This Savage Nation
By J. Bruce Campbell

Communists are the lowest form of life. We've been Communists since 1861. The Yankees, that is, and all who sympathize with what they did, which was wage aggressive war against people they'd already ripped off for decades. And then they ripped them off for decades after the war was over. That was Communism, American-style.
Karl Marx was a big fan of Abraham Lincoln and wrote to him in praise of his war of aggression against people seeking independence from Yankee dominance, under the terms of the Declaration of Independence. But Lincoln was our Lenin. Grant became Trotsky. Sherman, Sheridan, Custer and the other generals were their Bolshevik killers who went on to slaughter hundreds of thousands of American Indians, who also wanted independence. This was the first state-sponsored genocide and it happened here. Since then, no independence movement has been allowed by our Red government, anywhere in the world. I joined an independence movement in an African country called Rhodesia, but that movement was also crushed by the US government.
The American government is no more tolerant of independence than was the Soviet government. As I have pointed out many times, the American government created the Soviet government in 1917 and sustained it to its bitter end, and then supervised its reorganization in 1990. All Communist governments since, from China's to Cuba's, from East Germany's and all of Eastern Europe's to North Korea's, from Vietnam's to South Africa's, have been organized by the US State Department and/or the CIA.
The hallmarks of Communist power after 1917, the things that made it different, were the psychiatric prisons and forced confessions of "crimes of disloyalty" that never happened. The most loyal and die-hard Communists were frequently executed by their own colleagues after they confessed to made-up charges. Party members were expendable and formed a valuable database for the control of the general population. This was revealed also by the American Communist, Benjamin Gitlow, in his The Whole of Our Lives. He wrote that party members were occasionally murdered by other party members and their deaths blamed on "reactionaries." The purpose was mainly to radicalize even more party members, and reinforce their fanaticism and fear. It was all about mind-control, and still is. Our churches do it, too, and our schools. The only difference is the level of fear needed for control. Most people only need a little fear to be controlled.
America has lots of Communists. Bush and Cheney and their neo-cons are Communists. We all know that. But so are prison guards. Soldiers, marines and airmen, too. They just don't know it, because "they fight for freedom." Our police have become Communists, the way they lie and plant evidence and invade people's homes. IRS agents are Communists, along with just about everyone else in government - especially the FBI. The way our politicians take our money and pay themselves - at the point of a gun - qualifies them as first-class Communists. But anyone who is willing to kill for political power is what today we might call a Communist. The CIA got its original members from the wartime OSS. The OSS' membership was comprised of fifty percent members of the Communist Party USA (to gain the immediate cooperation of the French Underground).
The American-built Soviet Communist machine finally ran out of gas and our military-industry gangsters lost their valuable and lucrative "enemy," which had to be replaced quickly. 
My wife and I watched a new movie the other night - "The Road to Guantanamo." It is the true story of several British Pakistanis from Tipton, West Midlands, who accompanied their friend to Pakistan, where he was to be married. This was a few weeks following 9-11. The wedding was cancelled and the young Brits had nothing to do and so, through several misadventures, wound up across the border in Afghanistan. There, they were quickly rounded up by the Americans and our puppet hoodlums, the Northern Alliance. Falsely accused of helping the Taliban, the men were placed in appalling SRO dungeons and then in the dreaded shipping containers, in which most of those with them died of suffocation or gunshots by American soldiers. The movie did not depict that hundreds of these victims actually cooked to death in the containers, left out in the hot sun for days. This was overseen by our wonderful boys, who were fighting for freedom.
The lucky survivors, who included the British Moslems, were then processed and put into those bright orange jumpsuits with total sensory deprivation. Hearing and sight were deprived with ludicrous hoods, black-out goggles and hearing suppressors. Placed in ritualistic positions on the floor of a C-130, they were flown to Cuba, specifically Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay.
Here they were subjected to pure American sadism. That is, it was Israeli sadism administered by screaming American thugs, same as Abu Ghraib. The prisoners' entire life histories were already known by the American dictatorship, and so it was known months in advance that none of these prisoners was guilty of anything. And this was the whole point of the torture.
My wife, a medical doctor, realized that these innocent guys were the subjects of a big experiment. She had seen the same sort of thing in Veterans Administration hospitals. That is, our entire veteran population is an experimental group. They have little choice but to submit to whatever procedures the government chooses for them, because they are Communists in a Communist system. She thinks that anyone who submits to the AMA priesthood is performing in one pharmaceutical experiment or another and should be paid by the industry.
