R.I.P. NYC - A
Post 911 Requiem

By Douglas Herman
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"I never found my friends. I saved hundreds of people, but the reason I do what I can to get the word out is that I lost 200 friends who have no way of claiming justice." -William Rodriguez, last man out alive of the WTC
400,000 years of life were lost in the weeks following 911. And then several millions more (and counting), millions of years of life, were lost following the repercussions of the New York City Massacre, the greatest unsolved crime of the century.
According to USA Today, an estimated 40,000 first responders---firefighters, policemen, paramedics-spent weeks sifting rubble at the WTC following 911. No one told them the air was a toxic witches brew of carcinogens. Indeed US government officials assured them the air was perfectly safe to breathe.
"An estimated 1 million tons of dust rained down on the city and the 16-acre disaster zone, showering the area with asbestos," said Thomas Cahill. "Freon, carcinogens, concrete, glass fibers, lead and other hazards. Workers inhaled caustic fine cement dust and a mixture of sulfuric acid, a byproduct of combustion, which defeated the lungs' defense system and allowed particles to become deeply embedded," said Cahill, an air pollution expert and professor emeritus at the University of California, Davis.
One million tons of dust. Not to mention heavy metals--mercury, lead, cadmium, copper, and chromium--the sort of toxins used in electronic components. All reduced to nano-sized particles that would easily pass through a paper respirator. Apparently, no one in New York City ever measured for radiation either. Or if they had, probably no one would have wanted to know.
I spent 48 hours in New York City several weeks after 911. (I was even arrested but not detained for windsurfing around Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty). Whenever the wind blew to :iberty State Park, less than a mile away from the WTC and where I camped, the pungent odor, a sickly stench of scorched electrical wires, molten metal, plastic fumes and fried flesh-drifted across the East River. Anyone with a pair of nostrils and functioning lungs could have said the air was poisonous. And this was weeks after the dust had cleared. Pounding headaches each night confirmed to me that the fumes remained deadly.
Now, five years later, hundreds of first responders are reporting symptoms of toxic poisoning that anyone (except a government expert) could have predicted. If each person's life span is now shortened by ten years---probably an optimistic estimation --- 400,000 years of life were stolen on 911.
Predictably, neither FEMA nor the EPA installed air testing devices at the tip of Manhattan. But to the chagrin of the EPA, Thomas Cahill did.
One mile to the north of the WTC, Cahill measured the air. According to reporter Christopher Bollyn: "In the days after 9-11, when he saw the light bluish smoke rising from the rubble of the World Trade Center, Thomas A. Cahill, an expert on airborne aerosols and director of the DELTA Group at the University of California at Davis, knew the plumes contained large amounts of the very smallest particles, the extremely toxic ultra-fine particles less than 1 one-millionth of a meter in size, and smaller."
When asked why it took so long to begin a scientific evaluation of the air contamination that accompanied the destruction of the WTC, Cahill said he assumed that there were scores of agencies and scientists anxious to monitor the air quality in New York City after 9-11. "I assumed it was happening. I could not believe it was not.The EPA did nothing."
Stolen Life Years Now Measure In Millions
To all of those wrecked lives, the stolen, healthy years of WTC workers, many of them unpaid volunteers, add another half million Americans. All of them also volunteers. These are the estimated number of American soldiers sent to fend for themselves in the Middle East. Probably a half million US servicemen and women have been sent there to fight and die for a massive lie. Sent to fight and occupy a countryside made far more toxic by the murderous spread of depleted uranium.
Ironically, DU is a radioactive weapon of mass destruction.
Now subtract from those half million trusting, patriotic souls a portion of their lives. Say ten years. Suddenly we have 5,000,000 years stolen from their lives. A serviceman who might have lived a healthy life to 75 or 80 suddenly finds himself cancerous and dying at 55 or 60 or 65.
And all because of a suspicious "terrorist" event very likely manufactured in America. If not manufactured, then at least allowed to happen on 9-11. Allowed to happen, to good citizens who, unfortunately, trusted their government.
Suddenly you are just beginning to see the ultimate Butterfly Effect of evil. 911, the massive witch's wing of evil, shadowing the entire globe.
But wait. Now multiply 650,000 times 50 years. These are the estimated (so far) blameless Iraqis, young and old, men and women and children, who have had their lives stolen-murdered-- simply because of the events of 911. All those millions of years of healthy life, the hundreds of thousands of humans, intentionally murdered.
If I were a New Yorker destined to die young, I would be intensely angry. I would seethe with rage. I would long for justice. I would harass my local media, heretofore unconcerned about all the suspicious effects of 911; harass my local officials, heretofore blithely unconcerned about the shady web of deceit surrounding 911; harass elected officials like Senator Clinton and Mayor Bloomberg who ostensibly serve you.
But New Yorkers seemed hardly concerned-these last five years-- that a great, unsolved crime had been committed in their city. Slowly, however, the witches brew long ignored became a toxic pit of ganglia threatening the lives of thousands. 
I am not a New Yorker but I grieve just the same. I seethe with anger. I am angry that my country, not to mention my fellow citizens, have had so many healthy years of their life stolen. My country, once young, was strangled, poisoned, decapitated on 911. Many years of life were stolen. God only knows how many.
Like William Rodriguez, I do what I can to get the word out, for the sake of friends who have no way of claiming justice.
Rense contributer, US veteran and amateur historian, Douglas Herman wrote The Guns of Dallas ( and can be reached at



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