Take Back America - Part 3
By Karl W B Schwarz

Just like I always do, I am going to talk to you very straightly about what is wrong with America and some of the things it is going to take to straighten out the mess the RNC and DNC have made on behalf of their Wealthy Elite Masters.
We are in deep trouble America and it is going to take a massive and focused effort to fix what is wrong.  It is not going to be easy nor is it going to be without pain and sacrifice in many ways.  There are domestic forces threatening the very fabric of everything that made America great.  Our biggest enemies are right here inside of our gates and they are a bunch of greedy corporate thugs and sleazy political whores that give prostitutes a good name and high social standing compared to them.
I do not have to tell anyone how bad the economy really is.  Most of America knows that by the change in their quality of life over the past 5 to 10 years.  I know for a fact that most of Americans are on a decline, not an incline except the incline that describes degree of difficulty in making life enjoyable.
The Republicans still control the House and the Senate until January and I think we are about to see a lot of spite (revenge) and hatred for the America people from Bush, Cheney and Rove and the recently rejected Republicans in the House and Senate.
Even after the swearing in of the new Congress in January, there is such a balance that Lieberman can push it into a 50-50 deadlock easily for Israel and the deciding vote is VP Dick Cheney acting as President of the Senate.
Because of their short-sightedness and self proclaimed entitlements to the detriment of all others domestic and foreign, these people have built a system in DC that is adverse to your interests and mine.  That is not just Bush and the RNC; it also includes the DNC and their minions.  It threatens the future of this Republic.  It has gone way beyond being the threat of the military-industrial complex President Dwight Eisenhower and five-star General Douglas MacArthur warned us about. 
They have tried to reduce this down to all of us being slaves to commercialism and commerce for their Wealthy Elite and they have done so in ways that are killing even that goal.
I have said privately for years that they have created a society based on consumerism but have put into place policies that are killing the consumer.  Sooner or later the bubble is going to pop and the house of cards is going to come crashing down.
Corruption has now embedded itself into every thread that is the fabric of our government on both sides of the aisle.
Both John McCain and Rudy Giuliani have formed exploratory committees for bids for the White House in 2008.  Of course, we have Virginian George Allen lurking in the wings and Mr. Sleaze from Tennessee Bill Frist too.
Giuliani Moves Toward White House Bid
Nov 14, 7:09 AM (ET)
WASHINGTON (AP) - The man once dubbed "America's mayor" has taken the first step toward becoming America's next president.
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican moderate who achieved near-mythic popularity for his handling of the Sept. 11 attacks, filed papers Friday in New York to create the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee Inc. A copy of the document was obtained by The Associated Press.
Creating an exploratory committee does not make Giuliani a declared candidate, but it does mean he intends to travel the country gauging support and preparing for a White House bid.
"Mayor Giuliani has not made a decision yet," Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel said in a statement Monday night. "With the filing of this document, we have taken the necessary legal steps so an organization can be put in place and money can be raised to explore a possible presidential run in 2008."
I would make it real simple for both of them.  I would have them both indicted for treason or misprision of treason against the United States due to their complicity in 9-11.  At a very minimum, they would receive subpoenas for the Grand Jury and I can assure you they would plead the Fifth Amendment when faced with the questions I would have them face.
Pay very close attention as to whom they are trying to position as the next Republican candidate for President for he will be one of them.  I can assure you they are already thinking about the pardons and who is on Santa Claus' list.
Behind the scenes James A. Baker, III and Senator Levin are having a spat over the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.,0,6032008.story?coll=la-home-headlines
Democratic lawmakers will seek a phased withdrawal from Iraq
'The open-ended commitment is over,' a leading senator says. The pullout may begin in four to six months.
By Greg Miller, Times Staff Writer
November 13, 2006
WASHINGTON - Democrats poised to take control of Congress said Sunday that they would press to begin a phased U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq within four to six months, part of an agenda aimed at overhauling key aspects of U.S. policy in the Middle East.
"First order of business is to change the direction of Iraq policy," said Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), who is in line to become chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee next year when Democrats become the majority party in both chambers of Congress.
Senior White House officials countered that setting timetables for U.S. troop withdrawals would weaken the Iraq government and embolden insurgents, but they acknowledged a need for fresh ideas on Iraq and expressed a new willingness to negotiate with Democrats on an array of foreign policy issues.
The mandate of the recent elections was two-fold ­ get out of Iraq and clean up the fraud and corruption.  You will see a slow and painful solution to the first issue and for the second one it is business as usual right into the side of the mountain.
Of course, Baker is trying to polish the tarnished image of George W. Bush and that is not possible to do except to literally waste our troops to save a failed presidency and his legacy in history.  The Bush legacy is not worth a single life of any US soldier since he lied to invade any way.  They cannot make those lies go away even though they are desperate to make Americans look at things other than Bush Administration lies that are glaringly apparent for all to see.
Sooner or later, the entire world is going to know the truth about 9-11 and when that happens, America is going to want Bush and many others on both sides of the aisle executed for mass murder and treason against this nation.  At a very minimum they will demand life without any possibility of parole even by a future president that was hand picked just to pardon them.  There are some things that do not deserve pardon or forgiveness. 
I still get emails from people who have just been forwarded one of these email updates (the last being from Perth, Australia) or have happened upon my website to read the platform or have just now seen the 9-11 Confronting the Evidence video presentation I did.  Many also contact me when they read my articles on the Jeff Rense website.
