unending to control a public that was already on its knees-thanks to our 'sanctions' and our 24-7 bombing raids that lasted twelve long years. We have spent these last four years breaking into private homes, rounding up all the males and some who are still children, together with some women for routine rape & torture, just because we can. Our so-called Intelligence agencies don't speak the language, our spies have no clue as to what the hell is going on anywhere inside a three way civil war that we more than helped create-and still the Decider says we must Stay-the- Course and "give war another chance"? What is Bush playing at- and why do we tolerate this?
Do we not already have enough enemies that we must continue to go our- of-our way to create millions more ­ just because we can! The Decider is fond of saying that "We must complete the Mission" but he fails to define what that 'Mission' really is-because he can't actually tell us the truth of that situation either. Part of this is because this is actually Israel's fight-not ours. The other part of this is that we've got this scam going that the Iraqis will never buy into ­ which gives all their oil to foreign oil companies for the next 35 years. The Iraqis get nothing at all! That is the 'victory' that the Decider is waiting on ­ the contracts that he's expecting his puppet regime in Baghdad to hand him very soon now: and those are the real reasons we won't leave now, while we still can. Are the lives of your loved ones worth the wait? Those who die are more than just a statistic to those who love them-and as for those who say, "It's worth the risk" you have to wonder-to whom and 'compared to what'!
We need to get out now, and let Israel fight its own war inside Iraq where they will not be facing kids with rocks, but a savvy enemy with real weapons that they might enjoy using on the Israeli army-just for a change of pace.
On the home front Gonzalez has finally shown his amateur side to the entire world, with his 'busted- game' that he tried to run on eight US Attorneys. For this one, Roberto partnered-up with the Decider and Rove his co-conspirators-and now it looks like congress might stop shaking long enough to call this fatally-flawed trio in for questioning. But if Fred Fielding, the president's new negotiator, gets his way; then the Office of the Presidency will not be allowed to lower itself to explain its actions to the Congress, a co-equal branch of government ­ at least on paper. However if that doesn't happen there just might be a huge backlash against everyone in Washington-cause this little game has gone on for far too long!
This time there are hundreds of e-mails; and a paper trail exists that puts the finger on Rove and the Decider who decided that they had a problem with that prosecutor down in San Diego. This, because she sent an e-mail to Justice saying that she was following up on the conviction of Duke Cunningham with higher-ups that were also involved -and she was requesting documents. That produced a direct response from the White House to Justice saying "We have a problem!" After that the firings went forward, with that particular US Attorney prominently among the victims. The jerk from Rove's office that was slated to take over one of those US Attorney vacancies had been disbarred for cause, and that factoid seemed to really anger a lot of congressional people. The Bandits snuck a clause into the Patriot Act saying that the President can replace US Attorneys, without congressional oversight ­ well, congress appears to be growing a spine for this one! (2)
The whole circle of complicity is now in danger of becoming targets of everything from corruption and fraud, to serious criminal activity, in direct contradiction of their oaths of office. It remains to be seen whether the congress will really stand up to the Outlaws and take them all up to 'the Hill' with warrants if need be ­ including the so-called president of the United States of America. The one lone holdout may be Cheney-as he lives by a completely different set of rules, having his own private army, and his own totally separate government operation that answers to no one ­ not even to any agency of the US Government-ever! So maybe Cheney might escape ­ but everyone else ought to be invited to that party before the public's microphones, to answer the Senate's questions that will be asked in Open Session! That would really be a week to remember, imagine Bush under oath with Cheney NOT allowed to come within 500 yards of the building ­ there's going to be an awful lot of stuttering going on. But IF this happened we might see the beginning of the roll-back from this tyranny that dares to call itself a government!
Who knows with a functioning government we might actually be able to begin to do something about our imploding economy that's becoming more like the fourth world every single day. It's the looting of this nation that is lining so many corporate coffers and people are, as always, too narrow skulled to grasp that they are being screwed. This cute little system is how the lackey's of the NWO are now able to dismember that cadaver that we used to call this country - turning her into nothing but pieces of putrid meat to be parsed and sub- divided into nice little corporate chunks of the what was once thought to have been the world's most profitable (and most promising) nation. Well those days are definitely over! (3)
Here's the equation, just follow the money & the transnational corporations: Israel is making bank & gains on the war, Halliburton is also making bank on the war, along with Kellogg, Brown & Root, plus Blackwater (Fred Fielding - the president's new lawyer is still Blackwater's lawyer) - add in corporate America - making bank on the same wars - and it soon appears that there's no-way that we'll ever be able to STOP any of these endless wars unless we completely fall apart militarily. That would only speed up what's happening on our own borders which would probably instantly dissolve anyhow, once we are attacked again anyhow! (4)
It looks like the dawning of the fifth year of this war-a war that will go down in history as one of the most heinous continuous crimes ever committed under so many false pretenses-may finally be about to come to a screeching halt! Call people, talk to people, make some noise about this Outrage-if we can do that long enough and loud enough, (during the week as well as on weekends) then just maybe something in this nightmare will finally begin to really change-for the better!
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