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By Ted Lang
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As a cure for the incessant and increasingly annoying car commercials launched seemingly every 90 seconds during Sunday TV broadcasts of NFL games, I violently clutch the remote in my sweaty palm, and quickly switch to an alternative cable channel. I only watch TV for NFL games, and have become addicted in particular to the area games of the New York Jets professional football team. The Jets continuously exhibit exciting and limitless creativity in losing season after season. As if by way of synchronicity, after a recent serious breakdown of the performance of the Jets' current quarterback, Chad Pennington, 60 Minutes did a publicity stint for an autobiography by former Jets quarterback great and Super Bowl hero, Joe Namath.
As usual, in addition to the game in which the Jets lost to this season's celebrated Chicago Bears, the usual bombardment of automobile commercials motivated me as always to channel surf. My favorite alternative used to be the Food Network. During the auto promo onslaughts, my favorite go-to guy was Emeril Lagasse. What a great alternative to mind-numbing regular TV soft porn sitcoms and alphabet agency fascist police state "entertainment" propaganda. But Food Networkmust have learned about my blood sugar concerns and now can be described as the sugar, candy and cake network. Their former reality-based cooking education has given way to demonstrations by professionals creating their never-to be-used-at-home cake decorations and candy concoctions featuring sugar and goo electric guitars, cars, buildings, castles and just about anything one can or cannot imagine.
On a recent Sunday, I was required to find another auto promo safety zone, and I stumbled upon an obvious repeat of a "Law and Order" cops 'r us segment. An actor portraying an old man of obviously German descent, whose apartment the late actor Jerry Orbach, playing Detective Lennie Briscoe, was searching, offered: "Not all Germans were Nazis." Apparently, the old alleged former Nazi was a suspect in the murder of an old Jewish woman who was scheduled to testify against him in a deportation hearing. Orbach's response? "Sure, they were all just 'following orders.'" Obviously, the scriptwriter is Jewish ­ nothing like the selective permissiveness that allows Jews such generalizations in blaming all Germans for the crimes of Hitler.
But hey, it was football Sunday, and definitely not the time to haul out my keyboard to punch out some anti-Zionist hate text. So I continued to bob and weave and landed on the History Channel, definitely not a truth and information-satisfying oasis in the midst of the hostile electronic territory of Lexus, Toyota and Bud Lite. Although I take what I see on the History Channel very lightly in terms of its low cerebral calorie content and non-factual wanderings, this particular segment served not only as respite from auto promo nausea, but even offered a break from the gridiron antics of Mr. Pennington. The HC's subject matter ­ they were featuring not only a segment on UFOs, but seagoing "USOs!" I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I am totally and completely uninformed about sea-based UFOs, or for that matter, any space-based activities.
Up until this point in my intellectual journey, I have discounted UFOs, extraterrestrials, space beings and "Big Foot." Remembering those not-so-thrilling days of the yesteryear of my long-since departed youth, early television programming and the decided impact it had made on a good part of my life created a bias that classified UFOs and space creatures as mere fantasy initiated by early comic strips, Hollywood movies and early TV. But now, older, and hopefully wiser, I can see right through the Zionist-socialist tripe and statist propaganda the TV intends to instill upon the simpler-minded. The Internet provides real sources of truth and fact, and represents the world and America's free and independent press. But back in the early days of TV, and along with fabulous programming accomplishments such as Playhouse 90, Robert Montgomery Presents, The Philco Playhouse, The Loretta Young Show, and so many other good quality offerings, programming pabulum for the younger set was made conveniently available around supper time.
And if you were good, and ate all your supper [I hated food back then], you were allowed to watch Captain Video on New York City's WABD, Dumont, Channel 5. Also now and then, along with the "B" Westerns and the old gangster movies of the thirties and forties, you could tune in to the serial "cliffhangers" of that early American Hollywood entertainment era. There was Tim Tyler's Luck, and Radio Patrol, and Ace Drummond. But the king of the early TV movie serial replays was none other than Flash Gordon, starring 1932 Olympic champion swimmer, Buster Crabbe. Tony LoBue [<]>] of Long Island has done a nice job on his website capturing the spirit of our nation's sophomoric fantasies involving outer space and interplanetary alien citizens and creatures.