The DVD presentation is heavily edited and does not include some information that everyone should hear.  Those 1,200 or so that were in that audience heard it and when the panel was then presented with questions from the audience most of them were directed at me for further explanation.  There are some on this email update list that were there that night in NYC and heard it all.
What is hard to tell in that video about my presentation was what I said as the presentation and what was in response to questions from the people in the auditorium.  It is about 50-50 and is not in exact order.  The presentation and the Q&A period were much longer than what was shown on the DVD.
What I do vividly remember about that night was being the last on Panel 2 to present and being out there for 1 hour and 15 minutes under those hot TV lights and no water.  I felt like London Broil by the time Ed Begley, Jr. introduced me.
There were many facts that could be presented to a court of law or a Grand Jury to see how far back this lunacy goes and it is on both sides of the aisle.  A full investigation of 9-11 would have George H W Bush, Clinton and George Bush seated before a Grand Jury.  They and many others would be facing indictments or the embarrassment of the whole truth, nothing but the truth.
I cannot say for you but only the truth matters to me and I have no time for their lies any more.  I am a very patient man but I am fed up with the lies emanating from Washington, DC.  It is rancid so look for no honor there.
Every now and then the 9-11 Truth wackos surface and have something to say that is nothing short of ludicrous.
Recognizing what happened at WTC Ground Zero is key to understanding 9/11:
You talk the talk so much, and pretty well, too, but we don't think that you are walking the walk when it comes to the revealing physics of 9/11...
It's all good for you to point out, as does our Political Science Department, that Dems do not truly oppose Reps, but that still represents a hideous waste of nanotechnological knowledge, capabilities, and expertise on your part:  Those of us who are knowledgeable about physics owe it to our less-knowledgeable countrymen to inform them, not to play dumb.
Professors at our College of Disinformation Recognition, who excel at connecting the missing dots, have warned us about your (lacking) behavior...  Please prove their concerns about you to be misplaced.
This 9-11 group opinion will not get any of us a cup of coffee anywhere on the face of this planet and a degree from their purported college would be more worthless than used toilet paper.
What prompted this email and even a telephone call to me after 12:30 am in Central Europe is they are demanding that I use our scientists, money, resources and time to prove their theory.  We are focused on other things right now due to business and meeting deadlines while this group thinks they have the right to demand anything they wish and if not granted, out comes their slander from some non-existent college and threats from a bunch of 9-11 lightweights.
This particular group thinks nanotechnology can prove 9-11 and I happen to believe that once America understands everything that led up to 9-11, America will be furious enough to see the picture clearly without having to get into arcane subjects and science about why the buildings came down.  It is why they were attacked and who did that that are indictable issues, more so than why they fell.  Why they fell is secondary to the motive of why and who.  Those people are murderers and traitors and that is the trail I choose to stay on and it is my right to do so.
When Americans wake up to that truth, they are not going to care an iota about these people pushing the physics arguments.  They are free to pursue 9-11 truth as they see fit and so am I. 
This is the type of nonsense that has discredited the 9-11 Truth movement and why I distanced myself from all of them that keep kicking a dead horse and cannot understand why America thinks they are not credible.
For every 10,000 to 20,000 emails I get (about 1,000 a day), I only get one that is negative or hostile accusing me of all sorts of things even though they do not know me or anything about me.  Most of them accuse me of being a liberal Democrat and I have never been that in my entire life on any day.  My son, my lady and I crack up laughing every time someone tries to hurl that label at em.  I did not even join the protests during the Vietnam War and never tried to evade the draft.  Even at a young age I trusted that God would have me be where He wanted me to be.
The solution to straighten out America is exactly what the RNC and DNC are trying to prevent from happening.  A strong Third Party populist candidate for president, backed by America, is the worst nightmare come true for Washington, DC.
At the same time, it would be the best thing to happen for America in a very long time.  However, it is not possible unless the Third Parties unite and I do not see that happening in my life time.  That is a one primary reason why I am not excited about wasting time and money running as a Third Party candidate.  
My son found an article and sent me the link.  It might be the best post-election oped piece yet to come out regarding what just happened in the 2006 elections.
Arrogance of power
By Joseph Sabino Mistick
Sunday, November 12, 2006
People can put up with a lot. But they get very tired very fast when they are given the high hat. Giving folks the high hat means that you are treating them "in a superciliously indulgent manner." It is that condescending and patronizing manner that the "haves" use with the "have nots."
And Bush continues to give us the high hat on Iraq. In the world according to Bush, everybody is wrong about the war and only he is right. We are so dumb, in fact, that he will stay the course in Iraq even if his supporters are reduced to the first lady and the family dog. That is what he said; that is surely giving us the high hat.
Back in 1966, Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas wrote "The Arrogance of Power." Much of his book concerned the Vietnam War and a candid review of his own mistakes. One that caused particular regret was his 1964 vote for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which gave President Johnson the green light to escalate that war.
In an acknowledgment that is relevant today, Fulbright wrote: "We are still acting like Boy Scouts dragging reluctant old ladies across the streets they do not want to cross. We are trying to remake Vietnamese society, a task which certainly cannot be accomplished by force and which probably cannot be accomplished by any means available to outsiders."
This was a pretty big turn-around in very short order. Fulbright cited John Quincy Adams for a succinct description of America's role in the world. Our nation should be "the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all" but "the champion and vindicator only of her own."
