The 'Election' Results -
Sucker-Punched Again
Take Back America - Part 1

By Karl W B Schwarz

What to do to straighten out Washington, DC?  Even though the Democrats took the House of Representatives and Senate, it is still broke.  They also gained the majority in governorships and state legislatures but it is still broke.
How do the Democrats control the Senate?  By a margin of ONE with two Independent victories that always vote Democrat and in the instance of Joe Lieberman, the Voice of Israel is back.  He is so important to the Israel agenda the RNC was financing his Independent bid and they pulled it off to their own demise.  I was LMAO on that one.  The real sucker punch is coming when the markers are called due and Mr. Lieberman does not vote with the Democrats, puts the Senate into 50-50 mode and Vice President Dick Cheney is the deciding vote.
Bet you folks did not see that sucker punch coming, did you?  Watch real close because it is coming on some major issues.
The Sell Out of America has already started.  Mr. John "Impeach George Bush" Conyers has rolled over for the DNC party line.  Impeachment of George Bush is off the table.  Conyers just proved it was all rhetoric to get votes.
You Progressives brace yourself for this bunch of Democrats in control are not going to do anything about impeachment, or war crimes, or anything else.
You Progressives brace yourself for this bunch of Democrats in control are not going to do anything about 9-11 or the bogus wars that were launched because of that incident.  It is business as usual with the Democrats in control of the ante and the pot and the stacked deck of cards.
In Rhode Island where Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse won, that ousted the only moderate voice in the RNC ranks of Lincoln Chaffee who was the only Republican who voted against the Iraq War.
We may have the clearest evidence of vote fraud coming out of Connecticut with the re-election of Pro-Israel Joe Lieberman as an Independent.
Now, how exactly did Lieberman win two elections and his two opponents got exactly the same number of votes at exactly 448,077 votes?!
"In Connecticut Ned Lamont (Dem.) lost EXACTLY with THE SAME number of votes as Phil Giordano (Rep.) collected in 2000."
Any of you mathematical geniuses want to calculate the odds on that?  It is staggering.  It is statistically impossible and could not happen twice in one million years, much less twice in 6 years for one lucky Pro-Israel Jewish Senator.  I think this matter needs to be investigated because it is smoking hot.
The 2006 vote was not just about Iraq, it was also about accountability and government corruption.  Most of the Democrats I hear from are gleeful that the GOP lock has been broken but I point out to them that they have been grousing since 9-11 about the deeds of their own party, too.  This vote did not change that and has only made them forgot temporarily that they were sold out along with the rest of America.
In their current state of euphoria, they seem to forget that their own party was involved in the idiotic policies and 9-11 too and that did not change November 7.
The problem is both parties and what America just did was fall for the myth that America has two political parties.  Those two parties are controlled by the same special interests who want it that way for themselves and to Hell with you.
It will take some time to analyze who all of the new faces are and who they are beholden to that are adverse to your interests and mine.  Some of them will not have to be analyzed and they will be like neon warning signs as soon as the new Congress convenes in January 2007.
Have a Merry Christmas for it may be the last one or the last one for a long time.  America is in for a rude awakening over the next two years.
George W. Bush says the Republicans "took a thumping" on November 7.  I think it is more like tying that jackass to the bull with a definite length rope until the attitude adjustment sets in.
I rarely agree anymore with Rush Limbaugh, but he did hit the nail on the head with his post mortem of the November 7 elections.
Republicans took a beating on Election Day because they abandoned their conservative principles and in the end stood for nothing,
Commenting that although Republicans lost, "Conservatism did not lose, Republicanism lost last night. Republicanism, being a political party first, rather than an ideological movement, is what lost last night."
Exit polls showed one of the biggest reasons to be corruption, not just Iraq.  Actually, both are major issues and neither will get better with the Democrats controlling both Houses of Congress.  The corruption will just head in another direction and Bush will have to just keep his mouth shut due to all the dirt they have on him now and the ability to prosecute, but will not do so.
