Jewish Defense League Declares
War On Torah True Jews
Jewish community decides to ruin lives of Neturei Karta 


Jewish elements in New York have declared war on members of the Jewish Neturei Karta movement who participated in the Holocaust denial conference in Iran last month and were photographed hugging and kissing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
The New York based Jewish Defense Organization, who has been active against the phenomenon of Neturei Karta, have launched a campaign dubbed "Operation Screwball" against the anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox movement calling for a full boycott of its members and a rally at the Neturei Karta "secret headquarters" in the town of Monsey north of New York City Sunday afternoon.
The website opened by the organizers of the operation reveals the photos, home addresses, and phone numbers of several top officials in the movement who recently visited Iran and participated in the Holocaust denial conference there. The website calls on all Jews to "keep them out of your shuls, do not hire them to do any work, and toss them out of any store they come to."
"Neturei Karta crackpots are traitors to the Jews for helping Iranian Hitler-imitator Ahmadinejad who is planning to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons. Now in response, "Operation Screwball" has been initiated to help wreck & ruin these self-haters, and Jewish traitors out of Monsey. I am sure Iran will welcome them with open arms," the website says.
The list of Neturei Karta members whose information was posted on the website include Yisroel Weiss, "Rabbi" Yisroel Feldman, David Feldman - son of Rabbi Feldman, William Mordechai Weberman, Nachmann Deutsch, Chaim Lefkowitz, Anshy & Chazy Schwartz, Chaim Fryman, Moishe Aryeh Friedman.



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