The Zionist Lobby And US
Corporate Irresponsibility

By Karl W B Schwarz

I see distinct parallels between Zionist Israel sleaze and lies and what is going on in America in our government and corporations that are also lies and sleaze.
On one front we have what is apparently a friendly Arab government in Dubai selling all of its US port interests, due to national security concerns raised, to a known Zionist powerhouse that has raped and plundered many US investors for the glory of Zionist Israel. American International Group is just a name, it is not a pledge to back America first.
AIG is one of the most anti-American, anti-Arab, pro-Zionist Israel firms in America.  Its former CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg was forced out in lieu of facing criminal charges. You can also check into the AIG Orion Fund, which invests exclusively with Israeli technology companies along with the likes of Marc Rich and Gary Winnick of Global Crossing infamy. Dig deep enough and you will find Michael Milken too.  
A reader from Nevada brought up an interesting point I have wondered about for years.
"Hello Karl,
Perhaps you can point me in the right direction. My stepfather was an undertaker. He said that it takes about 2 hours to cremate a body.
I have seen photos of the ovens in the concentration camps. they do not look very large, more like bakers ovens.
Based on my Dads comments and my seeing these ovens, it seems that it would take forever to dispose of 6 million bodies.
Could it be that we are been "fooled" again?"
The numbers do not add up and it is Zionist Eretz Israel that does not want the matter analyzed thoroughly. There were not enough ovens in all of the camps to dispose of 6 million bodies during the time period in question. 
I do not doubt there was suffering during World War II and that many things happened that should not have happened. The Zionists claim 6 million but World War II claimed 49-55 million lives so the matter was about 12% to 11% a "Jewish suffering" issue. Many suffered and many died and most were not Jewish. 
I have this problem with the Zionist Rothchilds and the Bush Family financing the Nazi Fascist regime.  It has always had the smell to me as yet another third rate theater to keep people from paying attention to what was really going on. When I consider that James A. Baker, III admitted to der Spiegel in 1992 that the war with Germany was "an economic preventative measure" it smells even more.  
Then on another front we have the Saudis, close friends of the Bush Family, already known to be backing the Sunnis and now threatening to back the Sunnis.  
Report: Saudis Warn They May Back Sunnis
Dec 13, 6:23 AM (ET)
NEW YORK (AP) - Saudi Arabia has warned it could decide to provide financial support to Iraqi Sunnis if the U.S. pulls its troops out of Iraq, where sectarian violence between the minority Sunnis and majority Iraqi Shiites has threatened to tear apart the country, The New York Times reported.
Saudi Arabia is a majority Sunni country and up to now has promised U.S. officials that it would not intervene to assist Iraq's Sunni insurgency, according to the report, appearing in Wednesday's edition of The Times and citing anonymous American and Arab diplomatic sources.
But that promise might not hold if U.S. troops leave Iraq, the newspaper said. The Bush administration has repeatedly said there are no plans for the immediate pullout of U.S. troops.
The Times reported that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia sent the warning to Vice President Dick Cheney two weeks ago during the vice president's visit to Riyadh. The message also emphasized the kingdom's displeasure with proposed talks between the U.S. government and Iran.
Iran - a majority Shiite country - is believed to be providing military and financial support to Shiite elements. The recently released Iraq Study Group report suggested the Bush Administration engage Iran and neighboring Syria in talks aimed at applying pressure on Iraqi Shiites to keep what some analysts are calling a civil war from spiraling into a regional conflict.
Saudi Arabia has expressed concern that once U.S. troops leave Iraq that the controlling Shiite majority could massacre the Sunni minority, believed to comprise a large faction of the deadly insurgency that has claimed thousands of Iraqi civilian and U.S. military lives.
The Times reported that Saudi Arabia's fears seemed to have been exacerbated by growing discussions in Washington aimed at accelerating the timeframe for bringing troops home.
You have to consider the political duplicity in this recent announcement, after it has already come out that they are financing the Sunni insurgency, to appreciate the devious nature of what is going on.
That is furthered by our Always Wrong Great Decider announcing on the same day the he has made a decision on future Iraq "Strategery".
Bush Decides Direction of Iraq Policy
Dec 13, 4:27 AM (ET)
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush has decided the general direction he wants to take U.S. policy on Iraq and has asked his staff to work out the details as he wraps up a highly public review of the war and its aims.
Military commanders who met Tuesday with Bush sought more advisers to train the Iraqis, not more U.S. combat troops in Iraq. They also urged the administration to pour significantly more funding into equipment for Iraqi security forces, according to a defense specialist familiar with the meetings.