Daddy Bush has had to send in a team (Gates, Baker, etc) to clean up the mess GW has made of things.  Problem is, that team is the Iran Contra team so brace your self for more lunacy from DC.  The vested interests are stepping in to run things since GW cannot.
The gay head of the RNC, Kenneth Mehlman, is jumping off the SS Titanic Bush, too.  Only real men can clean up a GW mess.
I am not upset about the next two years being under DNC control.  They will be easy to dismantle just like they were in 1994 and over the next two years it is my intent to do just that.  Not to rebuild the RNC, to change the course and address the true problems of rampant government corruption and rampant corporate corruption aided and abetted by government corruption.
DNC is a sitting duck because 2 of every 3 voters are conservative and do not believe in DNC values or their ideologies when they are of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi lunacy.  That will be apparent soon enough to America.  It will not take America long to get its fill of Nancy Pelosi and her agenda and Hillary too.
The euphoric Progressives will not be smiling soon when the Democratic controlled Congress turns its back on 9-11 and them.  That has already started.
Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.  I will be one of the happiest Americans in the world when Americans wake up and understand that simple matter.
At first glance it appears that the Red States saved America by turning their back on Bush.  At first glance, the Blue States do not want the change that they profess and sent the same incumbent steers, queers and dumb heifers back to the Senate and House.  One of the most interesting trends in the 2006 elections is the Democrats quietly took back control of the state governorships.  At first glance, that may be a true resurgence of Conservative Democrats and might be the true lever to use for 2008.
If we get the Conservative Democrats back in control of the DNC, most of this lunacy will stop real quick and we can finally have the requiem for a DNC that has not meant anything in about 30 years but being opposed to everything that is America.
You folks that love Merry Christmas over Happy Holidays brace yourselves.  The "I hate the word Christmas" crowd is now in charge of the House and the Senate.
In Arkansas Bush appointee to the DEA and Homeland Security Asa Hutchison lost to Democrat Mike Beebe.  That is telling.  Most of my Republican friends in Arkansas turned out to vote against Republican Asa Hutchison.  Why?  Because he is a Neocon; not a true conservative.  They did not vote in general for Beebe, they voted against Hutchison.  I have reminded many of them that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.
I have written before what the difference is between a true conservative and these Neocon thugs that call themselves Conservative Republicans.  Maybe Rush Limbaugh has been reading my emails.
In Minnesota attorney Keith Ellison became the first Muslim elected to Congress.
Bush admitted in a November 8, 2006 press conference that Donald Rumsfeld was stepping down and he has named yet another Bush family crony and yet another Neocon directly out of Iran Contra.
Dr. Robert Michael Gates (born September 25, 1943) could become the 22nd United States Secretary of Defense, succeeding Donald Rumsfeld. President Bush announced on November 8th, 2006 his intention to nominate Gates for the position which requires Senate confirmation. Previous to that office, he served as Director of Central Intelligence from November 6, 1991 until January 20, 1993, capping a 26-year career in the CIA and the National Security Council. Immediately before being nominated to the post of Secretary of Defense, he was the President of Texas A&M University and the National President of the National Eagle Scout Association. He and his wife Becky have two children.
I can hear the angry defeated Republican candidates that were told to stay the course with Rumsfeld.  They are hopping mad and I would be too.  Mr. Gates is a protégé of Mr. Rumsfeld all the way back to the Reagan Administration, so, it is business as usual in the Secretary of Defense seat.
On another front, another Neocon is being thrown from the SS Titanic Bush.
Breaking from
John Bolton Likely to Depart U.N.
NewsMax has learned that U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton will likely leave his post next month.
After a rocky series of Senate confirmation hearings, Bolton was sent to the U.N. by President Bush in August 2005 under a recess appointment. That allowed the president to bypass Senate confirmation while it was in recess, but the appointee could only serve for the length of the current Congress which is set to expire at year's end.
