Too Late Or Just
Too Inconvenient?

By Jim Kirwan

Pelosi and Rangel and too many other key democrats are trying to have it both ways. What they are now claiming is that the American presidency is an institution above and beyond the law-and as such cannot be prosecuted for the crimes they committed while in office. The point of the constitution was to carefully protect the public from corrupt politicians at all levels: and this includes the highest officers of this government.
Treason, murder and crimes against humanity are the charges that the bushwhackers must answer for. The mid-term elections went to the democrats because besides the president's "party-there was almost no other choice offered, except for the defunct democrats. The City of San Francisco has in its history a clear act of vigilantism, it wasn't a perfect solution, but when people are moved by what they see as the total breakdown of existing law ­ sometimes they decide to get creative:
"On May 22, (1856) Casey and Cora were "tried" before the executive committee and hanged. Minutes before the hanging, Belle married Charles Cora in his cell inside vigilante headquarters. Afterwards, her fate, as well as that of James King of William's broad-based reform crusade, hung in the balance.
During the next three months, the committee hanged two more men and exiled over two dozen others (mostly Irish-Catholic Democrats) for alleged political crimes. In addition, the vigilantes conducted illegal searches, suspended the law of habeas corpus, confiscated federal arms, subverted state and local militias, sought to oust elected city officials, and even imprisoned a justice of the state supreme court. In response, the governor of California declared the city of San Francisco to be in a state of insurrection and attempted to crush the committee by force. Certain prominent citizens of San Francisco, including many Irish-Catholic politicians, organized a Law and Order Party, insisting on the rule of law above all else. In their own defense, the vigilantes cited the right of revolution. A sovereign people, they argued, whose government is not only corrupt but has resisted reform, has the right to rise up and replace that government. They claimed that they had the nearly universal support of the people­the "respectable people of all classes." To protect themselves from prosecution, the vigilantes supported the formation of the People's Party in August 1856 (a major qualification for candidacy was public support of the Vigilance Committee), which dominated city politics for the next decade." (1)
When politics becomes so outrageous, the public in other nations, have on occasion resorted to taking matters into their own hands. If the current national situation is not soon resolved ­ along the lines of federal law and common practice; then Americans may again resort to solving what they see as grave transgressions against the fabric of this society and the settled laws of the United States.
The Democratic Party and its current leadership cannot have it both ways. They received a mega vote of the people, to correct the policies and criminal actions of a thoroughly corrupt administration. And now, after the fact, Pelosi and her top lieutenants have decided that the public has no right to bring lawful charges of Impeachment against the president and other members of his administration-before even allowing investigations into the details of any potentially pending case-according to the rules set down in the constitution for just such deviations from the rule of law. That decision is not hers or other democrats to make, quite the opposite: it is the duty of congress to investigate serious charges of criminality within the government at the highest levels-according to the constitution.
Hearings need to be held, immediately, upon assumption of the offices that changed hands last Tuesday-and actions need to flow from the results of those investigations, if it is found that federal officials of the US government have committed acts that amount to potential treason, dereliction of duty (Katrina), for crimes against humanity or for sedition. To pre-judge the outcomes of such investigations constitutes the crime of obstruction of Justice, and in a case of such national significance: those attempting to shield the office of the presidency should also be found guilty of collusion in the commission of these crimes as well.
It is far too late to try and protect those people who stole the office of the presidency, and who then proceeded to lie to the public while committing the United States and it's military to an unending war founded on nothing but lies, solely for their personal gain. The resulting deaths of the 665 thousand dead Iraqi's along with the nearly 3,000 US soldiers who have so far perished, along with the unknown number of maimed, permanently disabled and mentally destroyed individuals formerly in uniform ­ needs to be evaluated by the appropriate court that can oversee these crimes ­ in the context of their totally false reason for happening in the first place.
What we have instead, is yet another bunch of complicit accomplices who want to protect the president at all costs ­ while they pretend to represent the people of this nation, in a forestalling of further criminal proceedings against those who have brought this nation to the brink of international chaos. Either the United States is a government of laws, not men, or we have become something related to that which 'the decider' says we are fighting. Either those who serve the people of the United States are there to serve the people who pay their government salaries, or they are there to serve their dreams of a State wherein the people's only point and purpose is to serve the needs of this fascist State that has so recently become apparent. Lobbyists obviously pay a lot more for their services, but then there's that sticky little compact between the public and the government which is why these thieves are in office in the first place.
The United States was a sovereign nation that has in the last half-century become just a front for the needs and policies of Israel. Our soldiers are sent out to die for Israel; just as our money is sent in massive amounts to support the continued existence of that vicious and still unfinished 'state:' and all of this has been conducted in utmost secrecy, at the highest levels of the American government. The mid-term elections were a poor vehicle, because other than the republicans there was in most cases only one other choice. The so-called two-party system has become another and more basic fraud upon the public, in that there is no real difference between the so-called political parties ­ there is only that single party in power which as can be seen in the pronouncements of Pelosi and Rangel as being one of continuing the status quo-uninterrupted!
This is no longer 'good enough' given the list of crimes committed by Bush & the Bandits: From Katrina to all the wars, to the virtual impoverishment here at home of the bulk of the working people in this country-this on top of the five-year-failure by congress to investigate any of the crimes committed by this administration on or around the events of 911.
How much longer can people wait for answers to these mind-boggling events, either here at home or in the wider-world? Is it too late to change the way we treat this criminal government-or is it appropriate to look back to an earlier time when the public refused to put up with what they considered to be intolerable behavior? This social convention that we call elections is far more than a societal event-it's the bedrock on which the constitution rests. And if the public fails to remain involved, then the constitution becomes exactly what Bush has said it is: 'just a piece of paper.'
It's our decision to make. The traitors in office now have played their cards; will we hold on to our beliefs or will we fold in the face of this pretentious and pernicious power of political arrogance so firmly based on unfounded fears and pitiful attempts at intimidation! We were once a people to be envied, a people who did not fall-in-line or kneel before dictators-so what have we become-and when will that begin to change? Soon I hope-given the continuing behavior in the Israeli war upon the Palestinians! (2)
1) Sex, Vigilantism, and San Francisco in 1856 - by Michelle Jolly
2) Slaughter ­ Israeli's continue wanton Palestinian genocide



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