When you analyze this Bush ­ PNAC ­ Zionist Israel desire to remake the Middle East into what they want it to be, two things become apparent.  First, is it Israel or US interests that we are doing?  Secondly, we are making the same mistake as Vietnam to think that everyone wants to be what America is offering to them.  Many do not want to cross the street, they just want peace and prosperity and opportunity.  Many do not want a puppet US government just so our presidents can brag about their accomplishments that meant nothing to those they ordered attacks upon.
Bush has been bragging about freeing 50 million people and they want him to leave, get the Hell out of their nation, and leave them alone.  Right now Iraq is in chaos, not freedom.  Right now Afghanistan is in chaos, not freedom.  Right now the Bush Administration is the laughing stock of the world after this "thumping" the Republicans took on November 7.  You folks that are in America and not overseas have no idea how much the esteem of the world has increased for America to have put Bush in his place. 
Maybe our president does not truly know what freedom is except his freedom to lie.  You would not find a significant number of Afghans or Iraqis jumping up and down about their freedoms that Bush claims he gave them. 
Such things can be affected more through sane policies than by the gun and smart bombs and DU weapons.  It is when our leaders let industries like Big Oil and Big Defense formulate self-serving policies that the trouble is not far off.  When you add in the agenda of a nation like Israel, who seems to think all of their belligerence towards others does not justify a response, that things get way out of focus and in the instance of the Bush Administration way out of control.
I still want to see this Lieberman Anomaly investigated in Connecticut to see how his two opponents in 2000 and 2006 got the exact same number of votes.  That is not statistically possible due to death of registered voters and those coming of age and eligible to vote during those six years. 
The clearest example I have seen anywhere in the United States of possible vote fraud to control the Congress and the agenda on behalf of Israel appears to have happened in CT in 2006 with the re-election of Joe Lieberman.  That has every appearance of being someone running a program to steal an election and figured no one would notice it since nothing was said in 2000.
Out of Australia, one of the email list members sent me the following article by an author from the UK and I have cited two parts of it because they are relevant to what America is going to have to face, or face the peril of collapsing as a Dead Empire.
Beyond the Seal of Approval
by David Montoute
"Today's mass media are the foundation of the totalitarian 'gestalt' which the privileged impose on the mentality of the massesa 'seal of approval' that authorizes the reality of events".
The seriousness of current developments cannot be underestimated. But as the disjuncture between events and their representation widens further, it impels the broader population to reorder their mental maps, thus opening new possibilities for radical alternatives. To exploit and reinforce this development, the evidence-based community must avoid turf wars and internal disputes. Now more than ever, it is necessary to share everything we know with everyone we know. Practical alternatives cannot emerge whilst the great mass of people remain somnambulant, which is why systematic deconstruction and demythologization of events is the precondition for liberating and reconstructing our world.
When the mask finally falls, reality can be what we make it.
I know many people who refuse to believe the government was involved in 9-11 because they have not seen it on CNN, FOXNews, ABC, NBC or CBS.  They fail to realize that the mass media outlets are mouthpieces for the government and the corporate conglomerates that own the news outlets and are directly profiting from America not knowing the truth.
From the very earliest days of our Republic Thomas Jefferson warned that a US media with an agenda was more dangerous than any foreign threat.
However, there might be another alternative than to beat on the wall until the Third Parties join hands.  I have become convinced that they are never going to join hands and unite to save America.  In their own way, the existing Third Parties are the "ists" and "isms" of the Conservative Right. 
So, what to do about that?
I am a conservative and would make no pretense about being middle of the road or liberal.  I am not a Far Right hardliner and see that many of the "ists" and "isms" are matters that should have never been made political issues.  There are fiscal issues that have to be addressed or the United States is going to fail financially.  There are foreign policy issues that have to be addressed or we will all want to seek a better life in Mexico for we could well be lower than them in terms of quality of life. 
There are moral issues that are best left to the family and churches and get the government out of the discussion.  There are social issues that have to be addressed for quality of life to mean anything in the United States.  It is not all about the bottom line when quality of life and human dignity are the casualties to produce that bottom line.
There are major environmental and infrastructure issues to face and we have many corporations that want to get a free ride and pass that expense on to you and me.  I cannot say for you but I am tired of certain groups passing their tabs to me.  There are no free lunches and we have way too many in the United States including the Wealthy Elite that think everything is a free lunch at our expense.
Many are asking me to consider a run as a Conservative Republican.  That would take some thought as to what it would take to fix the broken GOP.  I never dreamed in the early 1990s that the GOP would turn into the beast that it has become.  It is now just as screwed up as the internal battles between DNC, DLC, and DCCC. 
On the other hand many are asking me to consider a run as, God forbid, a Conservative Democrat.  That too will take some analysis to see if these recent election results were in fact a resurgence of Conservative Democrats that have just about the same values as true Conservative Republicans.  George Bush and the gang he has in his Administration and on Capitol Hill are not true conservatives.  It is not fair or accurate to look at them as conservatives for they are not even close to be deserving of that title.  Also, if a true Conservative Democrat stepped forward I think Hillary and Al Gore would be history in US politics.  Savor that thought for a moment. 
These people in DC have literally crapped on everything that is sacred and honorable about this Nation.  We were born as an experiment and over time the rest of the world wanted to be free just like us.  Now much of the rest of the world looks at the United Sates with utter contempt not because of our freedoms but because of what a fraud this nation has become.  We are not hated for our freedoms, we are hated for our policies, belligerence, greed and arrogance.  The United States of America is, at this current time, not what it pretends to be and does in fact accuse others of being exactly what we have become in the leadership of this Nation.