I am glad to see that most of America did not fall for the latest BIG BOO from Bush and Blair.  I watched this story on Sky News out of the UK and found their use of desperate, late save adjectives to be a little too desperate.  The man has been in custody since August 2004 on an anonymous tip and they acted like they saved a million lives on our election day.
All day long on the day of the US mid-term elections, the major news media carried what was the story of the day.  However, the timing of this story is just as suspect as the verdict regarding Saddam Hussein.
Dhiren Barot: India-born jihadi in 9/11 net
Chidanand Rajghatta
[ 18 Aug, 2004 0952hrs IST
WASHINGTON: Abu Musa al-Hindi, one of the principle terror suspects charged with plotting to attack US financial institutions, has been identified as India-born Dhiren Barot.
British police on Tuesday charged Barot, 32, of gathering surveillance plans of financial institutions in New York and Washington, with a view to attacking them.
Barot and seven others are due to make a first court appearance Wednesday at Belmarsh high security prison in London, according to wire service reports. AP quoted an unnamed US official as identifying Abu Musa al-Hindi as Dhiren Barot.
They have had over two years to torture him into any kind of confession they wished, even the assassination of JFK.  All day long on the US election day they have been claiming he is UK born and sentenced to life, has to serve 40 years minimum.
Right behind that misstatement of fact about where he was born was a news item about the UK debate if this years Christmas stamps should have a Christian theme.  The UK Liberals are euphoric that the US Liberals are back in the right seats.
I doubt it would to any good to point out to them where the name Christmas comes from and how it came to be called by that name.
If you dig real deep into this story he was fingered by an "anonymous US source" and he was born in India and his family moved to the UK when he was about one year old.  When they cannot get fundamental facts straight it is time to question the entire story.
People need to learn to be suspect of governments who withhold information until it is released to effect outcomes of major events like elections, or passage of freedom and liberty altering legislations like Patriot Act and Patriot Act II.  You folks on the DNC side need to remember how many of yours voted for Patriot Act and Patriot Act II and even this recent legislation that after January 2007 even you have to have permission to leave or enter the United States.  You are a terrorist, remember?
It is a subtle form of mind control and instilling fear beyond the real level of the threat.
There was very little threat until 9-11 and now it will take years to mend the fences that the RNC and DNC smashed.
For those that are asking, we are still working behind the scenes on the DU matters and no, we are not getting any help from any government that all seem to want to hush up that DU is a real problem.
We are also working behind the scenes on 9-11 matters and will not let up on that front.
However, we are faced with a vast Wall of Silence on many fronts by our own government and the solution to most if not all of the problems can be solved by ridding ourselves of the very government that creates the messes and then either lies or ignores what they have done.  That vast wall of silence was the GOP and now it is the DNC folks.
The new Democrat controlled House and Senate might do some cosmetic surgery on Bush and the GOP to make them look good for 2008, but otherwise do not expect the Democrat controlled Congress to do anything substantive about 9-11, or treason, or misprision of treason against US citizens or aiding and abetting major corporations with a contrived Global War on Terror.  That would hurt their chances in 2008.
One of the untidy details about the Saddam Hussein trial is how US and UK attorneys guided how the tribunal would work and even wrote new laws that were not on the Iraqi law books prior to that.  A military attorney Charles Garraway went to Iraq at the request of the coalition to develop this special set of laws and court rules to try Saddam Hussein and the other co-defendants.
Well, the most recent elections can be described as a repudiation of the GOP and Bush policies.  It is also a partial repudiation of the PNAC ­ Neocon doctrine and even Israeli demands for US policies that are pro-Israel, anti-US best interest.  That is a word you need to keep in mind and it various forms such as repudiate, repudiation, repudiating, etc.  You can bet that AIPAC and JDL and JINSA will be all over this new group of Democrats in the House and Senate to keep their Israeli status quo in place.  You can also be that more than just a few of them were AIPAC candidates from the outset.  Several news items I have read is we now have more Jews in Congress than ever before.
The morning after the US elections the Israeli defense minister ordered the troops to stop shelling the Gaza settlements.  Even the Israelis even have to stop and assess the damage these elections have done to their policies.
