New Lyme Disease
Guidelines A Disaster
 New Lyme Disease Guidelines A Disaster
Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello, Jeff - You bet the guidelines are a disaster. Doctors have been penalized for treating chronic Lyme Disease. The CDC, AMA, FDA et al refuse to believe that chronic Lyme exists. The last time I went to a doctor (who I fired in June 2006), she told me that the normal dosing for Lyme is two weeks of antibiotics.
Unfortunately, the doctor who I had been seeing for the past few years - and had a good rapor with - had left the practice. The young lady who took his place appeared to be fresh out of med school. By the book. The problem is that disease affects people differently. Although there are some symptoms consistent in all people afflicted, many people react differently to various diseases. For example, not everyone gets a bullseye rash, or finds it, in Lyme. Political correctness has found its way into the doctors' offices...and it will kill people.
Doctors who test for Lyme are not testing for m. incognitus either. Many Lyme cases are coinfected with mycoplasma. The m. incognitus/fermentens has the ability to take the Lyme pathogen and insert it deeply into the body and organs.
As you know, some Lyme Disease patients are also co-infected with Ehrlichiosis. That happened to me. At the time, there was an epidemic of erhlichiosis, therefore the ER checked for Ehrlichiosis - but never checked for Lyme! The antibiotic treatment took care of the Ehrlichiosis but was not long enough to knock out the Lyme and that caused me to become chronically-infected.
There is a Dr. Horowitz in Hyde Park, NY who treats long-term Lyme patients. He believes that Lyme can hide dormant/inactive in the body, organs and when the immune system is challenged, the Lyme can reactivate. He encourages patients to keep a daily record, a diary of symptoms and when Lyme activates, he tries to attack it with further antibiotic treatment. Dr. Horowitz has had a terrible time with the AMA, and at one time was in danger of losing his liscense for doing what he took an oath to do: try to heal people.
I think this is a disgrace and it figures that the author of the guidelines is at Westchester County Medical center, which is a teaching hospital and medical school. No wonder the young doctors come out uninformed, and patientts have to teach them how to prescribe.
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD
Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics
Univ of West Indies
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