The History Channel segment focused on unidentified alien craft that are not only easily visible in the heavens, but those also that have generated many eyewitness accounts describing the rapid descent of these spaceships and their spectacular splash downs and disappearance. Of particular note in the program were the activities and recorded, yet censored, reports of actual events as cited by credible U. S. Naval personnel aboard the most technologically advanced radar and military monitoring capable aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Courageous members of our military are willing to swear to the truth of what they have witnessed. As I have already stated, I am not a believer in UFOs. I have always felt that this was a ploy of a minority of simple-minded folk merely seeking public attention, and not so much in terms of taking advantage of the public's gullibility, but rather more on the order of placing themselves amongst a minority of a privileged and informed special elite chosen by Providence.
Permit me to digress for just a moment. Until very recently, I was a believer in the two-party political system our country is now fatally saddled with. I would previously never have believed that our FBI would massacre women and children at Waco, or cover up evidence of the downing of TWA 800 and AA587, nor send an innocent man to rot in prison. I would never have believed that America would actually write a law to suspend indefinitely our Bill of Rights or to abolish habeas corpus. And not long ago, I would have popped anyone who would suggest that our government would conspire to mass murder a great number of our citizens on 9/11 to simply force upon US an unnecessary and unjust war leading to even more deaths of our military service personnel. But the evidence is in, and the lack of any hint of a fair and just inquiry to extinguish the suspicions of growing numbers of Americans is irrefutable testimony pointing to the complete and total involvement of our own government by its after-the-fact collective behavior. On a daily basis, more and more Americans are beginning to conclude that the Bush regime, in conjunction with foreign intelligence entities, as well as corporate oil and real estate profiteers, were directly involved and totally responsible for planning and executing 9/11.
And when FBI agents, FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds, and other whistleblowers are being silenced and threatened by elements of our corrupt and dangerous government bureaucracy, the question becomes not only what are they trying to hide, but even more to the point, what can be in store for US next? The question of whether they did it or did not orchestrate 9/11 is now completely off the table. Their refusal to comply with the wishes of the great majority of Americans has confirmed our worst fears. The question now is whether there is any modicum of decency and morality left in any corner of both American government and its controlling politics? The Democratic landslide midterm election victories were immediately met by the "Nancification Proclamation." Newly postured Speaker Pelosi has set the tone for the US fools in America: "No impeachment and no investigations or inquiries! Case closed!"
It is no longer the veracity of UFO sightings that is in question; it is, rather, the vast and unending train of lies attributable to our government that can be so clearly recognized that now serves as the basis for arriving at the truth. The stark terror of Democrats pleading their shaky and cowardly stance in neither looking into impeachment for Bush, or in their refusing to even consider a robust and deep inquiry into 9/11, identifies both political parties and all levels of our federal government as the culprits. It is they who are the real terrorists, as well as the real "conspiracy theorists." 9/11 is their unbelievable "conspiracy theory." It is they who are our nation's traitors. And their treason should not be tolerated by any patriotic American.
Why the documented and reported secrecy on UFOs? A surprisingly strong case has been made by a media entity that I do not hold in very high esteem. TheHistory Channel once did a series on Henry Ford, and labeled [smeared] him with the usual "anti-Semite" moniker because of his cautions against "Zionism," which he referred to in his book as "international Judaism." For telling the truth, he was branded, marginalized, made to apologize, and therefore forever ignored. HC's participation and continuation of the smear has all but turned me off. The American media is controlled by Zionists, which people such as Rush Limbaugh ignorantly refer to as the "left" or "liberals." So again, why the History Channel's obsession with UFOs? No matter from where, or from whom it comes, the truth is the truth!
Clearly, documenting the truth in this instance does no harm to Israel. It is necessary to cite the work of the Reverend Ted Pike in this context. The following is quoted from his June 28, 2006 piece entitled: "Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish." The entire text can be found on his website, National Prayer Network[<>]. Pike begins, "Jewish control of the media is a taboo topic. In Congress, among evangelicals and mainline conservative talk radio, it is never mentioned. It is discussed only in snatches on far Right alternative talk radio. This is astonishing, considering that almost every substantial library in Americacontains a number of books confirming such Jewish control. These include Neil Gabler's An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood and Hoberman and Shandler's Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting."
Pike continues: "These encyclopedic histories of Jewish control of the American media outdo any efforts by so-called 'anti-Semites' to document an astonishing, frightening fact: The majority of media news and information to the American public comes from Jews. An authoritative Jewish website, 'Judaism Online,' (<> in its article, 'Jewish Success in the American Media,' documents Jewish media preeminence. It does so not from motives of anti-Semitism, but from Jewish pride. Its 2002 list of many Jewish superstars in the media today is printed, in part, below.