The United States is pro-democracy in other nations when the leader is under the thumb of America.  Daniel Ortega, the same person we financed the Iran Contras to fight and overthrow, has been re-elected as president of Nicaragua.
In Georgia, the US wants its puppet in place so they can run a pipeline to get the Caspian Basin oil out to the Black Sea.
In Armenia, Russia just increased its control and economic leverage over that former USSR state.  That is part of an alternate route for the pipeline of Ill-gotten Gain called the Global War on Terror.
In the Ukraine, the US wants its puppet in place so Soros and other US and European interests can run a pipeline to feed oil and gas to Europe.
In Kyrgyzstan the US wants its puppet in place due to oil and gas in that nation.
In Afghanistan, the United States wants a puppet government in place so they can run pipelines for natural gas and oil to ocean ports.  The Taliban now control most of Afghanistan.
In Iraq, the Bush excuse has now gone from fighting terrorism to controlling the oil.  The insurgents that want us out of Iraq now control most of Iraq.
If our policies were working and workable, we would not need so many puppets to carry out this third rate theater.  We have sat back as the RNC and DNC fabricated a Global War on Terror, used our war machine to take over oil, and the PRC, Russian, Iran, India and others have outmaneuvered us at every turn while we are bogged down in a bogus war and drowning in debt to finance it for Big Oil.
You folks watch those Democrats real close and see if any of them admit to the word multipolarization.  They will just hunker down to business as usual in DC.
Now that you see the results of the 2006 elections I have a few comments and then we are going to get down to brass tacks about a Battle Plan for 2007-2008 to Take Back America.
I am getting emails in that suggest that now the Democrats control the House surely they will impeach Bush.  No, Nancy Pelosi has already gone on record that they will not seek impeachment.  If they do, Bush has the ultimate defense that the Democrats are up to their ears in treason and misprision of treason too.  86-87% want him impeached but the DNC deaf ears have other things to do.
Other emails suggest that Bush will change entirely and the Bush Co push for war will halt.  No, Bush and Cheney will be scheming in every way possible to stir up the pot and take back control in 2008.  You can also bet that Israel is leaning hard on these new Democrats and the ones they already own to keep the Israeli benefiting war in progress.  Israel will probably attack and be backed by the US and UK in doing so.
Soon enough the DNC antiwar folks will realize they have been suckered again.  Late breaking news ­ US troops to stay until end of next year (since 2008 is an election year) and the US dead for November as of the 10
th is 23.
Bush and Rumsfeld do not want Americans to know how many US soldiers stay stoned on drugs so the IED will not hurt at much.  Being sent to die for a lie is a harsh reality and that lie came from RNC and DNC.
What is good about this midterm election is it gives us normal Americans next year and 2008 to put a plan into action to address the problem of RNC and DNC.  Those two political parties and those who pull the strings on those two parties are the true enemies of the American people.  They are more dangerous than any terrorist or terror threat.
The FBI has made it clear they want to investigate Congress.  Bush cannot let that happen so any investigation will be for appearances only so the Sheeple will go back to grazing and shopping.
None in DC want America to know that WalMart is donating lavishly to gay causes and by inference when you shop at WalMart you are supporting gay causes.  Hillary and Pelosi especially do not want you to know that.
In a show of support to help homosexuals legalize same-sex marriage, Wal-Mart has agreed to automatically donate 5% of online sales directly to the Washington DC Community Center for Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender People. The cash donation will come from online purchases made at Wal-Mart through the homosexual group's Web site. This move follows Wal-Mart's joining the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and agreeing to give generous financial help to that organization also.
Every purchase made online for books, music, videos, clothing and accessories, children's clothing and toys, and electronics at the site will automatically send 5% of the sales to the CCBLBT People. The agreement is an indication that Wal-Mart is totally committed to supporting the homosexual movement.
WalMart does not want the American people to remember that Hillary Clinton was on their board and WalMart is supporting Hillary Clinton for that would be good for WalMart as a quid pro quo.
