Will There Be A
Zionist Century?

Jim Kirwan

Before there was an Israel, there was Zionism. Between the first and second world wars the Zionist movement began to lay its global plans for total control. The question has to be asked-will there be a Zionist century? The question implies many things, most of them unthinkable-till now!
Look carefully at what the New World Order looks like and discover the conflicted components that have gone into the makeup of this hideous force that wants to own us all! Obviously this involves a lot of death; the actual number cited for removal from the planet is four billion people. The US flag has been invaded with some six-pointed Stars of David that mix with the few remaining five pointed American stars. This is what fear is meant to look like, and what dissolution of the US constitution and our freedoms shall guarantee if we do not begin to take this impending takeover seriously!
When the mechanical arms of the Corporatocracy began to reach around the world with its core doctrine of un-checked Capitalism, the world had not yet begun to experience the 'victimhood' that Zionism had planned for all of us to embrace: That plan involved protecting the word 'Jew' whenever it might be mentioned in the coming 'future-political-world.' After WWI, and before there was a Balfour Agreement, dedicated Zionists were already planning the perfect foil in which to incubate their "Dream of a Greater-Israel." Tens of thousands of Zionists were involved in creating and applying their 'solution to the Jewish Question' both inside and outside Nazi Germany-in order to create this cover story for the growth and dominance of Zionism, in the new state of Israel.
So when Truman and Britain used the Balfour agreement to legitimate a new state for the Jews inside Palestine, via the United Nations-there was little public objection to granting a home to the 'victims of the Holocaust' and virtually no objection from the West to what this would do to the formerly sovereign state of Palestine; primarily because most of the Arabs were seen as having collaborated with the Nazi's during WWII. (3)
Meanwhile, since 1947 the Zionist movement has been showing its true colors in the concentration camps that they have run for over forty years ­ in Palestine. The Israeli treatment of an entire nation, that in many ways exceeded what some Jews experienced in the Nazi camps has mystified many in the world; yet not enough to fiercely question this behavior of Israel for doing it; of the USA for continuing to finance it; and of the UN for not enforcing any of the over 65 UN resolutions that Israel has steadfastly ignored. Again, Israel with its shield of Jewish victimhood continued to rely on decency and discretion from the world to protect their march of Zionism while its power and influence moved forward. Ahead lay secretly acquired nuclear weapons for Israel, and the raw political power they would need, if 'Israel was to survive.'
The Kennedy Assassination was the fulcrum point upon which many things hinged, for Zionism. It became so when Kennedy made clear that Israel should not acquire nuclear weapons, (currently they have about 600) and in the future Israel would be subject to US interests. JFK didn't live long after floating that idea.
Creating the Necessary Influence
"Rising out of the ashes of the American Zionist Committee, AIPAC was founded in 1954 by former AZC chairman I.L. (Si) Kenen. AIPAC's goal for its first year of work on the Hill was $150 million in US aid for then fledgling Israel. The request was rejected out-of-hand by the State Department, on the grounds that such a move would offend the Arab states.
After much lobbying, however, Kenen and AIPAC got their wish, albeit greatly scaled down, and Israel received $15 million that year in US foreign aid. Observers said that by securing congressional approval of the aid package, despite executive branch opposition, AIPAC defined and then redefined the way lobbying would be done in Washington for decades to come" (1).
From these humble beginnings The American Zionist Committee became the nearly all-powerful AIPAC, the designated group that represents Israel's interests in the USA. It is supposed to be registered as a foreign lobby, but it's not. Most of the congress gets campaign money directly from AIPAC, and remains extremely sensitive to anything that might disturb the goals of that lobby-even when this conflicts with actual American interests or the national security of the United States.
Paving the Political Path to Dominance
As the decades passed between the death of JFK and the travesty's of Nixon (I am not a crook); to Reagan (of Iran-Contra fame that was capped by the infamy of the Death Squad's in Central & South America). Then it was on through Poppy and his fixing of the War on Drugs, and the rearrangements needed to separate and erase so much of what might hinder Junior, when his turn came. Eight years of Clinton's completion of the destruction of what remained of the social programs, coupled with the final collapse of any opposition to the New World Order, along with his support for GATT, NAFTA and the host of other agreements that would follow his shift-this ultimately led to the North America Union' still in the final planning stages but set to proceed very soon-without congressional or public input. The NAU would make Canada, the USA and Mexico into a single nation without the current borders between them (2).
Zionist planning in the meanwhile continued apace from the death of JFK to the present time. With Bush in the invisible chair of the American presidency that has not been held by a real president since JFK; while the 'Palestinian Problem' has gotten uglier by the day. At the same time US policy has gone from attempting to act as 'an honest broker for peace' in Palestine, to total and unquestioned support for the now Zionist state of Israel. In theory Israel calls itself a democracy, but its practices tell a quite different story.
The United States of America is embroiled in an undeclared war upon us that is being waged by the Zionists-not from IDF tanks and planes in American cities, but through devious and careful rearrangements of governmental changes in US laws, in US foreign policy and in vulnerable public attitudes created by capitalistic over-achievers in the name of the universal Corporatocracy. It's still unclear as to who is using who in all of this; but either way the American public is being destroyed and this nation is bankrupt (the USA has a double set of books and the second set says that we owe an additional $73 Trillion).