The first big American psychological experiment was the Korean War, in which our wonderful boys killed and were killed under the flag of the United Nations. That was an experiment right there, having American soldiers who'd grown up pledging allegiance to the flag, living and dying under the blue and white UN banner. No one complained that I know of. In league with our North Korean and Red Chinese puppets (they were, after all, put in business by the US government), American soldiers were experimented on in very unpleasant ways. Pavlov developed brainwashing in Russia under Lenin, doing his dog experiments on Russians and others victims of Jewish Communism but the ultimate targets are American men and "conditioned response" had to be tried out on them. 
It must have worked pretty well because the infamy of the Korean War was that no American prisoner of war ever escaped from a North Korean prison. Lots of them got away from the Nazis and even the Japanese, but not a one of them got away from the North Korean psycho-prisons. Except I knew one who did. 
Don G. was a mud engineer in the California oilfield when I met him in the late '70s. Someone said he'd been a prisoner of the North Koreans but wouldn't talk about his experience. He talked about it with me. Don and his group of forward observers were a little too close to the enemy soldiers, calling in coordinates for the artillery, when they were overrun. Most of his mates were killed but Don and a black sergeant from Houston were captured. Their ordeal became a nightmare that lasted several months. Both of them were interrogated and subjected to what became known as "brainwashing." Neither of them cooperated and both of them were beaten frequently. Other Americans who didn't cooperate were shot occasionally. Don and the sergeant were threatened with being shot and the sergeant told Don that if they didn't somehow get away they would doubtless soon be killed. Their crimes were an unwillingness to criticize their country in any way, even the Jim Crow policy the sergeant had experienced all his life. Misplaced loyalty!
Brainwashing is a fairly simple procedure, it turns out. It does require the victim to self-criticize. Once he does that, he can be switched into anything the brainwasher wants. So to get him to self-criticize the brainwasher gets him to criticize someone else, eventually a friend and finally himself. The key to avoid being brainwashed is never to criticize anyone other than the one who's trying to brainwash you. That's what Don and his friend kept doing, and that's why the Koreans were going to kill them.
Don and the other guy didn't actually escape from a prison camp but got away while in transit from one camp to another one in the dark of night. They dropped down in a depression in the path while the other prisoners trudged by. Then they headed south, for UN lines. Their first surprise was their reception by the American doctors, who were astonished that these two men escaped. They were the only ones. So the doctors interrogated them pretty heavily, trying to figure out their motivation to escape, since no one else had even tried it. Then they were sent to Letterman VA Hospital in San Francisco. Here, the psychiatrists seemed downright hostile and even offended that these two mavericks would get away from the North Koreans. Don was totally confused. His confusion soon turned to anger at his treatment by the army, which seemed to view him with suspicion. Over the next few years of hostile treatment and examination by army psychiatrists, Don became bitter, so much so that his wife divorced him and his family feared he was a brainwashed Communist. He was the exact opposite. But this is what happens to anyone who bucks the system in America - even an American.
Back to the British Moslems. And the Afghans and Pakistanis and what other Moslems were kidnapped and tortured by the army. All of them are innocent, which is the point of what we are doing to them. We torture them to find out what breaks them down, so as to devise some formula, some database, for controlling all Moslems. These British guys somehow survived the sadism and were eventually released. Hundreds are still in our gulags, interrogated daily by American morons whose knowledge of Islam comes from Jewish television programs. The same questions are asked, over and over, month after month, year after year. Confessions are demanded to non-existent crimes, just as the Soviets demanded them. All that is really wanted is a delta factor, some change in behavior or renunciation of Islam, ideally - which never happens. The Jews very much want to unplug Moslems from their religion, or figure new ways to turn Moslems against themselves and self-destruct, as they are doing in Jewish-ruled Iraq.
There are still five hundred or more Moslems in the US Naval prison at Guantanamo Bay. Ten of them have been charged with something and even those ten are totally innocent, compared with the Americans. The Brits were constantly ordered to confess to being members of "al-Qaeda," which most refused to do, even after the most revolting torture. They had no idea what al-Qaeda was or is. Only the CIA really knows what it is because "al-Qaeda" is a CIA word. We all were told years ago that "al-Qaeda" meant "base." I thought this meant base of operations, or fundamentalism or something deep. No. It means "database." Al-Qaeda is the CIA's computer list of mujahadin freedom fighters they were arming to defeat the Soviet occupiers of Afghanistan back in the '80s. Osama bin Laden was a paymaster and CIA-backed organizer of the fighters. The point is that the CIA knows exactly every name in the database because it's their database. 
To force these innocent Brits, or any other Moslems, to confess that they are in al-Qaeda is CIA-Mossad brainwashing and psycho-conditioning. It is pure terrorism, as described by George Orwell in 1984. No one has described what the Moslems are up against as well as Orwell did in the final climactic scene in which Winston Smith is tortured by O'Brien. O'Brien explains that the object of torture is not to gain information but only to inflict pain. The only way to know for certain that a person is really under your control is if he is suffering. What the Jewish Bolsheviks did to the Russians, the Jewish Israelis to the Palestinians, the Judaized Americans are doing to the Iraqis and Moslems everywhere. Orwell warned us that this was our future, and it is. He was just too polite to describe it properly as Talmudic Judaism, what I call Jewish Rule. On behalf of Jewish Rule, George W. Bush is conducting a merciless war of extermination against all Moslems.