We still have way too many lazy ass voters that wait until it is too late to register to vote and then act as if their Constitutional Rights have been violated.  Frankly, I am tired of listening to them bitch and whine when they alone are too lazy to get off their lazy butts and take the necessary steps.
Solution ­ one of two possible routes.  First, any certified, born in the USA (birth certificate) citizen can vote if of legal age whether they are registered to vote or not.  There is no provision in the US Constitution that a person has to be a registered Democrat or Republican to vote legally in this nation.  That is part of how they limit who can get in so they can control the outcome and their own power.  Secondly, we need to eliminate the ability of the national parties to control who votes at the state level.  Third, we need to bar the right of illegal aliens to vote in U.S. elections, period.
Again there are all sorts of reports about election fraud, stolen election, and the electronic voting machines manipulating the vote.  Nothing in US Constitution says we have to vote in the way they are offering.
If this was some vast Right Wing conspiracy, the DNC candidates would not have won the House and Senate on November 7.  The election that both parties will try to steal is in 2008.
They are offering these machines under the pretense that it will allow more people to vote, but I have voted both ways and they are equally as fast if you go in prepared and know how you are going to vote.
Of more concern however, is we have developed the laziest democracy on the face of this planet.  Americans take too much for granted, such as freedom, liberty and the right to choose our own leaders.
Why Do So Few People Vote in the U.S.?
Nov 5, 12:31 PM (ET)
WASHINGTON (AP) - Government of the people, by the people, will be missing a lot of people Election Day.
It's a persistent riddle in a country that thinks of itself as the beacon of democracy. Why do so few share the light?
Compare U.S. voting with foreign voting and it's not a pretty sight. Americans are less apt to vote than are people in other old democracies, in new ones, in dangerous places, dirt poor ones, freezing cold ones, stinking hot ones and highly dysfunctional ones.
Even that theocratic "axis of evil," Iran, has bragging rights over the United States in this regard. So does chaotic Iraq, where an estimated 70 percent of voters cast ballots in December parliamentary elections.
The Iranians voters show up in greater percentages than Americans, and folks, that is a problem.
When you read the following, keep the following quote in mind:
"The Constitution is not an instrument to restrain the people, it is an instrument to restrain the government-lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
--Patrick Henry
If you have not noticed, the government now dominates your life regardless of what the Constitution says or what your rights are as an American citizen.
There are some things we can do but Americans have to get off their butts and do it.
Ballot Access
The RNC and DNC have insulated themselves from challenge in multiple ways.  One way is to limit ballot access of Third Party candidates by creating local laws that require large numbers of signatures of Third Party candidates, all of which are challenged to keep people off the ballot and out of the debates, while RNC and DNC candidates have to get a much smaller number of signatures.  In some states it is like 2,000 signatures for RNC or DNC candidates and 100,000 signatures for a Third Party candidate.  Of course, the RNC and DNC never challenge each others signatures as part of the quid pro quo of limiting ballot access.
We need a uniform law that provides that each Third Party candidate shall have the same right to ballot access as the RNC and DNC do.  There are no provisions in the US Constitution that entitle the RNC and DNC to control of the elected offices, the debate, or who can be on the ballot.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say "and We the People shall have but two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans."  Washington, DC will not do it so it will be up to the states and citizens of those states to get such laws in place.
Third Party candidates do not have a chance until the ballot access issue is addressed at the state level and candidates have the right and the ability to move a successful campaign forward.  That means people within each state need to start that movement because the RNC and DNC machines of each state have no interest in changing the cushy system they have created.
Lieberman being elected in CT as an Independent is not a valid analogy.  He is a pro-Israel, pro-Bush War candidate that the RNC was financing him so they did not lose the Senate control in the Global War on Terror.  Too bad, they lost it any way.  It has been years since I have seen butt-kickings like those handed to Rick Santorum, DeWine, Katherine Harris, and a few others.  Yes, the mood of America is ugly but do not count on the Democrats paying any attention to that.  They have an agenda and it does not involve your best interests.