I get this mental image of our elected leaders looking in the mirror casting aspersions at themselves to practice what to say in public.  They are describing what they see in the mirror, not the way the world really is or even America. 
When our leaders speak of rule of law the rest of the world and many Americans laugh at them for they know it is a bald faced lie.
We purport as a government to be a nation based on rule of law, yet every day on our televisions the world sees that the laws here apply to the weak and the wealthy are mere criminals in suits that never get what they deserve.  You can trust me on this statement.  Those limos are not hallowed ground.
When our leaders speak of defending America, while promoting terrorism, the rest of the world and many Americans clearly see through the lie.  That is why just about every poll in any foreign nation says with over a 75% to 90% response that the greatest threat to world peace is the United States or George W. Bush depending on how the question was posed.
If one is considered the greatest threat to world peace, all of this talk about democracy and freedom rings hollow, shallow and untrue.
We have more people in prison than Red China with over four times the United States population, yet the most deserving among us of being in prison are left outside to do more harm.  Americans would be amazed if they tracked down the former Michael Milken co-defendants and learn what they are up to today and much mayhem they have created since 1995.  Many of them are robber barons still preying on a public that thinks Washington, DC is regulating and enforcing the law.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
Most of the Milken co-defendants never paid their fines (slaps on the wrist) and kept right on plundering unsuspecting investors. 
Recently sentenced Andy Fastow of Enron was formerly affiliated with Michael Milken.  The founder of Global Crossing was not the founder of Global Crossing.  Former Milken co-defendant "GC Partners" of the Cayman Islands was the original Global Crossing before it moved to Bermuda and launched a capital markets fraud that had been planned for years by Milken, Gary Winnick, Wall Street and even some within our government that saw telecom deregulation as a means to an end to line their pockets with hundreds of millions and billions of dollars.  Some of you may remember that the former Chairman of the DNC, Terry McAuliffe, profited from Global Crossing while pushing its agenda behind the scenes. 
Do not doubt for a minute that McAuliffe might be the chairman of Hillary Clinton's bid for the Oval Office.  This is a network, a system of corruption and they cannot allow others in for they would learn the details and might blow the whistle on them all.
As you read the following, do not think of me as a presidential candidate putting this forward. 
I will probably not run for one reason and that being I have looked for 6 years for a woman to love and I found her.  I am going to marry her but she is not a citizen of the United States.  She is a Russian citizen and I do not believe that Americans could look past their blindness and short-sightedness to see what a truly remarkable woman she is.  I have dated a lot of women in my life but never have I met one as classy, elegant and graceful as the lady that controls my heart. 
Her family never bought off on communism and were just stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time.  People have no control over where they are born or when.  She knows more about freedom and respects it more than any American or Canadian woman I have ever known.  My lady does not take freedom for granted.  A very few on this list have seen a photograph of her and were stunned by her beauty. 
So, I may not be that candidate but I do have a very clear picture of what has to happen to save America from the thugs and racketeers that have taken over our nation.
So, everything you read below is an "if" and whether me or someone else as the presidential candidate of the people, the following is what needs to happen to change the course this nation is on.  We have to or we will wind up without a nation or one so sick it will not survive the cancer. 
The Global War on Terror
I would bring an immediate halt of the Global War on Terror and push no further on any front except to track down those that are definitely enemies of this nation.  Part of the problem in how the GWOT has been conducted is it inaccurately identifies who the real enemy is.  There are many things that could be pursued with Afghanistan but Bush has not wanted to try any plan but his No Plan.  There are many things that could be done about Iraq, but Bush has not wanted to try any plan but his No Plan.
Yes, there are some dangerous people but not concentrated in any single place that sending an entire armored division is an appropriate approach to the problem.  That is just George Bush blowing our money and putting it in his buddie's pockets.  To fight terrorist teams it takes teams, not entire armies. 
The multipolarization is not going to go away.  The people of India have as much right as Americans to build a better quality of life.  The same applies for the European Union, Russia, the People's Republic of China, and Central and South America.  Even Canada has been suffering due to our irresponsible fiscal policies and how the excesses of our government have set into play massive economic dislocations that are backfiring in their faces in Washington, DC and bludgeoning some of our allies.
The only way to deal with a global pattern is to work with it rather than against it.  What is going on around the world right now is a Megatrend and there is nothing Washington, DC can do to stop it.  It is a Megatrend of freedom, democracy and economic prosperity rising up on its own without US leadership.  People are fed up living in second and third rate conditions just because some wealthy elitist in the UK or US thinks that is all they deserve.
In fact, our government has tried for most of the last century to spread freedom and democracy and once it started to blossom on its own because people wanted freedom, our government just kept on pursing the same Cold War policies and stayed stuck on stupid. 
For example, the Untied States for years fought communism and even when that was no longer on the table certain parties continued to try to put the screws to the Russians.  It has hurt that nation and the only way for us to mend that fence is to mend it with good faith in ways that are in our best interests and treat the Russians fairly and equitably.  We simply have some Americans in power that cannot get that done and since they cannot or will not, they need to be removed from the process as obstacles to world peace and world progress.
I would pursue joint development of the oil and gas reserves, the pipelines and refineries with Russia since they are now the world's largest oil and gas producer.  Why wage a Bush War on lies when it can be done as a commercial business deal?  Same would apply for Venezuela and other areas.