George W. Bush, as he revealed as governor of Texas, derives pleasure from torturing and murdering those under his total control. Read that 2000 Vanity Fair article in which he giggles and talks obscenely as he mimics Carla Faye Tucker as she begs for her life. This was about the time that he would cite Jesus as his inspiration. 
I must admit that the murder of Saddam Hussein, dressed up as a routine execution, left me speechless, but everything that George W. Bush does leaves me somewhat dazed and without the power to describe exactly what he has done, or why. Of course, Saddam was lynched on Bush's orders, before he could speak of his dealings with Bush's father. Saddam and GHW Bush reportedly shared billions of dollars in kickbacks from the Kuwaitis and from various oil companies engaged in the region. Saddam was reportedly a major owner of Mercedes-Benz and therefore the Chrysler Corporation, among many others. He was supported by Bush, then head of CIA under "Gerald R. Ford, Jr." (Ford's actual name was Leslie Lynch King, Jr.) Saddam became Iraq's president in '79, during Carter's reign, but worked for Bush against the Iranians throughout the Reagan-Bush years. 
GW Bush claimed he was angry with Saddam for trying to assassinate his "dad." But, as the ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky has revealed, it was the Mossad that tried to assassinate Poppy Bush in '91, when he and Baker threatened to delay the ten billion dollar Israeli "loan guarantees" because of the crappy apartment houses they were greedily building on Palestinian land. I know - all of Israel is on Palestinian land. But Saddam never attempted to assassinate Bush, Sr. - it was the Jews, as usual. The little moron knows this full well but is incapable of anger at Jews so he pretended anger at Saddam, who was supposed to be murdered instead of being captured and tried. The CIA was in charge of Saddam's arrest and for some reason allowed him to live and threaten the Bush family secrets. I believe that this act was behind Bush's decision to dismantle the CIA and give its job to Rumsfeld's Pentagon. Rumsfeld - the guy who worked with Saddam and supplied him with chemical weapons against the Iranians in the '80s.
Saddam's murder was inevitable because he had to be silenced. His dignified, heroic attitude on the gallows has probably never been seen in our lifetimes, and may never be seen again - certainly on videotape. Some have claimed that we were actually seeing one of Saddam's doubles but that's not likely. But, whoever he was, he died well and showed the world the difference between a real man and an alcoholic mama's boy. As I predicted in an earlier essay, Saddam was subjected to Nuremberg-like treatment by his ski-masked enemies while the rope was put around his throat. Taunts and curses were yelled at him. Saddam's calm and manly comportment didn't give Bush anything to giggle about.
George W. Bush needs to experience the same treatment that, when he orders it, gives him sexual gratification, probably the only kind he can get. He needs to experience Jewish Rule from the other end of the rope. So does Cheney and every other war criminal under them.
Justice will be served only when Bush and his handlers are standing on the gallows in a smelly room, hard Manila ropes placed around their necks and the trap-doors let go beneath their feet. I dream of hearing the sound of their necks breaking.
Only the sound of their necks breaking will stop the nightmare they have created for the Moslem world, and the nightmare they plan for us. Bush and his gang have committed the worst war crimes in history, with the use of depleted uranium ammunition. They have consigned millions of us to very bad deaths, with four million pounds of uranium dust blowing through our lower atmosphere.
These monsters have already killed 700,000 Iraqis since Shock and Awe, plus thousands of Americans who helped kill them. The first Bush and Clinton killed over a million Iraqis with Desert Storm and their brutal starvation sanctions. The coming uranium deaths mean nothing to them. Kissinger, who is advising Bush, considers them stupid animals, pawns of foreign policymakers.
There is another group of Americans that needs to drop through the trap door: The Zionist radio talkers. Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, the Savage Wiener and all the rest who have screamed and urged the destruction of Moslems. The Wiener wants millions killed now. All of them call for the nuclear bombing of Iran. These loudmouths talk and talk, knowing that their homicidal words please the Israelis. They need to be shown that their vile words have consequences.
The first thing we must do is get it in our minds that all war criminals must be hanged. We must stop acting as we have been programmed to act for generations, which is to acquiesce in every evil policy and law made up by these sadistic criminals. We, too, have been part of a huge Zionist program in mind-control. So far, we have not broken the spell cast by these masters of horror. They have millions of Americans believing that American brutality is a good thing. I believe the only way to break the spell is to call for their hanging. 



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