Gen. John Abizaid, top U.S. commander in the Middle East, and Gen. George Casey, the top general in Iraq, want more armored vehicles, body armor and other critical equipment for the Iraqis, said the defense specialist, who requested anonymity because the discussions were private.
Abizaid has told the Senate Armed Services Committee that troop levels in Iraq need to stay fairly stable and the use of military adviser teams expanded. About 140,000 U.S. troops and about 5,000 advisers are in Iraq.
That means to protect his sorry ass and US oil interests we are staying in Iraq, at least until the tea leaves are known as to how 2008 is going to turn out for the Republicans.  
Few realize that the Allies turned over the entire Nuremberg Trials to the Zionist Jews. You have to dig to find it, but most of the prosecution team at Nuremberg were Zionist Jews that had been after Eretz Israel all along since at least 1904 and Theodor Herzl who has a mountain named after him in the current day Israel. 
When I woke up December 13, 2006 and turned on Sky News, you would have had to see what I saw to believe it. At the Tehran Holocaust Conference are many Jews, especially Hassidic Jews that want the Holocaust investigated and history set straight. They were shaking the hand and hugging President ( Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. I had to go get a second cup of coffee to make sure I was seeing what my eyes were seeing. 
When I compare that scene with the Western media that is howling about the audacity of this Holocaust Conference, vilifying the Iranian president and failing to mention how many Jews are at the conference, it starts to show the underhanded nature of the media and the sleazy policies of Zionist Israel and Washington, DC. Reuters is showing photographs taken and they show an entire entourage of Hassidic Jews that are attending the Holocaust Conference.
Based on what Americans are spoon fed on this issue, whoadathunkit?
I am not aware of any Christian religion that has factions that are either trying to get Christ out of Christianity or ridding Christianity of an evil cult that has taken over the reigns of what Christianity is. There are Christian groups that have a self-serving theology, but not to the point that it has happened in Judaism. However, within Judaism as a religion the Zionist have taken over and Zionism is not a religion in any form or fashion. It is a power cult based on greed and is even a front for criminal activity, killing, mob activity, prostitution, drugs, arms dealing, etc. Zionism is not a theological group or belief, it is all about deceit, power, greed and as seen over the years has a lust for killing and maiming others. 
It is little wonder to me that Israel has the lowest international esteem of any nation on the face of this planet.  They deserve that rating.
That is why Judaism has growing factions to get Zionism out of Judaism because is it not a religious body or representative of the Jewish faith or based on any theology of legitimate Judaism. The only theology of Zionism is power and greed by any means. 
Americans need to wake up to many facts that are literally gutting our nation and leaving us all on a sinking ship. One of the email list members sent me a review of a book by yet another list member. 
"If you are a THINKER you have to read this book!, October 30, 2006
Michael Santomauro (New York, NY USA) -
See all my reviews
Petras sets the table in his introduction for what's to come in the later chapters. He notes what author JJ Goldberg reported in his book Jewish Power: Inside the Jewish Establishment. Goldberg wrote in the early 1990s that 45% of the Democrat Party's fundraising and 25% of that for the Republicans came from Jewish-funded Political Action Committees (PACS). Petras then updates the numbers using the ones Richard Cohen published in the Washington Post showing them now at 60% and 35% respectively, and that this funding relates to a single core issue -- unconditional US support for Israel's agenda including those parts of it human rights activists and observers of conscience judge most egregious and illegal. Petras stresses that no other single US lobby including Big Pharma, Big Oil, agribusiness, or any other one has this kind of dominant influence over the political process here. He refers to "Zioncon" ideologues and policymakers whose main goal is to make the Middle East into a "US-Israeli Co-Prosperity Sphere" under the fraudulent cover of promoting democracy in the region - but doing it through the barrel of a gun.
The page for this book is is the above review...
1-1/qid=1165975358/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/104-8130210-9794329?ie=UTF8&s=books "
Americans need to grasp that Israel and Zionist Jews among us are overpowering the political process by outspending all other groups to ensure that they get their way in DC and to Hell with you. Due to the recent elections, there are now more Pro-Israel Jews in the now Democrat controlled Congress than at any time in the past. 
All of this talk about Hillary and Obama in 2008 is just the same old Zionist cavalry and selling out of America.  
People can ignore the facts but that does not change the fact of what is really going on. 