India is rising up and there is nothing Bush can do to stop that or the Democrats either.  The peoples of India are smart, aggressive and they know they do not have to accept second or third rate status that the Western World thinks they can keep them in.  We cannot out produce the 1.2 billion of the PRC or the 1 billion of India if they stay focused on building their economies. 
I am doing business in Central Europe and it amazes me how the companies of the UK and US look at these people as low wage labor pools instead of working with them to build a better future for all.  The Hungarian scientists my company works with are some of the smartest and most resourceful people I have ever met. 
Red China has proven just in the past 18 years that with over 1 billion people they are an economic powerhouse to be reckoned with and they will keep growing and they will keep improving the qualify of life of their people.
What Bush and his people thought they could do is control world oil supplies and control these economies of Russia, the PRC and India.  They cannot and at every turn these countries have gone right around Bush with commercial contracts while our President and Congress bought off on the delusion that we can control the world through brute force because we are the world's only military Superpower.  We are now buried in debt and stuck in the quagmire of war while the others are leaving us behind. 
That idiotic plan was destined to fail the day it was conceived. 
The peoples of other lands have just as much right to quality of life and prosperity as do Americans.  What our government has done is pursue an entire set of policies that attempt to put the cork back into the bottle and it is not working and it is not going to work at any time in the future. 
Dollar Hegemony / Petrodollars
The predicament created by our fiscal policies has to be reversed or the United States has to stop using extortion and brute force to keep nations on the dollar as the petrodollar exchange.  We cannot have a weak dollar due to our own policies and expect the rest of the world to suffer due to the irresponsibility of our government. 
Spending can be curtailed and fiscal polices put into place that would strengthen the dollar very quickly.  We are still the largest economy in the world and how we use that strength can solve many problems.
On the current course, the fiscal policies are irresponsible and if we let our leadership keep doing the damage it will become irreversible. 
A stronger dollar would mean that certain multinational corporations would not be exporting as much but that is a price they would have to pay to get the mess straightened out.  We cannot have a weak dollar to facilitate imbalanced Free Trade policies and expect the rest of the world to suffer due to a weak dollar on purchasing oil and gas.
The dynamics are very simple ­ weak dollar means high prices for oil.  Much of Europe is dealing with per gallon prices of $10 to $12 per gallon and it is strangling their economies. 
I would pursue discussions with Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin to cap the price of oil at $50 per barrel and let the world economies recover.
I would shift policies and priorities to where the National Debt would be cut by half within 4-6 years.  The Federal Hog Trough would be shut down for certain industrial groups and those monies focused on a much bigger problem. 
If the Leo Wanta funds are legitimate, I would see to it that they are used to eliminate our National Debt and set up an economic development fund that would benefit many nations and the United States.  $27.5 trillion dollars can create a lot of jobs. 
Foreign Aid
I would make it obligatory, monitored and enforced that any US aid monies go to the intended purpose and not as bribes to foreign leaders to line their pockets while people still suffer.  I would also tie our foreign aid to both trade (exports) to the US versus US exports to those nations to balance the trade deficit to a more manageable number.  Being the world's largest economy in the current world realities means we will have deficits but there have been no attempts to limit that while also facilitating trade in a more balanced manner.
Energy Policy
I would put the entire weight of the United States government behind development of alternative fuels and hydrogen fuel so we can break free from the use of oil and gasoline.  Times change and technology changes but Big Oil fights change.  I would also have the feasibility studied to build a massive nuclear generation center like nothing built today anywhere to free the US from dependence on foreign oil.  I am talking about a single center that could power North America. 
GM came out with the Hy Wire but there are much better solutions.  My company has a better solution and we do not get the time of day from DOE or the Bush Administration.  The GM Hy Wire only has a range of about 80 miles.  We are working on a final solution that would have the range of thousands of miles and the only thing that would come out the exhaust pipe is free oxygen, hydrogen and water vapor. 
Oil Grabs
I would not back the use of military force against any nation for the benefit of Big Oil and to the detriment of US soldiers.  If our oil companies cannot do commercial oil deals maybe we need to explore either nationalizing those companies or putting in new management that can get a deal done without having to create a war to get their way.
I know Americans are livid at the prices they have to pay at the pump.  However, if they knew how much they are truly paying for a gallon of gas once all costs are factored in (GWOT, war, supporting the development costs of Big Oil in foreign lands), they would wig out against Big Oil and Bush policies.  This Hog Trough Mentality they have conducted for the past six years has put this Nation and our economy on its knees.
I am not a doctor but I know how to stop massive bleeding, economic or otherwise.
9-11 Investigation and Prosecutions
I would direct the resource of the federal government to a full and open investigation of 9-11 and do so in a manner that is not designed to protect anyone.
I would compel the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ, all federal whistleblowers, Pentagon and others to testify and expose all who were involved in the planning and execution of 9-11. 
If I had the say, all responsible for 9-11 would pay the maximum consequences for that act.
The role of the media is to inform Americans so we can make good decisions.  I have watched over the years as media conglomerates have consolidated power and then delivered agendas and propaganda, not information.
I would seek two things regarding media empires.  First, no foreign ownership of our key media outlets to the extent of effecting control.  Investments to make a profit is one thing, control of the US by foreign influences is quite another.  Secondly, I would seek the break up of certain media conglomerates as being adverse to the best interests of the United States.
It is about time that the federal government reintroduces competition to the markets instead of consolidation, control and agendas.