If people want change, we need initiatives in every state that levels the playing field.  Whatever the DNC and RNC require for signatures to be on the ballots should be state law in every state to be the same for Third Party candidates.  Then we can boast about being the land of the free.  Right now it is the land of the RNC and DNC machines and their big corporate masters.
Limiting Third Party bids through Campaign Finance
The RNC and DNC have been trying to sneak through a bill in Congress that would limit what a Third Party candidate can raise to fight an election campaign.  Of course, the RNC and DNC place no such limits on their ability to campaign.  Again, this is a Constitutional issue of presumption of power and rights they do not have.  In 2004 the Bush ­ Cheney and Kerry ­ Edwards campaigns spent $1 billion dollars, yet they want to limit Third Party candidates to $50 million or less.  That is a RNC and DNC ploy to stop anyone from challenging the nifty little system they have created to embed their candidates into power and block out any that would change it.
They do not want a Third Party populist president that has not been approved by the Bilderbergs, RNC, DNC and the wealthy special interests.  They do not want a new sheriff in town that they cannot control and who can wield the DOJ at them with the impunity they deserve.
First one has to come to realization that the RNC and DNC are not America, they are not the government, they are merely the political machines to control who does and does not get into government.
They do not like change in Washington, DC and have spent years building this insular system that is every bit as abusive of rights as the Kremlin was at the height of the communist reign in Russia.
Americans need to either take on the RNC and DNC machines to dismantle them and rebuild them or they need to start an uproar about how RNC and DNC limit the choices.  The DNC is totally corrupted by the Clinton influences and their backers.  He is a Socialist and she is a Marxist.  The RNC does not even know who they are any more just like the DNC.
The GOP is now being run by gays and Neocon communists that defected from the DNC.  You have to be suspect of people who say they love America but hate Americans.
We are having a leadership problem due to the system they have installed.  You want change that system has to be changed from the outside.
Divorcing Electronic Voting Machines
The Constitution does not require that we have to vote on electronic voting machines that have been shown to be corrupt, corruptible and easily manipulated.  They put forth the machines as an excuse of making it easier for Americans to vote, but that is just an excuse.
You can bet that the 2008 elections will see a massive amount of voter fraud by both parties.  The stakes are high and will get higher by November 2008.  We the People can force this back to paper ballots but it will take a nationwide effort and coordination down to each precinct in America.
With all of this focus on the voting machines and the software, people need to educate themselves on several facts about technology.  For networks to work certain things have to be seamless and certain things have to be controlled by ASICs and BGPs, the latter being Border Gateway Protocols.  The vote can be changed at those gates and no one would be any wiser.  Information can also be back fed so all of the numbers agree.
First, the machines might be the root of the problem but there other areas to look into.
Second, all of the tabulations from each voting machine go to one LAN computer and the manipulation might in that computer and not the voting machine itself.
Third, once precincts tabulate the vote it is then transmitted over the network and that requires that the data go through core routers of telecoms and ISPs.  It is easy enough to program the routers to halt the packet, read it, change it, and then send in the results as a bogus election result.
Fourth, the tabulations for each precinct in each state all go into central vote systems and those can be manipulated there rather than at each voting machine or each precinct.  As for the software not being stable and mis-recording a vote, even Windows XP crashes all the time under the right circumstances and it is supposedly very stable.  My XP systems crash all the time because much software is not well written and is not stable.
If I were going to do such a thing, I would opt for changing the vote as it is transmitted over the system for no one thinks to look there or even knows what such a system looks like and can do.  Electro and optical routers can be programmed to do many things including spy, block content, attachments or change what is sent over that network.
For example, NSA spying on you is a function of either IP address, MAC address of your computer or key words.  For example, if you use the word "bomb" in an email the system is programmed to stop that email, copy it and send it to someone for evaluation.  One of the reasons they do not like VoIP is they cannot monitor the voice packets as easily as they can data flow which includes emails, photographs, videos, attachments, URL links, etc.