"Americans have no idea
How the Israeli War Party lobby controls US foreign policy 
Twenty-two years in Congress: How the game is played behind closed doors
This is not the most professional-looking film ever made, nor is it the most visually compelling, but the information it contains is nothing short of electrifying. Why does US foreign policy consistently support Israeli military aggression in Lebanon and elsewhere? Why do we turn a blind eye to Israel's brutal and inhuman treatment of the Palestinians? Why are we in fighting in Iraq? The answers are laid out in calm, clear language by twenty-two year veteran member of Congress Paul Findley. He calls the control of US foreign policy by the Israeli War Party lobby "the most significant crisis we've faced in this country since the Civil War.""
The biggest reason I can see for America becoming the next failed empire is because our entire government structure and policies have bee prostituted for the glory of Israel and to Hell with Americans. 
Americans in general like to grouse about the conditions and lack of results that are meaningful, yet when the battles start that affect the future of all of us these Pro-Israel, Pro-Zionist PACs fund the campaigns and Americans sit back and watch the show and then bitch and complain about the results and lack of action. 
In the book I wrote I documented how Zionists were using illegal means in the capital markets to make massive amounts of money for themselves and donating lavishly to pro-Zionist causes and candidates. The Al Gore campaign in 2000 was flat broke until they did a little side deal on Global Crossing to fund the war chest. Clinton even had the Arkansas pension funds and other Democratic states plowing the cash out of the pockets of the markets (people like you) and into that Gore campaign. 
It is a cause and effect circumstance where a powerful lobby that has an agenda adverse to your interests is outspending you to make sure they get their way. If Americans truly understood what is going on, how they are affecting the policies in directions the vast majority of America does not want maybe things would change. Until then, no change, stay the course straight into the side of the mountain. 
Take a long hard look at this new Congress coming in and you will not find change on the horizon. You will see business as usual for the Zionists. 
Another list member sent this and it is exactly pointing at the problem.
"Government is meant to be a divine instrument reflecting the collective will. Safeguarding your sacred unalienable sovereignty and your divine rights confers upon any government its legitimacy, not the other way around! Usurping powers not originally given to them, government took upon itself the role of nurturing the interests of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of you the people."
I hear from many Americans about asking me to run as a Third Party candidate. The reason I have not moved forward is because Americans do not get the check books out and fund while the pro-Zionist PACs fund tens of millions. For a Third Party candidate to stand up for all of America, it is like being sent to the front lines with a gun and no one sends the ammunition.
This matter cannot be addressed and the status quo cannot be defeated without the ammunition to fight the battle.  For those Americans that want to bitch about the results, go check your campaign donations over the past 20 years and compare to how much the pro-Zionist lobby has donated to control the White House, Congress and our government and maybe the light bulb will come on.  America did not even "bid" and was flatly "outbid" for control of our America by a minority that hates America.  The only thing the Zionist love about America is how many fools we have that are easy to plunder and con out of their money so Israel can claim it as theirs.  
The Pro-Israel, Pro-Zionist lobby owns our government because they bought it and America sat by while the sale happened. 
A concerned international citizen from Belgium sent me the following. When I opened the email I could not help but say "what in Hell were they thinking?" since they already knew it was radioactive and harmful to humans.
One has to follow the Wealthy Elite to make sure they are not standing behind you with a knife ready for your back. One of the Armstrong tire heirs is currently building a $7 million plus home off Long Island on the Connecticut side. One of the Firestone heirs lives in Middleburg, Virginia, a haunt of many of the wealthy elite snobs we have in our nation. This particular one of the Firestone family members is or was a member of the Piedmont Environmental Council, otherwise not to affectionately referred to by the locals in Virginia "the Peckerwoods".
I have met many of these wealthy elite twits and most of them would be destitute had they not inherited money from their fathers or grandfathers. They are not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier and for many of them the elevator does not go to the top floor. Some of them could be best described as the lights are on but no one is at home.
The more I looked at this photograph and pondered the implications, the thought occurred to me that someone needs to find out where that plant was, who worked there, what kind of environmental damage was done and how many of the workers died horrendous deaths due to being exposed to Polonium. I also wondered how much of this radioactive crap was spewed out the tailpipes of automobiles along America's highways and byways. 
This is the type of corporate irresponsibility we have bred in the United States and frankly, it is sure sign of incredible stupidity and wanton disregard for the environment and humans. When you overlay the Zionist agenda on that wanton negligence, maybe you can get the picture straight and in focus in your head.  
I remember driving down the freeway one day and a Ford Explorer about 20 car lengths in front of me suddenly did three and a half flips and damned near killed a mother and two children in the vehicle. It was those Firestone tires that sort of disintegrated while people were driving down the road. I trust some of you remember that.
Some of these irresponsible greedy thugs do not need to be in business. They need to be summarily put out of business and maybe brought up on charges of criminal negligence.
Best regards,



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