Other market sectors that would be evaluated for antitrust would be pharmaceutical, oil, energy, defense, and banking.  I am also not a fan of how the Federal Reserve does things and think the US should be in charge of its own money supply.
It is about time Israel be put into their proper place.  I am familiar with all religions and have studied them.  None of them promote such hatred, belligerence, arrogance, apartheid or intolerance as the Zionist form of Judaism.  I have many Jewish and Christian Jew friends and we discuss this subject often.  The average Orthodox Jew is not who I am referring to.  The problem arises out of Zionism and that is not a religion, it is a group based on power and control that hides behind a religion.  There are many groups in Judaism trying to rid that religion of the influences of Zionism and too many Americans do not know that or make a differentiation between the two. 
I would never stand by as the Arabs attacked Israel but to direct US policy to the benefit of Israel while treating the Arabs shabbily has to stop for there to ever be peace in the Middle East. 
Israel seems to think they are entitled to Eretz Israel, or everything from the Nile to the Euphrates.  That includes Lebanon, Syria, the northern third of Saudi Arabia and even a good chunk of Iraq.  I have never supported that and the Israelis cannot show any Biblical basis for such a ludicrous claim and land and resource grab.  That is just them playing on the sympathies of the rest of the world and it is not workable, it is not sellable. 
If it were my call, our troops in Iraq would be pulled back to Kuwait, Jordan and at least one armored division would separate the Israelis and Palestinians.  Just offshore would be one or two aircraft carrier groups. 
Israel makes it clear they do not want to play well with others and I think it is time to put the bully to the test. 
I would bar AIPAC from making political donations as an agent of a foreign government and bar them from lobbying Capitol Hill or any federal agencies to influence the laws and direction of the United States of America.  We are not a nation of Judaism, we are a Christian nation that has always embraced the openness of society where any person of any religion or nationality was welcome in our land.  It is about time that those who are belligerent to our ways be shown the door or put in their proper place in this nation.
Cisneros admits further in the Forward that, in order for his people to gain benefits from Jews, the interests of Israel must be protected: "In foreign relations, the sustenance of ties between Israel and the United States will be served by educating Latinos about the Jewish state and its important role as a beacon for democracy and freedom in the Middle East.
After Cisneros dodged a 90-year prison sentence for his 1997 indictment by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor with a mere $10,000 fine, he left the political scene and embarked on a race-based business venture. In 2000 he forged a partnership with the Jewish Chairman and CEO of Los Angeles-based Kaufman & Broad, one of the nation's largest real estate companies, Bruce Karatz.
The problem with such propaganda from Israel and their Zionist supporters in the United States is that Israel is not viewed in the Middle East as an example of democracy and freedom.  They are viewed as the most belligerent government in that region.  The American Christians that like to associate themselves as Zionist Christians need to wake up to the fact that Christian Jews in Israel are treated as inferiors.  The Israeli war machine thinks nothing of killing Palestinian Christians or Lebanese Christians.  I am of the opinion that any US Christian that can openly support the killing of other Christians is either uninformed or worse, ignorant. 
Bruce Karatz recently had to step down due to the exercise of warrants and options of stock in the company he headed, KB Homes.  He took down over $135 million in one year and frankly folks, there is not a CEO on the face of this planet worth that much a year.
Michael Milken plundered investors and made large donations to Israel to get into their Good Zionist Club in Tel Aviv.  Gary Winnick of Global Crossing infamy did the same.  Robert "Bob" Belfer of Belco Petroleum, InterNorth and Enron infamy did the same. 
I have a firm policy ­ the United States capital markets are not harvest fields for sleazy robber barons who then pretend to be great Jewish philanthropists to Israel at the expense of broken lives they left behind in the United States.  I would come down on these people with the SEC, FBI and DOJ like the wrath of God.
Many Americans grouse about the level of US aid to Israel.  If they knew the amount of US plundering of investors by the likes of Milken, Winnick and others, and how much of that money is headed to Israel, the pattern would be clear for them to see.
I was interviewed one time by the LA Times about a RICO lawsuit we were preparing against Global Crossing and was asked to identify the defendants.  I did not identify them by name but I did provide a characterization as to who they were.  Of the 57 individual defendants that would have been named, 37 of them are Jewish and some regular contributors in large amounts to Jewish causes here and in Israel.  I was accused by an LA Times reporter of being anti-Semitic.
This is exactly what I said to her and she did not print the story:
"Let's keep the number simple for you and let's keep this in perspective.  I have 20 defendants just to keep the number simple.  10 of them are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Mormon and agnostics and atheist.  10 of them are Jewish.  What I have are 20 defendants that committed criminal acts.  I do not have 10 liars and thieves and 10 lucky Jewish boys that won the multi-billion door prize at bar mitzvah.  If you want to make such an accusation print that and let us see what the public opinion is." 
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they even use the threat of the label of anti-Semite for calling them a liar and thief when that is exactly what the facts say they are.  Michael Milken even tried that lame defense at his trial.
I used to believe in the ACLU because their sole purpose at one time was to defend the Bill of Rights.  That changed when the Zionists took over and changed the ACLU into an attack on American civil liberties, Christmas and all things that make America what America is. 
If I were president ADL and ACLU would not have a friend in the Oval Office until they clean up their act. 
There are many ways to stop the Jewish lobby dead in its tracks and if they want a battle, they can have all they want from me. 
I would pursue a whole new approach in Afghanistan to put an end to the hostilities there, including a commercial way of doing the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline.  That pipeline could run through Afghanistan or it could run through Iran or both.  When the US policies are counterproductive to getting a business deal done, it is time to change US policies.