The lists of those that appear in "Who controls the World" is just that: a small look at who the major Jewish players are now. Whether or not these particular people are Zionists or Jews depends not upon their faith, but upon their political actions within the circumference of their personal influence. All religions have a political component, and while some political-religious associations are obviously benign, others are not. Given that this country is in a war for its very life ­ it would seem prudent to look at everyone in the chains of command among the major components of this society today. To do less would be to remain blind to potential trouble down the road. It would be well to remember that Bush and Cheney as well as thousands more in this government are probably Zionists, but definitely not Jews. There are also a great many people currently serving in their government who carry Israeli and American passports. These people have not been asked to state a preference, as to where exactly their national loyalties are?
The glue that binds these enemies of America together is not a national or a religious affiliation but a conceptual variant of the 'dishonor' among thieves, except that their allegiances have always been to greed and acquisition-never to anything so nebulous-as to a nation or a people.
Consequently discovering "Who Controls the World" ought not to be too difficult, and need not become an issue of race or religion. This is as much about secret clubs and clandestine orders, duplicity and hypocrisy as it is about Traitors and Treason against the people of the United States. If we are to survive as Americans we must discover the knowledge that will allow us to combat these individuals, as well as the more formal governmental aspects that come with doing business with Israel.
The demise of the USA cannot be attributed to ALL JEWS ­ because that's not true! There are dedicated Zionists in the US, no doubt, people that are not interested in what happens to the US, but are interested only in what is good for Zion! These people can NOT be discovered by looking at lists-but by looking at their actions, not their religious or their political affiliations. This is not something suitable for 'profiling.' If this search is to be believed it must involve actual investigations and proof positive, on the record and open to all. If Michael's lists had come out earlier in time, maybe we might not have come to this impasse: but that's history! Now the public here must begin to deal with this problem head-on; not as a witch hunt, but as it stands before us all - today. . .
Or as one reader wrote after reading "Who Controls the World"
"I've read your pieces for a long while now and your writing always impresses me. I will go so far as to say that I admire your ideas and your style, and always look for your work on
But lists of Jews? and "Who Controls America?" You disappointed me! You did state your belief clearly (in CAPITALS) about who deserves blame, and who does not. Well, I have disappointed myself at times, too. Jews, Jewishness, Influence, Money: I find it impossible to approach this subject without a united mind and heart. I feel as obliged to defend ALL Jews as to indict SOME.
Let me tell you my thoughts about this matter. I am also willing to say out loud my complaints against scoundrels. Surely there are Jewish scoundrels, as your list points out. But whenever I think of these things, I imagine myself being a Jewish man instead of a Christian American of Greek heritage. How embarrassed I would be by the crimes of those associated with me by common heritage and religion! How I would rail against them! Well, as you surely know, my imagination is weak compared to reality, for there are just such men and women, who have pointed out the scoundrels among their fellows, and even been attacked for it. Jews anywhere, for example, are commonly excoriated for pointing out the glaring problems with the conduct of Israel's Government. I must add that the best reporting I get on these issues comes right from with Israel itself, from her comparatively healthy free press. Only in Israel itself is such discussion published or even allowed.
And what about the Christians of the world? Are we doing more good than bad? Well, ideally, the true Christians do little but good. But in reality, it seems many wear the badge but sow great harm. They pretend to practice Christianity but they are dealing in death and deceit. The first person to come to my mind is Mr. Lion's Paw, ol' Pat Robertson. Remember that? But others of us really do believe in God, and we hate pretenses. We pity those who pretend in order to get something false, and we pray for them. When you consider the value of living in the Grace of God, and understanding true mercy and love, you would not pretend for anything in this world: your only goal is to do your duty and return at last to your spiritual home, with God. How could you miss it?
Now I know as a matter of fact that this is exactly what millions and millions of Jewish people think. They are, in fact, no different from me. My faith rules out that we could have different worth in the eyes of our just creator. Any differences are coincidental with our common humanity, not the divine soul in each. In fact, I know several Jewish men whose lives are devoted to the pursuit of truth, virtue and justice, and who as a consequence have a deep conscience. When I extrapolate, and I think of our many sisters of brothers in God, who are Jewish, I dislike a list and must complain. The idea hurts and I know I would be offended as a Jew. Or would I be? Like the old saying; "two Jews, three opinions."
In the end, it is hard for me to say much about Jews when I see my fellow Christians up to such rotten works. If a list of naughty Jews is appropriate, then so is a list of naughty Christians. I would start with people like Ted Haggerd, Jim Baker, Robertson, Reed, Santorum, &c. There is a whole slew of rank pretenders in pulpits, but also in gov't, media, banking, &c. Let's pay attention to these people and the things they are doing. I would, in fact, love to see such a list, even
though it might offend some Christians.
The problem with the criminal class is just that it's so huge. It has room for everyone!"
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2) North American Union to Replace USA?
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