A Personal Message
From Jeff Rense

1-10-7 and the Jeff Rense Program have always been steadfastly Pro-Jewish...and Anti-Zionist, and certainly anti-Neocon, most of whom are Zionists with dual loyalty and many with dual Israeli citizenship. The following video points out in searing detail the reasons for our position and our many years of fighting for the rights of Jews and all Americans.
In this stunning video, you will see honorable, loving people of the Jewish faith trying to exercise their God-given right to Freedom of Speech by which they seek to explain the monumental differences between True Judaism and ZIONISM.
You will then see the hideous face of the death-dealing philosophy and pathological control mania of the Zionist. This Zionist not only calls for the removal of Freedom of Speech for his fellow Jews but calls repeatedly for their MURDER...after which their "bones should be pissed upon." 
We certainly hope you will now more clearly understand how Jewish ZIONISM played the key role in the Holocaust of WWII as has been documented by numerous historians including the great Rabbi Michael Dov Weismandl who personally lived through the Zionist betrayal of the Jews of Europe.  See
Watch and listen...and learn. You will now see, clearly and without any augmentation, why and the Jeff Rense Program have always been pro-Jewish and anti-ZIONIST.
ZIONIST neocons want to take YOUR Freedom of Speech away with their so-called 'hate laws'...which they have successfully installed in nearly a dozen otherwise free countries of Europe (and Canada) with catastrophic results that have led to the imprisonment of free men who have dared express a simple opinion at odds with the Zionist hustle and their withering agenda of domination.
ZIONISTS have no hesitation liquidating in a mass-death Holocaust any and all who attempt to question ZIONISM or call attention to its pathological efforts to impose total control on America. They want to "piss on your bones" after they murder you as the Zionist hate-monger in the video clearly states several times to the peaceful Jews on the street.
ZIONISM is also ultimately behind the Holocaust in Iraq, and ZIONISM is currently in a massive struggle to the end with Russian nationalist President Vladimir Putin who is attempting to end the ZIONIST Oligarchs' enormous control over Russia and its resources and industrial base.
See: 911 WTC Links To Russian-Jewish Mafia Revealed
Watch and listen...and learn. Raw, unbridled HATE and absolute dictatorial control is what ZIONISM is all about, and it has hidden behind the peaceful religion of Judaism and used it as a shield and mechanism of world control for most the last century. and the Jeff Rense Program, and its sponsors and radio affiliates have been constantly attacked by ZIONIST hatred, slander and death threats for over ten years now. We hope this unforgettable video will help bring full and complete focus to some of the key dangers our nation and the world are facing from ZIONISM.
Click here for: The Difference Between Jews And Zionists Video
Rich Loomis
So, Jews (apart from Zionism) are the friends of mankind, huh? HUH??
I guess that's why they have ultimately been despised and banished or otherwise "persecuted" for their treason and usury and other evils in EVERY society they have entered.
Oh, but in your eyes they suddenly have no tradition, no theology, no influential practice of their most sacred beliefs against non-jews in the world, yes?
Too bad you haven't the integrity or balls or simple patriotism to reply to Hoffman and others who see and DOCUMENT the matter irrefutably . . but at least we all know what you really are at heart.
You disgust me, sir.
Rich Loomis
You know (or should know) as well as we do, that TALMUDIC Jews are a universe apart from the average Jew. has diligently documented the evils of Talmudic Jews and Judaism; always has -- always will. But you want to indict an entire people with a broad brush which simply does not apply to them all -- it is an injustice to do such. It is the same as someone painting all Southerners as Klansmen and bigots.
In fact, that's a very close example... it may be quite typical to find elements of classic racism among Southerners, as the old South breathes its last and the new South grows stronger in enlightenment. But it would be absolutely unjust and intellectually defective to suggest to people or characterize all Southerners as bigots and racists. Talmudic Jews take their 'marching orders' (for lack of the better term) from the Talmud.
This is not true as regards Torah Jews and The average reform Jew, and even most orthodox Jews, the world over, are not a people who are influenced by such a radical document. It is not taught in their synagogues or private schools, it is not venerated in their homes. Likewise, Southerners are not secretly burning little crosses and lynching negroes in effigy in some clandestine affinity with the Klan. -



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