Of course, there are more Gentiles than Jews in the America media, as in America at large. But notice how many Jews are in control of media giants. This helps explain why the Jewish media is so relentlessly anti-Christian, constantly pushing immorality and the liberal, Zionist political agenda. Why are Christians always marginalized in films and TV? Why is the Palestinian perspective not included in the news? Face the forbidden truth: the media speaks with a Jewish voice."
Obviously, it is for this reason that the Downing Street Memo didn't reach the great majority of American news-consuming public. It is for this reason as well that the Israeli atrocities against unarmed Palestinian women and children in Beit Hanun were spiked. This is why most Americans are unaware of Mearsheimer and Walt's "The Israel Lobby," or the incident involving the Israeli attack upon a U.S. Navy ship, the Liberty. And just like the Liberty, a then-state of the art technologically advanced radar and surveillance vessel of the U.S. Navy, the aircraft carrier FDR is even more technologically advance. Apparently, both American Navy vessels attracted attention precisely because of their awesome spy and intelligence capability and mission.
A dual purpose was served by Israel's deliberate attack on the Liberty; first, the Israelis feared that their activities in violation of the Geneva Conventions in mass murdering unarmed and captive Egyptian prisoners of war in 1967 would be detected by our unarmed and unescorted spy ship; and second, by killing all aboard, and leaving no witnesses, the Israeli atrocity would not only be covered up, but serve as well to shift the blame on the hated Egyptians. The advance surveillance capability of the hapless Liberty is what attracted the military of America's greatest enemy. And this enemy is protected even now by the "Nancification Proclamation." Israel controls both American political parties, the White House and Congress.
As this serves to explain the attack on the Liberty and LBJ and McNamara's silence and protection of Israel, what could possibly be the motive for the government censorship concerning UFOs? Surely, Israel has nothing to do with this. But that is precisely the point! Since there is no harm to Israel and its bought-and-paid for stooges in Washington, are we now to believe there is an ALIEN lobby as well? The obvious answer, and one reinforced by one's knowledge of the extensive lying, propaganda and falsehoods promulgated by our own government against US, is that all the accounts from not only the FDR, but virtually ALL such reports, are just about 100% true! So why would our government deliberately keep US in the dark?
They are keeping US in the dark because they know a lot more than they are letting on. This secret knowledge is, in all likelihood, comprised of such things as 1) a realization that the alien beings responsible for UFO and USO sightings are far more technologically advanced than are we; 2) our government has a limited yet clear understanding that the alien life they have encountered has somehow expressed dissatisfaction with our activities on their planet; and 3) there is increasing evidence that this alien life is becoming increasingly hostile to our activities. Again, it is not these aliens that we need fear; as usual, and as our Founding Fathers knew, it is our own government we need fear the most. 
The observation that the alien life forms are far more technologically advanced is proven by their interest in the technologically abundant FDR. If they wished to continue their activities in secret hoping to avoid human contact, why do they persist in visiting the FDR on the high seas? It would appear they now intend to make their presence known. And the high-pitched drive by our military and our government politicians and bureaucrats to keep secret alien activity cannot be in the interests of national security, but rather, against the interests of national security. The government doesn't want US to know what is really going on.
So what is going on? Clearly, these advanced beings can run rings around our so-called advanced technology. The History Channel commentator offered a theory that these beings are NOT aliens, but co-inhabitants of planet Earth with massive civilizations under the sea. He offered that these civilizations have long been in existence, perhaps even before the dawn of Man. This would explain both their technological advancement as well as their sea bound comings and goings. But why should such civilizations and "aliens" pose a threat to our government and the governments of other nations?
The situation may have been launched by the very dangerous advance of military technology, to include nuclear weaponry and depleted uranium. Our mass murdering ways and its killing technology may be posturing itself as a threat to our co-inhabitants. Perhaps the "aliens" are realizing that in our zeal to blow up the planet for Israel, oil and the international bankers, we may be coming close to the ability to destroy their world as well. And with their advanced capabilities, our own nations, cities, and villages may now face a new threat worldwide instead of only the concerns of mass murder and torture at the hands of the criminal Bush regime. We must always be on the alert as to what it is our government is trying to hide from US. For soon, just like their 9/11 massacre of our own fellow citizens, our government is seemingly capable of anything. And they have made me a firm UFO believer.
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Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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