I personally think it is way past time to sit down with Bridas Corporation and discuss a possible joint venture of the pipeline they had sewed up from Turkmenistan to Pakistan, including that portion that was to be built through Afghanistan.
Bush did not accomplish that mission either.
I would seek agreements with Jordan and Kuwait to withdraw US troops to that point.  If any nation tried to invade or stir up trouble like Syria or Iran, that problem would be dealt with if and when it occurred.  To keep our troops there to be senselessly slaughtered is not accomplishing anything but the Bush intent to go for the oil and control of that oil. 
I personally agree with the UK overture that Syria and Iran should be involved in a solution for Iraq.  It is about time we tell Israel to sit down and shut up and see what can be produced as results.  It would not be hard to deliver the message that any attack on Israel would be responded to in force by the United States. 
Again, a commercial settlement can be offered to the Iraqis that will make much of the problems subside.  All of the Iraqi assets that have been stolen by the Bush Gang would be returned to the Iraqis and many US firms would be getting a subpoena from the DOJ.
You can be assured that every Bush appointed ambassador would be terminated immediately and many of them would be receiving a subpoena from the DOJ too. 
The UK is running up trial balloons to engage Iran and Syria to seek a peaceful solution for Iraq and a graceful exit for US and UK forces.  That move is long overdue and you can bet Bush is fighting it behind the scenes as not being consistent with his idiotic legacy.  Bridas Corporation ran its pipeline through Iran to get to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.  I would explore doing the same if things could not be resolved in Afghanistan or maybe go for more than one pipeline. 
There is more than one way to skin a cat and sometime the clear answer to a problem is to get rid of those that are opposed to a resolution due to their own agenda.
If I were president, Washington, DC would be pink for a week due to all of the pink slips that would be hitting that town like a blizzard.  Right behind that would be a white blizzard in the form of subpoenas, indictments and arrest warrants. 
North Korea
I would send US negotiators to the table with a message.  If North Korea would stop developing nuclear weapons and rockets to sell for hard currency, the US would form a consortium to see to it that North Korea could have food, energy and build a commercial economy rather than a WMD based economy.  Neither Clinton nor Bush have tried that approach yet.
I can assure you that Japan and China would support such a move and welcome it with a deep sigh of relief and so would South Korea.
As was demonstrated recently by the summit held in Beijing with the leaders of 40 or so African nations, that continent has vast natural resources and the PRC knows it will need them to supply their economic growth.  They will also be needed for the US economy.  I would be willing to explore with the PRC and Africa the peaceful development of a better Africa and something that is workable for the PRC and US needs.  That would of course include Russia and the EU because their economies have to have raw materials to build goods.
South America
The first thing I would explore is a unified plan with Brazil, Venezuela and Columbia to save the Rain Forest.  The more I have looked at that issue, and the more I have looked at the global changes in weather, I think mankind needs to be better stewards of this planet.  Every scientific report indicates that we are in for tremendous costs to deal with Global Warming to the point the global economy is not sustainable.  The line has to be drawn somewhere and my position would be that large blocks of save-able habitat need to be saved and global emissions have to be cut back. 
Just in America alone, land use policies need to be adjusted to support more wet lands and more forests. 
I realize that will not be popular with Big Oil and Big Energy but the goal is to not kill the planet just to satisfy the demands of their bottom lines and Wall Street.  This planet is not about them, it is about all of us.
There are some major breakthroughs on the horizon in nanotechnology and alternative fuels that could radically reduce fossil fuel emissions and you can easily guess who is against such progress from occurring.
Capital Markets Fraud
I would have the DOJ, FBI and SEC pursue an aggressive investigation and litigation schedule to root out the vultures and racketeers that have been plundering the US capital markets and US and foreign investing citizens.  They know who they are and they know that I know who they are.  For too many years they have tried to regulate with fines and it is time to make the penalty fit the crime.  It is also time to start recovering the stolen funds and return them to their rightful owners instead of federal coffers.
Defense Industry
I would give the defense industry something else to work on.  I do believe in a strong defensive capability to defend the United States but what is going on at the Pentagon and within the Defense Industry is nothing short of fraud.  It is all geared towards offense, not defense and they are using accounting methods intended to suck the public coffers dry of as many billions as they can.
Some of the greatest benefits to mankind have come from the space program.  Odd as it seems, having to push an envelope beyond what mankind is designed to live in has created some marvelous breakthroughs.
I met a Russian scientist one time and he told me a funny story about the US and Russia race for space.  NASA spent something like $14 million to develop a pen that would write upside down and in zero gravity.  The Russians sent a pencil with their astronauts.  There are usually simple answers except for those that are not looking for them.
There are ways to defend America and push forward and I would promote that over seeing how many more wars our government could engage in.
It is not too much in the distant future that to sustain this planet we are going to have to mine resources on other planets if they are available.  I can think of over 100 projects that would keep the likes of Bechtel, Parsons, Lockheed, et al happy, busy and doing something worthwhile for this planet. 
Free Trade Policy
I would have the key federal agencies address every Free Trade agreement and put some balance back into the equation.  Every nation wants to export all they can to the United States because of the size of our market and they want hard cash.  However, many of those same nations then do not purchase goods from the United States that would stabilize our job creation needs in our own nation.
