A Picture Worth A
Thousand Words? Try These

By Douglas Herman
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. They say you should hide things in plain sight if you want to conceal them. They say you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time.

And what they say is often true.

I never watch those crime scene investigator (CSI) shows on television. Why would any intelligent person watch them, when the greatest unsolved crime in US history is hiding in plain sight, when some people remain blissfully fooled, when a few pictures from the crime scene are worth a thousand words and baffle experts everywhere?

The New York City Massacre killed nearly 3,000 people and yet that cold case remains as hot as the molten steel found beneath the wreckage weeks later. Likewise the London Bombing, if one bothers to look clearly, suddenly looks like an inside job, cleverly planned by the same sort of master criminals aided and protected by the US and British governments.

Let us take a moment to examine only three photographs taken from the two crime scenes. The first photograph shows a pair of firefighters standing among the collapsed steel beams of the World Trade Center .




As a crime scene investigator, what do you see?

Do you see the sheered steel beams that look like they have been cut? Do you see the melted steel that hardened along the sheered edges? What caused the melted steel? A cutting torch, you say? Okay, if we assume a cutting torch cut that middle steel beam diagonally, what cut the other steel beam just to the right? Because you will also notice melted steel has dribbled and hardened, flowing downward, And notice how ragged the cut is (If that is what it is), along the top edge. Also, why cut one beam diagonally and another perpendicular? Perhaps most pertinent: was this photograph taken before or during the removal of wreckage? Because by the time steelworkers began cutting the base beams, most firefighters had long since been ordered away from around the pile of wreckage. Sadly, we also notice the young men are not wearing their respirators. But then EPA director Christine Todd Whitman had assured everyone the air was safe.

Crimes are solved by examining the evidence. The simplest piece of evidence, examined objectively, reveals an enormous insight into the crime. But if our government tells us, repeatedly (within hours), who wrecked the trade towers, then why waste time with an investigation? Right? Why bother with evidence. And if our government experts, gathered from government-funded technical schools, explain how molten steel occurred on huge base supports, flowed down huge steel beams untouched by fire, and occurred in rivelets and pools in the basement, then certainly we do not need to examine the evidence nor ask any questions. Right?

Now let us examine the photograph of the destroyed London bus. Blown up by Islam terrorists we were told within hours. Exactly as Americans were told by CNN on 911. No need to examine the evidence critically then, right?



But look at those upright victims. They appear relatively unharmed. Or do cops there in London allow a whole group of tourists to climb all over a crime scene? If those are victims, how exactly was the roof of the bus blown completely off, the seats wrenched and distorted, and those passengers not blown to pieces, like those bus passengers in Israel?

Likewise, the close circuit television cameras (CCTV) cameras on the bus that blew up were not working that day.


One senior Scotland Yard official said: "It's a big blow and a disappointment. If the cameras had been running we would have had pin-sharp close-up pictures of the person who carried out this atrocity (Or seen nobody)We don't know if the driver forgot to switch them on or if there was a technical problem but there are no images."

How fortunate for the plotters. Wonder if they knew in advance? Four cameras, (none working), one covering people entering the bus, a second camera at the exit doors and one on each deck scanning the length of the vehicle. But none were operating that day.

"Creating terror to blame on the Muslim world is the whole point," said Eric Williams. "I have lived in England and I have used the London Underground and Bus system hundreds of would reveal the real perpetrators."

Too bad the cameras didn't work that day. And this in London, the CCTV capitol of the world.


As crime scene investigator, Paul Joseph Watson wondered: "The bombs were sophisticated military type explosives and were ON TIMERS. Why would suicide bombers need timers? Furthermore they were reported to have come from UNDER the trains."

Bruce Lait, of Cambridge, England, a victim of the bombing, was reported in the Cambridge News: "As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been. According to Lait, 'The policeman said "mind that hole, that's where the bomb was." The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," said Lait. The Cambridge News further added:  "This suggests at least one of the bombs may have been planted either on the track, or on the undercarriage."


Or perhaps some previously unknown suicide bomber rode UNDER the train. Perhaps British intelligence (MI6) can fabricate a reasonable explanation for the gullible and clueless. Perhaps Blair's loyal minions can explain why one of their own agents worked with the suicide bombers.

Take a close look at the London bus again. No fire or smoldering wreckage. An easy crime scene to investigate. Right? Did any crime scene investigators (CSI) or Scotland Yard detectives bother taking blood samples for DNA testing to identify those Muslims? Did anyone scrape some splattered remains off a hard surface, as those actors do on television?  Recall that all the Flight 77 passengers and most of the Flight 93 passengers were ALLEGEDLY identified (including the hijackers) after 911. Identified from fiery wreckage and smoldering buildings. Were any blood samples tested in London?

How simple would that be?

Sadly, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is dead and Sherlock Holmes never existed. The crime scenes in New York and London grow cold but the propaganda war against Islamic countries continues along with the wars of occupations.

Nowadays the gullible watch TV shows priming us for the next terror event (In between watching CSI shows). Nowadays the mainstream US media will scrutinize and demonize one professional football player for spitting on another, but curiously remains as silent as criminal accomplices for the crimes of 911.

Unfortunately, the next terror event won't be a bus bomb or tower collapse. Every manufactured "terror" event must surpass the former in sophistication and mayhem. Terror, after all, must be generated, must be masterfully designed to create a higher level of terror and fear in the unwary population, encouraging the terrorized citizens to voluntarily give up any remaining freedoms to their governments.

The last photograph was taken from the side of the London bus. The ironic slogan is not altogether coincidental, I am convinced. "Outright TerrorBold And Brilliant."






Bold and brilliant? Certainly. Outright terror? Most definitely. But every citizen should be wary of their government and mainstream media, spinning disinformation about fake terrorist events, ever alert to recognize those who plan them, carry them out and profit from them.

Amateur historian and photographer, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense.



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