I am convinced that Israel and the United States have the two nosiest governments in the world and think they have the right to know everything about everyone.  They do not.
While you Americans have focused on the elections on that side of the pond, the US government has been bludgeoning governments in Europe to grant the US rights to all bank account records of all citizens of other nations.  That is not for counter terrorism as much as it is an excuse to snoop into matters that are of no concern to the U.S. government.  Needless to say, in those nations where the governments have rolled over to US demands under a pretense of counter-terrorism the citizens are hopping mad about it and have every right to be.
How did your opponents get the exact same number of votes in two elections, Zionist Joe Lieberman?
Notarized Paper Ballots
American voters can divorce the electronic machines and force this issue back to paper ballots and a paper trail of accountability.  What would that take?  It would take one or more Notary Publics in each precinct in America and they would need special stamps to verify the voter, quickly stamp the ballot and create a legal paper trail.  They want us to line up and vote on the Diebold and Sequoia machines.  We can form our own line and make it a paper trail.
That might be the only way and the best way to break up the RNC and DNC lock on the process.  We just form our own line and we make it a paper trail.  This is not about the media and hype on election day and how fast they can report the drama.  This is about our fundamental right to choose who leads this nation all the way down to who sits on our school boards.
This November 2006 election proved that at the local level, the House, the Senate and the governorships were up for grabs and the Democrats took control of all three categories.
Now, the question is ­ does the DNC represent America?  The correct answer is no, they represent their special interests over your interests.
Third Parties are an Invalid Approach unless they unite into one single party
I have given it much thought and spent a lot of time in 2005 trying to find a way to join the third parties into one Super Party of the people.  The groups will not cooperate and until they do, every third party candidate vote favors the incumbent and we get stuck with losers for 2 or 4 or 6 years depending on the office.
Just looking at the recent election, some of those deemed Worst Senator or Worst Representative, many of them Democrats, were re-elected.  They are and will still be in the Worst Category so do not hold your breath for true and substantive change that is needed.
The only solution is to totally gut RNC and DNC and start over or rise up as a nation of Independent voters and call our own shots.
What is sad is how many Americans do want change and vote for Third Party candidates.  In most elections those votes for a Third Party candidate favor the incumbent and that means no change.
It is a vicious circle and it stops when Americans have decided that enough is enough.  It takes two steps to get to that door of freedom and November 7 was just one step.
I pulled out in 2005 because it was clear to me that Americans have not suffered enough to get up and do something about the problem.  They would rather bitch and whine or ignore problems rather than face them and do something about it.  It is now 2006 and these elections just proved that Americans still go not get it.  Maybe a year from now they will for the seas are about to get very rough.
National Write-In for President
As plans are made for 2008 and who is going to be our next president, Americans need to decide if they truly want change.  None will come from RNC or DNC except in the form of who gets first dibs at the federal hog trough.
You are going to see over the next two years that the corruption will continue unabated, the policies will still be beyond stupid and the graft will be decidedly DNC now that they control the purse strings.
If Americans want change they are going to have to join hands, support a Third Party candidate with funding, with bodies to build the network and work the precincts just like the RNC and DNC do, and get the vote out.  They are also going to have to find the people to handle a paper ballot, notarized, national write in program that goes around the vote fraud games RNC and DNC like to play.
A write-in program goes right around their ballot access blockade and does not require the large number of signatures that are always disputed by RNC and DNC.
Look at it this way, the write-in campaign is 50,000,000 plus petition signatures on the fly in one day.  Don't stop at 50 million, shoot for 100 million and get those 71 million non-voting people to the polls even if it takes the jackass tied to the bull approach.
A write-in campaign would go right around the two key blockades they use now, those being ballot access and ability to finance a campaign.
The matter is up to America.
We joined hands and VOTED THEM OUT but now it is time to ask the question WHO DID WE VOTE IN?
Pay close attention for the answer will come soon and you will be most disappointed.
I have received many emails asking what do we do?  What can we do?  What is it going to take?
Best regards,



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