The solution to that is to combine our federal donations to other nations with a balance that allows imports up to a point into the United States based on purchases (exports) from US companies to closer balance the trade deficits.  This nonsense of throwing open the doors to Free Trade to nations that purchase little from the United States has to stop because that is the reason we are having so much structural unemployment.
I am not for NAFTA and history has shown that it has done about as much damage as it has good.  My position would be to possibly alter it or abolish it if certain factors cannot be resolved for all parties.  The Canadian and US markets are intertwined and always have been.  We get about 25% of our imports from Canada and they get about 75% of theirs from the U.S.  The Mexico situation needs to be studied in light of their refusal to help stop the illegal alien problem and flow of illegal drugs. 
I know some in the National Guard that are now along the border of Mexico and they report that they are seeing more drug deals than illegal aliens.  Why does that not surprise me?
As far as I am concerned, CAFTA should be DOA and stopped.
Same for FTAA.  Same for the NAU. 
Free Trade
I would revisit every Free Trade agreement and if found to be unfair to the U.S. make it a Fair Trade agreement or rescind it.  We are reaching the point that the word of Bill Clinton or George Bush are not as important as the integrity of the fabric of our nation and the best interests of the citizens of the United States.
The Border with Mexico
I would shut down the inflow of illegal aliens whatever it takes and round up those in the US for evaluation and possible return home.  Mexico has insisted on remaining a Banana Republic to stay in the graces of their Wealthy Elite and I would see that change or make some serious revisions.  The Southern Border would be shut down until further notice. 
These Latinos that think we should give them about 20% of the United States are free to leave.
The Border with Canada
The border with Canada is a problem since so much trade goes both ways and it is about 3,000 miles long.  There are many improvements that can be made starting with them controlling their immigration and US policies that increase their ability to expand their market and economic output.  Canada attracted a lot of capital to Canada through immigration but where that threatens our national security certain modifications need to be made.  Economic issues can be solved relatively easily.
Illegal Immigration
My platform clearly stated that I would have all illegal aliens rounded up, documented and some are being sent back for good.  Some after they serve long prison sentences for violent crimes they have committed here.
Social Security
I would block privatization of Social Security until certain blockades were put into place to prevent Wall Street and vultures from stealing the investments.  The same three devices that Clinton put into place (see or Take Back America, Part II) would easily be used to steal those funds from SS private investment fund investors. 
This has been a long range goal by certain predators that intend to steal and I would not stand for it.
English Language
English would be mandatory for any benefits, Social Security, driver's license, citizenship, etc as well as a full background check.  For over 230 years immigrants came from all over the world and assimilated into our culture and our language.  The Spanish speaking can do the same or pack their bags.  As far as I am concerned, we do not have to learn Spanish to accommodate them any more than any US citizen has to learn Arabic or Hindi to accommodate immigrants from those lands.
Government Accountability
This is a major one for me and I would put the weight of the Executive Branch behind it.  That would include the courts, Congress and all federal agencies.  There would also be a full audit of all federal agencies just to see how much damage has been done and what steps need to be taken, curative and punitive, to clean it up.
Term Limits
I am in full support of a Constitutional Amendment that would limit all elected federal office holders to a maximum of two terms in office just like the President.  The reason is simple.  We have way too many institutionalized drunks and derelicts in positions of power and influence but they are in the wrong institution.
Gay Marriage
I am not in favor of gay marriage or a Constitutional Amendment recognizing gay marriage.  What people do with their own lives is up to them but demanding certain things is not an entitlement.  Homosexuality is a moral issue and should have never been introduced as a political issue.  For people who do not understand that, ask if you would want the government regulating heterosexual lives.  It is none of their business. 
I personally do not believe in abortion and do not support it.  However, I recognize that it is not my right or the right of a government to tell anyone what to do with their own life or body.  I have noticed over the years that every woman I know that has had an abortion still suffers from it.  It is not a good thing.  Maybe people need to have the baby and put it up for adoption rather than do something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  It is a moral issue between them and God, not a political issue as far as I am concerned. 
Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, and Military Commission Act
Reversed, rescinded except for the purpose of fighting the real terrorists.
That is just the first 30 days.  There are other issues like the environment, job creation, reversing the outsourcing trend to other nations, and other steps that are long past due.  It is time to put Americans first in America.
Since the Democrats do not get it or do not have the moral courage to do it, the corruption would halt and many would be facing the music called rule of law.
You Americans need to get this fixed into your heads as to just how screwed up it is.
Such a president could probably not live in the White House, use Air Force One, appear publicly, make campaign stops, fund raising dinners or even the State of the Union address.  He would be public enemy number one as far as the thugs are concerned.  He would be the worst nightmare come true for the RNC, the DNC and the Shadow Government that has pushed this way out of control. 
Americans should also prepare themselves for the fact that such a president might have to use military force against US corporate thugs and certain elements of the US government to ensure his own survival.  It is a cancer and it is going to require major surgery for the patient to make it.
It is that screwed up folks and it is time that America wake up to the gravity of the situation. 
We are headed towards either a fascist police state or a civil war or complete anarchy or we find a president that we might not even know what he looks like but knows who the enemy is and will deal with them in the only manner they deserve. 
The key is what does he stand for and what will he do to clean it up and root the cancer out of America.  He has to be someone that does not have a price and puts America first.
If you saw the movie V is for Vendetta, that is what we need. 
We need a hero and we need a savior and neither will come from the RNC or the DNC.  If you hope for that your American Dream will never come true.  Hell will freeze over first.
Best regards,



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