The Flaws In The
Perfect Plan of 911

By Douglas Herman
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"The affairs of man and nature are not determined at random or by mere chance," -CIA liaison, Colonel Fletcher Prouty, JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy.

The more I consider the master plan for 911, the more I marvel at what went right. Then I roll my eyes and shake my head at what went wrong.

The flaws are obvious and leap out at any objective observer not blinded by denial or a false sense of patriotism. Anyone possessing logic and a basic knowledge of science and the rudiments of human behavior can see the gigantic flaws.

Still, when you consider that the mainstream media in America is corporate-owned and those corporations earn billions in war profits (directly related to 911),the deathly silence about the many obvious flaws in the perfect plan does surprise you. Presently, the planners enjoy immunity for the time being, enjoying a godlike sense of power to commit acts, however flawed and criminal, without repercussion.

This hubris, this overwhelming feeling of power, is itself a strength and flaw. The powerful do not fear the weak. As long as the master planners, however flawed and corrupt, hold top positions in the Department of Justice (sic), Department of War, both houses of Congress and the White House--plus the US media, they understandably feel invincible.

Let us examine a few of the biggest flaws in the master plan of 911. The master planners--for the sake of argument let us call this group the Project For a New American Century or PNAC--discussed a new Pearl Harbor attack which took place soon after their blueprint. They knew America needed enemies and needed control of oil-bearing countries and needed to prop up the US dollar.

So they devised a plan that would terrorize Americans, allow the rise of a profitable, trillion dollar police state (while embezzling over a trillion dollars through the Pentagon), while smashing the enemies of Israel at US taxpayer expense and with American blood. And the entire scenario would be wrapped around a "terror" event concocted by a relatively few men without morals who planned to make a huge amount of money.

Diabolical yet perfectly brilliant however flawed.

The flaws point clearly to Israeli involvement in 911 but implicate US overseers who conveniently looked the other way all throughout the "terrorist" attack.

The chief flaw seems to be with the hijackers

themselves. They behaved unlike any religious ideologue/ fanatic ever. They behaved like pimps. They behaved like very bad actors who deviate from the script. They partied nonstop and tossed money around like confetti. They gambled. They frolicked with strippers at bars and on yachts. They acted badly and screamed at bystanders about what they intended to do. In short they appeared to be role players, rather than religious ideologues, paid for by powerful sponsors.

And all the while they lived next to highly secure US government bases. They lived on the exact same streets as Israeli operatives posing as art dealers, who also attempted to penetrate highly secure US government bases.

Anyone see a flaw here? The "hijackers," fit the psychological profile of pretenders and posers. Or patsies controlled, handled, followed, manipulated or directed by the top two governments, Israel and the US, parties that fit the profile of conspirators exactly. Indeed, the Israelis appear to be minders--babysitters even--of the hijackers, aware of their every move.

Another apparent flaw. The airplanes. Investigative reporter Greg Szymanski at went so far as to note that many of the "destroyed" planes remained on active rolls long after 911.

With the convenient NORAD standdown, the remote controlled planes could safely fly through the skies. Otherwise a USAF top gun could slide up close to those big birds and radio back that they were NOT the flights 11, 175, 77 or 93. So NORAD fighters had to be far from the action. The flaw here is that the fingerprints of conspiratorial guilt lead directly back to Dick Cheney or General Eberhart. Because within five minutes of that second plane striking the WTC, everyone in America knew the skies over Washington DC should have been---would have been---secure if NORAD acted properly

The gigantic flaw is that Al Qaeda does not control NORAD but top US officials do

The next obvious flaw is how to topple the Security & Exchange (SEC) records building at the WTC-7 without striking it with an airplane or without a major fire. This flaw worried the master planners all throughout September 11, 2001. The arsonists had done a professional job of evacuating everyone and then systematically torching as many floors in the building as they could. But still, compared to many other major fires in steel skyscrapers, the spot fires in WTC-7 resembled exactly what it was: arson.

Predictably, the US media and scholarly "experts" of academia (Bought and paid for by the US government) did their best to explain away the collase of WTC-7. Still the peculiar collapse, caught on video and film, of the building falling straight down and close to freefall gravitational speed, remains a flaw by the master planners.

They factored on the many videos of the second plane smacking the WTC but did not factor for the endless video record of the controlled demolition of WTC-7.

Another major flaw also pertains to video tape. At the Pentagon the FBI collected CCTV tapes from surrounding businesses and government cameras. When no video images were forthcoming, coupled with the lack of debris, Americans naturally assumed a conspiracy.

The flaw was in the planning. The conspirators should have realized videos would indicate an aircraft but not the Boeing Flight 93 and assembled fuzzy images of an exact copy of the big Boeing beforehand ready for public consumption.

The flaw in the Put Options--investors betting that airline stock would plummet after 911--was explained away as one investment firm advising its subscribers to acquire an abnormally large amount of such options. But who told the firm? I surmise that someone close to the master plan told someone connected to the investment firm to buy. Not surprisingly, the heads of the CIA have always enjoyed friendly ties to large investment firms. Many former top CIA officials retire to take positions at top Wall Street banks.

Another huge flaw remains the crushed trucks laden with gold discovered weeks later in the basement of the WTC. Who loaded those trucks and why? Certainly NOT anyone connected to the Islamic terrorists. The trucks indicate a huge slip in the planning and execution and point to some group who knew beforehand the buildings were coming down. They decided to profit from their insider knowledge, probably without the consent of the master planners. Curiously, the New York media let the story die rather than ask difficult questions. The Internet linked and filed the newsreport of the crushed truck laden with gold bars, otherwise the US media would deny the story as an "urban legend."

These are just a few of the more evident flaws in the master plan. Dozens more remain. Any good investigator could pick apart the official story. 911 remains the greatest unsolved crime of the century. But because the master planners control both the investigative bodies and the US media, they continue to breath free and rake in the profits from their crime.

Colonel Prouty, government whistleblower forty years ago, wrote: "Almost everyone who has taken the time to do any reading and thinking about that crime knows this is a game for the biggest stake of all--absolute control of the government of the United States of America; and, with control of this government, control of the world. And yet the real crime underlying all of this has not even been identified, stated, and charged. The real criminals still walk the streets, run their corporations, control their banks, and pull strings throughout their political and financial machines."

USAF veteran and amateur sleuth, Douglas Herman wrote the true crime novel, The Guns of Dallas. Email at



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